The note left behind by Naivasha woman after poisoning 4 children

A mother over the weekend in Naivasha town poisoned her four children to death aged between eight and two years.

The bodies of the four minors were found locked in their house near Naivasha High school on Saturday afternoon before police were called in.

The woman allegedly poisoned the children on Friday evening before fleeing to the neighbouring Kayole estate.

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Two notes she is alleged to have written about the reasons leading to the poisoning have gone viral online.


She wrote the note to her son telling him that she had been laid off from her job due to covid 19, and could not bear it anymore.

She was laid off two months ago. This is the note she left behind:

Dear son Alex,

Receive much regards from your dear mum. I wish to trust god you will be responsible enough to take  care of your brother bravo.

I beg you in the name of Jesus not to panic for what I’m about to confess to you.

I have murdered my four kids to cut off the generation link from their family. It’s painful to bring up a child all knowing what a hard life awaits them. I love them so much not to see them suffer.

As for you take care of bravo be his guardian angel. I know you two have different character but leave to tolerate one another 

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As for your education, try your best to complete and ask uncle things to intervene ensure bravo studies well and protect him from evil.

Be prayerful god will be guiding through your for me i wish to spend the rest of my life in prison paying for my evil deeds.

Kindly do not enter in my dealings with Evans Chege (former boyfriend) for he is evil. I loved him so much but I realized that all what he owns belongs to another old woman (sugar mommy).

naivasha womanletter 1

If only I had a stable job I would have not killed your siblings.

As for the house rent I have paid upto April. May and June are nt paid yet. water bill has dues of 1650, and electricity you can check you can sell all these items if need be. i have a deposit of sh5000 with the agent (caretaker) keep my clothes safe and especially the ones bought recently nobody should wear them, 

As for the burial, ask itega or kiritu give you somewhere my kids can be buried i had bought new clothes and shoes for Melody Samantha and Whitney. they are inside a paper bag on top of your bed. for William, the family can buy him the clothes and shoes 

I will turn myself to the police for murder charges. Jail is now my new home. I love you and bravo so so much and maybe god willing we shall meet again.

She ends by quoting John 14 chapter 1.


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Kenyan pastor’s 17 page suicide note blaming wife

Pastor Elisha Misiko, who stabbed his wife Anne Mughoi several times before killing himself inside his Ground for God’s Gospel ministry in Bamburi Mombasa, was troubled.

The man of God left behind a 17-page suicide note, where he outlined the problems he had been going through in life and what made him take his own life.

Pastor Misiko


In the long note titled Betrayal and Consequences, Pastor Misiko revealed shocking details. In one confession, he says that infidelity on his wife’s part and the fight to control family property drove him to the brink.

Mombasa church

In the note, he alleges that his wife has taken away their children and forced him to pay for child support and he said he was crushed when one of his children sent a message claiming that ‘they had found a good father who took care of them’

90% of my money I sent it to her (Anne) but she wrote on social media that I don’t pay fees or even buy clothes.’ Misiko wrote in his note.


He also outlines that they started from nothing and he even took a loan to buy a parcel of land, where his church stands.

When we got married, life was hard. I was forced to do the mkokoteni business..” I took a loan from SMEP and combined with the money I had accumulated to buy a plot… I bought a plot for the sake of my family.

Mombasa church

The man of God further reveals how his wife and a few church members changed the ownership of his land.

She took away everything we accumulated for over 19 years. She took away my plot of land and church instrument/equipment by force.

Below are extracts from Pastor Misiko’s 17-page suicide note

Pastor Elisha Misiko Pastor Elisha Misiko Pastor Elisha Misiko


According to the police, the two had issues since 2013 and at some point Misiko was arrested for threatening his wife.  The couple had been married for 20 years.



UoN lecturer Hannah Inyama declared not fit to stand trial in sons death


A university lecturer who kept her dead son in her house for allegedly more than two weeks is not fit to be charged.

Hannah Inyama was arrested last month after the body of her 13-year-old son was found wrapped in a blanket in her house on Nairobi’s South B estate.

