Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith dispels pregnancy rumours

New mother, socialite Risper Faith is all up in smiles after she delivered her bundle of Joy 8 months ago with her hubby and then co-star of Nairobi Diaries Brian, popularly known as Brayo on his Instagram.

Since the mother of one, gave birth to her prince charming, it is very evident through her Instagram pictures that she is happy and loves the fact of being a mother and a loving wife to Brayo who she got married to almost a year ago.

Recently the couple and baby were in Dubai for the holidays and her fans went ballistic when she uploaded two pictures of her in her five-star hotel toasting to what seems like the good life in her eyes.

She also went ahead to congratulate her husband for the opportunities she has been able to achieve through his help.

But that’s not what caught the eyes of her fans, what caught their eyes, was how big the socialite’s belly was.

Speculations were she was expecting her second child just months after delivering her newborn son. Her fans went to the extent of congratulating her and insinuating how Brian is working overtime.

hanny_daniels: Congrats brayo is overworking

joyweston: Wow baby number 2 loading… girl you are blessed… 🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️ congratulations

igboechiemma: Seems another one coming so quickly. Congrats if am right

Just to clear the speculations that her fans may be having, Risper took to her Instagram story to dispel the rumours that were going around.

She wrote, that while she was on holiday, she happened to eat some Indian food that ended up bloating her to a point not being able to pass gas. She also added that she went to the hospital to get the matter checked.

‘It was a painful experience’ Risper Faith on harrowing birth experience

She is currently on the search of waist trainers that give you that hourglass figure that most ladies are looking for.

Sorry guys, but your fave socialite isn’t expecting baby number two just yet.


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Socialite Risper Faith reveals exciting news about her ruracio

Risper Faith has been giving us life of late with her every move, from getting engaged to having a booming business to building her own house.

She recently revealed she has become an entrepreneur selling her brand of water and  liquor. We can’t help but applaud her for working hard and striving to be successful doing what she loves.

Risper Black

Well, last year Brian went down on one knee and proposed to her on live TV in front of her cast members and the public, and of course she said, YES.

She is now on her way to finally being Mrs Brian as she revealed during Nairobi D’s 6th season reunion, adding that the wedding is happening pretty soon and it will be an invite only affair.

Risper and brian

Risper has finally revealed she’s about to have her traditional wedding. She took to social media to share the news while getting her nails done at the salon.

If her post is anything to go by, the traditional wedding will be happening any day this week.

Check out the photo she posted:

Risper Faith Nails

She’s Balling: This Is The Ridiculous Amount Risper Faith Chopped For A Table (Photos)

When some of us are complaining about the high cost of living, some people are chopping money like mere paper.

Risper Faith has been posting photos and videos for a while now of the progress of her home that is currently under construction.


She also takes her fans with her on shopping sprees for her new home. It seems Nairobi Diaries is paying her pretty well, and her other businesses are bringing mulla home.

Well, while in the spirit of taking her fans on a shopping spree, she thanked her fiancé for getting her a table she really wanted. But what’s shocking is how much the table costs.


It’s price can pay your rent for a few months and also feed you. But what is money for them, nothing perhaps.

The said table costs a whooping Kshs. 120,000. Yes, that’s right and there are photos to confirm that I’m not making all this up.

Check out the photos below with the price tag;

risper2 risper1