VERY USEFUL! Check Out This Life-Changing Tips That Will Help You STOP SUGAR Cravings For Good

When it hits 3 pm, office workers around the country are often overcome with an overwhelming desire for sugary sweats.

But what if we could stop these cravings before they hit?

Leading Australian nutritionist, Jessica Sepel, has shared her top ‘life-changing’ tips to help beat those pesky sugar cravings and stop them from coming back.

The two-time best-selling health author revealed her tips in a video on her lifestyle blog.


-A high protein diet is one of the first and most important steps to beating the cravings.

Ms Sepel recommends including one protein and one good fat in every meal – including chicken, fish, beans, meats, avocado and eggs.

‘Ensure every single meal contains a protein and a good fat, as they are the two most satiating macro-nutrients,’ Ms Sepel said.

‘They keep your blood sugar levels nice and stable, and help keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.’


-The next tip is to try and keep your daily caffeine intake to just one coffee per day – and to drink it before 10 am.

‘Be cautious with caffeine, as it does have a direct impact on your blood sugar levels,’ Ms Sepel said.
‘Drink it preferably with something in your stomach as well.’

According to Ms Sepel, those of us who indulge in two to three, or more, coffees per day are more likely to crave a sugar hit later in the afternoon.

The nutritionist suggested using a small amount of cow’s milk or nut milk, if possible, and then sticking to teas – green, chai and dandelion – for the rest of the day.


-Tip number three from the health guru is to add apple cider vinegar to your water bottle and sip it throughout the day.

‘You’ll see that your sugar cravings really go away, it’s magical,’ Ms Sepel said. Add apple cider vinegar to a 1.5 litre bottle of water to those curb sugar cravings.

-Noting that her favorite mineral is magnesium, Ms. Sepel suggested taking a magnesium glycinate supplement to your diet.

‘You’ll find that after taking magnesium glycinate for a few months…your sugar cravings really start to reduce,’ Ms Sepel said.

Lastly, artificial sweeteners have a direct impact on our blood sugar levels so it’s best to be careful when adding them to our diets.

‘You think you’re doing yourself a favour by having a low-calorie sweetener but actually, they can really affect your blood sugar levels and actually trigger further sugar cravings,’ Ms Sepel said.


Daily Mail