An investigating officer told Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga that Inyama is not mentally stable to stand trial over the death of her son, Emmanuel.
According to a psychiatric report, which the officer cited, the University of Nairobi don is not in her right state of mind and was put on medication for a month.

“The suspect has been put on medication, which will be on a daily basis and is required to appear in hospital on November 29 to check her progress,” the investigator said.

He added that Inyama will undergo medication until she gets well. The magistrate released Inyama to her parents, who were in court, and ordered her to report to the police every Friday. He also directed the matter to be mentioned on December 3 for further directions.

Inyama had been detained by the police for 10 days to allow them to finish investigations. The suspect allegedly stayed with the body for at least two weeks in Kifaru Apartments. She had invited church members to her home to sing and praise God.

She is a specialist in post-resuscitation care of the critically ill. This involves optimising ventilation and circulation and preserving organ and tissue function.

Last month, police boss Philip Ndolo told The Star that they were tipped off by neighbours about a foul smell emanating from the house. They broke in and found Emmanuel’s body wrapped in a blanket in the sitting room.

The mother told them the boy had fallen and died in the sixth-floor apartment.
“She said she did not take him to a hospital because she does not believe in hospitals,” Ndolo said.

“My officers tried knocking but nobody opened the door. After five minutes, they broke in. The woman by that time was hiding in the kitchen. It is like she heard us breaking in and rushed to hide.”

Ndolo said the boy was studying in a private school where he was to sit his KCPE exam.

Nairobi woman kills husband, two children over domestic squabble

A 32-year-old woman on Tuesday killed her husband and their two children before committing suicide at their home in Thome estate, Nairobi.
Police said preliminary findings had shown the couple was embroiled in recurrent domestic disputes, adding that the man aged 37 had several times reported about being beaten by the wife.

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The woman, who was a food trader, descended on the man with an axe and struck him to death as he slept because the body was found on his bed.

The woman then strangled to death their two children aged 14 and three years before hanging herself with a rope in the house.
The bodies of the four were discovered on Tuesday afternoon after customers who used to buy food from the woman at a construction site raised queries over her whereabouts.
The bodies were moved to City Mortuary as investigations go on.

Meanwhile, two female students at St. George Katheka High School in Machakos County are nursing serious injuries after sustaining burns in a dormitory fire.
The victims who include a Form 1 and Form 2 girl, were sleeping when the dormitory caught fire on Friday last week in a suspected arson case that saw eight students arrested.

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The girls were rescued and taken to Machakos Level Five Hospital where they were admitted with 57% burn on their legs, police said. The school has since been closed.

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The suicide note a Naivasha butcher wrote over a broken heart

A twenty one year old butchery operator has committed suicide in Naivasha after his 18-year-old lover abandoned him for another man.

The victim identified as Francis Njuguna was found hanging in his room in Kinamba village 10km from Naivasha town.

‘I wish my parents had asked for a lot of dowry,’ cries jilted wife

Njuguna who worked in one of the butcheries in the area left a suicide note in which he accused his lover identified only as Shiku for his woes.

In the note addressed to the teenager, the deceased told of his love and dedication to their relationship but the girl had continued to be unfaithful.

“I ask for forgiveness from my mother for this act which has been caused by my lover who has decided to move along with many other men,” said the noted in Kiswahili.

suicie note

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the body before taking it to Naivasha sub-county hospital mortuary.

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According to one of the area resident Ibrahim Nyutu, the deceased was in high spirits the previous night as he served his customers.

He decried the rising cases of suicide among youths in the country due to love affairs adding that there was need for counseling.

“We have recorded a very wicked spirit that is leading youths to commit suicide and its time we engaged them so that this evil trend can end,” he said.

A friend Peter Muchina said that the victim had confessed to them over the fall-out with the lover the previous night adding that he never contemplated suicide.

He told of their shock when he failed to report to duty on Thursday morning only for his body to be found hanging in his house.

“It’s a sad day that Njuguna has decided to take his life due to a woman and my advice to fellow youths is to move on after a relationship fails,” he said.

