Curvy Tanzanian model Poshy Queen gets sh2 million allowance a week


Have you received your girlfriend allowance for the month? No? Ok!

Popular Tanzanian socialite Poshy Queen aka Jacqueline Obed is still giving men sleepless nights despite being off the market.

In an interview with Wasafi Tv’s Diva The Bawse, Poshy admitted that men still DM her but she is not interested because she is taken.

Poshy is dating a Nigerian man who lives and works in Dubai.

The two have a daughter together and gushed over body being as natural as they come

“I have never gotten a fake body. I’m just curvy since high school if you check my pictures.”poshy queen 3 (1)

Diva wanted to know how much her bae gives her to maintain her lifestyle and she said around 1 or 2 million a week.

“Napenda pes, and with Gods blessing anatumanga mara nyingi siezi hesabu hizo hela sometimes he sends me two milolion every week,. I have a child who has needs na anamatumiuzi. Mimi siezi kaa bila pesa kama mke wa mtu na mtoto wake. Bado mi ni mke wa mtu, he lives in Dubai, and we are atill together,. I don’t know where rumros of a divorce have come from. He is Nigerian”


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‘There’s no shame’ Amber Ray advices over doing odd jobs


Many celebrities have taken up odd jobs before launching their careers, and that is the message Amber Ray has for us.

In a new and revealing social media post Amber wrote about being famous

If you know me well you will know that I’ve never wanted to be famous but fame chose me but I don’t depend on it either, that’s why I’m free to do whatever I enjoy…

She made the revelations on Instagram, where she admitted,

Most of us known faces are trying to impress you… the actual truth is they don’t care that much😏

So I’ve learnt what is most important… be you and invest in anything that you think will make you that extra bob, trust me, even if it’s selling Makaaa … the only person who will judge you is these wannabes who don’t understand Biashara .. no business minded person will judge you… I don’t know who needs to hear this but be you, live your life!

The pressure she has felt has touched fans who have responded with encouraging comments with one fan saying ‘Kwanza I remember you na ugali asubui. You are as real as they come’


Another wrote virobgrami ‘I love just how you are yourself. You don’t pretend and you don’t Care what someone will think.’

Another stiflerz254 added that ‘okay ni sawa the message very on point.’


Socialite Amber Ray aka Faith Makau, has been traversing the globe after her unceremonious divorce from her hubby.

Amber and her rich hubby Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda made headlines when she revealed she was tired of being wife number two.


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Vera Sidika Wants A Baby…But Not With A Man!!!

Well, one of Kenya’s greatest socialites has decided to make headlines again.

But hey, that’s not new right? A few months ago,we had already been alerted with a leaked Whatsapp message to one of her girlfriends saying

“Living alone is too darn boring and lonely. Would be better to have kids running around the house than this bachelorette life,” she wrote, adding, “I’m waiting.”

These Photos Of Vera Sidika Before Skin Lightening Have Gone Viral

vera sidika 14She finally wants to be a mother. No, she is not pregnant, and no she doesn’t have a man yet. The news is, she doesn’t want to have the baby with a man. According to Pulse Magazine, this is what she had to say about marriage;

“I am not the kind that believes in marriage. Honestly, I don‘t need a man to get a baby. I don’t think relationships are made for people like me. I have been proposed to twice, once by a very prominent personality but that is not my thing. Every time I try to date I stay like three months and it doesn‘t work so I kind of stopped going that emotional way. I mean, I don‘t want to have 100 divorces and be branded heart breaker.”

In a way, that does make a lot of sense. Nowadays, it has become a trend for celebrities to get married and then get divorced in 3 months. That does not even surprise anyone anymore, but Vera is not ready to become one of those.

SCREENSHOTS! Leaked Conversation Of Vera Sidika And Her Mother

The question is, how then does she want to get this baby. This is what she had to say about it;

“Sperm banks are here with us and there is nothing wrong with taking that route.”

Wow! In these times, who would even think of that? Does that mean we won’t even have to be guessing who the father of the child will be? Imagine the confusion on the child’s face when he or she grows up and gets to pop that question to the mum. That aside anyway.

vera sidika 9

Forget The Thighs, Here Are Photos Of Vera Sidika Slaying In LONG Dresses

This is already so heartbreaking for so many men, and not only the Kenyan men. Clearly, Vera is not the kind of woman to be cuffed and she has had her way in so much so why not now? Well good for her.