Ramadhan Kareem! Tanasha’s tender moment with Naseeb

Singer Tanasha Donna and her cute son Naseeb Junior spent Ramadhan together.

Sharing photos off the special mother-son moment, Tanasha gushed over Naseeb captioning ‘👩‍👦🥰☪️’

When Tanasha converted to Islam during her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, she was given the name Aisha and it appears that she still keeps the tradition. Happy Ramadhan to this queen and her son.

Tanasha and Naseeb Junior

Nigerian singer Omah Lay also commented on the pictures and got fan excited, with many referring to him ‘shemeji’ or in law.

The to are rumored to have had multiple cozy moments in 2021.

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No Beef Here! Huddah gushes over Tanasha’s cute photo

Seems like Huddah and Tanasha have no beef.

Huddah and Tanasha Donna’s beef may very well be nonexistent. Huddah recently reacted to Tanasha Donna’s post.

Donna had posted a cute photo of herself in a high waist, black-white plaid pants, and a solid crop leather top then matched it up with black leather ankle boots.

She commented on it with a fire emoji which is used to relate to fire when something is hot or attractive. And added to it that she is such a hottie.

 “Such a hottie 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍” she commented.

This clearly meant that there is no beef between the two beauties as fans also commented on Huddah’s comments saying that they are good together as friends’ coz they are both pretty.

Chanel_pichu: you’re both beautiful, imagine being friends.

_._kaykie: bye-bye bitterness

Tanasha also commented with heart emoji to show her love and appreciation for her comment.

@huddahthebosschick ❤️🥰🙈.”

Early last year, Huddah was throwing shade at celebrities who were out celebrating, gaining followers on Instagram yet their bank accounts have nothing.

This happened at the same time Tanasha Donna was celebrating gaining 3 million followers which made her the most followed female celebrity in Kenya. Let’s go back to what Huddah had posted that created beef between the two pretties.

“Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/ Africa. Or has most likes Lol! But what’s your bank balance? Darliiing??? In this side of town, we evolved. Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa coz most people just follow for gossip & lurking! Otherwise, we would have small business going to the moon outchea!”

It was obvious that this post was aimed at Tanasha, Mama Naseeb replied to the post and said,

“If anyone can have it. I don’t want it.”

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Tanasha’s message after Diamonds not loyal confession

Tanasha Donna has responded to Diamonds ‘I know I’m a cheat’ comments.

Miss Donna says she understands polygamy, but it is not for her.

In a strongly worded message online, the Kenyan celebrity told ‘I understand polygamy & all but Allah knows I was not wired for that. It’s me alone or lose me. ✌🏽’

Someone tried arguing with her saying ‘Then you don’t understand.’ and she quipped ‘Like I said I do, but to each their own right? It is not mandatory. ✌🏽🥰’

The comments come hot on the heels of baby daddy Diamond Platnumz saying he can’t be faithful to one women in his new song on his first ever EP FOA.

In his latest song dubbed Nawaza, Diamond tells that he has never been loyal to all his previous baby mamas.

He insists that he won’t marry soon as he is not ready to stay loyal to a woman.


“I have been thinking about it for a long time, regarding marriage and relationships. I came to realize that I have been avoiding blame because I know I’m a cheat.” Diamond confessed

Tanasha also added ‘If you ever see me embarrass myself by competing for a man’s love & attention slap me. By all means have him.’

In another she wrote ‘Unconditional love really depends. In no way can it jeopardize boundaries, morals or self love. If you can’t love yourself, how you gonna love someone else?’

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Baby girl! Photos of Tanasha Donna proving she is in her bag

Tanasha Donna is set to make a cameo in a Nolyywood movie premiering on Netflix in March.

The singer as well has new music expected but a release date not made public.

Tanasha has been sharing beautiful pictures on Instagram that tells us she is living life with a large spoon, and we love it.

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Co wives Hamisa and Tanasha prove their love for each other is real

Tanasha and Hamisa can’t help missing each other

Months after hanging out in Kenya, Tanasha and Hamisa are out here proving that co wives can get along if they wish to.

The pair excited fans after paying each other compliments letting us know they miss each other. That’s coz of distance, living in different countries.

Hamisa arrived in Kenya on Saturday, January 15, for a fundraising event in Kayole.

Hamisa offered to hang out with Tanasha and promised to take her out on a date.

@tanashadonna I want to take you on a date, get ready,” she said.

Hamisa on March 3rd, wrote a caption that made Tanasha tell her how heartbroken she is they cant hang out.

Hamisa wrote “I like the way you carry yourself” is a top tier compliment.’

The Tanasha added ‘IMSY’ with a heartbroken emoji and sad face.

Hamisa is currently making money moves and a few days ago, she signed a deal to be the face of a cosmetic brand promoting fair skin cre.

