Woman to marry anonymous sperm donor after tracking him down and falling in love

A British-born woman who had a child through IVF is engaged to the anonymous sperm donor she tracked down and later fell in love with.

Aminah Hart, 45, an Australian woman born in London, only met her fiance after she had given birth to their daughter Leila, it has been reported.

She originally selected Scott Andersen, an Australian cattle farmer who lives on an island off the south coast, from five possible sperm donors because she liked that he listed himself as “happy and healthy”.

Aminah discovered his identity through a series of internet searches based on his name as well as his profession as a cattle breeder and his role as a Aussie rules football coach.

They agreed to meet for the first time in Melbourne four days after Leila’s first birthday. Soon after, the pair fell in love and have now announced they are engaged.

Family loses lawsuit after man masturbates to death at sperm bank

23-year-old Chinese medical student Zheng Gang died of a heart-attack while masturbating in a Hubei sperm bank.

According to the International Business Times, it was the fourth time he had donated that week, and his family blamed the bank for his demise.

Zheng was found dead in one of the clinic’s stalls when staff noticed he had been in there for two hours. Although medics tried to revive the student, he was eventually declared dead due to a heart attack.

The family apparently blamed the sperm bank for the Gang’s death, and sought $648,545 compensation in a lawsuit claiming the sperm bank forced him to sign up as a sperm donor and pressured him to make frequent donations of his seed.

The court didn’t agree with this – and they only got 5% of their compensation claim to cover funeral cost. The family appealed and lost.

The courts figured this guy was 23-years-old, it was his own fault he signed up as a donor and besides he was encouraging his male friends to sign up too.

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