Tanzanian Gospel Star Rose Muhando Denies Allegations That She’s On Her Death Bed And Quitting Music

Top Tanzanian singer, Rose Muhando, has been involved in a lot of controversy over the past few months. This might explain why she has not been releasing new songs of late and taken a music hiatus for a while.

Muhando has been going through personal issues in the last 2 years, from undergoing a surgery back in 2014, to falling critically ill up to the point where media reports from the Bongo country claimed that she was on the verge of dying.

At some point, the super talented singer was rumored to be on drugs because her health was deteriorating, accusations she vehemently denied, saying that the propagators of the rumours were people who wanted to work with her but she turned them down.


Rose Muhando then requested reporters and media to be careful what they publish about her without her clarification because it was affecting her family psychologically, but the stories did not stop there.

The dust settled down for a while, but a few weeks ago, other claims of Rose Muhando being on the verge of her last days on earth swirled around, and this time she had enough and decided to address this disgusting headlines tarnishing her name.

‘I Don’t Abuse Drugs And I Will Never Abuse Drugs’ – Tanzanian Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Shuts Down Rumours

The Swahili singer has admitted to being ill, but not to the extent of the sickness being fatal, but didn’t reveal exactly what she’s suffering from. She maintains that she’s very healthy and that’s why she’s able to attend meetings every other week.

“It is true I was ailing, but not to the extent Tanzanian media reported. I am very healthy,” she said.


“That explains why I am able to attend far-off meetings. Our media sometimes reports nonfactual information. Whenever someone withdraws to his or her cocoon – and disappears from the public eye, you’d see them write that the person is depressed or is critically ill, “ she told Edaily

Muhando also confessed her disappointment in some people who pretend to be her allies but give media false and information just to ruin her image. She blames the media for also not doing their research well.

“Some journalists from these sides do little to verify the authenticity of the reports people feed them with. I don’t understand their intention, “ she reiterated.

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“Some people disguise as my friends, only to feed the media reports blown out of proportion about my life. Sadly, the media ends up receiving all the flak, while it is the fake friends who should be the recipients of disapproval, “ she added.

“I don’t like how media in our country reports issues around public figures. If they make an attempt of calling you, they’ll insist in their line of questioning that you are not well, while in reality, you are fine. People who rejoice at others’ woes do not impress me at all.”

Muhando also denied that she’s quitting music, and explained why she has been away from the scene; “I have been silent because I am currently very busy. For example, I often get locked in meetings every other week; but I am currently working on an album that is slated for release in July this year.”