Ali Kiba throws album listening party in Zanzibar for his celebrity friends


The listening party for Ali Kiba’s unreleased album went down in Zanzibar Wednesday night.

Joining him for the event was Nigerian singer Patoranking, who was among the scores of celebrities invited to Ali Kiba’s listening party in Zanzibar.

The two are already shooting a video to a collabo and shared the behind the scenes of the video shoot.

Last night, wearing a bow tie and black suit, he debuted his upcoming album in front of an excited crowd.

We already know that Ali Kiba never disappoints when it comes to features. We already see Patoranking and ahead of the album’s reveal, fans have been speculating as to who would appear on a track.

He kicked things off and played a track that got Nandy excited and dancing, much to the delight of Kiba.

We’re staying tuned for the official drop expected at midnight October 7th.

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Tanasha Donna jets off as she announces second EP ‘This is me’


Musician Tanasha Donna has taken to Instagram to announce that her second EP is about to drop revealing it is called This is me.

In her Instagram stories, Tanasha showed her fans she was in a plane.

She toasts some wine and later writes she has a new EP that is called This is me. She also says it will have five songs.

“Can’t wait to share this with you’ she captions

The Kenyan beauty has been hard at work in the studio and has been teasing that this new album will blow fans away.

She added “We made something spiritual….5 songs #thisisme”

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Tanasha Donna spotted in New York Times Square billboard


Singer Tanasha Donna was broadcast on the digital screens in Times Square.

She informed her fans of the huge achievement

We on Times square NYC baby!🧚🏽‍♀️🌍

Listen to my latest song “Complicationship” on Faces of Afrobeats @Spotifyafrica @spotifyke playlist

Link on @primemusicpartner BIO!

The real music is otw. TRUST! #EPLOADING… 🧚🏽‍♀️🌍

The Times Square Spectacular digital billboard wowed her fans who congratulated her for this fete.

Other celebrities who have appeared on the spectacular digital sing are Bahati, Diamond Platnumz among others.

The massive sign is so spectacular that her international fans won’t miss catching it thanks to the huge crowds that flow through the area and not forgetting the vehicular traffic in the area.

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Timing is everything – Tanasha Donna on life, love and success


Tanasha has a message to anyone losing hope.

The singer who is keeping fans anxious with her yet to be released album, shared a hopeful note that suggested it’s all about timing.

Be it your career, love life or spiritual journey, Tanasha said

“The hardest part about wanting something  real is trying to convince everybody you’re not crazy for feeling like you deserve it. But then you realize you don’t have to prove anything  to anybody. All you have to do is be patient enough to make it right, be committed enough to make it, be honest enough to make it last . YUs genuine ones deserve something great we deserve something authentic  and we reserve the right to not to be impressed  with the usual. its not to about  being too picky or having unrealistic expectations. It’s about knowing you’ve dealt with enough BS and earned the right to have a preference.

Stay true to you even when nobody gets it. Trust your heart even when your scared. Believe in love, even after you’ve been hurt, things get better the minute we stop expecting them to be perfect, timing is everything so always remember some amazing things can happen when you mix patience with hope”


Dear Classic 105 fam, just be yourself, love yourself for who you are and just keep going.

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“26 never felt so good” Tanasha’s empowering birthday message


Miss Donna is celebrating turning 26 years with a message to herself to push harder and achieve all her dreams.

Tanasha on the eve of her birthday wrote “My life finna elevate so crazy..I can feel it. Inshallah” captioning it.

Tanasha has been working on her album and in June travelled back and forth between Nairobi and Nigeria to complete her music but at the same time adding that it has to be perfect and that’s why it’s taking so long.

In another message to herself on Instagram stories, Tanasha added “Alhhamdulilahi, 26 never felt so good!”

Also celebrating her birthday is Tanasha’s mother in law Sandra Dangote, who travelled to Zanzibar for a family vacay with her hubby Uncle Shamte and their friends.

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Meet Tanasha Donna’s stunningly youthful grandmother

Tanasha Donna shared a photo of her grandmother and we can see where she gets her beauty.

Miss Donna is is Diani on holiday with baby Naseeb and friends and reminiscing about her family, Tanasha dropped a picture on her Instagram stories with a lookalike grandma.

