Top Kenyan female celebrities slaying after losing weight

Nutritionists continue to raise the alarm over rising cases of obesity in Kenya.

lifestyle choices have been cited as the reason among other factors.

That is one of the many reasons more and more local celebrities are hitting the gym to lose weight.

With all the weight loss comes a hot smoking body. Below are some of those new, hot, smashing bodies.

Talia Oyando

The sassy media personality has worked so hard to get the body she so proudly flaunts today.

She has also been sharing her workouts routines as a way of encouraging other women on what exercises they can incorporate into their weight loss journey.

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Kobi Kihara

This hot mama drops it like its hot when it comes to looking good. She owes no one an apology, although not as heavy to be considered over weight.  She has lost quite some weight and she is looking all hot for someone aged 35 years.

Sheila Mwanyigha

With a body to die for and curves any woman would wish for, Sheila has gone to show us that we should not be afraid of change. The graceful TV personality has lost quite some weight and her curvaceous body as well, but she is still looking beautiful for her age.

Neomi Nganga

The talented actress  known for her curvaceous body is very vocal when it comes to protecting plus size women. She recently opened a cloth line that caters for plus size women. Although she sells plus size clothing, she has lost a lot of weight and we must say she is looking good.


Famously known as ”First Lady Of Hip Hop”, Nazizi has done quite a good job in transforming her image. Her sense of fashion has changed from the usual baggy t-shirts to more figure showing dresses. One could have never imagined that behind those boring t-shirts lies such beauty. Team mafisi kuleni kwa macho

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Maureen Kunga

The talented singer from music group Elani seems to have had some new year resolutions to lose weight and girl she is rocking it. The beautiful singer has managed to maintain her beautiful curves even with her tremendous weight loss. She is proof that one does not have to be skinny to be beautiful. She’s got beauty and brains. Kubarikiwa nayo.

In a recent instagram post, she shared how she has battled with being over weight for long.

Long. Truthful. Post.
“This is both a very scary thing to do and something that is giving me so much pride today. I achieved something I had never thought possible and I’m proud of myself for it. For years, my weight was a genuine cause of pain – something I never openly discussed, maybe because of fear of insult, maybe because it was truly something that I thought I would never be able to overcome. Maybe because I was truly embarrassed and ashamed to be so heavy. I tried and failed, used horrible “quick-result” methods of weight loss that never stuck. I broke myself down in my mind and could not see myself as anything other than a “fat girl”.”

She adds

“I destroyed my own self esteem. But in 2016 I made the decision that I would stop punishing myself and I would give myself permission to take my weight-loss into my own hands and find something I can commit to. And here we are! 16kgs (and a few to go), and a whole lot of self esteem later, I am happy, and I am proud. The entire video explaining my journey to health is in the link in my bio. I would love it if you would watch it and we can compare notes and discuss our experiences. Then subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel(!!!!) and let’s find a sustainable way to health together! (Side Note: I was VERY shocked when I saw a TBT of the old picture on the internet. I immediately went to find that dress, wore it, and had to hold it taut behind me for it to look normal. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud of myself, and that green dress represents a lot for me now) 
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Nothing is for everybody. This was for me, and I would love to create a platform where we can all know that beauty is DEFINITELY not skin deep! It took me chasing a healthy lifestyle to truly learn that♥♥♥ And I would like to wish myself a happy birthday and pat myself on the back. Because I did a good thing for myself.”

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Body goals! These are the celebrities who work out and look hot!(photos)

People who work out are usually very intentional with it. They are either looking to lose weight or achieve specific fitness goals.

Let’s face it. December is here and if you haven’t worked on your body, will you really start this December? This is the month where there are all types of ceremonies and they all involve food.

