Here is a list of Kenyan celebrity hunks we wish were still single (photos)

Women are constantly under pressure on when they are getting married and their excuse is that all good men are taken, but how true is that statement?

The modern woman is more independent and more learned but that does not eliminate the factor that we all look forward to meeting our prince charming.


A man with good looks, fashionable, responsible, daring and most of all financially stable.

Check out a list of a few Kenyan celebrities whom fisilets wish were not married

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Jammal Gaddafi

He is not only an eye candy but fashionable as well. To top it all he is outgoing but sadly he is taken. But if he was not he wouldn’t last a day because team mafislets would be here to welcome him with open arms.


Steve Mbogo

The father of two is every woman’s dream of what a knight in shinning amour should look like.

He is also fashionable and very well traveled. Who wouldn’t mind having such a husband, sadly he is taken and we can only kula kwa macho.


‘I am very fond of him, only time will tell what happens next’ Joey Muthengi on her dating Mariga

Allan Namu

The journalist has the looks, he is classy and as you might know by now his physique is something we can’t even start to describe.This is where we say if only wishes were horses then we would ride.


Rashid Abdalla

He is happily married to Lulu Hassan for years now. He is eloquent, classy, an eye candy and a responsible dad. He is among Kenyan celebrity couple who have remained relevant in the industry.

Believe it or not there are women who silently pray for a miracle and hope he will notice them but sadly he is off the market.  For the single ladies out there keep reciting the Novena maybe God will answer you this time round.



Check out Mike Mondo’s beautiful daughter as she turned two (photos)

Dennis Okari

Word has it that he recently tied the knot in a secret wedding in Ukambani, leaving many heartbroken. Some of us are still grappling with that fact and only wish he was still single.

But all the same we wish him all the best in his marriage.


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‘Trolls over my rescue session at riverside are sadists’ says Steve Mbogo

Steve Mbogo has finally responded after being trolled a few days ago after appearing at the scene of Riverside drive attack, fully armed.

According to him, he did what was best even if he put his life in danger in the process. He also went ahead to refer to the trolls as sadists who have nothing to celebrate about other people.

“In my capacity as a patriotic Kenyan I couldn’t wait to be summoned to stand up for a brother, sister, mother, friend and a neighbor but showed at riverside 14 amid a broken heart full of prayers and hope that no innocent soul could be lost. Families were emotionally drained, physically shaken with the sad news of yet another attack. I went there with hopes to help, that little innocent child, the woman so afraid of what lays ahead,an incapacitated elderly on a wheelchair stretching an arm out with fright written all over his face for help.”

‘Our Johny Bravo figure is our identity’ woman from Central brags (Audio)

Steve Mbogo

He further adds that

“I don’t regret being there for my country and her people, I don’t regret taking a bold move while knowing I was putting my life on the line. I will do it again for Kenya and our people anytime am healthy and alive. Those who spewed negative barbs at my rescue session at riverside 14 can only be likened to sadists on full blown manic depression waiting to celebrate when one of us dies. We are one and we must stand up for one another. In simple terms we should be our brothers keepers and ready to defend our country against any insurgencies at any given time.”

Beauty and the beast: Here is wife to Dusit attacker Ali Gichunge

Steve Mbogo
Steve Mbogo

Last but not least I would also wish to categorically state that I am a civilian licensed firearm holder and the image being purveyed and shared on social media that I was using an assault firearm is unfounded, conjured up, misleading and defamatory in every aspect, because the firearm I had in the pictures taken by unknown characters and circulated on social media is a normal short gun Model- DERYA-ANAKON 12 GAUGE shotgun with a PUMP action MAGAZINE-FED which is within use for a licensed firearm holder like I am.”

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Steve Mbogo summoned by the police after being spotted fully armed at the Riverside drive attack scene

Steve Mbogo has been summoned by the police only days after being strongly criticized by Kenyans after being spotted at Riverside attack scene.

He was wearing what looked like military grade boots and he was armed to the nines, with an automatic shotgun and even wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Speaking to Edaily about his dress Mbogo says that he has knowledge of handling firearms.

