Love Endureth All: Skinny Young Kenyan Man Shows Off His ‘Momo’ LOVER, Looking Very Happy (PHOTOS)

Dear men, what’s your ideal woman when it comes to body size and weight?

There has been a lot of debate on whether curvy women look better than petite or average size ones and vice versa, but what I’ve gathered, it all depends on the man.

Some men prefer women with curves or who’re plus size, while others are more into ladies with petite bodies or with medium curves, so it’s all about preference.

But let’s be honest, most men are not very happy when their wives add too much weight after giving birth or when they get married.

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On several occasions I’ve asked men this question about women who stop taking care of their bodies or working out when they get married, which makes them less attractive to their husbands and trust me, that’s not a good thing for a marriage or relationship.

File/ Couple Exchanging Vows

But when a man dates or gets married to a big or plus size woman, you would expect him to be equally big or almost the same size, but to this skinny Kenyan man, it’s all about love.

The young guy got everyone excited on the internet when he shared photos of his lover, a woman who’s almost three times bigger than him, but that did not deter him from pursuing her.

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The couple looks mismatched because the man looks more like her son than a boyfriend, he can’t even put his hands around her waist due to her love handles. He even jokes about her curves, comparing her to a Range Rover.

The plump woman ‘momo’ looks very happy and comfortable with her young lover, and at some point, he shares a photo while he’s carrying the chubby woman on his back. Wow!

Is this really true love or is this a sugar mummy and Ben 10 relationship? Look at the photos below and be the judge.