Here is how to shop for ‘the president’s daughter!’ Is Kenyan comedian taking advantage of Tamara?

Chipukeezy is probably the most Machiavellian guy on TV right now.

He brought Tamara, the lass that sensationally claimed to be Uhuru’s daughter onto his show and this has given him mileage. Tamara talked extensively and even let the public into her private life.


Chipukeezy has been with her every step of the way from the time she was arrested to the interview and as promised, he shopped for her home. Tamara lives with the good Samaritan who picked her from the streets in Kawangare.


From the images Chipukeezy has posted, Tamara is one happy girl. Something that caught our eye was that just after she popped up, Chipukeezy set up a foundation, Chipukeezy Youth Empowerment Foundation.

I promised that I will see to it that Tamara (the girl who claimed to be President’s Daughter)gets the help that she needs after coming on my show. Shopping kidogo ya food na beddings nimefanya through my Chipukeezy Youth Empowerment Foundation. Anyone else feeling led and is willing to help her are most welcome. Chipukeezy show more than just comedy

We just hope that he’s not just exploiting Tamara but that Chipukeezy will help her to the very end. The world is a nipe nikupe but both must fully benefit. Clearly, Tamara has helped him get traction on his new show which in two days has 89,000 views, a number he had never hit prior to her interview. Chipukeezy’s show is currently number one trending in Kenya. He has beaten Diamond and Harmonize’s song, Kwangwaru that has been trending at number one for the last 1 week.