Is this Tanasha’s replacement? Question asked as Diamond’s mom posts photo of gorgeous woman

Diamond Platnumz’s dating life is a national issue. It is something that we normally dedicate pages and pages of column space for.

The reason is simple. He is the biggest celebrity in East and Central Africa who not only looks good shirtless but also has the bad boy routine locked up.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless
Diamond Platnumz shirtless

Simply put the singer is a rolling stone who has passed with so many women it’s way down. Funny thing is that his relationship past doesn’t seem to affect the women who still draw close to him like a moth to the flames.

And it seems we might have another winner after as his mother (who seems to co-sign on his new women) posted an image and video of a certain unidentified woman who has attended her son’s event.

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Sandrah, Chibu’s mother then captioned the image and video with an emoji of two hands raised in awe. Many wondered the reason for her post with the inevitable speculation being that she was the new woman in Diamond’s life.

And who is the woman? She turns out to be model Johandi Mack who showed up to the Wasafi party clad in a flowing, sparkly black gown.

Jihandi Mack

Jihandi who was Miss Tanzania in 2016 appreciated the praise, saying a big thank you. Many fans were quick to talk up Miss Jihandi for her beauty and many theorised that this was the new woman in Diamond’s life.

Thing is that Jihandi fits perfectly with the stereotype of the woman that Diamond normally dates-light-skin and petite.

Jihandi Mack
Jihandi Mack

Diamond who is derisively referred to as Father Abraham for his many baby mamas had recently intimated that he was dating a new woman who he intended to marry.

Diamond Platnumz cradles Zuchu in cute moment after gifting her a car

He added that he had a special woman in his heart who he failed to mention. He said that he was done moving around from woman to woman and wanted to finally settle down.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless

Funny thing is that Diamond broke up with Tanasha Donna in February this year and had also promised her that he would marry her at the beginning of their courtship.

It seems that the “African Beauty” loves the idea of marriage but not the practice of it. Or could his new woman have changed that for him?

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Diamond Platnumz cradles Zuchu in cute moment after gifting her a car

Diamond Platnumz on Sunday gifted his new WCB signee Zuchu a V8, that he proudly showed off before an array of guests.

Zuchu is the new face of the music record label and was treated like a Queen as she showed up for the biggest live show dubbed #BigSundayLive.

Zuchu broke down in tears, and Diamond comforted her as she looked at the V8 he had gifted her.

Zuchu attributed the tearful moment to being patient in the pursuit of her musical dreams.


During the unveiling of the car, Diamond closely held Zuchu as she cried on seeing the gift. The photo of the moment have many speculating once again about their relationship.

It was a memorable evening as even Diamonds exes Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto were present to see her be treated like a queen


Zuchu was introduced to us in April and released a new song after being unveiled that served as a debut song at the WCB.

The song Wana was a love song produced by Lizer Classic.

Zuchu following this was romantically linked to Diamond, and she came out to deny this in an interview with Wikienda where she said

‘I was warned by my mother that netizens can lead me astray and stop me from achieving my dreams. Don’t believe everything that’s being said because there’s freedom of expression and people say what they want to. I was not involved in Tanasha’s relationship with Diamond, I’m at Wasafi for work only,’.

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Mombasa Governor Joho hosts celebrity friends to dinner after Dubai trip


Governor Joho is back from Dubai where he had gone with Junet Mohamed to check up on Raila Odinga who had jetted off for surgery.

The stylish Governor in photos seen by this writer took off in a luxurious private Jet.

The cost of the trip according t several media houses was estimated at Sh1.3 million per hour, which translates to Sh6.5 million for the five-hour one way trip to Dubai. KOt were up in arms about it, but he remained silent.

Natalie Tewa finally speaks after rumours linking her to Governor Joho

Joho silently arrived back to his county where he hosted KTN’s Jamal Gadaffi, musician Masauti and others to a sumptuous dinner.

Masauti and Jamal are celebrity friends to the stylish Governor and showed off pictures of the dinner he put together for them.

Joho and Masauti

To celebrate their friendship, Joho pulled out all the stops setting the dinner table with in a feast fit for kings. Masauti and Jamal lavished praise on the Governor saying


Betty Kyallo and alleged ‘Somali Guy’ lover spotted together looking gorgeous (photo)

Tansha, Masauti and Jamal in Coast

Food, friends and a good conversation clearly took place.