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Speaking on phone, Naivasha deputy OCPD John Kwasa confirmed the incident adding that the body had been collected and an inquest file opened.

He decried the rising cases of suicide among young people in Naivasha adding that substance abuse and depression had led to the cases.

“In the latest case the deceased left a note accusing his lover for the incident and the body has been taken to Naivasha mortuary and the next of kin will be notified,” he said.

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Assisted suicide is now legal in Maine, USA

Maine legalized medically assisted suicide on Wednesday, becoming the eighth state to allow terminally ill people to end their lives with prescribed medication.

Democratic Governor Janet Mills, who had previously said she was unsure about the bill, signed it in her office.

Oregon was the first state to legalize such assistance, in 1997, and it took over a decade for the next state, Washington, to follow suit.

While still controversial, assisted suicide legislation is winning increasing acceptance in the United States, and this year at least 18 states considered such measures.

Maine’s bill would allow doctors to prescribe terminally ill people a fatal dose of medication.

The bill declares that obtaining or administering life-ending medication is not suicide under state law, thereby legalizing the practice often called medically assisted suicide.
The proposal had failed once in a statewide vote and at least seven previous times in the Legislature. The current bill passed by just one vote in the House, and a slim margin in the Senate.

The signing Wednesday was a relief to Mainers such as Staci Fowler, 47, who’s taken on the fight for such laws in honor of her late friend Rebecca VanWormer.

VanWormer, whose breast cancer spread to her bones, had pushed for such a bill in 2015 – two years before she died in 2017.

‘This is what she wanted,’ said Fowler, an educational consultant in Gardiner. ‘And now everybody has the option that she didn’t have.’

Maine joins seven other states and Washington, DC, that have similar laws, according to the Death With Dignity National Center and the Death With Dignity Political Fund.

The other states with ‘death with dignity’ laws are: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and New Jersey, whose governor signed the legislation earlier this year.

Montana doesn’t have a specific law on the books, but the state Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that doctors could use a patient’s request for life-ending medication as a defense against criminal charges.

Maine’s population has the oldest median age, and, as in other states, the proposal has exposed divisions that defied party lines.

Supporters, including Democrats and a small group of Republicans, say the terminally ill should have the right to choose a peaceful end.

Opponents, meanwhile, have said the legislation puts the terminally ill in ‘grave danger.’

‘Assisted suicide is a dangerous public policy that puts the most vulnerable people in society at risk for abuse, coercion and mistakes,’ said Matt Valliere, Executive Director of Patients Rights Action Fund, an advocacy group.

‘It also provides profit-driven insurance companies perverse incentives to offer a quick death, rather than costly continuing quality care.’

The bill’s Democratic sponsor said the latest language addresses criticism of past efforts that have failed in Maine.

The legislation defines ‘terminal disease’ as one that is incurable and will likely end in death within six months.

The bill requires a second opinion by a consulting physician, along with one written and two verbal requests. Physicians would screen patients for conditions that could impair judgment, such as depression.

The law criminalizes coercing someone into requesting life-ending medication, as well as forging a request for life-ending medication.

Daily Mail

Mumbi Girls High School matron commits suicide


There was shock at Mumbi girls high school after its matron committed suicide in the school compound.

The 56 year old Joyce Mwinzi was found dangling from the ceiling of her house by two of her co-workers Tuesday, after the morning parade.

According to the school principal Esther Njeri said she received reports from the two workers that the matron who was in an acting capacity had taken her life.

Njeri said the two went to check on her after her husband Raphael Ngugi made relentless calls to them asking about her whereabouts.

“I asked them what they had gone to do in her house and they said her husband was concerned that she did not go home on Monday which was her off day,” the principal said.

She explained that Mwinzi was known to spend her off day with her family in Gatanga sub county.

Her husband, she further noted, retired as a cook in the school on December 31 last year, leaving her at the school and relocating to Gatanga.

The matron had worked in the school for 33 years in different capacities including as a ground-woman, before eventually rising to the matron position

Njeri noted that she last saw her on Saturday during the school’s prize giving ceremony during which she worked to everybody’s satisfaction.

