6 of the worst skin care tips you can find online

The internet has alot of information that we could all use, however dermatologists are warning that not all is useful or truthful.

Here are 6 bad beauty tips you should ignore,


1. Scrub away your acne with exfoliate pure lemon juice to clear spots

Smooth skin
Smooth skin

2. Use toothpaste to clear spots: Many people use toothpaste as a home remedy to quickly reduce the size of the cold sore or pimple, but there is no real evidence that toothpaste can help either of these conditions. Some toothpaste contains hydrogen peroxide, which is in fact an antiseptic, so skin bacteria and virus levels may temporarily go down from its application. But other ingredients in toothpastes can irritate the skin and cause further breakouts.”

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3. Popping a zit will help it go away faster: Only pimples that have come to a white head are safe to extract. Even then, it is best to visit an aesthetician or other skin health professional to get a treatment and have these extractions done properly. Randomly squeezing pimples that have not matured can lead to infection and scarring. It is best to keep skin clean and hydrated and use products with either benzoyl peroxide, retinol, or salicylic acid to clear the skin overall.”

Black woman putting on face lotion
Black woman putting on face lotion

4. Facial exercises will cure my wrinkles: Do you daily facial yoga exercises in order to tighten her skin and remove wrinkles? This is not the first time that I have heard about this craze, and it simply is not possible to eliminate existing wrinkles on the skin. Actually, these exercises can aggravate the wrinkles that are present, due to the persistent movement of the facial muscles.

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5. Acne has nothing to do with what I eat: Acne has been linked to drinking of milk, cheese and wheat items. Yet experts will tell you that a customized diet and the right supplements can sort out this problem. It is true that one person may be able to eat the foods that cause another to break out without getting any acne.

6. Drinking a ton of water will give you glowing skin: Hydration is important to skin health but drinking too much just leads to running to the bathroom. In extreme cases, excessive water drinking can lead to a condition called hyponatremia, which causes low sodium levels and can even lead to death. The fluid doesn’t have to be water, or even come from liquid, as many foods have high water content. Healthy people have a mechanism by which they regulate their electrolytes and know when to drink. This mechanism results in the sensation of thirst. The best advice for drinking: let thirst be your guide!”

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7 Holiday skin-care tips to keep your skin looking its best


If you are traveling ladies, it’s important you take care of your skin. We tend to forget as we are caught up in enjoying family moments.

Below, we share our best holiday season skin-care tips for keeping your skin looking clear, stress-free and radiant this year.

1. Cleanse it

Start your morning off on a good note by cleansing your skin. This prevents breakouts, plus if you wantto put that foundation on, it will appear flawless. Try Garneir skinactive oil control complete. It costs Sh449.

2. Scrub your lips

Use sugar and lemon to scrub your lips to avoid dryness.

After this use a simple lip balm, and have many to put in the car, in your purse to avoid borrowing in these covid times. Travel can be drying to skin, especially on the lips where dryness is most evident, when you remove your mask.

Smooth skin
Smooth skin

4. Use toner

A simple soft smoothing toner like Garneir, costing Sh459 is effective. I have seen changes on my skin after using this.

5. Take off your makeup before sleeping

We cannot say it enough times, no woman should sleep in her makeup, no matter how late it is or how tired you are.  Miscellar water is affordable and ranges in the 500 bob range.

6. Water, water, water

Drink enough water throughout the day regardless of what you are doing. We are already sluggging down Gin and Tonic, so stay hydrated. Skin

7. Moisturize

Also hydrate your skin o the outside with moisturizer. Have you noticed skin care products like Amara moisturizing hand abd body lotion. It costs about Sh120. Affordable for every pocket. They have shea butter, coconut and others that we love.

8. Boost your radiance with Vitamin C

To help boost your skin’s radiance during the holidays and avoid dry or fatigued skin, I use Dr Rashel Vitamin C serum and it costs Sh300.

9. Hydrating face masks

I applaud you girls. I have seen so many of you use these hydrating face masks, and we love the glow up.

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5 things to avoid if you have sensitive skin


Does your skin get easily irritated?

You may not even know you have sensitive skin until you have a bad reaction to a cosmetic product, like soap, moisturizer, or makeup.

Conditions that cause sensitive skin are rarely serious. You can usually keep your symptoms under control with a few simple changes to your skin care routine.

Here are some things that cause a skin flare up:

Essential Oils

This is one ingredient that can cause a very bad reaction if used by someone with sensitive skin.

Cosmetologiss agree that even natural or organic ingredients can lead to irritation. Such oils are full of allergens.


This is a foaming agent found in shampoos, creams, soaps to cleaning products. Foaming agents in general can be quite tough, as they can upset the protective layer of oils on the skin.

Petro and synthetic emolients

They are derived from petroleum, chemicals such as liquid paraffin and mineral oil that irritate the skin by creating an oily layer on the skin to prevent moisture from escaping, leading to blocked pores and a build up of bacteria.

Perfume/ Fragrant agents

che chavez perfume

While it may be tempting to buy a perfume off the shelf due to its pocket friendliness, this may be a bad idea for anyone with sensitive skin.

Many skincare products contain fragrance to mask less-pleasant scents that some ingredients have, but even if an added fragrance is natural, it can anger sensitive skin

Harsh exfoliants

If you have skin that’s easily irritated, using an exfoliator that is too abrasive can cause your skin to be immediately inflamed. Although you shouldn’t avoid exfoliating completely — it’s vital to removing dead skin cells and getting that glow — opting for gentler versions is essential in avoiding in any skin flare-ups.

handwash 2

If your condition is really bad, always consult a dermatologist who will advise you how to tackle your skins worst enemy.

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7 common questions about sensitive skin


Many of us can attest to our family and friends saying their skin is irritant and easily irritated.

Here are all the questions that you have but probably don’t ask about your skin condition.

woman skin

1. What is sensitive skin?

Many people say they have sensitive skin because skin care products, or household products that contact their skin, cause stinging, burning, redness, or tightness.

Or they say they have it because even though they have no visible effects after contact with a product, it always makes their skin feel uncomfortable.


2. How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

Have a dermatologist check your skin. That’s the best way to find out if you have sensitive skin or whether something else is causing your skin condition.

Smooth skin
Smooth skin

3. What causes sensitive skin reactions?

Causes of sensitive skin reactions include:

Skin disorders or allergic skin reactions such as eczema, rosacea, or allergic contact dermatitis

Overly dry or injured skin that can no longer protect nerve endings, leading to skin reactions

Excessive exposure to skin-damaging environmental factors such as sun and wind or excessive heat or cold

Genetic factors, age, gender, and race differences in skin sensitivity are less well-defined but still may play a role in causing skin reactions.

4. Are there medical tests for sensitive skin?

Patch testing may identify signs of allergies that are causing or contributing to sensitive skin. Otherwise, it’s difficult for doctors to test for sensitive skin because so many factors can cause it.


5. Should men be concerned about sensitive skin?

Yes. The look of healthy skin is just as important for men as it is for women.

Black woman putting on face lotion
Black woman putting on face lotion

6. What types of cosmetics are less irritating to sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends the following:

Use cosmetics with a few preservatives and minimal risk of skin irritation.
Throw out old cosmetics; they can spoil or become contaminated.

healthy skin
7. With an unfamiliar skin care product, how should I test for a sensitive skin reaction?

Before putting a new product on your skin, do the following:

For several days, apply a small amount behind an ear and leave it on overnight.

If your skin does not become irritated, follow the same procedure, this time applying the product on an area alongside an eye.

If you still don’t see irritation, the product should be safe for you to apply on any area of your face.

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