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Tanasha kwisha! I have a girlfriend and I am ready to marry her – Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is East Africa’s Casanova. The man has been linked with more women than he has teeth! I kid! I kid! He is a rolling stone who doesn’t seem to be able to maintain a long-term relationship as has been evidenced in his liaisons with Zari Hassan, Wema Sepetu, Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna.

A long-term relationship for East Africa’s most famous artist seems to be a stretch looking at that tragic past but it seems that he might be ready to settle down for good.

Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past
Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past

The artist disclosed this to fans at a social gathering where he said that he had found new love after Tanasha’s untimely exit and is now planning to settle with her.

He explained that he was getting old to keep hopping from one woman to the next, busy expanding his lineage and that he wanted a change.

“Sipo single tena. Nina mwanamke ninayetaka kuoa. Sisi wengine sasa hivi hatutaki mahusiano, tunataka tuoe. Mwezi wa kumi tarehe mbili nitatimiza miaka 31 na sitaki kua tu na mwanamke. Sitaki kuwa na kimada (mistress), sitaki kuwa na hawara (prostitute), nataka kuoa.”

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

While it might seem that he is serious, the artiste had already said these exact same words in his former relationship with Tanasha Donna.

‘Don’t be bothered by people’s lives,’ Zari slams haters after Diamond stepped up

Although he kept on pushing the agenda that he would marry her, it never came to fruition. Maybe the artiste is feeling the pressure after his two sisters both got married this past year.

Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with Tanasha in the past

If it is true that he has got a woman that he wants to marry, I still don’t believe that he will be able to sustain a healthy, long-term relationship. Why? I leave that for another article.


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Friends again? Tanasha sends Mama Diamond video of grandson walking on her b/day

While Tanasha Donna might still have issues with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, she seems to be in a better place with his mother, Sandrah.

The former model has in the past shared that Mama Chibu was one of the causes of her poor relationship, saying that she was very controlling. But it seems that her stance towards her might have softened recently.

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond, his mother and Tanasha at the birthday

Maybe she has observed Zari’s improved relationship with Mama Dangote this past year and that has made her take note. The singer recently sent her “mother-in-law” a video of her son Naseeb Junior walking.

Diamond reveals what Tanasha didn’t like about Tanzania

The video was sent to Mama Dangote on her birthday and boy didn’t it do the trick on her big day! She was giddy and over the moon as she watched Diamond’s youngest baby walk take his first steps.

Naseeb Junior
Naseeb Junior

Sandra could not hold back her joy when she received the unexpected surprise and boasted of how her young grandchild was growing too fast.

She added that Naseeb Junior had been waiting for this auspicious moment to take his first steps. “Naseeb has surprised me today after learning his grandmother was born on this day. He decided to walk. This boy surely loves me,” she wrote on her Instagram post.

Diamond was also jazzed with the video praising his baby boy and referred to his namesake as a lion. Does this video signal a thawing of tensions between Tanasha and the Platnumz family?

As I said earlier, wherever Mama Dangote goes, so does Diamond. This new move by Tanasha seems to be pragmatic considering that the singer is building a vast fortune.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

Who will inherit that money? His kids off course and it is smart to start planning for that day. Or am I reading too much into her actions?

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Mama Naseeb Junior! Tanasha Donna turns 25

Model cum singer Tanasha Donna has turned 25 years old. The mother of one shared a photo of herself holding ballons and wrote

“25 & blessed. Alhamdulillah for another year… 🙏🏽 🎂🎉🎁🎊 Manager @jamalgaddafiofficial had to pass by & wish his sis a HBD too!”

From the look of things, Tanasha threw a low key birthday party attended by loved ones and TV presenter Jamal Gaddafi who is now her manager.

Jamal wrote;

“Heri ya kuadhimisha siku yako ya Kuzaliwa. Nakuombea kwa Mungu ili akuzidishie maisha marefu, yenye baraka, upendo na matumaini daima….masha Allah Mungu aongeze kiasi cha tabasamu ulilo nalo akuepushe na husuda za wanadamu akupe hitaji la moyo wako 🙏🏽🙏🏽@tanashadonna Happy Birthday to my 🎈🎉😘🎁🎂 #TD @tanashadonna”

Tanasha finally explains why she walked out on Diamond so suddenly

Singer Nandy also wrote;


From us is happy birthday to Donna.