The singer has been in Diani for sometime now and took her son Naseeb along for fun times.  Meanwhile baby daddy Diamond in in neighboring Zanzibar where he is set to complete making his album.


tanasha and naseeb in diani(1)
Naseeb Junior and Tanasha in Diani May 21st

The hardworking mum is on vacation after a long stay in Nigeria where she was also said to be working on an album. She jetted back to Nairobi, before flying down to Diani in the company of family and friends for a staycation. Tanasha has also used her time to reminisce about her mother who turned 0 recently. The singer said she will soon be flying to Dubai to reunite with her mother who she has not seen in a couple of years.

Here is her really youthful looking grandmother.

tanasha grandma(1)
Tanasha Donnas grandmother May 22nd

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Diamond Platnumz deleting his son’s photos is an example of a bad father

Diamond Platnumz has deleted multiple photos of his son, Naseeb Junior whom he sired with Tanasha Donna. He only left only one photo on his Instagram page, an image that he put up in 2019 when the boy was born.

The reason why this move is very odd, is that the photos of the kids he got with both Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto are still there in all their glory.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

When asked about the move, the singer said that he was just on a random clean-up of his social media pages.

“Nimefuta posti nyingi sana, ata ukiona posti za wasani. Picha zangu nyingi pia nimezifuta. Nimependa sana za show,” he said.

The musician’s reason for deleting his last-born son’s photos is still suspect to me and many others with some wondering whether there was some bad blood brewing between him and Tanasha?

Get married! Fans tell Zari and Diamond as the two spend quality time together

It could be. Why? The undercurrents have been brewing since Diamond decided to visit Zarinah in South Africa in April.

First off, the singer spent an inordinate amount of time with the mother of his first two children, something he doesn’t do with both Hamisa and Tanasha.

Zarinah, Diamond, Mama Diamond, Nillan and Tiffah in the past
The couple with their tow kids, Nillan and Tiffah in the past

Secondly, Chibu and Zari looked so good together that many wondered whether they could be getting back together? And that’s not all, during this year’s Mother’s day, both Tanasha and Hamisa wished each other a happy Mother’s Day while conveniently ignoring Zari.

Diamond for his part played favourites again when he decided to name only Zari’s kids during this year’s Idd celebrations.

Zari Hassan with Diamond


We know that the singer speaks to his baby mamas privately and I think that what plays out in public is normally a manifestation of what is hidden.

I think that him deleting his sons’ photos might be a warning to Tanasha to toe the line.

My thoughts

Despite what might be happening between him and his baby mamas, I don’t think that Diamond should punish his kids. It is unnecessary and they become collateral damage for something that they have had no part in.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

At the end of the day, as a celebrity, his public indiscretions will affect his kids more than the average child. The bottom line, this is a poor example of fatherhood. Very poor…and Naseeb should not bear the brunt of it.

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Tanasha shares never seen photo of her beautiful mother on her birthday week

Singer Tanasha Donna is quite excited this week. And what’s the reason? That her mother, Diana Oketch is now 50-years-old. Tanasha decided to celebrate her mom’s birthday with some beautiful throwback photos of the two.

And one thing I must admit is that mama Tanasha looks really good for her age, I must say! Miss Donna released never seen before photos of her mum using her IG stories where she not only celebrated the 50th birthday; but also got to show a photo of young Tanasha Donna that we never knew existed.

Tanasha Donna screenshot
To mark this special milestone, Tanasha wrote;

Happy 50th birthday to my mother!!! Thank you for raising me to be the woman I am today. Thank God for your beautiful heart. I ❤️ you.

Tanasha Donna screenshot 2

And in another post, Tanasha went on to add, “Mommy. Can’t wait to see you this summer.”

Tanasha Donna screenshot 1

Tanasha Donna is a Kenyan-Italian who was born on July 7th, 1995. There is no information about Tanasha Donna’s dad, but she revealed in the past that she grew up with a Belgian step-father in Belgium.

The former model then studied Tourism and she can speak five languages quite well. That is; English, Swahili, Dutch, Spanish, and French

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Tanasha and Hamisa ignore Zari in mothers day messages to each other


Diamond Platnumz’ baby mamas may still have frosty relationships, with two of them choosing to honor each other leaving out the third.