On Sunday, she worked up to 10 pm at night after some girls developed tummy issues and she was called upon to check on them.

Area senior chief Charles Muna confirmed that Mwinzi took her life using a wall net.

Muna urged members of the community to find ways of venting their issues to avert such incidences.

“There have been very many cases of suicides which may be encouraging more people to take their lives,” he added.

Murang’a township MCA Jecinta Ng’ang’a on her part called on counselors who are engaged by schools to talk to students should also be counseling teachers and other staffers who may also be going through difficulties.

Suicide does run in families – study

Highlights of the study

– Scientists think that whether or not someone can become suicidal is tied to their genes, environment and experience

– Previous studies have suggested, separately, that psychiatric disorders like bipolar disorder increases suicide risks and run in families

– New National Institutes of Health research found that families with a pattern of suicide attempts also tend to have social anxiety in common

– The researchers believe that these tendencies could help identify at-risk people who would otherwise slip between the cracks

Suicide may run in families that tend to suffer from mental illnesses, a new study finds.

The new study, conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), suggests that families in which social anxiety is more common may also be at greater risk for suicide attempts.

The researchers believe that this knowledge could help doctors catch at-risk individuals who might otherwise slip between the cracks of prevention efforts.

In the grander scheme of health research, it’s only recently that we have discovered that a handful of rare diseases are caused by a one or several specific genes.

And it is even more recently that we’ve begun to gain a rudimentary understanding of mental illness.

Suicide risks are still poorly understood and often overlooked.

As best we can tell, mental illnesses are predicated on a perfect storm of genetic and environmental factors.

The NIH recently discovered that major depression, bipolar disorder, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and schizophrenia all share some genes that put some at higher risk of the disorders than others.

And some of these mental disorders can be predictors of suicide attempt and death risks, too.

They also tend to run in families.

To investigate whether suicide runs in families, researchers at the NIH conducted the largest study to-date interviewing family members of 119 adults and their families about their histories of mental illness and suicide attempts and deaths.

Prior research has shown links between various psychiatric disorders and suicidal tendencies, and psychiatric disorders themselves do tend to run in families.

But the new study uncovered new patterns common to members of the same families.

The researchers found that when suicide seemed to run in a family, so did feelings of social anxiety – a trend that hadn’t been established previously.

Links between the two were even more potent when family members also had a psychiatric disorder, most notably, bipolar disorder.

These parallel tendencies suggested to the scientists that ‘people with these traits could have greater reactivity to social loss or disruption.’

Because social anxiety is fueled by difficulty processing negative emotions, the finding suggests that both shared social conditioning and inherited brain functions may be at play in introducing suicide risks into a family.

Or, these family members could have shared an outsize amount of trauma and stress in their shared pasts – making them more vulnerable to suicidal ideation.

Family patterns are hardly a one-size-fits-all diagnostic tool, however,  the researchers wrote.

On the other hand, their discovery suggested that including a finer analysis of family histories, personalities and experiences might help doctors catch individuals at-risk for suicide that otherwise would have slipped through the cracks.

‘The broader association of mental disorders with familial environment suggests that risk research that focuses solely on individual-level biomarkers, susceptibility genes, or neural architecture may be unable to identify suicide risk without accounting for the contextual association with vulnerability to proximal life challenges,’ they wrote.


Top cop’s driver kills himself in bizarre suicide incident (Details inside)

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet’s driver has allegedly committed suicide while in Narok.

Anthony Lemayan reportedly shot himself under the chin while on sick leave.

In a police statement seen by the Star, Leteipa was on sick leave when the incident occurred. His brother Evans Leteipa reported the case to the police.

“Suicide incident report: OB 16/9/12/2018 at 11.10 pm. It was reported by Evans Leteipa Maasai that his brother had committed suicide in Mwamba estate on the outskirts of Narok town,” the police statement read.

“Officers went to the scene and found a GSU officer attached to the IG’s office in Nairobi had shot himself. The body had two gunshot wounds one under the chin and exit wound on the upper head.”

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The deceased was found on the ground about 50m from his house.

