Here’s What The Ideal Woman Looks Like, According To Men

Hey, ladies, want to hear what men think about the way you look? No?

Too bad, they’re gonna tell you anyhow, so you might as well hear it from me instead.

A dating website called asked adult American men how much money they would pay to date women with specific physical qualities, like hair color, eye color and body type.

Cool, paying money to go on “dates” with women. Definitely doesn’t sound like prostitution. Stay classy, dudes!

The inadvertent survey of around 175,000 men revealed most guys value a woman with brown hair, brown eyes and a hot bod. This was measured by how much more users were willing to pay to go on first dates with ladies with these attributes than the average WhatsYourPrice offer of $120.

The highest-valued physical characteristics showed “the perfect woman” has dark brown hair ($137.47), brown eyes ($133.09) and an athletic body type ($133.90).

The non-physical qualities the men valued most were non­smoker ($129.61), social drinker ($128.20), possession of a graduate degree ($138.27) and childless ($129.94).

So, great news for hot brunettes. Men are willing to pay like $140 ( Sh14,280) to go on dates with you!

Isn’t that nice? Doesn’t that make you feel valued as human beings?

Boy, being a woman sure is fun.


Does Your Spouse Have A Curfew?

There is a lady who called in yesterday and said that her spouse has a curfew.  She said that she chased him away the other day because he came home late, drunk ans smelling of alcohol, and  doesn’t even know where he is at the moment

She said that they had an agreement that he should be home at 7PM, which is the agreed curfew because their children need to see him.

Maina’s question to the listeners was “Does your spouse have a curfew?” This is what they had to say.

The One Surprising Thing You Might Be Forgetting to Give Your Spouse Every Day

Life is busy! There are a million things to do and not nearly enough hours in the day to actually accomplish any of them.

With church, jobs, children, school, extracurriculars, family and a spouse, it’s no wonder someone has to remind us to get rest. There are some things that get neglected when we give our time and energy to everything else around us.

One in particular, always easily overlooked, is our spouse. It’s not that we take them for granted, but it is easy to put them last on our list. We feel as though they understand. They already know how stressful our life is.

They hear us complaining about our jobs or the people in our circle who drive us crazy. They know what we’re experiencing, so if we happen to get to them last, or even not at all, they understand. Right?

Wrong. Yeah, of course they know what’s happening in your world. That still doesn’t mean you get a pass on your spousal responsibilities. Because, believe it or not, you aren’t the only one who’s stressed.

Sometimes our spouses have even more on their plates than we do. The truth is we’re all busy.

Life can overwhelm us, but when marriage is good, we can take on anything. This is why it’s so important to make sure that our marriage is taken care of and our spouse begins to feel like the priority they are.

With our crazy everyday there is one thing we might be forgetting to give our spouse. We could easily walk past them multiple times a day and fail to show them any type of affection. We’re so busy worried about the project we have to complete at work, or the time of the children’s dentist appointment we neglect to touch, kiss, speak a kind word, or simply show a genuine interest in our #1.

Affection is one of the smallest actions we can continuously do for our marriage that has one of the biggest impacts on our partner. It’s also easy to do and a great way to remind our spouse we’re thinking of them.

There are several ways we can show our affection.

1. Asking our spouse how their day was and actually listening.

2. A good morning, good bye, welcome home, see you later, or even an I’ll be right back kiss is another great way to show affection.

3. Shoulder, back and foot massages are also a perfect way to demonstrate affection toward your spouse.

4. Neck kiss, ear nibbles, booty rub or pat, and even a simple hug, while affectionate, also reminds your partner how much they turn you on.

5. Lying your head on your spouse’s shoulder or in their lap and even holding their face within your hands as you say “I love you” all contribute to a healthy dose of affection.


Daily Tips On How To Rekindle The Love With Your Partner

Our lives get busier as we work, go to school and parent then we end up drifting way from our partners. It may not be something we do knowingly, it just happens but we can stop that with small gestures that will help keep the flame alive:

1. Kiss It always makes one’s day, so whether you are leaving the house or coming back home, make a point of kissing your spouse daily, as you go to work and when you come back. It may look small but it creates an emotional bond.

