‘Be ready for anything with him’ Zari warns Tanasha about Diamond

Zari had a wide-ranging interview this past week when she spoke to Millardayo, the popular Tanzanian blogger. The socialite and mother of 5 had a lot to say.

Zari posing
Zari posing

One of the most interesting tidbits concerned Diamond and his current bae Tanasha Donna. Zari had some choice words for the heavily pregnant Miss Oketch concerning the man whose baby she was having.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

She told the blog;

I have no problem with her being pregnant for him because we’re no longer together and he’s amazing. He had to move on and he can sire as many times as he can.

Why did Zarina feel the need to advise Miss Donna during an Instagram session in the recent past? She told Millardayo;

I didn’t say it in bad faith. My comment meant that just in case of anything, she must be ready to take care of her child because we can all see. If you look at his (Diamond’s) cycle and the other womxxen it’s the same thing. I didn’t see anything new.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

She added;

You must understand people change I can’t rule him out as a bad person. maybe he learnt his lesson. We should give him the benefit of doubt. He can be a good guy. I don’t have a problem with diamond, let him fix his relationship with his kids.

Zari posing in red
Zari posing in red

Zari also revealed that she had no idea about who Tanasha was until recently, saying that she only found out about her after people started tagging her in photos on Instagram.

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Nabayet pregnant!? Otile Brown quizzed by curious Kenyans

Otile Brown has been head over heels in love with his Ethiopian bae, Nabayet. The two have been together from early this year.

It is the first serious relationship that the singer has had since his controversial split with socialite Vera Sidika.


The singer has gone above and beyond to show how much he cares for her. They say that an image speaks more than a thousand words which Otile posts plenty of on his Instagram page.

One of his recent images has drawn interest that makes my ears perk up.


The singer shared a photo which seems to have since been deleted. It was of his lover, Nabbi in a white flowing dress exposing her stomach which had bulged out.

Nabayet in white
Nabayet in white

His caption read;

Ggaah! Alhamdulillah. Fast moves.

Some wondered whether Nabayet was now pregnant while some others had a more logical viewpoint that she had just eaten.

Some of those comments are below;

bellaalucoh; She’s preggers.
emmywilsone; Umetinga bao Otile.. ama nikushiba

Otile screenshot
Otile screenshot.courtesy/urbannews254

What is fascinating about the speculation is that the image is no longer on his page making my spidey senses go off.

When Tanasha first got pregnant in December, many little birdies whispered to us, as early as February that she was pegged and it turned out that that information was true.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

But she denied that claim on numerous occasions, maybe Otile doesn’t want to lie and his easiest option is to kill the story by deleting the photo. Maybe…

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Marriage does not keep a man…Tanasha tells off critics

Tanasha Donna should be having the time of her life with her pregnancy and the love of arguably East Africa’s most eligible bachelor.

But she is still not happy with some things despite being the recipient of a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser from her man on her birthday on Saturday.

Diamond's gift to Tanasha
Diamond’s gift to Tanasha

She revealed her gripe on her Instastories telling off those overly concerned about when she was getting engaged/married to mind their own business.

Diamond with Tanasha at the event
Diamond with Tanasha at the event

She responded to a comment made by Chiki Kuruka telling people to let Tanasha to live her life free of outside pressure. She wrote;

Idle minded people who expect people to get engaged according to their expectations. Can we get engaged when we feel we are ready? People think that marriage is what keeps a man. Not in this day and age. Thank you Chiki Kuruka. 

Tanasha screenshot
Tanasha screenshot

Some including Zari have warned Tanasha about the danger of dating/marrying Diamond. The critics of the relationship believe that Miss Donna is wrong to date the Tanzanian singer much less get his baby out of wedlock.

I’m stuck with you; Tanasha assures Diamond amidst online beef with Zari

The pressure has been ratcheted up after the announcement this past weekend that she was 7 months pregnant with his child. But there are some who aren’t seeing the negatives in the situation.

Eric Omondi emceeing the event
Eric Omondi emceeing the event

One such person is Diamond’s sister Esma. She told Wasafi T.V that she liked Tanasha because she is drama free. Taking a subtle dig at Diamond’s ex-partner Zari Hassan, Ms. Esma noted that Ms Donna is not consumed by social media, saying;

She is different. She doesn’t like drama and she can stay even for two weeks without posting on social media. If it was somebody else, we’d have seen even the toilet, we’d have already seen everything in that mbezi house.

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Tanasha Donna is reminding us that pregnancy can be very stylish

Tanasha Donna is pregnant. 7 months to be exact. The model has been able to keep the evidence under cover for many months. She did so by using discrete camera angles and excellent fashion ideas while always looking stylish at it.

