#TheMurayasat7! Photos of DJ Mo and Size 8 enjoying themselves at the coast

DJ Mo and his family are currently in Mombasa for a mini vacation to celebrate seven years in marriage.

The couple has been trending for the better part of this month after DJ Mo was exposed for cheating on his wife Size 8.

The two gave fans all the reasons for them to break up but as Size 8 put it, God’s love held them together. She forgave her husband and is ready to love him even more just like Christ loved all of us.

Simba ameguruma! Diamond fans react after he posted ‘new catch’


DJ Mo took to social media to apologise to his wife saying;

“My wife @size8reborn Nothing will change till I die , the mother of my children and the foundation of my family ❤️…There’s so much I can say. I will not run or hide …

We’ve had our ups and downs .While reprehensible, the human me is beyond the battle, and I don’t think there can ever be a better moment to say I’m sorry and I love you ❤️ . God chose me for you, I know I drive you crazy at times, but you know nothing good comes without its share of problems…
Through the ups and down we have been together, you know I never back down from a challenge this is no exception. I am blessed to call you MY QUEEN no matter how big the distraction seems. Together forever babe, LET the world know you my one and only …YOU COMPLETE ME ❤️….”

The two have taken a mini vacay and from the social media photos and posts, they are doing well and celebrating the goodness of the Lord.

‘Fake news is hilarious,’ Joyce Maina responds to allegations that she is dating DJ Mo

TV personality Joyce Maina has denied allegations that she is a homewrecker after news hit the interwebs that DJ Mo and Size 8’s marriage is headed for splitsville.

Singer Size 8 and husband DJ Mo have apparently been facing some marital issues for years now but the two have kept mum about the issue wherever it comes out.

Well, this time round, rumor has it that there is trouble in paradise again.

This is after Size 8 unfollowed her husband on Instagram.

DJ has been linked to one Joyce Maina who shared a selfie on social media just recently.

An exposè done by blogger Edgar Obare suggested that the two lovers have been secretly seeing each other.

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo

Well, Joyce Maina has come out to deny dating DJ Mo.

She wrote;

“Fake news is actually hilarious, Weh so guys went from not knowing what the man looks like(you just have a blurry photo that make him look like a shadow) and now all over sudden its DJ Mo. Lol.You guys have gotten A+in composition writing juu hi story mmejiandikia.”

She added that she is not dumb to date a married man.

‘I am his woman forever,’ Rayvanny’s girlfriend respond to allegations she was dumped

Check out her posts;

jio joyc

Today I woke up feeling low, but seeing my son lifted me, read Size 8’s message of encouragement

Gospel singer Size 8 like any humans woke up feeling low today.

She has been overthinking and she had many questions within herself.

Well, in a post on her social media, Size 8 says that what lifted her is her miracle son, Muraya Junior.

Size 8 calls her children miracle babies since her pregnancy and delivery of her two children was not easy.

In a post after her son’s delivery, the Muraya’s took to social media to tell their fans of how grateful they were to God to have another child.

‘Understand Vanessa Mdee quitting decision,’ Lady Jaydee tells fans after marking 20 years in music

Size 8 with her two kids
Size 8 with her two kids

Terming the delivery a miracle, Size 8 in an emotional video posted on their YouTube channel narrated that she suffered serious complications that nearly cost her life and that of the baby as she clocked her last trimester.

Today her post read;
“Today I woke up feeling so low in my heart over thinking and asking myself questions but when I looked at my son @muraya.jnr everything just lifted I felt the love of Christ and the mercies and grace of God my son a great miracle!!!”
She went on to ask God to help her not forget all the good things He has done for her.
“You have shown me overwhelming goodness and grace!!! Your love beyond my imagination!!!
The enemy the devil uses small little things that are not going well in our lives to make us think we are not blessed refuse his negative talk and energy!! May the holy spirit right now remind you just how great God is to you,” she wrote.
Size 8 holding her baby boy

Wapi mask? Size 8 and other celebs bashed on social media for not wearing a mask

Even with the rise of positive cases of coronavirus patients Kenyan celebrities seem not to be observing the guidelines.

Size 8 posted a video of herself and other celebrities dancing and singing together all happy at an event.

Well, her fans were quick to notice who is in the video as well as the fact that most of them didn’t have their masks on.

Among those in the video are; Terence Creative, DJ Mo, Nameless, Milly Chebby, Jackie Matubia and Wahu.