The report read: “The body was lying on the ground about 50 metres from his house.  A Jericho pistol s/no. Ke KP 41310617 with one spent cartridge and a magazine containing 14 rds of 9mm were recovered. There was no suicide note recovered from the deceased pockets and the intention not known. The body was moved to Narok county referral hospital morgue pending an autopsy.”

The body was taken to Narok County Referral Hospital morgue for an autopsy.

A study has identified mental illness caused by the nature of the job as the main cause of the rising number of police suicides.

In October, the National Police Service introduced a new department tasked with assessing the psychological wellness of officers.

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Sitaki mama yangu! Teenager hangs self after being denied chance to live with her dad

Residents of Mai Mahiu estate in Naivasha are in shock after a class six girl committed suicide following a domestic quarrel with the family.

The 12 year old girl from Ngeya Primary school hanged herself in her mother’s bedroom to protest a move to separate her from the father.

Trouble started a year ago when her parents separated over marital issues with the father opting to live in a different town.

According to an eye witness Kimani Kamau, the deceased visited her father two weeks ago and did not want to return and stay with her mother.

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Kamau said when the mother realized her daughter had failed to go back home as promised she travelled to Limuru town to forcefully pick her.

“As a means of protest, the minor hanged herself after class and her lifeless body was found hours later in their house,” he said.

Kamau added that the minor had been complaining of mistreatment from the mother opting to instead live with her father.

At the home a somber mood engulfed the residents as they tried to come to terms with the tragedy that befell them even as police moved in to collect the body.

Mai Mahiu OCS Ezra Sambu confirmed the incident saying the body had been taken to the Naivasha sub county hospital mortuary as investigations commenced.

“We learnt from neighbors that there was young girl who had committed suicide and initial reports show that she had been frustrated as wanted to live with one of the parents,” he said.

Meanwhile a senior government official is counting losses running to millions of shillings after a fierce fire broke out in his house in Kayole estate a few kilometers from Naivasha town.

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The fire wiped out everything with efforts by residents and fire fighters to put it off being futile though no one was injured.

A resident Robert Mwangi said before the fire broke out the area had experienced sporadic power black outs which had destroyed electronic equipments in various homes.

“We suspect that the fire started as a result of an electric fault but police have started their investigations following the incident,” he said.

A senior police officer who did not want to be named confirmed the incident saying they were investigating the cause of fire adding that initial reports pointed to an electricity fault.

-The Star/ Anthony Gitonga

Umenipikia kunde! Man kills self on new years over “terrible” meal

Suicide is a tragic and terrible thing. A taboo subject in most African countries. A heinous thing for any family to go through, especially if the reason for it was so silly! Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate for suicide under any circumstance. But sometimes you must wonder at how one can take their own life for a flimsy reason.

Logic meme
Logic meme. photo credit: imgflip

Samson committed suicide in the bible story and killed 3000 of the enemy alongside himself. He had a holy cause and he took them down alongside his conniving girlfriend Delilah. Again I don’t agree with taking your own life, but in this instance, you can see the rationale for his actions. But in the next story, no logic be gleaned. It is awful what this man did to himself and as a result what the bereaved will go through.

The man who took his own life was called Boniface Okwero from Nanyungu Emauko village. The man committed suicide in Butula, Busia County, after getting into a heated argument with his wife over a New Year’s meal. He is said to have been angered by his wife on New Year’s after she reportedly made him a lunch meal of ‘kunde’ – a traditional vegetable.

According to the area assistant chief Boniface Oyosa, the deceased began by setting their matrimonial home ablaze before hanging himself on a tree. Mr. Oyosa said:

“The deceased expected his wife to make him a meal consisting of either beef or chicken for New Year. However, he came home only to find she had made him kunde.This angered the deceased and he went ahead and burnt the house before hanging himself.”

He also noted that the man had not left any money to buy meat.

Sad! Take your life over what you consider a bad meal! Sad!

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Girl commits suicide after getting C- at KCSE exams

KCSE results were released yesterday and the country saw the same diminishing returns in terms of grades above the magical cut-off mark. Many students will thus be unable to get into public universities that have the advantage of cheaper fees and most times boarding facilities.

