Students Sue School After Being Expelled Because Of Lesbianism

Five High School Students from St Georges Secondary School have gone to court seeking to have the school compelled to readmit them after they were expelled for being suspected to be engaging in Lesbianism.

The 17 year girls claim that they were suspended and later expelled without a valid reason, which they say is contrary to the constitution and the basic education act.

They were caught sleeping by the deputy headmistress who gave them foolscaps and demanded they write about their sleepover.

During a disciplinary committee session, the parents were asked whether their daughters were lesbians and whether they were attracted to women.
In an affidavit, one parent says she was informed that her daughter was expelled because she associated herself with another female student student who is a criminal.

The five want the court to stop the school from discriminating and victimizing them following their readmission to the school.

They also want an order directing the school to pay tuition fees incurred during their suspension and any other costs incurred while admitting the children in other schools.

Facebook to be sued over privacy policies

Facebook is being sued in Austria over alleged privacy violations and claimed participation in the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) PRISM programme.

An Austrian law graduate called Max Schrems is leading the class action lawsuit on behalf of around 25,000 Facebook users based in Europe and beyond.

Germany, regarded as one of Europe’s more privacy-conscious countries, has the highest number of people backing the case with more than 5,000 users and more than 1,000 people from the UK and Ireland.

The hearing is set to begin in Vienna, where Mr Schrems will say Facebook took a “Wild West” approach to data protection.

They want Facebook to stop mass surveillance, to (have) a proper privacy policy that people can understand, but also to stop collecting data of people that are not even Facebook users.

“There is a wide number of issues in the lawsuit and we hope to kind of win all of them and to get a landmark case against US data-gathering companies.”

The case has been brought against the social network’s European headquarters in Dublin.

All accounts outside the US and Canada are registered there – around 80% of the site’s 1.3 billion users.

Mr Schrems is seeking compensation of around £360 per user.

In June 2013 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg denied that Facebook had taken part in the NSA’s spying programme to share user information with the US government.

Apple sued over storage space

According to Skynews, a lawsuit has been filed against Apple, accusing the technology giant of promising more available storage space than it actually delivers in its iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices.

The plaintiffs argue that while Apple advertises 16 gigabytes of digital storage on lower price models of gadgets such as iPhones, about a fifth of that is eaten up by the latest operating software.

The percentage of space touted as available for digital content such as photos, video, or music shrinks further on Apple gadgets built with eight gigabytes of storage, it is claimed.

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 8, which was launched in September takes up as much as 23.1% of storage capacity on some devices.

The lawsuit is being brought on behalf of two men from Florida, Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara, in a District Court in Northern California.

They also complain that once Apple gadget owners reach limits to data storage, they are prompted to pay monthly fees for digital locker space online at the Californian based-firm’s iCloud service.

The lawsuit says: “Using these sharp business tactics, (Apple) gives less storage capacity than advertised, only to offer to sell that capacity in a desperate moment, eg when a consumer is trying to record or take photos at a child or grandchild’s recital, basketball game or wedding.

“Each gigabyte of storage Apple shortchanges its customers amounts to approximately 400-500 high resolution photographs.”

Lawyers behind the suit are seeking class action status along with punishments that include Apple turning over all profits from sales of gadgets at issue in the case.

Apple has so far declined to comment to the media on the matter.