Many were happy with Wahu who had her mask on.

Check out some comments;

caroline_cheps:Wahu.. 👏👏Guys shld mask up. It’s clearly easy to forget but Covid is real.
sinzoleaida: Social distancing na watu wavae mask lol
carolshirom: Covid is real guys 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
dj_jimmy_starboy: Nyinyi ndio mnaleta corona… Hamna mask you don’t want to keep distance… Kenyans nini mnataka… Kifo ama?
a11 a22 a33


Toka nitoke! Check out siblings of your favourite Kenyan celebrities

Some Kenyans celebrities have always hiddwn their family members from the public eye.

Well, while most do so, there is always a season that comes and they open them to the public.

Example is during birthday parties or when they have weddings.

Many have, however, kept their family connections a little quieter and even though they have come out time and again to acknowledge each other, not so many people know that these Kenyan celebrities have siblings.

Check out some of the celebrities with their siblings.


Njugush has a younger brother, his only sibling. He introduced him to the public during his birthday last month.

Ngugi Ndegwa is his name, a poet and script writer. Well, the two bear such a striking resemblance that one would be mistaken to think they are twins.

Check out his photo;

njugushbro 6

‘Please send me…’ comedian Eric Omondi begs Akothee

Betty Kyallo brother

Media personality Betty Kyalo first introduced her look alike sister Mercy Kyallo and later her younger sister Gloria Kyallo.

Most of the times, the three sister post photos of themselves hanging out together.

Well, Betty has an elder brother, Brian Kyallo whom he rarely talk about.

Check out his photo;

bet bro
Betty Kyallo with her brother Brian

Size 8

Gospel singer size 8 is one of the prettiest mothers in our celebrity list.

Well, while most of us know a lot about Size 8, very little is known about her sisters, some of whom also happen to be powerful women in the showbiz industry just like her.

The mother of two shared a photo of her lookalike baby sister wishing her all the best in her new year. “My little sister @mmunyali DJ 7 birthday. Happy birthday. Love you,” she wrote.

She also has other sisters,, Gladys Munyali and Risper Munyali

Check out DJ 7’s photos;


Victoria Kimani

Popular female artist has a brother known as Bamboo whose real name is Simon Kimani is also in the music industry. It seems that the two were truly born for music.


Sauti Sol’s Savara

The Sauti sol member also has a brother who is known as Hilary Mudigi.

He is quite tall compared to Savara, it seems like he took all the genes for height.




‘Bien will soon be singing for Jesus,’ Size 8 details convincing reasons why

Size 8 is still celebrating seven years in salvation.

She has released an album called Neema Tu and she had different artistes with songwriting skills to pen some of her songs.

Well, the first song Yahweh released this week has recieved so much love from her fans.

Written by Sauti Sol’s Bien, Size 8 says she enjoyed working with Bien and Bensoul.

Speaking to Classic 105, the mother of two says the song Yahweh is so close to her heart.

“I cry everytime I listen to that song. I met up with Bien and explained to him that I wanted a song to celebrate the seven years in salvation. We jumped into it and Bien did it so well yaani,” she said.

She went on to say that Bien has so much soul.

“I feel that one day, he will get to sing for God because he doesn’t just sing, but he sings his soul out and with a lot of heart. Those are the best people to sing for God because they sing from the heart. That is why their songs get to many people because they don’t sing for numbers,” she said.
He did it with Bensoul and they are just blessed.”

Those tiny devils! Size 8 complains about slay queens trying to destroy her marriage


From a documentary she did last month, Size 8 explained that she has been good friends with Bien since high school days and was among the first people she called when she quit secular music.

Bien explained saying that Size 8’s decision to walk away while her career in the secular world had just picked was a huge disappointment.

He revealed that the mother of two got saved in the middle of a tour and he has never seen anyone walk away from money the way she did.

“Nilikuwa disappointed hio time, because sijawahi ona mtu akiwalk away from pesa hivyo. Yaani ni kama alichukua milioni kama 50 akaweka kwa choo na akaflush… huyu dem aliokoka in the middle of a tour,” (I was disappointed at that particular moment. I have never seen anyone walk away from such amount of money. It was like taking Sh50 million and flushing it down the toilet. She got saved in the middle of a tour) said Bien.



