Are Kenyan ladies willing to finance a man’s life? Maina Kageni finds out

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke about something that happens worldwide but is normally frowned upon by most in society.

What? The subject of women who sponsor the men they are sleeping with. Maina said, “It turns out, there are a number of women who are bankrolling young men. The men say ‘Women with money are targets and they can take good care of us!’ Ladies, you are willing to finance a man’s life?”

Most Kenyans who called in were candid and said that the phenomenon does happen but is normally kept well-hidden by the practitioners.

Some of those comments are below:

My campus classmate never lived in a hostel. He had this woman who lived in a big mansion with the kids. The kids were actually the same age as this guy and they got along just fine. Problem was, the woman was very possessive. She even chose clothes for him. He loved the life though

Ata nikiangukia metre I can’t. No not a grown ass man….

A Rich and a powerful woman would prefer a younger man who is less intimidating and somehow submissive to her. Rich women prefer to dominate but also to show off their young lovers to society.

Am looking for that sponyo and should be below 45yrs and she must be rich enough.

Mimi nikifiria tu nalala na mtu age of my ma’am. Hataguvu ya kuamka uisha na pesa pia nitarudisha .

Poverty leads us to them from darajani kibera slums listening

It’s the kind of life in this country ndo Inachangiaa


Tudem maskini ndio tume-camp hapa waki-polish tukucha wakisema can’t be me

Sijui huwa wanapatwa wapi, na mbona sijawai patana na mmoja

Woooooi!!.  I can’t…

Where are this women?! And how do you stay 15 years with a woman sponyos and you don’t have a say over your life decisions?!

Gudmrng Maina, de world we r in now is a messed up one. The love for money has made pple to forget about morals. Imeandikwa wapi kwa Bible dat de woman will provide for de man? I’d rather stay single dan 2 keep a man unless he’s my hubby & he’s sick or disabled.

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Sponsors: Why taxi drivers love clubs along Kiambu and Langata road

Dating applications, mushrooming clubs, taxi services among other factors have made sponsors very accessible to women.

The access has been investigated by Star reporter Njeri Mbugua who says

The practice, once used by young girls from poor backgrounds to earn a little extra money, has for many become an accepted lifestyle choice.


A 2018 study on the culture among university students in Nairobi found that one in every five girls had a sponsor. The study was conducted by Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics.

Further, over 70 per cent of the respondents said a sponsor should pay for trips, rent, hair and beauty, outings, restaurant meals, food and shopping, dates and gifts.

Young man dating an old woman

The Star also learns that digital taxi applications are widely used to facilitate transactional sex.

A driver speaking on condition of anonymity says when men or even women do not want their spouses to know their whereabouts, they opt to take digital taxis.

“To avoid being tracked by their partners or being recognised using their vehicles, a lot of these old men will use us to take them to hotels or lodgings with these girls,” he said. 

The driver also reveals that the increase in entertainment joints, especially out of town, also plays a supporting role in such relationships.

“During the weekends, we have very specific clubs along Kiambu Road or Langata Road where you will find most drivers parked because they know business will be good,” he said. 


“A lot of young girls will flock these clubs because they know there are rich men waiting.”

Another driver, also speaking on condition of anonymity, says they have found a side hustle.

“Sometimes when we get requests to pick up girls from hotels, we start talking to them about their sponsors. If they are not happy with the amount of money or benefits they receive, we offer to hook them up with richer men in exchange for a small fee,” he said. 

While it has become easier to get into the relationships, they are short term in nature, with controlling power belonging to the sponsor.

According to the study by Busara, sponsors know they can end the relationship any time they want.

Pregnancy, infections such as HIV or STIs, violation of secrecy and demands for exclusivity are some of the most common reasons a sponsor may leave.

Additional reporting by Kelvin Alex

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