2. Communicate – This doesn’t mean ‘report” to your spouse everything you do. It simply means you just make a point to check up on your partner by either calling, text, whatsapp or email to know how their day is going or even to wish them well.

3. Talk – Spare some time and talk to your spouse, get to know how they are , things they are doing, work, projects and other things. Talk in person no phone, no TV, no music, no children just the two of you. Make it a daily habit to spare a few minutes it will help you not only build a close bond but have better communication.

4. Touch – Hold hands when you walk, hug when you are about to leave or after coming home from work, cuddle when watching the TV. Body contact increases intimacy and the emotional bond between partners.

 5. Pray – Whatever you believe in, pray to that higher power and ask them to guide and bless your relationship and your spouse.

Here Is The 5-Step Forgiveness Guide After An Affair

When a partner cheats, trust is broken and the pain inflicted is huge. However many people will react differently to the situation. Some may decide to walk away, others may decide to forgive and move on.

It’s a decision that is hard but  achievable if you wish to take it upon yourself to see things through. Here is a simple 5 step guide to forgiveness;

1. Analyse the situation – Evaluate all aspects of the affair carefully and thoughtfully while managing angry emotions. Keeping a journal is important in this process, write your thoughts and emotions as they come in your thoughts. When evaluating, think of all involved who may be hurting and in what way, this will lessen the anger and increase empathy, essential in the forgiveness process.

2. Keep a clear perspective – When a spouse commits adultery, keep the perspective that their decision was not something they did to you, but something they did to themselves. Keeping a clear perspective will lessen anger and increase the forgiveness process. Do not ask yourself what you did wrong because it had nothing to do with you.

3. Inquire sincerely and keep an open mind – Find out what the offending spouse is missing in their life that contributed to the affair. The spouse may indicate behavior in you or lack of unfulfilled needs that contributed to their decision. Write these things in your journal and ponder on them so you can discuss them at a later time. Do not point fingers, rather discuss objectively and where possible give reasons for your behavior.

4. Don’t accept blame for the spouse’s decision to have an affair – If the offending spouse blames you for their affair without taking responsibility and accountability, communicate calmly to the offending spouse the importance of accountability and appropriate choices that could have been taken rather than the decision to have an affair. Separate your spouse’s decisions from yours. Recognize your spouse has the freedom to choose. Accept what influences may have contributed to the affair and write this in your journal. Writing these influences down and discussing them at a later time together, will help you know how to support one another more effectively and what circumstances the offending spouse may need, to avoid a future affair.

5. Ask your spouse what support they need during this time of recovery – Due to your spouse’s choice to be disloyal to the marriage their process of emotion will range from blame, self-loathing, anger, guilt, shame or remorse. It’s important to lovingly support them through this process. You will find your anger decreasing and understanding and love for the offending spouse will increase.


How To Deal With A Possessive Spouse

Your spouse is attractive, smart, kind and many more, which is part of the reason why you are attracted to them. That doesn’t mean that other people won’t notice that and they won’t try to get a piece of them.

The challenge comes when and how they handle flirtatious attention and how you deal with it. There are limits that help you walk the not-so-thin line between being a possessive whacko and an indifferent jerk.

Alpha? – If your husband/wife is getting more attention than he/she would like, they are completely capable of warding off the admirer themselves. The last thing they would like is for you to come in, stake your claim and make a scene. In a social gathering, if you feel like someone is making moves on your partner, see how comfortably he/she handle it. If things are under control, let them be. If you feel the need, smoothly join the conversation, and with subtle hints let it be known that you are together. This would seem harmless and also get the point across.