Dust to dawn! Size 8 set to tell it all in a documentary

Gospel singer Size 8 has documented her life story from when she joined the music industry to date.

She started as a secular artiste until 2013 when she jumped into gospel music. She is doing well in the industry.

Speaking to Classic 105, the mother of two says she is celebrating the goodness of the Lord as no one believed she would last a day when she announced she was leaving secular.

It’s been seven years of her journey into the gospel industry.

In her new documentary about her life, she speaks about how she made money but got into depression.

She also talks about meeting the love of her life DJ Mo and many other things she has had to face in her career.

“Life has been a very interesting one, hardship, fame, challenges sickness, depression, marriage, children, joy sorrow, highs and lows and on top of it all finding salvation!!! I invite you to watch this documented journey as I celebrate 7 years of salvation by Gods grace on @ntvkenya Monday at 10 pm….. God thank you this is for you!!!” she wrote.

Mungu halali! Check out where Loise Kim lived before fame came knocking (photo)

Size 8 seating on the couch
Size 8 seating on the couch

She added;

“Wow God you have been super amazing!!! Celebrating your glory your power your faithfulness grace love and mercy in my life!!! Am now 7 years in salvation wow look at Jesus!!!!!”

In another post, she wrote;

“Wow God, you have been super amazing!!! Celebrating your glory your power your faithfulness grace love and mercy in my life!!! Am now 7 years in salvation wow look at Jesus!!!!! Watch my documentary my testimony on @ntvkenya on Monday 25th from 10:15 pm come celebrate Gods victory with me. #7bygrace #demwaKsouth
Size 8 is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and sought after gospel artiste in the country with over 1.8million followers on Instagram.

DJ Mo flaunts new home in Lavington – Photos


Size 8 and husband Dj Mo have moved into a new home in Lavington.

The couple were previously living in a rental unit along Kiambu road but according to a source they have bought their own home.

He took to social media to share photos of their new home which has left many of us envious as we continue struggling in bedsitters and single rooms.

He wrote;

Glory to God ,new home God is faithful.

In another post he wrote;

Lavington your new neighbour is here

‘My wife and I are addicted to night running’ Confesses Sam Otieno

Size 8 with her husband and daughter Ladasha
Size 8 with her husband and daughter Ladasha

In one of her posts Size 8 hints that we hustle and forget to pray

Many of us take long to work and hustle but very few remember to pray…. have you prayed this morning…….. prayer is very important Jesus told His disciples to pray lest they fall into temptation for the spirit is willing but our flesh is weak

55 5555 4444

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Many times Ladasha Belle has proved she is a stylish celebrity baby!

DJ Mo and Size 8 have the most beautiful and gorgeous baby ever and we the netizens cannot stop admiring her and her stylish fashion sense.

Ladasha Wambo has completely stolen our hearts. Her photos make it hard to resist adoring her.

7 important travel items to pack when going for that trip!

image-2019-04-24 (2) (1)
Size 8 and Ladasha

7 important travel items to pack when going for that trip!

As a celebrity baby, she’s making money moves bagging endorsements including being the face of a popular diaper brand.

She is also among the most followed kids on social media given that she has her own Instagram page.

Here are some of the photos that prove how stylish baby Ladasha is!


Shaniqwa finally unveils the face of his baby boy





54514036_160964984900967_5626717060207089284_n (1)

Check out photos of the beautiful daughters of African Presidents


We’re Smitten: Meet Mike Mondo’s hunky chef brother – Photos


7 important travel items to pack when going for that trip!



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‘I don’t have a perfect marriage nor a perfect life’ Size 8 painfully admits

Size 8 has taken to social media to warn Kenyans against believing everything that celebs and fellow Kenyans post online. Even her life is imperfect.

She goes on to add that most people post only what they want you to see thus creating a false ‘picture’ of how their life should be.

The mother of one says

Don’t be fooled by what you see People post on social media.

Many people only post the good side of their life they post what they want you to see and hide what they think is not pleasant.

Maybe they want you to assume they are perfect. Well let me just say this me no matter what you see me post please know am not perfect.

‘I exchanged more than 5000 babies during birth’ Confesses former nurse

I don’t have a perfect life sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh out loud, I don’t have a perfect ministry neither a perfect career.

Mmy finances are not perfect, I don’t have a perfect Marriage ,I don’t have a perfect child ,I don’t have a perfect body.