These are some of the celebrities who make us wish we started working out earlier;

1. Talia Oyando

‘I didn’t over dose on viagra,hii mazoeano imezidi’ Willy paul shouts

2. Mandi Sarro

3. Savara and Victor Wanyama

4. Chiki Kuruka

5. Maureen Kunga

6. Sharon Mundia

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‘Start your fitness journey now, be your own motivation’ tips Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando took to her Instagram to share her how she has managed to stay in shape and what you can do to achieve it.

The mother of one also took her time to share with her fans her routine, what works for her and what does not urging them to start NOW as there is no better time to start this journey to healthy living. She is among celebrities who have managed to gain their sexy back after delivery and we must admit she is looking fly.

Here is what she wrote

“So here I am. Not exactly where I wanted to be but I am here. I have the kind of body that would add weight quick if I wasn’t serious and lose it quick if I was. Work tied me down (thank God for work) I didn’t even have the energy to work out. Anyway I am here and I am not perfect. But my journey does not end here. Thank you so much to @fit_joe who left me but its ok I am extremely happy for you and grateful to you you are missed, thanks for training me and my moods.

Talia Oyando
Talia Oyando

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To my current coach @ambrosemuga thank you for pushing me and laughing with me and calling me names. To Andre and team @colosseumkenya this gym has been a second home for me and I thank you so much for the support you give me….. I get so many questions in my DM about my workouts what do you eat, how many times do you workout. I will tell you this I try to eat small portions I am terrible at diets and my kryptonite is candy (anything gummy bear related) they are the reason I add weight when I do, its not even food its Candy lol.”


6 Kenyan female celebrities who look sexier in workout clothes

I try to keep away. I work out 5 days of the week and I recently got back to riding my bike. Start your journey today #fitlife however slow it is just start . Be your own motivation and keep telling your self just one more just one more when you feel like you wanna give up. So anyway here I am its still June so #bootyshortsinjune I will do better next year I will be where I want but for now I am happy.”

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How TV presenter Sheila Mwanyigha celebrated her birthday

Celebrated media personality Sheila Mwanyigha recently turned an year older, like fine wine the damsel is only getting more beautiful and aging gracefully.

The laid back damsel has managed to keep her age a secret leaving many guessing how old she might be.She was treated to a birthday lunch by her friends with a beautiful cake which we couldn’t help but salivate at.

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Sheila acknowledged her friends efforts with the caption:

There are people who come in to your life and elevate you! Thank you Esther, Jemimah, Linda and Roseanne for being so wonderful to me!
#aboutyesterday #birthdaylunch 🎂🎉🍽



Sheila Mwanyigha’s birthday did not go unnoticed by her friend Talia Oyando who decided to celebrate  her friend with a TBT photo of them  hanging out back in the day.

“Happy Birthday Shak love you mama x Had to TBT this also that mouth thing was a thing… Love youuuuu happy birthday” Wrote Talia

Talia Oyando and Sheila Mwanyigha back in the day
Talia Oyando and Sheila Mwanyigha back in the day

 Sheilas response to her boo was even more hilarious.

“😹😹😹❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜 love you sana StarGurl⭐️⭐️ what giggles and drama we have seen! 😹🎉🎉😈😈”


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Momo is bae! Men who marry chubby women smile more according to this study

Forget diets, forget working out and starving yourself. A new study suggest that men who are in relationships with chubby women tend to smile more.

The study further shows that chubby women  are better at dealing with problems than men who are in relationships with thin women. The regular Kenyan woman is chubby but the hype to lose weight and be skinny has been on the rise due to westernisation.

Extreme diets have led to health complications and even death.

The study also shows that thin women tend to be more reserved, more unfriendly and less expressive with their emotions.

The Argentinian newspaper Buevo Diario reports on the findings from the research conducted by Dr Filemón Alvarado and Dr Edgardo Morales at UNAM’s department of psychology.

According to their research, chubby women make their men ten times as happy as thin women. And we all know that happy people live longer. The study also indicated that chubby women are better at anticipating their partner’s needs.