Hamisa announced the huge news below

Not a Business Deal, it’s family.
Super stoked to represent Whitenicious by Dencia Africa @whiteniciousafrica as a
brand ambassador, For Over a decade Whitenicious has helped men and women regain their SkinFidence, it has helped rebuild self esteems by healing their skin, clearing Acne, Darkspots & hyperpigmentation. It’s Time we brought a more affordable version To Africa and I’m proud to be the one unveiling it. Whitenicious is dedicated giving you a healthy, smooth and clear skin.
Follow @whiteniciousAfrica and start shopping.’

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I no longer react – Tanasha Donna strongly suggests

Singer Tanasha is sipping her water and minding her business.

She cryptically wrote on her Instagram stories that ‘distance is my new answer. I no longer react, I no longer argue, I simply withdraw’

Tanasha added ‘Keep me different Lord, I don’t mind being left out’

Miss Donna who has been in studio working on new music, also captioned another message advising her fans and followers ‘Don’t regret being a good person. You’ll win in the end I promise youi’

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Still friendly! Co wives Tanasha and Hamisa share adoration for each other

Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama’s Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna are proving they still remember each other and the love is still there in a charmy post on Instagram.

Tanasha shared a photo in jeans and a white shirt that got Hamisa appreciating her beauty.

This moment was not lost on their fans who loved that they still remember each other despite their breakup with Diamond.

Hamisa said ‘you’ with a love emoji to which Tanasha liked adding love emoji as well.

one fan wrote ‘yoou are really strong momies, much love’

Another wrote ‘kumbe mnakumbukana mashemeji zetuu’

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A List of Celebrities in Mombasa for the New Years festivities

From Lilian Muli to Tanasha Donna, here is the list of celebs who have jetted off to the coast to ring in the new year.

Amber Ray.

The socialite jetted off to her favorite destination – Diana. She has been there several times over the last two months and we are experiencing some major FOMO

Lilian Muli.

Our beautiful kamba bae is in Mombasa and living life to the fullest. She let it be known she was packing her bag and flying out for the New year, and we with her the best. Her braids also lets us know she is ready for some fun times


Joan Kubai.

The rich kid was in the news for revealing her parents gigantic Kitusuru home. Many KOT were amazed ay the gazebo. Joan is celebrating her birthday in Mombasa with her close pals.

Tanasha Donna.

Singer Tanasha has been in Mombasa for a few days now as she prepares to entertain revelers at a new years concert at Mama Ngina waterfront.

  • Michelle Ntalami. The Marini natural CEO is also hanging out with close pals ready for 2022. She earlier penned a note about how difficult her 021 was and mostly to do with a bitter breakup. We hope ameoga na amerudi soko.

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Lmfao really! Tanasha Donna tells fan about her body count 


The question of whether Tanasha Donna is single or dating is something she has been inundated with.

In a Question and Answer segment on Instagram, Tanasha encouraged her fans to ask her anything.

And KOT love this opportunity to quiz their favorite celebrity. For Tanasha it was all about if she is single or dating. There have been rumors that she has been spotted severally with Nigerian singer Oma Lay, with blurry pictures of them in Sudan and Mombasa leaked online.

Neither has responded to the allegations.

So in the QnA, Tanasha was asked ‘Are you dating?’

She responded with a thinking face emoji. Hmmm, that doesn’t answer the question siz.

She was also asked about her body count replying ‘lmfao really?’

She was also asked how she would handle a man who doesn’t love her ‘How can you handle a situation like you love someone and he doesn’t love you back’

Tanasha said ‘I think when I was in my teens I went through this. However if that’s the case you MOVE & Keep MOVING baby. Never look back’

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Tanasha’s cryptic message after not paying for cosmetic surgery claims



Leaked messages from Risper Faith to BNN suggesting that musician Tanasha Donna broke an agreement to get free body enhancement surgery in exchange for publicity has not gone down well.

Risper claimed that Tanasha had approached her to inquire about her cosmetic surgery and experience.

In the DM’s, socialite Risper Faith exposes Tanasha for breaking a contractual agreement that required her to share on her Instagram that she got surgery. Risper alleged that the contract said if Tanasha failed to keep to the agreement she was then liable to pay sh850,000.

tanasha asksk risper

Tanasha last night in a cryptic message about haters said ‘Once they realize hating isn’t working they start telling lies’

Beware of fake new:

Some people are masters at mass manipulation and will go to absolutely any extent including lie and makeup stories just o fulfill own eil and selfish agendas. These days folks will do and say just bout anything for traction . However..when you know your truth everything will always work out in your favor .sit back relax and let karma handle  the rest. Let God fight your battles. No bad deed goes without consequences. The truth always comes out and no matter how hard they try to throw stones. use them to build your empire. Watch them cringe at you shining and look for others ways to tear you down’

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12/11! Tanasha Donna sparks reaction as she teases date of new music


Rumors of singer Tanasha Donna dropping a new album have been rife the last couple months.

She has been teasing the project with videos in the studio hard at work with her team.

Tanasha has also been sharing promotional photos and the excitement from her fans is building up.

Taking to her Instagram, Miss Donna has dropped a teaser that on 12th November we should expect something big.