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo
Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

The only thing I have that is perfect is MY SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, MY GOD AND THE BLESSED HOLYSPIRIT .

In our imperfections we find grace and mercy before God. Relax you are already loved by God nothing can make Him love you less or more…..

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DJ Mo talks about heartbreaking moment he lost unborn baby

A while back, Dj Mo’s celebrity wife Size 8 opened up on the sad ordeal of how the young couple lost their unborn child after five weeks.

Speaking about her miscarriage during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Size 8 said.

“I went to the hospital when I was a few weeks to see the doctor and he told me I have a problem. I cried first then went home.”

When the doctor broke the news to her, the singer, it would be well given that her pregnancy with Ladasha had been complicated but she pulled through.

“Just like i suffered during my first pregnancy with Wambo, I thought God will help me through the second pregnancy.

So i said it will be hard for a while and then i will have a successful delivery of my second baby. “

Size 8 during her first pregnancy

“When I was 11 weeks pregnant, I had labor pains, I was asking myself how can this be in labor and i am only 11 weeks in. 

In the evening is when i started bleeding, i was so scared,then i called DJ Mo crying.”

Just when she thought she would get through the second pregnancy, the doctor broke the news that it was not possible.

“But that was not the case because the pregnancy was already destroyed. I cried so much. knowing I served the lord a lot, how can this happen to me?”


Weeks later, DJ Mo who has been loyal and truly supportive to Size 8 through her tough journey has opened up on the terrible news.

He said as much as it was a bitter pill to swallow, his stand with God helps him understand that everything happens for a reason and most importantly to never blame God.

It is a sad moment but again for us saved people we usually everything has a reason and we don’t blame God, so there is always a reason for everything.

So it was a low moment for us but again we don’t blame God, we just move on.

His marriage being one of the most admired unions in the show business, DJ Mo was asked to advice the young couples and he had  short but strong words.

Just simple, marry your friend and marry someone you can tolerate that’s it

Listen to the audio HERE

Exclusive: ‘My labour pains came at 11 weeks before I miscarried’ – Size 8

Gospel artiste Size 8 has opened up on what transpired on the day she suffered a miscarriage after weeks of pregnancy speculations.

In a past interview her husband DJ MO had opened up on the pregnancy stating that is wife was five weeks pregnant at the time.

“My wife was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage.

Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well. If you love each other, that is a small thing.

All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,”

‘My married lover is cheating on me with someone else,’ cries city woman


‘I’ve cried and asked God so many questions’ Size 8 on her miscarriage

Speaking about her miscarriage during an interview on a local radio station Size 8 says

“I went to the hospital when I was a few weeks to see the doctor and he told me I have a problem. I cried first then went home.”

When the doctor broke the news to her, Size 8 thought, it would be well given that her pregnancy with Ladasha had been complicated but she pulled through.

“Just like i suffered during my first pregnancy with wambo, i thought God will help me through the second pregnancy.

So i said it will be hard for a while and then i will have a successful delivery of my second baby. “

Size 8 during her first pregnancy

‘I got infected after my miscarriage, I am on medication’ Size 8 opens up

“When i was 11 weeks pregnant, i had labor pains, I was asking myself how can this be in labor and i am only 11 weeks in. 

In the evening is when i started bleeding, i was so scared,then i called DJ Mo crying.”

Just when she thought she would get through the second pregnancy, the doctor broke the news that it was not possible.

“But that was not the case because the pregnancy was already destroyed. i cried so much. knowing i served the lord alot,  how can this happen to me?”

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‘My husband never cheated on me’ Size 8 finally addresses infidelity rumor

Size 8 has finally addressed the allegations that had been going round that her husband is cheating on her months ago leaving many in shock.

This is after several photos of DJ MO and his Cross Over co -host Grace Ekirapa started doing rounds online leaving many speculating that there was more than meets the eye.

‘I only had 6000 during my wife’s ruracio,that’s what I gave’ Admits Njugush


Speaking about it during an interview heard by Classic 105 Size 8 say those were nothing but rumors.

“Getting saved was a danger to my job as an artiste because my fans were not used to my gospel songs

I locked myself up in the house for at least two weeks because i thought i was the queen of sin.”

Size 8

DJ Mo has been a very supportive man – from what we see on social media – in their marriage, and despite all that, rumors have been circulating that he might just have been cheating on Size 8.

“It’s not true. my husband has never stepped out of our marriage. those are just rumors from people.”

