‘Imma Stay Thick’ Kate The Actress assures fans after concern over weight loss

Celina has been a familiar face for many especially after her long stint on the hit Tv series Mother-In-Law. She has a rigorous life which she carefully documents about on her social media pages.

Many of her snaps feature her lithe and curvaceous figure. Many of her followers are not there merely to get inspirational quotes from the actress but to get inspiration from her body.

And that fact was made apparent when these “attentive” followers castigated her for trying to lose her curves in the gym. Celina, whose real name is Catherine Kamau, took to social media to quell any fears that she might be willing to lose her sultry figure.

The actress, who stars in the comedy Sue and Johnie, has been winning hearts of fans and other bodily parts of many a fan. For this reason, fans were thrown into panic when she recently shared a post that strongly suggested she could be on her way to cutting down on weight.

Kate actress

Her followers were almost instantly on her case, begging her not to go on with her fitness plans. What they did not understand at the time, perhaps, was that the actress merely meant that she was intending on working out not to lose weight, but simply to stay fit. And she later on clarified to her fans that she was not losing her curves anytime soon. Kate actress

“Guys, the comments on my page, I swear I’m still thick!” Kate hilariously hit back.

Check out more of her inspirational photos below:

Kate actress  Kate actress


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