But keeping fit isn’t bad. And Kenyan fitness experts such as Jane Mukami, who runs 21 Days Of Change, Chiki who has a show Dance with Chiki, Esther Dindi who runs Fit Sistaz and many other personal trainers, inspire us to be fit.

But going by this recent study,  maybe those few extra pounds aren’t fat – they’re love and tenderness! More and more celebrities are making the effort to lose weight  such as Big Ted who recently opened up about his struggle with weight before he lost 70 kgs from his initial 168 kgs.

Female musician Nazizi Hirji is also among local celebrities who have lost a drastic amount of weight over time bringing her sexy back. She went through a complete nutrition change and incorporated workouts .

Talia Oyando, Size 8 reborn, and Kalyeke Mumo have also been tagged along in this fitness journey  and we commend them for wanting to keep fit.

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10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

‘Fat shaming’, the new word added to the online Oxford dictionary has been a trend lately especially with the rise of social media where everyone has an opinion whether educated or not. Women have been shamed for revealing their boobs while breastfeeding and now in a ridiculous twist of events…body shaming has extended to pregnant women with one such attack against TV Presenter Janet Mbugua Ndichu.

Apparently some viewers are not too pleased with Janet being on TV and reading news while pregnant. One viewer tweeted, “Just wondering why Janet Mbugua must newscast in that condition. Never seen it before on Kenyan TV but me thinks it’s gross.”

I think bumps are beautiful and body shaming a woman who is pregnant whether a celebrity or not is insulting the whole female population, including your own mother who gave birth to you. Whether a woman is in that ‘condition’ as some choose to call it…bumps give life and kudos to the female celebrities who have chosen to show off their pregnancies ignoring the critics and celebrating their new body shapes.

Here are 10 Kenyan celebrities who chose to embrace their bumps

1. Fashion Blogger Silvia Njoki
Clebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

2. Former Tahidi High Actress Jacqueline Mwangi aka Jolene

3. Songstress Size 8
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

4. Fashion blogger/Stylist Nancie Mwai
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

5. TV Presenter Janet Mbugua

Celebrities who rocked baby bumps
Photo courtesy: True Love

6. Comedian Teacher Wanjiku
 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

7. Radio Presenter Talia Oyando

 Celebrities Who Rocked Baby Bumps

8. TV Presenter Betty Kyalo

9. Machachari actress Sharon Mutuku known as Sophia
Celebrities who rocked baby bumps

10. Radio host Rachel Muthoni aka Mwalimu Rachel.
Celebrities who rocked baby bumps

Losing That Stubborn Baby Fat

Baby fat is a constant worry with every pregnant woman. From the onset of pregnancy when the food cravings kick in and the weight begins to pile. The plan on how to lose those extra kilos when the baby finally arrives begins. However losing that extra weight isn’t as easy as some may make it seem.

Before one starts on a weight loss journey after the baby comes, they should consult their doctor on the exercises that are safe at that point in time.

Here are proven ways to help you lose the stubborn baby fat

1. Breastfeed
Some women are lucky enough to drop all the baby fat through breastfeeding. According to research, a woman can burn between 600-800 calories from breastfeeding alone.

2. Watch what you eat
Watching what you eat involves avoiding empty calories such as sodas, chips and substituting them with nutrient-rich foods such as whole grains, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

3. Walk
Walking is an amazing exercise that may not sound like a workout. Bringing the baby along during the walks is also an advantage as it adds extra weight and also minimizes your chances of constantly worrying about their state. WWhetherit is an easy stroll or power walk you will feel the impact.

4. Hit the gym
A gym here is code for a place where you exercise be it your house or at the neighbourhood women’s ‘chama’. Incorporate aerobics with some strength training exercises. Find a group of moms on a fitness journey with you and share some helpful tips that work.

Here are a few Kenyan Celebrities who have managed to shed off the baby weight

betty Kyalo now
Betty Kyalo
Silvia Njoki
Talia Oyando
Julie Gichuru