So much has been going on in Size 8’s life, not only the rumors but also losing her unborn child.

Media personality Betty Opondo in mourning after son collapses and dies

It has not been an easy journey and in her new song, ‘Nitembe Na Wewe’ she confesses that it is her prayer this new year.

“My everyday prayer is to walk with God at all times whether i have or not. My heart’s desire is you oh Lord.”

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Exclusive: Size 8 on why Boniface Murage’s story is the saddest thing ever

The story of Boniface Murage, a man arrested for smuggling his newborn daughter out of KNH using a carrier bag, is still trending.

The 22 year old first time dad said he did it to avoid paying Sh56,000 hospital bill which had been accrued at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Among those who were touched by the story is gospel artiste Size 8 who is a mother of one.

Speaking about the issue during an exclusive interview she says

“I really pity that guy its a very unfortunate situation no matter how you look at it. It’s a sad story. Imagine not being able to pay your child’s bill.

You will feel sad because you want to take your child home and the hospital also wants to make money, everyone is in a dilemma.

It’s a sad story.”

‘Our kids belong to other men but our wives think it’s a secret’ Shout men

Boniface while appearing in court

Boniface was handed a suspended sentence for three months.. This means he is free but should not commit any offense in the three months or he will serve the sentence.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko came to his rescue and cleared the hospital bill, an action that warmed the hearts of many Kenyans.

Prominent personalities who have suffered miscarriages – List

A police officer who was identified as Inspekta Emannuel Tamooh also gave Boniface Ksh 56,000 after he found out that the hospital bill had already been cleared.

“I decided to sacrifice my few moths salary to help Boniface. I found out that the bill had been cleared so I decided to hand him the cash.

I did this because despite the bill being paid I had already made a decision to help him and I was not going back on my word” Tamooh said during an interview heard by Classic 105

Inspekta Emannuel Tamooh

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Prominent personalities who have suffered miscarriages – List


We take a look at celebs who have lost their unborn kids either through miscarriages or other unknown causes.

1. Size 8

In 2018, Size 8 suffered a miscarriage while 5 weeks pregnant leaving her and her husband DJ Mo heartbroken.

Speaking to Word Is at the time, Mo said that it is hard to understand what the problem was

“My wife was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage,” DJ Mo told Word Is on Friday.

Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well. If you love each other, that is a small thing.

All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,”

‘People just want ride on my name because I am famous ‘ Brags Akothee

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

2. Creme de la Creme

In September 2018, DJ Creme and his wife Denise lost their unborn child while she was six months pregnant.

The couple were expecting their third child before losing her to the cruel hand of death.

He wrote

“So The last 3 Weeks have been Hard for my Family and I . Pain & Tears perfectly tucked behind the smiles and fake laughters. I was out of the country when my pregnant Wife Denise called and told me that she’s headed to the hospital and it was an emergency. I won’t lie my heart sunk because I somewhat knew what that meant !

Creme de la creme

I remember kneeling down and Crying to God to keep Her safely wrapped in His Warm Embrace. The worst news came in that the doctor couldn’t feel the baby’s Heart beat . We’d lost the baby, at 6 Months😢 So Close…So So Close
I Won’t Lie, It tore me to pieces because I couldn’t forgive myself for being miles away and yet my wife was going through this alone.”

3. Nick Odhiambo

Nick Odhiambo and his girlfriend Janet lost their unborn son in January 2019.

Taking to instagram to share the sad news, he wrote

“The countdown to your birthday cut short…. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball !!!..but it is what it is..lil’ J’lani R.I.P.. My son didn’t make it to see this beautiful world .”

Nick Odhiambo

4. Mitchelle Obama

In her book Becoming former America’s first black first lady Michelle Obama talks about politics, then goes digging deep into some personal issues.

From a miscarriage to using in-vitro fertilization to conceive her daughters to marriage counselling.

In a past interview with ABC News Obama said he did not know how common miscarriages were until his wife suffered the same.

“I felt lost and alone, and I felt like I failed because I didn’t know how common miscarriages were because we don’t talk about them,”

We sit in our own pain, thinking that somehow we’re broken.”


In the book Michele writes that fertility treatments allowed her to conceive daughters Malia, now 20, and Sasha, 17.

“It turns out that even two committed go-getters with a deep love and robust work ethic can’t will themselves into being pregnant,”

We had to do IVF,” she told ABC, in excerpts of an interview that will air in full on Sunday.

