Student cuts off schoolmates arm in confrontation over suspension claims


A manhunt is on for a student who chopped off the arm of his schoolmate on Saturday.

Police in Kabondo Kasipul constituency are still looking for the missing student.

The 16-year-old form three student at Nyamwanga Mixed Secondary school went into hiding after he cut off the left arm of his colleague a form two student.

The suspect had accused his colleague of being behind his suspension from the school.

Eyewitnesses said the suspect attacked the victim when he was on his way home from school.

The two students are said to have differed during a sports day which occurred in the area.

“He confronted the victim at 5:30 pm with an argument that he reported to teachers about the differences between them which led to his suspension,” an eyewitness said.

The victim is said to have told the school administration what they quarreled about before a decision was made to suspend the suspect.

On Tuesday, Matata Nursing Hospital administrator Peter Nyabola said the victim underwent treatment and is still recuperating in the hospital.

He said they are optimistic the health condition of the boy would improve.

The administrator said the suspect also slashed the left cheek of the victim.

 “We have stitched and stopped bleeding from the arm and cheek with injuries,” Nyabola said.  

He said chopped off section of the arm is preserved at the hospital.

Speaking over the mater, area Police Commander Charles Barasa said the suspect used a machete to execute his act.

“The arm was cut off when the victim tried to shield the attack. We believe the intention of the suspect was to kill the victim,” Barasa said.

The police boss said the arm fell separately on the ground. They collected and covered it and took it to the hospital.

Barasa added that his officers they will inquire from the school administration the information they had about the differences between the two students.

“Though the suspect is a minor, he must tell police why he decided to cut the arm of his school mate,” Barasa said.

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