Tanasha, the Kenyan baby mama fired off a cute mothers days message to Hamisa on Instagram, paying glowing tribute to her co wife.

Tanasha mothers day message May 9th
Tanasha mothers day message May 9th


The show of appreciation was reciprocated by Hamisa who reposted the message with her own cute words. And that’s where it ended.

Hamisa mothers day notice May 9th
Hamisa mothers day notice May 9th

None of them wished Zari a happy mothers day, and neither did Zari acknowledge any of them.

Zari had her hands full spending time with Diamond who is in South Africa working on finalizing his album.

Diamond in the latest photos has bought Tiffah and Nillan Range Rover toy cars that they drove around their home showing off how proud she is of Diamonds effort at being a present dad.

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What Diamond Platnumz confessed to Maina Kageni about being a serial cheater

Maina and Diamond are lifelong friends, and he paid glowing tribute to him saying

You know you guys don’t see the side of him that I see. He is kind, loyal and will fight for you. But when it comes to women, nie reke gwire, I don’t know.

‘Diamond Platnumz is a skirt chaser’ Maina Kageni says about his friend

While speaking about the drama surrounding his friend in the Classic 105 morning conversation, he leaked some details about Diamond Platnumz’ reasons for bedding multiple women, as well as why he dumps them soon after to move on to the next conquest.

He began by first noting that Diamond is a serial cheater

nie reke gwire madrama, I keep telling these little girls around him, don’t think you can change him

why do you think you will be the one to change him? I had an argument in the bank yesterday about Diamond,

First of all let me tell you that he doesn’t understand why you girls are always causing drama

Diamond’s sister Esma reacts to breakup rumors

He told me he is a superstar with a high se3 drive, and he even told Zari that she better move to Tanzania or else you know what will happen

that’s the kind of person he is

He doesn’t attach any emotion to se3, and he can’t understand why women get angry, he doesn’t know



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Diamond Platnumz’ close friend savagely disses Huddah after beef with Tanasha

I don’t think Huddah Monroe had any idea the hornet’s nest that she was poking when she trolled Tanasha Donna on her impressive feat of becoming the most followed Kenyan female on Instagram.

The beef escalated online with Tanasha getting a lot of support from hardcore fans-most of them from the country her baby daddy Diamond comes from, Tanzania.

Huddah vs Tanasha
Huddah vs Tanasha

With the jealousy so obvious – Ms. Donna’s Tanzanian fans started hitting back on behalf of their ‘queen.’ As usual, they did not hold back from throwing the meanest insults; which again pushed Huddah to make yet another mistake of abusing them.

In the end, I think Huddah realized that she couldn’t win this war and did an apology-non-apology.

“If anyone can have it, I don’t want it!” Tanasha says as beef with Huddah escalates

But it seems that while her little tiff with Tanasha might have ended that doesn’t mean that her Tanzanian in-laws were placated yet.

And all because of an IG post where Huddah referred to Tanzanians on social media as idle robots; who are good at wasting both their data and time investigating other people’s lives.

Juma Lokole, Diamond’s wonderful friend led the charge for our Southern neighbours and came out with a clap back that would make even the most foul-mouthed people blush.

Zari Hassan with Juma Lokole
Zari Hassan with Juma Lokole

Juma Lokole hit back at Huddah’s privates for the major mileage they had covered over the years. In a post shared by blogger Original East, Juma Lokole is seen throwing Huddah shade saying, “Robot K*[email protected] yake inayogusa mchanga mxiiiiiiiu”

Those with long memories will remember that Huddah is disliked by the WCB family, following the 2014 drama where she claimed that she had slept with Diamond who at the time was still involved with Zari.

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Huddah denies calling Tanasha the most followed celebrity ‘with no value’


Does being the most followed celebrity mean they are successful? That was the discussion Huddah debated on Tuesday.

Huddah Monroe hit a raw nerve after sharing her thoughts on why some celebrities with the most followers still are not successful.

This came shortly after Tanasha Donna revealed she is now the most followed female celebrity with 3million fans.