She revisits the thrill of her romance with Barack, which began when she was his advisor at a Chicago law firm, describing it as a “toppling blast of lust, gratitude, fulfilment, wonder.”

But she admits the couple on occasions turned to counseling, where they “learned how to talk out” problems

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Kenyan celebrity parents who have lost their kids in recent years

It is hard losing a child. No parent is ever prepared for this and when death knocks most parents mourn for years while some never over come the loss.

Dr Burton Grebin once said 

“The death of a child is the most single most traumatic event in medicine.To lose a child is to lose a piece of yourself “.

Some Kenyan celebrities have experienced this loss first hand and some don’t publicly express it, it doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting. So the next time you meet them on the street be kind because kindness does not hurt.

  1. Michael Okinyi

The TV presenter lost his son after he succumbed to complications related to Sickle cell anemia. In 2015, Okinyi announced the demise of his son to the public in the tweet below.

Before his untimely death  Twani was to turn 5 years

Image result for photo of MIchael OKinyi
MIchael OKinyi’s wife with their son

‘All I have is pure hate for her’ City man narrates how his ex texted his mother asking her to take back her broke son after he lost his job

2. Shiru wa GP

The venacular artiste famously known for hits such as ‘Agiginya’ was a mother to twins (boy and girl) before losing one of them after he developed a chest infection that saw him admitted to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where he sadly lost the battle.

In an earlier interview with Jeff on Inooro Fm, Shiru wa GP opened up about losing her son and she said:

“It was a bad experience because I didn’t expect it. It’s one of those situations when you have tried so hard then you finally have something good and then the devil snatches it from your hands. I had tried conceiving for 9 years, heading to 10 when God blessed me with twins. I was very excited even though they did not make it to term as they were born 2 months premature. At that point, I didn’t even ask people to pray with me as I knew God had already blessed me in a big way. It (the loss of my baby and my admission) was not only challenging emotionally but also financially as the bill had accumulated up to Shs4.5 million so I had to reach out for financial aid which wasn’t easy.”

Shiru wa GP
Shiru with her husband and daughter

God has been gracious to her as she still has her daughter.

3. Dbanj

Nigeria artiste Dbanj is among other celebrities who have lost their kids. Early this year his son drowned in a swimming pool at the residence leaving the young parents heartbroken.

Dbanj termed the period of losing his son as a hard one but he remained  thankful to God for seeing him through.

‘The past few weeks have been incredibly trying and difficult, but God’s love has kept me and my family going. I can’t thank my team enough and the incredible love from you all. May God keep us all. #StrongerTogether’…🙏🙏🙏”

Dbanj with his son Daniel
Dbanj with his son Daniel

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife speaks out on losing a child: ‘This emptiness is how we feel all the time’

4. Isaac Mwaura

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami Mwaura lost two of their kids after they developed complications after being born prematurely.

Mukami had delivered triplets namely – Njiru Maigua Mwaura, Mwaura Maigua and Njeri Maigua – who were all born at 28 weeks, sadly Njeri and Mwaura passed on after 3 months at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Speaking about her loss Mukami said

The emptiness you are left with after you lose a child … “We may look as if we carry on with our lives as before. We may even have times of joy and happiness. Everything may seem normal. But this, EMPTINESS is how we all feel, all the time” ~ John Maddox, for Bereaved Parents Month

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

Mukami is a happy mother though after his remaining son recently celebrated his 1st birthday.

5. Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana, who is among the top female artistes in Uganda, lost her son after he succumbed to severe asthmatic attack at theAgha Khan hospital.

Juliana celebrated his fourth memorial with an emotional post reminiscing on how perfect he was as a son.


‘You were so perfect’ Juliana Kanyamozi pens as he mourns her late son Keron

6. Julie Gichuru
The laid back Julie opened up on losing her 3rd born son after a choking incident at home.



Image result for photo of julie gichuru


7.Size 8

Size 8 recently lost her unborn child after suffering a miscarriage,speaking about it she says

“Rumours were in many blogs that I was pregnant but I never did really confirm it because it was a battle all the way, so I just wanted to go with the fight privately. But God decided the best lane for me and I lost the pregnancy juzi. To be honest I’ve cried and asked God so many questions. I have given my husband stress. He is trying to make me be okay,” Size 8 said.

