Tanasha Donna is proud of women who are raising their children alone

Diamond’s baby mama Tanasha Donna has hinted that she is taking care of her child alone.

In a social media post, Tanasha paid respect to women who are raising their kids all by themselves.

“Respect to all the mothers who do it all for their kids”

This is not the first time Tanasha has hinted that Diamond Platnumz is a deadbeat to her child.

He even deleted Tanasha’s son photos on his social media.

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Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha

The two broke up early last year after their hit collabo ‘Gere’.

In a past interview with True Love, Donna said that some of Diamond’s family and WCB crew didn’t support their relationship.

“I was giving my all. Sometimes I would be judged a lot because I am not your typical cultural Tanzanian woman. I don’t stay at home, wake up and cook. I love cooking but if I can hire a chef why not? I faced a lot of obstacles. A lot of people did not want us together including people from the team and family,”she said.

She added;

“I think the fact that I was doing music was a hindrance. The question he would get was “Mwanamke anafanya music si mtashindana?”‘ (won’t you be in competition with your woman if she is also doing music?) `I think he was caught in a tug of war. People who had helped him on his way up and had been with him for ten years were telling him one thing on one side and I was the woman who loved him on the other,” she explained.

Inshallah! Singer Diamond Platnumz reveals his wedding dates

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has not lost hopes in getting married.

Last year he had promised to get married before his birthday in October.

Well, he is still single but still hopeful to settle down.

Speaking to journalists during the Eid holiday, the WCB CEO said that he hopes to get married before next year’s Eid celebration.

“Marriage is planned by God. When he plans for me to marry before the next time we have Eid, I will have gotten married, Inshallah”

“We are human beings and we cannot live forever here on earth. We have to get ready for our tomorrow.”

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Diamond Platnumz

On the other hand, his baby mama Tanasha Donna recently said she will get married in 2023.

In a post she shared, Tanasha highlighted the qualities she is looking for in a man she will get married to.

“Dear future husband 2023, we can build this legacy together, but bear in mind I don’t play games. Either you’re mine or you’re not. If a girl is flirting with you, you better tell her bye, or I’ll tell you bye,” she wrote.

Tanasha and Diamond broke up last year in February but the two are raising a son together.

Mapenzi haitaki hasira! Diamond and Tanasha performs Gere together (Video)

Tanasha Donna is in Tanzania for whats she says is work.

Tanasha also carried her son to meet with his dad Diamond as well as his family.

Well, Last night Diamond and Tanasha went for a party together and performed their song Gere.

Speaking before the performance, Tanasha expressed her gratitude to the fans.

‘I am so happy to be back in Tanzania and thank you so much guys for having me.’

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Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

She was invited on stage by Diamond as the crowd cheered her up.

Diamond and Tanasha had not seen each other since their breakup happened early last year.

Tanasha revealed that she left Diamond after six months of trying to make things work in their relationship for the sake of their son.

She intimated that she felt like the ‘Jeje’ hitmaker had lost interest in the relationship and he had stopped trying to work on their relationship.

She added that she felt like her lover and his mother especially were controlling but she wanted to be her own woman so she had no choice but to leave Diamond’s home Tanzania.

On family and motherhood, Tanasha said that she only wants the best for her son, that she wanted to protect him from social media and that they were working on how to co-parent.


Watch the video;


You might move in with a rapist, Zari tells women who get hooked up in DM’s

Zari Hassan has called out women who get hooked up with men on social media.

She advised women to be more cautious and take time to know their partners before starting a relationship.

In a recent live session, she said;

“Nowadays you meet once and he starts to like you. The second day he slides in your DM , the third day you give him your number, the fourth day you’re in his house and on the seventh day you move in. Aaa from DM to bedrooms. You might be moving in with a serial rapist, a murderer… you just met via DM and you’re already dating,” she said.

‘I’ve been through hell,’ Tanasha Donna reminisces relationship with Diamond

Zari Hassan in white
Zari Hassan in white

Fans speculated that her message was directed to Tanasha, who got pregnant for Diamond three months after they met.

In previous interviews, Tanasha revealed that Diamond sent her a DM and that’s how they hooked up.

“He slide into my DM, we started talking. We exchanged numbers, I was single and he was too. So I went to Tanzania, He invited me as a friend. He was doing Wasafi festival. Things happened quick and when we were in Mtara thats where the chemistry started.”