You are the cause of Diamond’s relationships failing! Esma Platnumz told

A lot has been written when it comes to Diamond Platnumz’s love life. That the man can’t hold down a relationship for more than a few years is known. The why has become subject for debate among pundits and fans alike.

Theories have been put forth as to why East Africa’s most bankable musician can’t seem to maintain a long-term relationship with some pointing at his mother’s undue influence on him.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless

The other is that his sister Esma might also have had a negative impact on his relationships with the many women that her brother has been linked with.

The rumours and aspersions have finally led to Esma to respond and she did so with fire and force. She called out Tanzanian critics for pinning the blame on her regarding Diamond´s failed relationships.

I want to be Diamond’s 4th baby mama’ Amber Lulu ready to fight Zari for singer

She stated that she had not time to waste on other’s relationships while her own was failing;

“Kwanza watu watambue kuwa mimi sihangaiki na uhusiano wa mtu kwa sababu ndoa yangu mwenyewe inawaka moto. Halafu wanafikiri wakiniita Yuda (Judas) nitabadilika kuwa Petro (Peter). Haiwezekani,” she said.

Esma Platnumz with Diamond Platnumz
Esma Platnumz with Diamond Platnumz

For those not aware, Esma’s relationship to her baby daddy, Petit Man has been faced with multiple on-and-offs. Having broken up at least thrice, got back together, before finally partying ways.

According to the businesswoman, she is probably better off living on her own with her two children because men have proven difficult for her.

Diamond’s sister isn’t shy about stating what she thinks of the women he dated. For both Zari and Tanasha, she praised them when they were still dating her brother but as soon as they broke up her opinion would change and become overly critical.


Like in Tanasha’s case, Esma redacted her comments praising her saying that the Kenyan model had been unfit. “Kama nilimsifia (Tanasha), ujue alikuwa akifanya jambo jema. Lakini kama alivurunda ndiyo maana nikasema hivyo,” she said.

Her wishy-washy nature tells me something-Esma is like a flag at full mast, going wherever the wind blows. That wind is what Diamond (or Mama Dangote I am not sure which) wants.

Esma Platnumz
Esma Platnumz

So might be saying the truth-She doesn’t cause Diamond’s relationships to fail. She is merely a cheerleader.

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Tanasha finally explains why she walked out on Diamond so suddenly

Although she might not like me saying it, Tanasha Donna’s life will always be linked to Diamond Platnumz going forward.

Even though they dated for less than two years, Diamond will always come up where Miss Donna is concerned and that makes sense as the two have a kid together.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

Additionally, Diamond is probably East and Central Africa’s most influential artiste and will be so for the foreseeable future and anything to do with him gets attention.

Recently Tanasha was interviewed by Baraka FM and revealed why she had decided to move on from her relationship with the Tanzanian crooner with such speed and efficacy in February.

Tanasha Donna posing
Tanasha Donna posing

The mother of one clarified that she already had been having second thoughts about their relationship for a long time.

“Enough is enough, I decided to leave. You know!? So it´s not something I woke up one day and said ‘you know what, I´m leaving’.’

‘I’ve been through hell,’ Tanasha Donna reminisces relationship with Diamond

The singer also called out the people who have been quick to judge her without trying to get the facts right or even understanding why she had to walk away abruptly.

Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with Tanasha in the past

It turns out that for the sake of her mental health and that of her son, she needed to face the situation head-on and care less about what people had to say and that meant moving on.

“No! There was a build up of many things and people never see the build up of things that caused me to walk away, they only notice when everything explodes,” she finished.

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‘I’ve been through hell,’ Tanasha Donna reminisces relationship with Diamond

Tanasha Donna says she has been through hell and back. She wrote a cryptic message on social media days after she exposed Diamond Platnumz, her baby daddy for not providing child support for their son Naseeb Junior.


Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama once asked Tanasha Donna to prepare herself to raise her child alone.


Recently, she revealed that the reason Diamond Platnumz didn’t appear at her EP Launch was because he wanted to be paid.