Size 8


Chantelle and J Blessing lost their son Kyle  at the Aga Khan hospital  3 years ago,After Kyle’s death J Blessing posted lines to the hymn “It is well” on his Facebook page.

“Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee. How great Thou art, how great Thou art.”

The couple later broke up due to irreconcilable differences.

J Blessing


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‘I unequivocally reject his actions’ Size 8 distances herself from DK Kwenye Beat

Size 8 has withdrawn her support for DK Kwenye Beat.

She has released a statement addressing her interview with DK Kwenye Beat on the #Toboa story.

Size 8

Size 8 said:

“I had an interview with my our family friend DK to further understand the #Toboa story. More facts emerged during and after the interview.”

She added, “I unequivocally reject his actions, and those by any person, that in any way inhibit the rights or safety of another human being. I further reached out to the lady in the story. We pray that justice may prevail and that the girl in the story shall get a full & comprehensive recovery, of both mind and body.”

Here is the screenshot.

Size 8

This comes after DJ Mo also withdrew his support.

Size 8 has deleted all the videos supporting DK Kwenye Beat’s apology that was posted up late last night.

Size 8 revealed that after posting the apology from DK Kwenye Beat, she reached out to the victim.

“After talking to Dk I also talked to the lady in question after finally getting her contact. She is such a nice lady.

And yes for sure she is in great pain I really feel her after our talk she at least felt the love of JESUS CHRIST but she didn’t expose the story out of bitterness she was just trying to create awareness to other ladies to be safe and not trust anyone.

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Adding, “Please the people judging her stop it if you don’t know someone’s past don’t judge the present. She is also completely changed working towards her dream of becoming a humanitarian and a counselor.

She continued, “My love goes out to her. And I believe she is going to be a great woman very soon. The journey of healing starts with one step. And by God’s grace am walking with her for total healing is a process. To DK Hopekid and the young lady, the devil is the greatest enemy here trying to destroy these three stars with his rubbish ashindwe IN JESUS NAME.”

Also it did not help that the gospel artistes were mocking their victim in an audio that was leaked online.

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‘It’s the devil that is following the ministers’ DK Kwenye Beat defends himself

DK Kwenye Beat has been making headlines this week after a lady exposed him of allegedly infecting her with Herpes.

Now, a disgraced DK Kwenye Beta spoke to Size 8 in a video interview yesterday where he revealed that lust is rampant in the gospel music industry.

However, he did not address the rumours that he had infected a 20-year-old college student with an STI nor did he address the threesome rumours.

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“It is not only me [struggling with sexual sin], we the ministers that have been called to the gospel, our biggest problem is the devil that is following the ministers in the world,”DK said.

He continued, “Me being one of the artistes at the top [of the gospel music industry] I know because the devil has been providing ways for us to get into lust and immorality.

“Sharing groupies in the gospel industry is a rampant practice, the gospel singers even share notes and give pointers on who they can get easily. So if one of them is infected with an STI, the body count will be monumental,” an industry insider who requested not to be named told Classic 105

dk kwenye beat

DK Kwenye Beat has since come out to apologize for having a threesome after screenshots of his conversation with the 20-year-old leaked online.

“I think last year is when I realized I was fired but I was still at work. Last year [November] is when I decided to walk in the will of God. I started my journey again with the Lord.”

Dk Kwenye Beat and Shanice

In a social media post he also apologised to his girlfriend, Shanice.

“I would wish to apologize to my girlfriend who has been nothing but supportive to me, especially during this difficult season. I would also wish to apologize to the church fraternity, my family, everyone who consumes my music and anyone who looks up to me I am Sorry.”


“I am not a perfect man. I am a fallen man but one that God is working on every day. I am a changed man from what I was back then. I am working my salvation with fear and trembling. Sadly this story has come out when I am on my way to complete reformation.”


There are also numerous audio recordings of his conversation with the girl where he is propositioning her on what sex styles she loves, begging her to come over among other lewd remarks.

About the story leaking, he said,

“What I can confirm is, whatever happened yesterday [the story leaking] It may seem as if I will blame the blogs but I thank God for the blogs. Whatever happened has brought me into the public for me to change my generation. I will be the sacrificial sheep for this generation. I will use the attention [I’m getting] to reach more souls and change lives. “It may look like shame for me today but it is changing lives. So I don’t take it as shame.”

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