So Kenyans linked Huddah’s thoughts as slamming Tanasha.

Huddah has now doubled down on her thoughts saying she wasn’t referring to Tanasha but many African celebrities in general.

She said that “lol I wasn’t even talking about anyone in particular, you people just love to hate and twist things”

“Funny part is people equate followers to success LMFAO! LOL! I cannot cannot afford to hate on people coz of followers surely it’s not MONEY, CAR or HOUSE!

My two million followers don’t mean its 2M$And what is a celebrity with no money? Just a most followed person. 0 per cent of African followers don’t support what you put out! just giving likes and numbers. That’s not SUCCESS And that’s why I cant hate I state facts!

huda on tanahsa 1(1)

huda denies(1)
Hudah slams Tanasha

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“If anyone can have it, I don’t want it!” Tanasha says as beef with Huddah escalates

The Huddah Monroe and Tanasha Donna situation seems to be getting each day. For those of you not apprised of the beef, it all started after Alhuddah threw some shade Tanasha’s way after Diamond’s baby mama celebrated becoming the most followed Kenyan female on Instagram.

Is Huddah right in trolling Tanasha after she became Kenyan’s most followed Instagrammer?

She added that such things no longer matter if there is no money in it. The post read; “Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has most likes lol!


But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darliing? In this side of town we evolved! Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa cause most just follow for gossip and lurking! Otherwise we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea.”

And Tanasha was having none of it. True to form she came back with her own fire, by taking a swipe at Huddah’s career by saying, “If anyone can have it, I don’t want it,”

Ouch! Don’t forget that Huddah has previously admitted to sleeping with older men for money. Tanasha’s diss seems to have done the trick as the entrepreneur who spends a lot of time in Dubai tried to distance herself from claims pointing out that her initial post was aimed at Tanasha Donna.

In her passive-aggressive post, the former Big Brother Africa contestant rubbished the claims while also laughing of Tanasha’s response. She wrote, “If you have pus*y, I have. If it’s beauty I have it. So what’s to be envious of? Followers? Lol!”

Despite her statement, many fans in Tanasha’s comment section said that Miss Monroe was the victim of the green-eyed monster, now that Tanasha had surpassed her with the most followed Instagram account in the country.

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Is Huddah right in trolling Tanasha after she became Kenyan’s most followed Instagrammer?

Tanasha Donna might be celebrating becoming the first Kenyan woman to hit 3 million followers on Instagram. Eric Omondi already is Kenya’s most-followed Instagram celeb with 3.2 million fans.

This was something that she was quick to enthuse about, praising her online family with the caption below,

Thank you for the 3M. Love you guys so much! ❤️❤️


But while many were quick to congratulate her, former friend or should I call her new enemy Huddah Monroe was quick to burst her bubble, with her post coming right after Tanasha’s announcement.

Huddah’s post just came moments after Tanasha’s new win; and you can’t blame us for thinking the two posts could be related.

Miss Monroe is seen trolling those who claim to have huge IG followers; yet the followers do nothing for them.
According to Huddah, times have changed and followers no longer matter unless they help generate money for you.

She wrote; “Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has most likes lol! Can walk the talk?

She even added, “But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darling? In this side of town we evolved! Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa cause most just follow for gossip and lurking! Otherwise, we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea.”

Is what Huddah is saying true? Yes, but partially. There is more nuance to that.

Firstly, brands will always want to be associated with a brand influencer with large numbers. Always. This normally translates to reach for a company that uses the influencer to promote the page just like Eric Omondi, Kate Actress and even Huddah herself.

The second thing that brands will look for is engagement by an influencer’s fans on the influencer’s page. There are Instagram pages online that have fewer than 100k followers but have great engagement with their followers. This means that a product that the influencer promotes will most likely have better traction with his/her followers such as Just Ivy and Edgar Obare.

Most companies prefer that the brand influencers they use have both of the above. Examples of entertainers with both reach and engagement are, Eric Omondi, Elsa Majimbo and Jalang’o. Their rate cards reflect the power and clout they have in reaching and influencing a demographic.

Now back to Tanasha. While her engagement might not be great, her numbers reflect an eagerness for the public to engage with her.

