Inanisaidia kufocus! Bensoul calls for the government to legalize Marijuana in Kenya

Singer Bensoul is calling for the legalization of Marijuana (Bhang) in Kenya.

Speaking on Bonga na Jalas, the Sol Generation’s signee argued that legalization of the plant will help boost our economy.
Bensoul said that Marijuana helps him focus more on his craft and be able to deliver without fail.

 “…Mimi inanisaidia nafocus, nikiamua ni hii kitu na focus nayo, destruction zote nimepiga kando. I have never been dysfunctional and I work very well…it’s a conversation government yetu inafaa kutake up na walegalize. Angali mahali kama Canada walilipa deni yao within the second day.
It’s a big industry and that’s why some States in USA are already legalizing it,” said Bensoul.

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Others who have also called upon the legalisation of the herb include; Raila Junior, the Late Ken Okoth and Narok Senator Ledama Olekina. Olekina last year impressed some Kenyans on Twitter with a video of himself in a Marijuana plantation, calling for its legalization in Kenya.

In the video, the Senator mentioned that he was in a country called Lithuania where its legal to plant marijuana.

‘They told me to leave Sol Generation, Crystal explains why she stopped working with Sauti sol

Sol Generation first lady Crystal Asige has told her side of the story regarding her exit from the Sauti Sol-owned record label.

Speaking in a TV interview on Switch TV’s ‘Chat Spot’, the talented vocalist said the label’s management kicked her out in November of last year.

“Back in November they told me that they wanted me to leave, they don’t want me to be in the group anymore and so I left. That’s the beginning and the end of the story,” Crystal said.

In a previous interview with Classic 105, Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime that there was a dispute that led to Asige’s exit.

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Bien added that the break was amicable.

“We are not working with crystal anymore and this came with a lot of complications. The dispute was amicably solved and we are glad we worked together for the one year and at least people know Crystal now,” he said.

“I think she got a platform where she can grow.”



Asige is back on the music scene with her first solo project of 2022, an awe-inspiring gospel song dubbed ‘Safer’.

Inspired by Psalms 119:105, the song seeks to offer acceptance, patience, trust in the process, the audacity to dream big, playing the long game rather than instant gratification, authenticity, and a “we won’t stop” attitude.

Asige was the first female to be signed under Sol Generation. She featured in their hit Extravaganza alongside BenSoul, Kaskazini (a Kenyan urban-fusion trio formed by Chris, Ywaya and Israel) and Nviiri.

Bien then said they are looking for proper artistes and not replacements.