How Huddah Monroe had to learn the hard way about women

The hardest walk is walking alone, yet it’s also the walk that makes you the strongest human being in all time. The same walks lead to the greatest destination.

Huddah Monroe never lacks words of advice to her followers or to the ladies. She has made it to where she is by always walking alone and minding her business.

Huddah's Instagram post
Huddah’s Instagram post

The socialite took to her Instagram once again, addressing the reason why she is always alone. She explained that women are each other’s worst nightmare.

Take a look at Huddah and Vera Sidika, they can’t stand each other and are always competing to get gigs internationally and locally. Neither can actually meet eye to eye nor be in the same room least a fight breaks out between them.

Huddah's Instagram Story post
Huddah’s Instagram Story post

The socialite continues by saying that she was almost left for dead after a woman ‘friend’ of hers drugged her. This was someone she considered her friend. “Did you know it’s only a woman who saw Satan? We love them but a woman is the real Satan.” She continues.

Why Huddah Monroe may stop giving us major travel goals for a GOOD REASON

Ladies heed the advice of the businesswoman who has been to all spheres of life and has seen and witnessed it all. A moman who speaks from her past experiences and has learnt from her past and mistakes along the way.

She advices, “Don’t run away from your demons. Learn their names. And watch out. Laugh, eat, play with them but don’t trust none of them.”

We come to into this world alone and we shall leave it alone. Everyone that come’s in our lives is only for a short season and for a short time.

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Why Huddah Monroe may stop giving us major travel goals for a GOOD REASON

Who doesn’t like traveling?

Hop onto a plane and head over to your chosen destination either for holiday or business.

Huddah Monroe never lacks anything to say on her social media platforms. This time around, the lass is tired of traveling. You heard that right. The wealth acquired from multiple businesses she claims to own, have enabled the socialite to travel across the Globe.


Why would a socialite known for her jet setting life, now want to quit  travelling?

Huddah puts it down to age, and wanting to accomplish other things too.

‘You get more educated when you travel’- Huddah Monroe speaks out

Alhuda is tired of globetrotting and wants to settle down and have a family of her own.

Despite being exhausted of constantly flying, she has admitted to loving her work and businesses that have enabled her to fly on a daily.

She may need a representative, she wrote.

Above ground is a blessing, and she is living her best life.

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‘Haven’t had my conjugal rights in 2 months’ – Huddah claims

Huddah Monroe never ceases to amaze her fans with what she chooses to share online.

The controversial former Big Brother contestant has said again and again, that she posts whatever she likes and has no regrets of whatever she chooses to put out there for her fans.

She wrote on one of her posts that she is responsible for whatever she puts and is not responsible of how people tend to translate or misinterpret her.

“That’s your headache not mine. Unfollow me if my 1+1 is 7 and not 2. It’s that simple stop stressing yourselves.”

Screenshot from 2019-08-29 11-43-13

She recently disclosed some interesting facets about herself on her Instagram. She wrote how she hasn’t had her conjugal rights for the last 2 months. Does this mean the petite lass has a foreign beau back in the states? She was there for quite a long time if you ask me.

Since she came back, she has been trying to practice self control, but claims that 18 year old boys be looking like snacks and she can’t control her lustful behavior.

‘Macho hayana pazia’ as a Swahili adage says. ” I want to eat them all.” She adds.

Her DM must be lit by now.

‘I love BIG things, let me have it all’ Huddah Monroe shouts

The born free spirited lady leaves nothing to second guess but it is up to you to siphon what she gives you because we all post what we want people to see and buzz about.

But does she care? She stays speaking her mind and doesn’t give two hoots about what other people think.

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