‘I think I’m ready for kids’ Vera Sidika says as she talks up new man

Vera Sidika recently updated her fans on Instagram about how she had gained weight. She said that she didn’t mind the fact and even hilariously called herself a Teletubby.

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The singer, who was interviewed by Wasafi, recently spoke about her current man who loves her the way she is. Yes, even looking like a Teletubby!

Miss Sidika looking good in green
Miss Sidika looking good in green

The socialite mentioned that she met her boyfriend Jimmy Chansa, who is from Tanzania, while she was in TZ,

‘We met here in Tanzania. We started communicating and what followed was dating. I feel like a hopeless romantic and when I fall in love, I do for real. We have so many things in common and he is the love of my life. I really do love him. We have been dating for five months now,’ she said.

Jimmy Chansa
Jimmy Chansa

She added that the two connect and this doesn’t feel like all the bad toxic relationships she has been in before.

‘When you meet someone, you feel like he is the one. It’s not a matter of time but respect and understanding. I’m 30 and I think I’m ready for kids. I am a keeper unless I can’t take it. My relationship with a Nigerian guy was abusive, I had to leave.’

The socialite in green

It is interesting that Miss Sidika is open to having a kid at the moment. After the catastrophic aftermath of her break-up with Otile, she revealed that she wasn’t ready to have a kid with him because she didn’t think he could handle fatherhood.

Chansa must really have made a great impression on her after dating for only 5 months. Otile should take notes…Had to take a shot at him. I just had to.

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