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday

Can pregnant women replicate her style looking great as they get bigger with expectation? They can. Some of the fashions that a pregnant woman can wear and still look good is;

-Strapless Maxi Dress

-Asymmetrical Floral Dress

-An Off Shoulder BodyCon Dress

-Black Noodle Strap Dress With A Hat

-One Piece Kaftan Dress

-Plain Midi Dress And A Striped Jacket

-Shorts And Long Top

-Bohemian Dress

-Kimono With Shorts Or Skinny Jeans

-Black Formal Dress

-A Jumpsuit

-Track Pants And A Fitted Top

-Pencil Skirt And A Turtle Neck Top

Some of Tanasha’s wonderful pregnancy style photos are below;

Diamond dancing with Tanasha tanashaspeaksinbirthdaycelebs

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly
Tanasha Donna in maroon
Tanasha Donna in maroon
Tanasha Donna in orange
Miss Donna in orange
Tanasha Donna in white
Miss Donna in white
Tanasha with Diamond's family
Tanasha with Diamond’s family
Tanasha Donna seating on a desk
Tanasha Donna seating on a desk

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See how Diamond Platnumz’ new stepmother slayed at the birthday party


Diamond Platnumz on Sunday threw a star studded birthday party for his mother and girlfriend.

The lavish event was held at the Milimani hall in Tanzania.

The lavish birthday party Diamond threw for his mother and girlfriend

Among those who was invited was Diamonds estranged father Mzee Abdul.

See his new stepmother in the picture below and how she slayed. Mzee Abdul praised his new woman, saying she is a serious girlfriend.

Mzee Abdul

Mzee Abdul tightly hugged his ex wife and her current man, dancing for a short while with them.

Diamond Platnumz should not help his father – Maina Kageni shouts

Diamond and his father have not seen eye to eye for some time after the man deserted his young family years ago.

Diamond recently reconciled with his father in a bid t put the past behind them

Tanasha is Diamonds third baby mama, and has all along been hiding her pregnancy.

Rumors were rife a couple of months ago that she was expecting, but she has not spoken about it. Diamond and Tanasha unveiled her pregnancy during the birthday event, revealing she is 7 months pregnant and it’s a boy.

Baby News: Diamond reveals girlfriend is 7 months pregnant


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The lavish birthday party Diamond threw for his mother and girlfriend

On Sunday, July 7, Diamond Platnumz’s mother and his current girlfriend Tanasha Donna celebrated their birthday at Milimani city in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The singer merged the birthdays to celebrate the two most special women in his life, who happen to have been born on the same date.


The birthday dubbed #707TheGreatGatsby, was attended by top names from East Africa with Wasafi’s WCB crew and Tanzanians dominating.  Bahati and Eric Omondi were also in attendance.


It was pomp and color at the Milimani city as all the invited guest stepped out dressed in their best outfits. The dress code was black and gold.

Both Tanasha and the singer’s mother wore dress dresses, outshone everyone. Diamond’s stepfather Rally Jones showered his wife with love is a series of messages he shared on Instagram.



The Utanipenda singer, on the other hand, pampered the two women with love and his special message to them read;


Not so long ago when Diamond Platnumz was still in a relationship with Zari, he threw her a bigger party than Tanasha’s at the same venue, and it was branded as the party of the year [2015], leaving many speculating that it was a wedding.


Below are photos from Tanasha and her mother-in-law to be birthday party, which was sponsored by several brands.

Diamond Platnumz's family

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha

Diamond Platnumz's family

Diamond Platnumz's familyDiamond Platnumz's motherDiamond Platnumz's mother

Diamond and Tanasha
Diamond and Tanasha mega entrance at the party

Mama Dangote with her lover

No wedding tingz! July 7 Tanasha and Mama Dangote’s birthdays

Diamond Platnumz had been hinting for some time that something great was going to happen on July 7th. Many in the media had speculated that he would be tying the knot with his Kenyan babe, Tanasha.

Diamond PLatnumz in red
Diamond PLatnumz in red

But that isn’t the case according to Tanasha. She informed people on her Instagram page that that date would be reserved for her birthday celebrations. She wrote saying;

Is it safe to say I never espeddit? Birthday loading.. July 7 2019.

Diamond also confirmed the day as Tanasha’s birthday but also added a noteworthy nugget, telling his fans on Instagram that even his mother would be having her birthday on that same day. He wrote on his Instagram page;

I never in my life imagined there would come a day when the love of my life would share a birthday with my beloved mother. July 7 is the date.

The poster for the event
The poster for the event

In a press briefing he made on June 25th, the ‘Sikomi’ singer had said that July 7th would be a day to remember. He had said that the 10 tables for their event (people had thought it would be their wedding) would go for between KSh 80,000 and KSh 200,000 each.