“I am a licensed firearms holder. I was running my errands near the dusitD2 Hotel here in Nairobi, when I learnt that the facility was under a terror attack. Because I was in a position to help, given I have good knowledge on how to handle firearms and protect myself against such situations, I went in to help in the rescue operations. If you are asking in what capacity I was there, I would tell you: I was there as a civilian, who is mandated by law to handle firearms.”

RIP: Victims of riverside attack identified (photos)

Steve Mbogo at the Riverside drive attack scene
Steve Mbogo at the Riverside drive attack scene

Kenyans criticise Steve Mbogo for showing up with a gun at riverside attack scene

Today, rumours appeared that the politician had been arrested by the police. The politician spoke to Edaily and told them that he was at the Nairobi Area police post. He explained:

“They asked me to come and verify the ownership of my guns. We’re currently going through that process at the station. Hopefully, we’ll be done with it soonest possible.”

dusit entrance

Nairobi area police boss Richard Kerich, however, said he was “unaware” of Steve Mbogo’s ‘arrest’. Mbogo’s guns are not the only thing that has had Kenyans talking about.

Some videos released on social media yesterday showed the politician at the Dusit complex with a number of lifeless bodies strewn on the tables.


In the video, Steve and another unidentified man are seen describing the gory aftermath that the Al Shabaab terrorists had left in their wake.

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Kenyans criticise Steve Mbogo for showing up with a gun at riverside attack scene

Steve Mbogo has set tongues wagging after being spotted at the scene of River Side drive attack holding a gun and wearing a bullet proof vest.

Many have been left wondering if he is a police officer and if not what division he works for.

However some were quick to criticize him arguing that he is doing it for instagram likes.

Below are the photos of him and responses from the fans.

Rescued: Last prayer of man in 14 Riverside terror attack

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-15 at 7.42.20 PM
Steve Mbogo at the scene of the riverside attack

Steve Mbogo has sent tongues wagging after being spotted at the scene of the River Side drive attack in Westlands holding a gun and wearing a bullet proof vest.

Lucky to be alive: Two sisters rescued from Riverside attack

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-15 at 7.38.24 PM


Riverside attack.

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Gods finest: African celebs whose wives and girlfriends are drop dead gorgeous (photos)

We take a look at some of Africa’s celebs whose wives and girlfriends are a sight to behold.

Most of them are mothers which goes to show that you can all be yummy mummies.

1. Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone and his wife Daniella Atima are considered among the top celebrity couples in Uganda, having been married for more than 10  years.

Celebrating their anniversary this year, the two penned lovey dovey messages to each other leaving us envious.

‘Didn’t know that was the last time of hearing your laughter,’ Emmy Kosgei mourns

Chameleone took to his instagram to express his love to his wife  with this caption

“I celebrate 10 Years in marriage today since 7th | June 2008 we flew helicopters in showcase!!!!!!!! @andreon_atim thanks for accepting me the way I am. I am human and nothing beyond that. God has blessed us abundantly that even my mistake with yours have been lessons for us to grow and celebrate. Many things have changed amidst the way but one thing for sure that never changes is my love for you.”

Jose Chameleone

2. Eric Omondi

Eric has got taste.

He is dating Chantal Grazioli, the two are not yet married but have been dating for years.

Eric is not shy to shower his bae with love and he does so even in public. Isn’t she a lucky woman ?

image-2018-12-17 (16) (1)

3. AY

The Tanzanian artiste married Munyana Remmy Reheema in an invites only wedding.

The ceremony was held at the shores of Indian Ocean in Dar es Salaam on February 24, 2018.

He later welcomed his first child in August.image-2018-12-17 (18) (1)

4. Bebe Cool

The list cannot end without us including Bebe Cool, who is married to Zuena Kirema for the last 16 years.

For some one who has given birth to six children, we think that Zuena is all sugar and spice.

image-2018-12-17 (19) (1)

‘I just collapsed onto the help…’ Rosemary Odinga on discovering she is partially blind

5. Dbanj

The Nigerian artiste is married to Lineo Didi Kilgrow, and they had a son who sadly passed away this year after drowning in the the pool at home.

Not much is known about the damsel as she keeps a very low profile.

dbanj celebrating sons birthday

6. Steve Mbogo

He is married to the beautiful Swabrina Jamal and together they have two daughters.

