Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo’s weight gain proves that nobody’s perfect

We all get bigger as we get older, that’s without a doubt. but for celebrities it’s a little harder to accept that one has added some weight especially the ladies.

Being a celeb or a high profile Kenyan means you are constantly being scrutinized, and any noticeable change in physical appearance will see you criticized.

There are several Kenyan male celebrities who’ve been mocked for being on the heavier side. Singer Madtrax, DK Kwenye Beat among others have been unfortunate to be mocked on social media for being chubby. But it’s worse for female celebs.

Our Kenyan female celebs would rather hit the gym to avoid being mocked for those extra pounds around the hips, But not singer Nyota Ndogo, whose sharing current pictures looking noticeably chubby.

The Coast-based singer is revealing the anxiety she’s facing having put on some pounds. Check out her current photo describing how she looks with the caption

“Jamani roho imetulia najaribu kutafuta stress nikonde hakuna yani nitanona mpaka wapi?”


Her female fans responded urging her not to wish for stress to lose weight.