One must wonder whether Diamond will really keep his word of marrying the beauty Tanasha. Don’t forget that he and Zari were together for close to 4 years and they never had a white wedding.

Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha

Even though some pictures emerged of Zari in a wedding dress, those were for a music video for Diamond’s song called ‘Iyena’.  Will Diamond be a man of his word and give Tanasha the wedding she most likely has dreamt of from the time she was a little girl?

Only time will tell.

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Diamond Platnumz hints at day he will marry Tanasha

Diamond Platnumz hinted that his wedding date to Kenyan beauty Tanasha Donna is just around the corner; it might July 7th to be more precise, the date he hinted to.

He revealed this to members of the press during the launch of Wasafi Festival at Hyatt Regency hotel in Dar Es Salaam, yesterday.

Diamond Platnumz posing
Diamond Platnumz posing

The ‘African Beauty’ singer was answering a question by a journalist who had asked him when he intends to officially make an honest woman of Tanasha.

His answer was very interesting as he told the public through the press that it would be a huge event, adding that he would charge for attendance. He told the press;

There will be only ten tables for reservation. Five will go for KSh 200,000 each and the remaining five will go for KSh 80,000 each. Guys should reserve those table because you all will remember on July 7.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha

This new information goes against what the singer had previously said concerning the postponing of February 14, 2019. Diamond had said his reason for pushing the date was that they did not have adequate time to prepare for the wedding that many big stars were supposedly going to attend.

Diamond Platnumz holding Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz holding Tanasha

But with a 10 table limit, how will that happen? The news that they might be having their wedding soon also makes sense as Tanasha is rumoured to be pregnant with the Tanzanian artiste’s child.

Question is will the wedding happen before Miss Donna(if she is indeed pregnant) gives birth or after?

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‘Happy father’s day to me’ Zari says as she ignores baby daddy Diamond

Zari Hassan normally shares her thoughts and emotions on her social media page. Yesterday was Father’s Day and the mother of 5 took the opportunity to wish slam her ex and baby daddy Diamond.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and their kids in the past
Diamond Platnumz with Zarinah and their kids in the past

She wrote a message saying, ‘Happy father’s day to me’. This isn’t the first time that she has thrown shade at Diamond, with whom she has 2 children. As if that wasn’t enough she added more venom in another cryptic post. She wrote;

Happy father’s day to my dad, to me, the real dads, the women playing both roles, the guardians and to step dads stepping up their game. lastly to also the sugar daddies playing fatherly roles, we call them ‘zaddy’ sending warm regards your way🌹

Zari with the children she shares with Diamond
Zari with the children she shares with Diamond

This year’s messages are a continuation of Zarina’s cold war with Diamond. After dumping the father of two of her kids on Valentine’s Day last year, she took shots at Diamond on Father’s Day, calling herself the father in Prince Nillan and Tiffah’s lives.

Her followers praised her for her stance, with many congratulating her for taking care of the large brood that she has.

Zari with her family
Zari with her family

Meanwhile, Diamond’s current beau Tanasha wished the superstar a happy Father’s Day on her Instagram page. There has been speculation that the beauty is heavy with Diamond’s child and that the message might be a precursor to the anticipated arrival.

Tanasha also wished her mother a happy Father’s Day. The media personality has revealed in the past that her father has never been involved in her life.


This has been a common trend this year of many single mothers being celebrated on Father’s Day, something that started happening last year.

Why is that? Maybe Maina and Kingangi have the answer.

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Fans think Diamond Platnumz’s bae Tanasha is pregnant (Video)

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha are East Africa’s biggest couple at the moment, especially after the demise of Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s relationship.

Vera and Otile
Vera and Otile

This has been arguably Diamond’s most stable relationship and the fruits might be showing according to some sleuths on social media. Tanasha posted a video of the couple dancing to Diamond’s new song, ‘Inuka’ with the two entertaining their fans with humorous and entertaining dance moves.

Both also had fanny bags that covered their midriffs but some saw a lot more than the couple’s cute dancing. Some eager beavers noted that Tanasha looked to be pregnant.

