‘I don’t have a perfect marriage nor a perfect life’ Size 8 painfully admits

Size 8 has taken to social media to warn Kenyans against believing everything that celebs and fellow Kenyans post online. Even her life is imperfect.

She goes on to add that most people post only what they want you to see thus creating a false ‘picture’ of how their life should be.

The mother of one says

Don’t be fooled by what you see People post on social media.

Many people only post the good side of their life they post what they want you to see and hide what they think is not pleasant.

Maybe they want you to assume they are perfect. Well let me just say this me no matter what you see me post please know am not perfect.

‘I exchanged more than 5000 babies during birth’ Confesses former nurse

I don’t have a perfect life sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh out loud, I don’t have a perfect ministry neither a perfect career.

Mmy finances are not perfect, I don’t have a perfect Marriage ,I don’t have a perfect child ,I don’t have a perfect body.

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo
Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

The only thing I have that is perfect is MY SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, MY GOD AND THE BLESSED HOLYSPIRIT .

In our imperfections we find grace and mercy before God. Relax you are already loved by God nothing can make Him love you less or more…..

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Does Breast Size Really Matter?

Men are attracted to a woman’s general appearance, but unfortunately for women (especially those with mosquito-bite-sized breasts), breast size does matter to most men. Now, some women might disagree with this notion but if to women penis size matters then breast size does matter to men.

Men are aroused by the size of a woman’s breasts the same way women are aroused by the size of a man’s penis. Fortunately for women, this infatuation for large breasts depends on the man’s current relationship status.

The Single Man:
Single men tend to appreciate (salivate over, is more like it) large breasts. This is especially true when they’re around their friends. Of course, with a room full of testosterone, you know that breast size matters.

Even if a man doesn’t agree, his friends will convince him by the end of the night that it does. There is an unwritten law among friends that they don’t let each other doubt that breast size is important.

The secret rules
Seriously, most men pretend to care more about women’s breast size around their friends than they really do. But in reality, deep inside, they really don’t care. Most of the time men joke around more than anything. Inside, we know what they really want: a pair of nicely shaped and reasonably sized breasts.

Two Rules

Yes, you may like big breasts, but small breasts are good as well. There are only two things you should require from a woman’s breast:

1. Nipples
2. Accessibility

In a relationship (especially a serious one), breast size shouldn’t matter at all whether small or big. Once a woman has a guy who loves her for who she is, she has no reason to worry about her breast size, so she can forget about breast implants. If a man can’t appreciate a woman for what she has to offer, believe me, he won’t respect the rest of her either.

A woman should never get breast implants to please a man. She’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons. If she does want implants, I hope that she’d be getting them for herself and no one else.


Rum+Coke designer uses Plus sized models only

A new clothing label Rum+ Coke is challenging the fashion industry’s negative views about beauty and appearance by only using plus-size women of color to model its designs, despite offering its clothing in every size from 2 to 22.

The label,  is the brainchild of New York-based designer Courtney Smith, who launched the label last year with the motto: ‘You, woman, are enough. Women are beautiful in whatever package they come in.’

Ms Smith told Refinery 29,’No one questions why there are only small women in other brands’ shoots. I put women of color and “larger” women in my photo shoots… because there are so many women who seldom see women who look like them in advertisements

Her figure-hugging gowns cost between $48 and $200 and one of Ms Smith’s bestsellers is a low-cut shimmering sequin number she often wears herself.

‘There are so many negative messages,’ she remarks of the fashion world. ‘You’re not thin enough, you’re not young enough, you’re not light enough.’