‘I do not regret it’ Tanasha Donna changed religion because of her love for Diamond

After their break up, Tanasha blocked Diamond to ‘ease the pain of heartbreak’.




Tanasha Donna is currently promoting her song ‘Sawa’

‘I do not regret it’ Tanasha Donna changed religion because of her love for Diamond


We were all caught by surprise when Jamal Gaddafi announced that Tanasha Donna is now a Muslim and she will be called, Aisha.

This news came during the holy month of Ramadhan where she spent some days giving back to society by donating food to a children’s home in Eastleigh.

In an interview with Jalang’o, he asked her why she made the decision to convert to Islam yet she was born and raised in a Christian home.

“Why did you convert to Islam was it for Diamond or a personal decision?” He asked


To which she responded saying,

All these roles played a role but the majority reason it was a personal decision. I am a very spiritual person and I like to explore my spirituality. I do not like being closed in a box I like thinking outside the box.

So whenever I explore my spirituality the question on religion comes in. But I feel like there is really not much of a difference between Islam and Christianity it is just that Islam is more detailed but it is the same story different religion and we all serve the same God. We focus so much on religion when we should be focusing on the One we serve. It was a personal decision and I do not regret it because Islam is a detailed version of Christianity.

Diamond mentioned in an interview about a month ago that he wanted to marry a Muslim and so Rekado Momo played a huge role in convincing Tanasha to convert.

“It is true. When we were in Kigoma she changed her religion and became Muslim. And for that, I thank God and Rekado Momo who really stood in the gap of this conversation. He always tried to convince her and teach her on the Islam religion and even more I would want to be married to a Muslim so it was a win-win.

Diamond-and-Tanasha together
Diamond-and-Tanasha together in the past

So slowly, Tanasha started saying she loves the religion and she wanted to convert and I asked her if she is sure and even told her to think about it first and she said she was sure and she converted.” He shared

Sadly they did not make to the marriage part but they seem to have moved on.

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Tanasha admits she is perfectly fine without child support from Diamond




Tanasha Donna has come out to talk about a lot of the dramatic things going on in her life, including suing some people.

In an interview with Jalang’o, she opened up and fearlessly spoke up it.

She is now promoting her first single after breaking up with Diamond Platnumz and said she feels like this is the biggest breakthrough of her career as opposed to what people are saying.

Before Diamond and Tanasha, there was little to no hype around her but just after they announced they were dating, attention and hype followed her.

“My biggest breakthrough was of course me getting involved with this superstar in East Africa. But for me, my biggest breakthrough is now when I am coming out as me when I am showing people who I am and my potential.” She said

Jalang’o then asked her if dating Diamond was a blessing in disguise.

Your song with him did well and now your new song, Sawa is doing very well. Do you think it is because of your past and now that everyone is in your business?

To which Ms. Donna responded saying,

Every stage in my life has been a blessing in disguise. I never live in regrets at all. Regardless of what you do, people will always be in your business and that is a them problem not a me problem. You can’t please everybody.

Jalas was out to get nothing but the truth and he asked all the questions on everyone’s mind. He mentioned that just like everybody else, he noticed that Diamond did not publicize his song with her, Gere as much but then released Jeje which overlapped their song.

“Diamond did not support Gere as much as Jeje because at that time we had our own issues and that is when we were breaking up.” Tanasha answered

Then the time came for the elephant in the room to be addressed, Tanasha’s son and their relationship with Diamond both financially and as a parent.

How is your son? Jalas asked

My son is naughty. He doesn’t like to settle he wants to be up and down.

Then he asked her if Diamond offers any form of financial support and she bluntly said no. But we are not surprised right?

“I will be honest with you, I will be real and say that with all the respect I have for him I have been doing it all on my own. I have no bad blood with him but I will not sit here and lie to you and say something that is not the case. He is not supporting, I am doing it on my own. And I do not need his support to be honest because I am raising my son well and he doesn’t lack anything. he is fine and that is what matters.” Tanasha opened up

Adding that endorsements are helping them survive.

I am doing perfectly fine. I have endorsements and companies that we are partnering with and that money is good which is keeping us going that is how we are surviving.

Jalang’o was proud of her for doing all she can for her son despite it all.

Diamond has severally been accused of playing no role in supporting his children with all the ladies he has children with.