Tanasha dancing
Tanasha dancing

Some of the comments are below;

winniewacomplex; Hapo naona mimba tu
smoking_queen_afy; @winniewacomplex tuwapee pongezi👏👏👏
janemunenew; @winniewacomplex me too. Hope ni boy
velma_key; ata mi nmeona mimba woiii this girl though kwani ni kurogwa ama. She will be baby nama number??
marthamwidimya66; Alie ona mimba kama Mimi aje apa
fridahtush; Wakenya tutaambia nini watu?father Abraham has done it again 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
stally_moreno; baby mama number 3 @tanashadonna and now Domo will start matharau before he moves over to Ethiopia ama Rwanda. Ski he wants kids from the whole of East Africa
colleen_coleens_chichi; asipopata mimba ndio aibu kubwa, mimba yake ni Furaha kwetu,
da_qween_oliva19; Does anyone see tanasha stomach oh gosh she’s pregnant 🤰 Amen and again they are all matching together no joke for real diamond don’t be a childish sometimes because I ain’t wanna see you switching on her please y’all be blessed.
sylvia_aloise; I hope hiyo tumbo ni Ya chang’aa, tulikutuma pesa siyo mimba 😂😂

Tanasha posing
Tanasha posing

This year, Tanasha has repeatedly denied that she is pregnant but that seems to be in doubt especially after the video. If indeed she is pregnant, this would be Diamond’s 4th child with a 3rd different baby mama after having kids with Zari and Hamisa Mobetto.

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Tanasha nearly peed on herself when she met Diamond’s mother

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz have been together for about 9 months.

That the two were dating shocked many Kenyans and Tanzanian’s but that was not all, the Kenyan girl quickly met the ‘African Beauty’ singer’s mother early this year.

She opened up about the meeting when she spoke to Mpasho.co.ke. She said that she had been terrified at meeting Chibu’s mother saying that she almost peed on herself.

She said,

I was sooo scared . Oh my goodness. I almost pissed myself. She is very sweet and the interesting thing is that we share a birth date, we were both born on the same day.

Tanasha wearing see-through top
The host posing

The meeting was a success for Miss Donna with Diamond’s mom gushing about her ‘daughter-in-law’. When Miss Donna recently released her new song, ‘Radio’ Sanura (Diamond’s mom) praised her. What was also interesting was that she called the light-skin beauty, ‘Mrs.’ in her compliment!

Diamond’s sister, Esma Platnumz has also accepted Tanasha, recently telling Showbiz Xtra,

Tanasha is my sister-in-law, and there’s no one who would change that. Their (planned) wedding remains on course. What I would urge the couple’s fans is that they prepare for the celebration.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz
Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Miss Donna is not the first woman to be terrified about meeting her mother-in-law. It is a common trope in modern culture that the mother-in-law is normally the hardest person for a potential bride to convince.

An example of this is the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Camilla, Prince Charles’ current wife. It was far from easy when the pair met, with the queen not approving of Camilla or her relationship with Charles from the beginning.

Former president George_W._Bush and his wife hosting Prince Charles and Camilla

Things may have thawed out now, but it took decades for Camilla to even have a civil relationship with her mother-in-law.

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Conversation between Diamond Platnumz and woman over unfaithfulness

Diamond Platnumz has finally reacted to rumours that he had an affair behind Tanasha Donna’s back.

A singer and model spent the night at his palatial residence in Dar es Salaam and took photos.

Irene Louis aka Queen Lynn posted the photo of Diamond’s bed on Snapchat and later deleted it.

Things got rough for Diamond who had to explain to Tanasha why the cheating allegations are cropping up.

To defend himself he had to post screenshots of his interactions with Queen Lynn dating back from December last year.

In one screenshot Diamond writes:

“Acha kulazimisha kuonekana unatembea na mimi au kuonekana eti ulilala kwangu, wakati ni kitanda chako umenunua danube kimefanana na changu. Weka heshima usilazimishe kiki kupitia jina langu. (Stop making it look like I hang out with you and that you spent the night at my residence. You bought a bed similar to mine at Danube. Respect yourself and stop seeking out publicity stunt using my name).”

In another post, he said he hasn’t talked to the socialite since December last year when he was in Nairobi for Wasafi Festival.

“Koma kunitumia vipicha vyako vyako vya kujisexisha kuzani labda eti ndio utanirubuni. Nina mwanamke niache! Huyu sio diamond yule! (Stop sending me your sexy photos in a bid to seduce me. I have a woman, leave me alone! I’m not that Diamond of the past!)”

Check out the screenshots posted by Diamond and later deleted.

Zari sends Diamond final message a year after dumping him


Diamonds ex Zari seems to have moved on, and on Valentines day she seemed to take a swipe at the singer in a final and heavy message.

She has suggested she has a new man in her life called King and is happy in her new relationship.


For Valentines he gifted her roses and a teddy bear, and she gloated about it saying

Abso-freakin-lutely….. xoxo Happy valentine’s ❣🌹

A fan then asked her if she was done with Diamond and her quick but swift response tells us she is completely over the singer.

The fan commented: No black roses this year. Love is in the air.

To which Zari responded ‘RIP to 2018’

Zari The Boss Lady

Th two parted ways a year ago on Valentines 2018, after she posted a long message with a black rose to signify the end of her relationship.