So for the failures left out in the cold, they will either have to fork out expensive fees for parallel courses or join costly private universities. And you know how well Kenyans are doing, with such a great economy!


So it is with this background, that we tell this sad tale of this:

The story starts in 2016 when Carren Ouma wrote her Form Four exams and scored a C minus at Osingo Secondary in Migori County. Carren was not happy with the score and decided to take one more stab at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) tests.

Carren believed she had the potential of making it to university and decided to reseat the paper. That meant spending another year in school. She went to the extent of changing schools— from Osingo Secondary to a Kuria-based institution.

Like the rest of the candidates who wanted to know their fate, Carren was restless. She spent hours chasing her results online and offline. She sent SMSes and even logged on to Kenya National Examinations Council website just to know how she had performed.

When she found out the results, instead of a grade that would make the toil and struggle worth it, her grades displeased her. Why? She had maintained her C minus grade. For this reason, she committed suicide, according to her parents and the local chief.

Cry meme

Carren, Osingo Location Chief Mwai Odila told the Nation, jumped into a well located in their homestead on Wednesday night. Mr. Odila said the girl had repeated Form Four with an aim of getting a better grade. Mr. Odila said:

“She first sat her exams at Osingo Secondary before moving to a school in Kuria and still ended up getting the same grade.”

Police later took the body to Migori County Referral Hospital mortuary.

Hundreds of thousands of this year’s Form Four leavers have been locked out of universities and other tertiary institutions. The results released on Wednesday indicate that only 70,073 out of the 611,952 candidates-just 11.5 percent-managed the minimum university entry qualification of mean grade C+.

My opinion. This is so tragic that teenagers believe that their lives are over at 18 if they have not got a grade that society considers a success.

Depression? Police Officer Commits Suicide While On Night Patrol Duty In Kilifi

An Administration Police officer attached to Takaungu AP post in Kilifi County committed suicide on Saturday morning.

The officer shot himself with his G3 rifle while on night patrol duty with a colleague. Kilifi AP boss Elisha Ng’etich said this after the sad incident.

After a brief chat, the victim remained in his bed as the other officer went out to take some water. Some minutes later, there was a gun shot and when the colleague went to check he found the officer lying in a pool of blood.

“He had a gunshot would at the left side of his chest,” he said, adding that investigations are underway.

Oh No! A Kenyan Man Commits Suicide After Quarrelling With Wife Over a Mobile Phone

Ng’etich declined to give the name of the deceased, saying the next of kin are yet to be informed of the incident.

“The deceased was together with a colleague at the camp and was jovial all day. He did not show any worrying signs,” he added.

He said they do not know why the officer killed himself but said they suspect it may be in relation to a family dispute.

Love Gone Sour? University Student Commits Suicide In Mombasa After Spending The Night With Her Boyfriend

“This is because the officer did not have any problems at work and even minutes before the incident, he had chatted freely with other officers at the camp,” said Ngetich.

The body has been taken to Kilifi county hospital mortuary.





-Elias Yaa/The Star

Suicide Cases On The Rise In Nairobi As Another Man Hangs Himself After a Quarrel With The Wife

Four people died in different circumstances in Nairobi last night.

A man committed suicide inside his house in Mukuru slums after a quarrel with his wife.

Police and neighbours say the victim had quarreled with the wife on that night before the woman left. When she returned there minutes later she found the body of the man hanging on a rope.

Oh No! A Kenyan Man Commits Suicide After Quarrelling With Wife Over a Mobile Phone

In Eastleigh area, a man fell from the sixth floor of a residential building and died. The victim was spotted climbing the wall of the structure before he fell off and it is not clear if he committed suicide or he slid.

Elsewhere along Mbagathi Road, a body of a man was found in a trench after he had been strangled by unknown people.

In Kasarani, a body of a mechanic was found in his house long after he had died in unclear circumstances.

Love Triangle? Nakuru Woman Severely Burnt By Husband For Cheating Allegations After a Nasty Quarrel











-Cyrus Okwema