Though from Zari and Tiffah’s social media pages, he seems to have stepped up on that role for his children with Zari now that they are on good terms. So hand in there Tanasha, he might just come along.


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‘He is my family’ Tanasha brushes off rumors she’s dating Jamal Gadaffi

Tanasha Donna and Jamal Gadaffi have been a bit too close ever since she came back to Kenya after dumping baby daddy  Diamond Platnumz.

Jamal was even the guy who was given the privilege to announce that she converted to Islam and that her new name is Aisha and introduced her to a new family of Muslim brothers and sisters.


They seem too close because now, she walks around with him everywhere he goes. They even started supporting a children’s home in Eastleigh. With this initiative, she then went ahead to open a foundation, Tanasha Donna Community Service that seems to be managed by Jamal.

Of course, rumors will start circulating that the two are now dating because we had never seen them this close way back when Tanasha was a radio present to the days she dated Diamond.


In an interview with Willy M Tuva, the question came up and she giggled and said,

Jamal is in my team, I have a very small team and we are all very hard working. Jamal is also helping manage a few of my things. We are just one team with one dream. Jamal is my brother, I know his sister and he has a very beautiful wife and a beautiful child as well, and I respect them fully. Jamal is just my brother, he is my family na hata mwenyewe aliulizwa hilo swali and he made it clear that we are just a team and we are very professional but always watu watatafuta something to say, out of anything

She recently dropped a jam, Sawa, that is doing very well as compared to what people had predicted. Social media in-laws and investigators said now that she is done with Diamond, her career will not prosper, and she has proved them wrong.

The one thing that is raising eyebrows is that she has promoted Diamond’s new song, Quarantine, on her social media page yet he has not even mentioned anything to do with her new project. Yet he reposted the video Tanasha put up promoting his song and captioned, ‘thank you Kenya for the support’.


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Tanasha discloses the surprising number of babies she wants to have

Tanasha Donna was recently interviewed by a popular radio personality. In the interview, the singer was asked about her relationship with her baby-daddy Diamond and his Tanzanian record company.

Zero nudez! Tanasha excites fans with her new song ‘Sawa’

Miss Donna revealed the reason she unfollowed her Baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz and his WCB Family after their much-publicized breakup a few months ago, disclosing that she has a weakness of overreacting and unfollowing the WCB Family was a way of avoiding constant reminders of her breakup.

Diamond-and-Tanasha together
Diamond-and-Tanasha together in the past

“You know when I left that relationship, unajua mimi niko na weakness ya kureact saa zingine, it’s one of my weaknesses. I felt like at the moment coz I’m on Instagram, tuko kwenye social media and that’s what is helping me earn my coins, and I felt like I would be spending most of my time there and if I follow all these people nitakuwa na constant reminder of what I was going through.”

Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with Tanasha in the past

She added that, currently she is on good terms with her baby Daddy as they co-parent Naseeb Junior;

“Right now I have healed and me and the father of my son we are okay, we are in talking terms. We are not enemies, we are in communication for our son and I respect him very much and everyone that he works with but at that specific time, you know when you are going through a breakup, you are going through pain and I felt that what will help me ease the pain nikawa-unfollow ili nisione constantly what’s happening,” explained Tanasha Donna.

Tanasha holding her son
Tanasha holding her son

The Sawa hit-maker further stated that in future she would like to have three kids, but right now she is fully focused on her music and not ready to be in another relationship.

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Tanzanian comedian who claims to have fathered Tanasha’s son comes clean

Tanzanian provocateur and comedian, Mwikaju has finally seen the signs of the times and has decided to respond to Tansasha Donna.

The two have been involved in a back and forth that the Tanzanian started a few weeks ago when he intimated that Tanasha’s only son, Naseeb Junior was his seed.

He went on to point out the striking resemblance between him and the baby, but the media personality must have gone too far.


That comment wasn’t taken lying down with Miss Donna herself and even Tanzanian music legend Ray C coming out to call out the comedian.

Copy paste of Diamond! Fans react to Tanasha posting image of cute son

In a post shared by Ray C, she called out the fella for overstepping and disrespecting Tanasha who is the mother of Naseeb Junior!