This is where professional brand management is critical for her. She needs people who can sell her beyond just being Diamond’s baby mama and a lukewarm singer. That is what will turn her brand from just being popular to being lucrative.

But I could be wrong…

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Shamed Tanasha finally apologises to make-up artiste and pays her

Singer Tanasha Donna has been in the news recently over an embarrassing allegation that she had refused to pay a bill to make-up artist Zena Glam (Sylvia), amounting to Sh15K.

Tanasha had allowed the molehill to turn into a mountain and had subsequently gotten bad press as she ignored the allegations from Zena.

This had made the former Ebru TV Presenter Dana de Grazia, buckle down producing receipts for her friend, Zena to prove her accusations.

But it seems that Miss Donna doesn’t want to sow bad karma and decided to clear the bill, taking full responsibility for the incident with an explanation that she rarely handles her finances, during video shoots.

The bill in question is said to have been incurred during the Kalypso video shoot in November last year.

“Let me make one thing clear. It’s just came to my attention recently that one of the makeup artistes for my previous videos payment wasn’t made, as I never personally handle anything to do with finances for my projects myself. I have a team for that, however I understand that my name is the one that will be in jeopardized and obviously not my person handling my finances! Had I known this earlier, this would have been long sorted. I would like to state that the payment has been made. I apologize on behalf of myself and my team for my inconveniences caused., this was not done deliberately, our schedules have been extremely hectic recently, however it’s no excuse,” said Tanasha Donna.

Ms. Donna’s statement comes days after Diamond’s baby mama was raked over the coals by Kenyans after the allegations surfaced.

After the bill was cleared, Ms. Grazia went back to report that her friend had received the cash and her public outcry was not aimed at ruining anyone’s reputation.

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Excited Tanasha reunites with son Naseeb after Mombasa getaway


Miss Tanasha Donna has been real about the challenges working mothers go through trying to provide for their children.

She has been away from home for a while, and has been holed up in Mombasa where it is said she was pursuing some music deals, courtesy a good financier.

Social media users however noticed more of the fun filled videos she shared accusing her of neglecting her son Naseeb for parte after parte.

Tanasha has now returned home and Naseeb Junior was all smiles as he opened the front door for his popular mum.

She first went shopping and later showed us her favorite home cooked meal of chips and fried chicken.tanasha reunite 5(1)

The instant smile let us know he had missed his mother as Tanasha also gushed over how cute he looked and how much she had missed him.

She captioned in another photo “Feels amazing to to be home with my baby @naseenjunior”

tanahsa reunite 2(1)

The pair spent the better part of the night bonding watching Naseeb’s favorite cartoon and she commented “so this is why you stay up at 1am @naseebJunior”

How cute right?

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Tanasha responds to accusations of neglecting her son for music career


Balancing career and motherhood is not easy. Ask any Kenyan woman around you, and for Tanasha this is the same.

She has been hitting the ground running trying to work hard and provide for her son. This as a musician means she is away from home and missing her son.

tanahsa yolo 1(1)
Tanasha YOLO in Mombasa

Trolls have noticed this and accused her of not spending enough time and neglecting her mother duties to YOLO.

For instance just recently Diamond flew into Kenya for a private performance and was seen taking their son Naseeb Junior back with him to Tanzania. All this time, Tanasha was in Mombasa enjoying herself. She was sharing videos hanging out with her friends on a yatch, leading to further condemnation that she has neglected Naseeb.

tanahs ayolo 3(1)
Tanasha talks to Naseeb

To somewhat allay these fears, Tanasha while on the Yatch had a video call with son Naseeb and assured him that the reason she isn’t with him is because she is working hard to ensure she provides for him. She captioned “Mummys working super hard for you”. tanahs ayolo 4(1)

While on the call she told him she would soon be traveling to Tanzania to see her baby. She wrote “see you in a day son…”
One fan @ fantasia asia encouraged Tanasha to keep her head up saying

Achaneni na Diamond, akili zake anazijuwa mwenyewe. Kwa centuary hii ati atamchaguliwa mwanamke kazi ile yeye anayoitaka. Tanasha has her dreams, asiendeshwe na mtu yeyote. Tee pambana in 5 years atafika mbali.

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