Obama’s Cousin Sues The Scotland Yard For Sh 64 Million For Farting

Marie Auma, US president’s Barack Obama’s cousin is suing police in London over claims colleagues subjected her to a campaign of harassment and passed wind next to her desk.

Auma told a court that officers and staff at Southwark Police Station conspired to bully her – with two officers regularly breaking wind near her in a “primitive” and “loud” manner.

The 57-year-old, who was at American President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, claims she was constantly belittled and humiliated between 2007 and 2009.

The harassment began in 2007 when she was refused leave to visit the graves of her two brothers’ after they died in a car crash in Kenya and ended in her being medically retired with mental health difficulties, the court heard.

Ms Auma, of Green Lanes, Palmers Green, north London, is fighting for £400,000 compensation in a trial at Central London County Court. The Met denies liability.

Judge Simon Freeland QC heard Ms Auma, whose job involved liaising with crime victims on the Telephone Investigations Bureau, had been the victim of “21st Century bullying.”

Ms Auma is related to Mr Obama through her aunt, Kezia Obama, who is the president’s Bracknell, Berkshire-based step-mother.

Mr Daniels said Ms Auma had booked her trip to Kenya without first getting permission. He said senior staff had refused her leave before she even bought the flight ticket.  The High Court hearing continues.

Terrence Howard sues ex wife for extortion

One of Empire’s main character’s Luscious aka Terrence Howard has been on an ongoing legal battle with  his ex-wife with whom he was married to for a year.

Terrence Howard says he has hard proof his ex-wife extorted him … threatening to expose details about his genitals to the world unless he paid her handsomely.

TMZ reports that his ex wife Michelle got 5 years  worth of support for a marriage that only lasted a year that is way more than the norm.

Terrence says he agreed to pay her for 5 years because she extorted him, and he says some of it is on tape.

He added on to sat that while they were bickering about the amount of support he’d pay her she threatened to release nude photos and video of him unless she got what she wanted.

In the legal documents filed by his attorney Brian Kramer, Terrence says he secretly recorded her saying, “I can make a good $2 million right now … you want to see your little **** out there in front of TV?”

Terrence says he has her on tape saying she will tell every woman in the world he gave her an STD.

He says she’s also caught on tape saying, “Trust me, you’re f****** with the wrong person. You f***** with me way too much. I will f****** bury you deep in the ground.”

Terrence wants the judge to throw out the settlement agreement so he doesn’t have to pay the balance. The settlement runs for another year, but she’d be entitled to a big chunk of his “Empire” salary, which is expected to swell for season 2.


Two boys sue government and Malaysian airlines for loss of their father

Two children sued Malaysia Airlines and three government agencies Friday over the loss of their father aboard missing Flight 370.

Jee Kinson, 13, and Jee Kinnland, 11, named the airline, officials at Malaysia’s civil aviation and immigration agencies, and the country’s air force chief as responsible for the loss of the jet, which disappeared on March 8.

Their father, Jin Jing Hang, 41, was on board the flight bound for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It lost contact with air traffic control over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Missing for 237 days now, Flight 370 carried 239 people, including 12 crew members. Malaysia, Australia and China are conducting a deep-sea search for the aircraft in the southern Indian Ocean, where authorities say they believe it ended up.

In the suit, the claimants say the airline breached the agreement with their father for a safe passage when it failed to land in Beijing.

The claimants say that air traffic control failed to take sufficient measures to establish contact or to launch a search for MH370 within a reasonable time after it had lost contact with the Boeing 777.

The boys, who filed the suit through their mother, Ng Pearl Ming, said the immigration agency had failed to vet passengers properly, resulting in some people with fake identification boarding the flight.

Source: CNN