Rage patrol – If you are dealing with something that’s not a one-off situation and someone is being resistant to your hints, you might need a more firm approach. If your spouse says, they can handle it, back off and let them. If you disagree with your partner on someone’s intentions, share your concerns with them but let them take the call. This is also a crucial trust barrier in your relationship where you prove to them that you trust them to make the right call, and they expect you to let them control the situation their way. If they do ask you for help, avoid any uncomfortable confrontations. Let the person know that their behaviour is making your spouse uneasy and that they should respect your marriage. If they continue to pursue, it qualifies as harassment and you can seek help. But don’t get violent.

Jealous much – It is important for couples, to keep the social lives they had as singles, active. They should go out with their individual friends as well as a couple. However, if one partner is highly jealous or possessive, it may hamper the relationship. It is important to trust your partner. If you feel that certain situations such as parties and alcohol make you feel more jealous than usual, try keeping such triggers in check.


Working With Your Spouse

Larry Asego received a message from a man who says he runs a small start-up company with his wife. During the morning conversation with Mwalimu King’ang’i the big questions was, “how feasible is it to work with your spouse?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i was of the opinion that working with a spouse takes some special kind of talent and patience while Larry thinks that it is absolutely possible and can be a successful working/marriage relationship.

Putting into consideration the power structure, importance of physical distance and financial risks, working with a spouse may not all be pure bliss. One caller said that if you cannot stand each other at home, then there is no way he would work with his wife as it would be a nightmare.

It was not all doom as one success story said that he works with his wife and it is the perfect job. According to him they give each other moral support and have created an element of trust. Would you consider working with a spouse and if no, why so?

Listen to the interesting discussion below

The spouse check-list: Things to look for

After dating for  a while many couples often want to walk down the aisle, but for many they don’t really get to analyse their spouse to be to see if they will last hence some end in separation.

This is because in as much as someone is ready to settle it doesn’t really mean that they have what it takes to be a husband/wife and here is why.

Personality Adjustment – Does the person you want to marry adjust or adapt well with situations and people? A person who is lacking in good emotional or personality adjustment finds it difficult to live with themselves and others. Most serious marriage problems arise because one or both partners have some long-standing problematic personality characteristics. Once we marry, these problems are even more likely to be triggered because of the new levels of intimacy, responsibility and give and take required in marriage.

Teammate/Partner – Are you with someone who is supportive or someone who is competitive? In marriage it is important to have unity and oneness. You need to work as a team as it will makes things easier for the both of you. If you realize that you are in competition, especially with each other then you have no business getting married.

Good Listener /communicator – Incase you need to say something you need someone who will listen and understand you, not listen for the sake of it. You would also want someone to listen to you when you have had a long day or when you want to simply get something off your chest. If you are constantly being ignored or cut off then you might need to hold off the wedding.

 Caregiver – When you are sick you will need someone to look after you without complaining or whining. There are vows that say “for sickness and health, rich and poor” etc. Will the person you want to marry be there in such moments or they will take the first flight available? Situations like these force one to offer affection even when it can’t be returned in its usual way, so you think your partner can do that? If not….. Take a pause.

 Parent – Assuming you have both made plans to have a family in future, keeping in mind this goes beyond the pregnancy and having the baby. Will your partner help you or will they let you handle things alone? Parenting is not easy and you will need all the support you can.

Here is how to track you partner for free (Video)

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating or just  want to know where they hang out just check their phone.

If your partner has an android phone and uses gmail, it is possible to tell where they have been in the past 24 hours or even a month.

However to be able to access this information you will need their google password.

Once you log in go to, then .

This will show the  venues/stops that have been made within the past 24 hours to 30 days depending on what you want to know.

Remember that this information is only available  if you have a gmail account and if your location services are tuned on.

Location history will then be  automatically  tuned on.

You may also use maps to check the name of a venue you went to but might have forgotten the name.

8 New proven tricks that make your marriage stronger

A romantic getaway isn’t the only way to reignite the spark in your marriage.

There are options beyond running to a marriage counsellor if you’re disagreeing about key issues. Certain everyday habits can bring you and your spouse closer, though you might not think of these on your own.

Here are eight surprising tips to bolster your marriage that are too easy not to take.


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