This is the fancy school menu at St Andrew’s Turi

St Andrew’s Turi, located in Molo, Nakuru county is one of the most expensive schools in Kenya. It is one of the schools where parents cough up millions of cash every year for school fees, children here live like kings and queens and oh my, their menu is no different from that of a high end 5-star hotel.

St Andrew's Turi
St Andrew’s school Turi
School fees at St Andrew’s Turi, ranges from KSh 304,000 to KSh 730,000 a term and that’s why these children from well-off backgrounds, eat good meals compared to a normal school in the country where you bloat after consuming white porridge (break fast),  githeri (lunch) ugali and sukumawiki (supper) from first term to third term.
Well, the Christmas Term 2016 week 1 menu for St Andrew’s Turi  has leaked online and Kenyans cannot believe their eyes. You can imagine what has been added on the menu now that it’s 2017..
While you’re busy flossing showing off how you live like a princess or prince in that bedsitter, have a look at St Andrew’s Turi menu

Monday: For breakfast, they wake up to fried eggs, grilled tomato, cereals, fresh juice, baked beans and toast. Let’s be honest, most of us pretty much have this but this is when you have been working a few years. Lunch brings with it the joy of roast chicken with lemon n’ ginger maxim potato, veggie moussaka and chocolate mousse. I know, Mondays are oh so boring. For dinner, Beef lasagna n’ gingerbread, matoke, grilled veggie and of course fruits.

Tuesday: Waffles n’ syrup, cereals, baked beans, berry yoghurt, fresh fruits and toast. Lunch is fish and chips, paneer kebabs, pineapple crumble with vanilla custard sauce. For supper, the kids have Chinese style pork fillet served with pasta, leek n’ potato pie and fruit salad.

Wednesday: Bacon, grilled tomato, cereals, fresh fruits, baked beans and toast. For lunch; braised beef served with rice eggplant n’ cheese frittata and fruit kebabs. Supper is turkey tagine served with pita bread, black bean casserole and fruits.

Thursday: Chipolatas, grilled tomato, cereals, fresh fruits, baked beans and toast. Lunch; chicken drumsticks served with lyonnaise potato, creamy spinach bake and ice cream. Supper: Beef bourguignon served with chapatti, mushroom stroganoff and fruits.

Friday: Pancakes n’ syrup, cereals, fresh fruits, baked beans and toast. Lunch: Jacket potatoes with various fillings pavlova. Supper: Grilled chicken with fried rice, root vegetable, casserole and fruits.

Saturday: French toast, Cereals, Baked beans, Fresh juice and Toast. Lunch: Meat balls n’ spaghetti with cheese, Bean ragout and Jelly. Dinner: Baked fish with turmeric, fried rice, Dhal masala and fruits.

Sunday: Cereals, fresh juice, toast, baked beans and tea /coffee. Brunch/Brunch. Supper: Burgers n’ chips, veggie pizza’s with coleslaw salad and fruits.


Here are reactions from social media

Khamadi: So I saw the Vienna menu that was doing rounds on social media some time back and I was impressed. Now St. Andrew’s Turi also have theirs out and fada God, 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ To think I did cassava with a ka piece of meat and water in school 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄

Larry Madowo: Dude! Clearly, I went to a concentration camp

Mutua: Have Never eaten some foods in that menu what?

Julia: 🙆jeeeesu.. ..I did githeri with some funny white Creatures floating kwa supu…

Mulindwa: Believe you me that’s a Burj Khalifa kinda meal. Most of you won’t taste any meal @any average private shule in UG.

Benard: If that’s a menu for a school, then I beg, how do we call those places I went to? Definitely not schools.

George: For the kind of fees they charge, this menu is compliant.

St Andrew's Turi
St Andrew’s school Turi

Joel: This world ain’t fair

Here is a photo of the menu

This is what a dormitory in an expensive school in Kenya looks like (Photo)

While many Kenyan students are sleeping on metal double decker beds while studying 8-4-4, braving the cold not knowing if the bed will collapse, children St Andrew’s Turi are living in the lap of luxury.

Their boarding facilities looklike a five star hotel filled with the most sought after toys and beddings , and will be the envy of their peers in public schools.

This kind of happy, comfortable environment will most definitely land you in slumber-land within seconds. Poleni masufferer.