Mike Sonko Celebrates The Mother Of His Children In Style

Mother’s day is just around the corner.

And most netizens are busy celebrating their mothers -and with good reason.

Some of you are actually goblins masquerading as human beings and the only people who truly love you for you are your mothers!

But away from that, Mike Sonko decided to dote on the mother of his children and wife. And typical of the larger than life Nairobi Senator, he bought her a car. I mean, why do something small when you can do something grand and ostentatious.


And here I was planning to buy my mummy a card…

Anyway, he got her a car BUT wait, there’s more! He didn’t get her just any car, he went out and got the mother of his children a Range rover!

I mean gaddamn! It’s bad enough he made most of us look cheap but now he has to go and mess with the self-esteem of our bank accounts? You’ve gone too far Sonko! Too far!

Check out the cars below.