Ray C
Ray C

According to Ray C, this man was also using this stunt to point out he had been s3xually involved with Tanasha; that is for the baby to be made! Miss Donna responded to the message saying that she would be suing him very soon.

“EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE LOUDEST NOISE SIS. You know EMPTY? 😂 he will soon be receiving a letter from my lawyer soon. Let’s see if he’ll still be as enthusiastic by the time he’s in court,” Tanasha responded to Ray C.

Tanasha Donna in blue
Tanasha Donna in blue

Why? Unless you have been living under a rock, Naseeb is the son of Diamond Platnumz the most influential musician in East and Central Africa at the moment.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

Mwijaku has finally decided to respond after the threat, saying that he never called Naseeb his biological dad, explaining that back in Kigoma where both he and Diamond come from; people call each other brothers, sisters and your brother’s child can be easily yours.

This is because they are brought together by their united communities – which is not an offense. His interview on Bongo5 is below:

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Tanasha threatens to sue Tanzanian comedian claiming to have fathered her son

Tanasha Donna doesn’t take accusations against her person lightly. The musician always responds to attacks with speed and fire when she feels that she has been falsely accused.

The former model has come out to defend herself and her son from accusations made by a popular Tanzanian personality called Mwijaku.


The mother of one isn’t happy with claims made by the satirist and comedian that Naseeb Junior was fathered by him and not Diamond Platnumz.

Naseeb Junior
Naseeb Junior

The mother of one said she was going to sue the radio presenter for playing around with her reputation and spreading false news about her precious son.

Copy-paste of Diamond! Fans react to Tanasha posting image of cute son

She got the idea from Tanzanian singer Ray C who was disgusted by Mwijaku’s careless comments on social media.

Ray C called out Mwijaku and told him he had crossed a line in the name of clout chasing and being desperate for fame.

She warned him against involving an innocent child in his quest for attention and urged the TV presenter to go after people his own size.

Ray C
Ray C

Ray C then told Miss Donna to take legal action against Mwijaku so that it could serve as a lesson to other trolls. Tanasha heeded to her plea and promised to involve her lawyer as soon as possible.

“Empty vessels make the loudest noise sis. You know empty? He will be receiving a letter from my lawyer soon. Let us see if he will still be as enthusiastic by the time he is court,” Tanasha said.

View this post on Instagram

Tanasha does not play when it comes to her son.

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

Tanasha had stayed silent following Mwijaku’s initial sentiments, even claiming that he was sure he fathered the singer’s son but was not going to take a DNA test to prove it.

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Copy paste of Diamond! Fans react to Tanasha posting image of cute son

They say all babies are born cute – a statement I disagree with. There are some kids that are as ugly as sin. But it seems Tanasha Donna and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz were able to cobble together a beautiful bundle in Naseeb Junior.

Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with Tanasha

The two who split up earlier this year were blessed with the handsome Naseeb in October last year and the way the toddler is growing, it seems he will become a lady killer in the near future.

‘I almost fell into depression when I started dating Diamond’ says Tanasha

Yesterday, Miss Donna decided to remind her fans and followers of how cute her baby boy was and man, weren’t fans amazed!

Naseeb Junior
Naseeb Junior

Tanasha could not stop gushing about her son and has always continued to show how much she adores him, with her caption reading, “The love of my life”. Judging from the photo of the young boy, it is clear that he is cute and is a replica of his father.

Tanasha Donna in blue
Tanasha Donna in blue

Tanasha’s fans were quick to notice the resemblance of the young boy with Diamond while some thought he looked much like her. Naseeb has really grown to the extent that he can sit down on his own and pose for a photo.

Diamond holding his son, Naseeb Junior
Diamond holding his son, Naseeb Junior

From the comments, Diamond’s manager was spotted admiring the young boy: “Huh!”

Read some of the comments below:

wahukagwi 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

shaqtheyungin That hairstyle coming thru 🔥😂 NJ already dripping

themadroyals Wueh! That is so chibu 🤧… copy and paste Simba wa kesho😂

dodogucci_ His eyes😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️

smose.254 Cute baby tanasha.God bless

sireliudah Simba mdogo😍💪

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 ‘End things peacefully’ Hamisa Mobetto says months after flirting with Diamond


The issue of turbulent relationships seems to be on the mind of Hamisa Mobetto.