Fans responded to the date with questions that are yet to be answered. I guess she doesn’t want any spoilers.

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Ali Kiba throws album listening party in Zanzibar for his celebrity friends


The listening party for Ali Kiba’s unreleased album went down in Zanzibar Wednesday night.

Joining him for the event was Nigerian singer Patoranking, who was among the scores of celebrities invited to Ali Kiba’s listening party in Zanzibar.

The two are already shooting a video to a collabo and shared the behind the scenes of the video shoot.

Last night, wearing a bow tie and black suit, he debuted his upcoming album in front of an excited crowd.

We already know that Ali Kiba never disappoints when it comes to features. We already see Patoranking and ahead of the album’s reveal, fans have been speculating as to who would appear on a track.

He kicked things off and played a track that got Nandy excited and dancing, much to the delight of Kiba.

We’re staying tuned for the official drop expected at midnight October 7th.

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Tanasha Donna jets off as she announces second EP ‘This is me’


Musician Tanasha Donna has taken to Instagram to announce that her second EP is about to drop revealing it is called This is me.

In her Instagram stories, Tanasha showed her fans she was in a plane.

She toasts some wine and later writes she has a new EP that is called This is me. She also says it will have five songs.

“Can’t wait to share this with you’ she captions

The Kenyan beauty has been hard at work in the studio and has been teasing that this new album will blow fans away.

She added “We made something spiritual….5 songs #thisisme”

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Tanasha Donna spotted in New York Times Square billboard


Singer Tanasha Donna was broadcast on the digital screens in Times Square.

She informed her fans of the huge achievement

We on Times square NYC baby!🧚🏽‍♀️🌍

Listen to my latest song “Complicationship” on Faces of Afrobeats @Spotifyafrica @spotifyke playlist

Link on @primemusicpartner BIO!

The real music is otw. TRUST! #EPLOADING… 🧚🏽‍♀️🌍

The Times Square Spectacular digital billboard wowed her fans who congratulated her for this fete.

Other celebrities who have appeared on the spectacular digital sing are Bahati, Diamond Platnumz among others.

The massive sign is so spectacular that her international fans won’t miss catching it thanks to the huge crowds that flow through the area and not forgetting the vehicular traffic in the area.

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Timing is everything – Tanasha Donna on life, love and success


Tanasha has a message to anyone losing hope.

The singer who is keeping fans anxious with her yet to be released album, shared a hopeful note that suggested it’s all about timing.

Be it your career, love life or spiritual journey, Tanasha said

“The hardest part about wanting something  real is trying to convince everybody you’re not crazy for feeling like you deserve it. But then you realize you don’t have to prove anything  to anybody. All you have to do is be patient enough to make it right, be committed enough to make it, be honest enough to make it last . YUs genuine ones deserve something great we deserve something authentic  and we reserve the right to not to be impressed  with the usual. its not to about  being too picky or having unrealistic expectations. It’s about knowing you’ve dealt with enough BS and earned the right to have a preference.

Stay true to you even when nobody gets it. Trust your heart even when your scared. Believe in love, even after you’ve been hurt, things get better the minute we stop expecting them to be perfect, timing is everything so always remember some amazing things can happen when you mix patience with hope”


Dear Classic 105 fam, just be yourself, love yourself for who you are and just keep going.

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“26 never felt so good” Tanasha’s empowering birthday message


Miss Donna is celebrating turning 26 years with a message to herself to push harder and achieve all her dreams.

Tanasha on the eve of her birthday wrote “My life finna elevate so crazy..I can feel it. Inshallah” captioning it.

Tanasha has been working on her album and in June travelled back and forth between Nairobi and Nigeria to complete her music but at the same time adding that it has to be perfect and that’s why it’s taking so long.

In another message to herself on Instagram stories, Tanasha added “Alhhamdulilahi, 26 never felt so good!”

Also celebrating her birthday is Tanasha’s mother in law Sandra Dangote, who travelled to Zanzibar for a family vacay with her hubby Uncle Shamte and their friends.

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Meet Tanasha Donna’s stunningly youthful grandmother

Tanasha Donna shared a photo of her grandmother and we can see where she gets her beauty.

Miss Donna is is Diani on holiday with baby Naseeb and friends and reminiscing about her family, Tanasha dropped a picture on her Instagram stories with a lookalike grandma.

The singer has been in Diani for sometime now and took her son Naseeb along for fun times.  Meanwhile baby daddy Diamond in in neighboring Zanzibar where he is set to complete making his album.


tanasha and naseeb in diani(1)
Naseeb Junior and Tanasha in Diani May 21st

The hardworking mum is on vacation after a long stay in Nigeria where she was also said to be working on an album. She jetted back to Nairobi, before flying down to Diani in the company of family and friends for a staycation. Tanasha has also used her time to reminisce about her mother who turned 0 recently. The singer said she will soon be flying to Dubai to reunite with her mother who she has not seen in a couple of years.

Here is her really youthful looking grandmother.

tanasha grandma(1)
Tanasha Donnas grandmother May 22nd

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