5. Davido

He is a father of two but separated from the mum. He is currently dating Chioma.

In an earlier post, her mum said that Davido had turned her daughter into a materialistic girl and she was afraid.


Commander-in-love: Photos that prove President Uhuru Kenyatta is a natural romantic

6. Rude Boy

The former P-Square member is married to Anita Okoye and together they have a set of twins.

Even with all that we still think she is gorgeous.


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‘Don’t take my silence for weakness’ Steve Mbogo to Cyprian Nyakundi

Steve Mbogo has come out to blast Cyprian Nyakundi who has been spreading rumors.

He stated that he has been a victim of cyber bullying for way too long and it is time all that stopped given that it is hurting him and his family.

Photos of man who lost his life saving 13 people in Lake Victoria accident


In a long post he says

“For the past two years I have been a victim of cyber bullying and slander… many bloggers and journalists have accused and attacked me falsely but I have always kept cool coy they always made me Wronger n my success has always proved .em wrong… Shockingly. they have now taken the war to my family .. just recently a blogger by the name Cyprian Nyakundi published an article accusing my wife of cheating on me.

And stating that I took a girl to Europe to ease my frustrations., a lady I don’t even know this statements are completely false and have caused a lot of pain to me and my family. Publishing such false articles tells us the level of disrespect and jealousy that Is within many.”

‘People were screaming, wailing and others repenting’ Ugandan artiste Iryn Namubiru narrates how she survived Lake Victoria boat accident

He adds

“l want to remind them not to take my silence for  weakness!, We all have seen such characters abusing  Prominent Leaders and People in the past

They brag about it  I am Steve Mbogo  I assure You this is the last articles you will publish about me and my Just be reminded that Your Stupidity will never bring us down.

#Enough is Enough..#watajuahawai”

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Lanes!! Check Out The Beautiful House Steve Mbogo Calls Home

Steve Mbogo has taste for only the finest things in life as a sneak peak at his house shows the great lengths he has gone to remain classy away from the public.

He is contesting for the Member of Parliament Starehe under NASA.The upcoming politician, who has looks to die for, is married to Sabrinah Jamal and together they have two daughters, Fatma and Meysam.


Mbogo is a man of means and owns properties as outlined in his bio. His investments are said to be so diverse and a recent story on the interwebs said he has billions in an account (This he has disputed). Away from his political and business life, the handsome politician lives a life that’s the envy of many.

Check out the place he comes back to, to relax after a long day.



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Steve Mbogo And His Super Hot Stunning Wife Are Expecting A Second Child (Photos)

Steve Mbogo is known to be a man who doesn’t shy away from flaunting his wealth. From throwing lavish parties, to traveling to luxurious holiday destinations, he even does not pass an opportunity to star in a hip hop music video.

His lifestyle is clearly one that many of us can only drool over. You can easily put him in the same category as American rapper Rick Ross or any other for that matter. He fits right in perfectly.


Anyhow, if he is not getting trolled for his abrupt pressers at the airport, he is a trending topic on Twitter but at the end of the day he will still be Steve.

Working tirelessly to make ends meet, Steve is by far one of the most stylish men we have in our country. You can be salty all you want but it is what it is.

His flamboyant lifestyle has spread across to his family. Oh yeah, he has a family; one extremely beautiful lady who is the sister to TV personality Jamal Gaddafi and a little girl who resembles her mother in every aspect.


Steve’s wife is also a flight attendant with Qatar Airways and my oh my doesn’t she give her colleagues a run for their money. Her beauty is so striking and I bet team mafisi would only but lust over her beauty from miles away.

Well, Steve and his gorgeous wife are not about to pour all their love and affection to their little girl only. They are expecting another bundle of joy.

His wife has always been generous with her social media fans; showering her accounts with her beautiful photos. But for a while, she didn’t post full length photos until recently where she posted two photos with a fully grown baby bump.


This is not your regular baby bump. She makes pregnancy look so beautiful and I think ladies should definitely ask her the secret behind it all.

Anyway, let me not bore you with so much talk.

Check out the photos of her growing baby bump below;