The video vixen has posted a cryptic message about making sure the end of relationships does not turn ugly.

‘Be careful of what you tolerate, they are 2-sided!’ AliKiba’s wife posts cryptic message

Back in March, Hamisa and Diamond seemed to be trying to win back their love, and the singer even said he knows Hamisa lusts for him. Hamisa was dancing along to his song ‘Jeje’ and her moves suggested she was signalling Diamond for something.


She wrote a curious message that Wema Sepetu agreed with

Kuna wakati itabidi uachane na mtu uliyekuwa unampenda sana na ulidhani utakuwa naye kwa muda mreeefu.

Kuna wakati katika maisha utalazimika kuachana na watu, ofisi…. n.k.

Ukifika wakati huu kuna mambo ya kuzingatia.

Moja, sio lazima UANZISHE UGOMVI na unaoachana nao.

Unaweza kuachana kwa HESHIMA na UTULIVU.

Kumbuka kuachana sio VITA, mnaweza kuachana na maisha yakaendelea.

Are they dating? Exclusive intimate photos of Ringtone and Azziad emerge

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

Sio lazima uwageuze ADUI wale unaowaacha au wanaokuacha.

Maisha yana majira na kila mtu anatakiwa kuwa mahali fulani kwenye majira tofauti.

Mbili, pokea maumivu na yakubali. Haitasaidia kutokubali uhalisia.

Kama mtu ameamua kuondoka, hakuna namna.

Haitasaidia kukataa uhalisia, badala yake jipange kwa hatua inayofuata.

Tatu, usijilazimishe kuonyesha ubaya wa unayeachana naye.

Kumbuka mafanikio ya UNAKOKWENDA hayajabebwa na watu kujua ubaya wa UNAYEACHANA naye bali yamebebwa katika DHAMIRA SAFI ya UNACHOKWENDA KUFANYA.

Hakuna umuhimu wa kumpaka matope unayeachana naye.

Ali Kiba with Hamisa on the song Dodo
Ali Kiba with Hamisa on the song Dodo

Trying to decode the possible message and who it’s aimed at, is hard not to do, and fans believe it could be about Diamond and his many baby mamas.


Tanasha questioned over her dressing during the month of Ramadhan

Tanasha Donna shocked many when she converted to Islam. While she hasn’t openly admitted it, her actions and the friends have revealed that she is practicing the religion of her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

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Dear people, meet Aisha.

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And as with such dramatic and consequential decisions, life changes are expected. Islam has a set of rules especially regarding modesty in dressing by both men and women.

The rule of dress for women is modesty; the word hijab means “cover,” “screen,” or “curtain,” and refers to both a specific form of veil worn by some Muslim.

Modesty rules are open to a wide range of interpretations. Some Muslim women wear full-body garments that only expose the eyes, although there is no Quranic text requiring this extreme.

Tanasha Donna posing
Tanasha Donna posing

Some cover every part of the body except their face and hands. Some believe only their hair or their cleavage is compulsory to hide, and others do not observe any special dress rules.

For Muslim faithful across the globe, the month of Ramadhan is treated as holy and each one of them is given a fresh slate to get right with God through humility, prayer and modesty.

Worshippers from the faith often honour the month by fasting, being in touch with God and covering their bodies in loose, respectable clothing.

Tanasha Donna with Jamal Gaddafi
Tanasha Donna with Jamal Gaddafi

Back to the story at hand – Aisha (Tanasha’s Muslim name) has been the target of some criticism for the way she has been dressing, especially during this month of Ramadan.

Was Zuchu the cause of Diamond and Tanasha’s break-up? Singer comes clean


Some were unhappy with the former radio presenter donning risque attire after her recent conversion. Some even wondered why the single mum was never in a hijab and rarely participated in fasting with her fellow believers.

Tanasha Donna in yellow
Tanasha Donna in yellow

Some even suggested that the 24-year-old was trying to sit on the fence and have the best of both worlds. To them, Diamond Platnumz’s ex was insulting their faith and needed to be cautious going forward.

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz said the decision was fully Tanasha’s and no one forced her to switch religions. On the other hand, while some of her followers might see her dressing as a problem, most don’t seem to mind. And I don’t think she will too.

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