The next thing, Diamond posted Tanasha and revealed that the two were in love. A year later they broke up leaving Tanasha raising his son.

‘I have forgiven him… Tanasha on man who claimed he fathered Naseeb

Diamond wants peace with all his baby mamas.

The Jeje hitmaker says he patched things with his first baby mama Zari Hassan and has since been sharing videos of their kids.

After a Tanzanian presenter Mwijaku made false allegations about fathering Tanasha son, together with Diamond Platnumz, they sent Mwijaku a demand letter and almost sued him.

Mwijaku apologized at a press conference, saying that he didn’t mean what he was saying.

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And Tanasha has since forgiven him.

“As long as you realize that you are wrong, I believe everybody deserves forgiveness, so I have forgiven him.

I filed a court case and I sent a demand letter me and the father of my child, we were about to sue him cause its very wrong for one to claim another man’s child and a woman you’ve never met, for stupid clout,” Tanasha said in a recent interview.

Tanasha Donna posing
Tanasha Donna posing

Mwijaku’s intention of clout chasing could have bore fruits because he is being spoken about all over.

Diamond and Tanasha patched things up for the sake of their son Naseeb Junior but are yet to let the public know whether they are back together.

Asked why she unfollowed him together with the Wasafi crew, Tanasha explained,

“I am always on social media because that is where I promote my work. Following the Wasafi family would have taken a toll on me for they would have acted as a constant reminder of my failed relationship so I had to do what I did,” she said.

Maturity! Diamond Platnumz admits that his ex-girlfriends have contributed to his success

Diamond has admitted that it is because of his exes that he is famous today.

Today being the International Women’s day, Diamond Platnumz has addressed his breakups.

A week after Tanasha left him, he has now responded by saying ‘thank you’ to his three baby mamas Tanasha Donna, Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto.
In a celebratory post, Diamond wrote,

“Happy International Women’s Day ya leo Naidedicate kwa hawa Super Women wangu….Wanaake ambao wana Mchango wa kipekee kwenye Maisha yangu…
“Wao walinifanya nikafanya kazi kwa bidii, nikapatia, nikakosea, Nikafurahi, nikalia, nikaonekana Mzuri na wakati mwingine Mbaya…
“Lakini mwisho wa siku yote ilikuwa ni Safari yangu niloandikiwa Duniani ili inifanye kuwa mimi niitwae DIAMOND PLATNUMZ.”

History repeats itself! Diamonds rude responses after breakups with baby mamas

The Bongo star added,

“Leo….kila Mwanadamu ana Mazuri na Mapungufu yake, jifunze kukubaliana na hilo na uthamni kila aliyegusa Maisha yako kwani hakuja tu kwa Bahati mbaya ni iliandikwa na Mwenyez Mungu ili ikufikishe ulipo….

“Mchango wa hawa ni Mkubwa na Ndio maana Upendo na thamani yao kwangu itabaki milele Moyoni…. Hawa ni Super Women wangu🙏🏼 Happy International Women’s day to all the #SUPERWOMEN in the World 🌍

Most of the fans commenting on the post seem to have fallen in love with Diamond over his admission that he may have wronged his exes.

Beside branding his baby mamas, super women, on the list is his mother, sisters Queen Darlene and Esma and his only daughter, Tiffah.


Aaaw:Diamond opens up on why Tanasha makes his heart skip twice

During an interview with Wasafi TV Diamond Platmumz made it known that Tanasha is not with him because of his money because she can fund herself.

He further added that she  doesn’t fight with his ex’s online.,Diamond broke up with Zari in 2018 and the two have kept their issues out of social media.

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“I love Tanasha and she loves me equally. She is mature and does not have the habit of fighting with my Exs online. She is loving, she is disciplined and she is not after something. She is not with me because of my money but love. She can fund herself because her mother is in Belgium and her dad is in Italy so they are well off. She is not hungry for money.”

One of Tanasha’s fans asked her the qualities that attract her to a man and if Diamond has them and she calmly replied,

someone humble, honest, hardworking, loving and caring and yes he has them all

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

Tanasha also revealed when she met Diamond.

2 years ago in a club but we never spoke up until end last year

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