DJ Mo’s new message shows his poor handling of cheating allegations

Dj Mo has suffered this week after he was accused of allegedly cheating on his wife. The body blows that he has taken are maybe comparable to what former American president Bill Clinton went through after he was accused of cheating on his wife with Monica Lewinsky.

My former statement might be a stretch but that doesn’t mean the Crossover101 presenter has suffered the past week. And his wife Size 8 has also been through the wringer (no fault of her own I might add).

While the Dj has been subdued about the allegations and only posted feel-good platitudes on his social media pages since then, it seems that his fighting spirit is still alive and kicking.

Apart from Size 8, these are the female celebs who have allegedly been cheated on

Yesterday, the father of two took to his Instagram stories with a cryptic message urging people to be keen on what they share or say. “Before you speak, let your words pass through these three gates: Is it True? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” read the poster.

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@djmokenya with some wise words.

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While I understand Dj Mo’s emotion, I find it hypocritical. He and his wife Size 8 started their own reality show, Dine with the Muraya’s where they said they would deal with their issues in an unfiltered and open manner.

This recent scandal has exposed the dishonesty in their argument. The two have decided to hide from speaking about the asteroid that crashed into their marriage.

Instead, the target of their ire has either being the devil (as Size 8 said after the allegations came out) or to blame people for speaking about what is a public issue (as Dj Mo said).

I can give Size 8 a pass for her silence, she has been a victim in this situation, Dj Mo not so much.

I would prefer if Dj Mo was to address the allegations head-on like men of old. If it isn’t true, he should sue Miss Wanyama, if it is true, he should apologise to his wife and fans.

But what do I know?

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Size 8, don’t leave Dj Mo even if he allegedly cheated on you! (opinion)

Size 8 and Dj Mo are probably facing the toughest moment in their married lives, I would wager much worse than the time they miscarried in late 2018.

Of course, for those of you who might be living under a rock, the issue at hand is the salacious allegations that are facing Dj Mo.

A woman named Margaret Wanyama claimed that she and the Crossover101 host had an affair. Her evidence was screenshots of messages the two had exchanged in the past. Some of the messages show the Dj in his birthday suit as he and the socialite exchanged nVdes and dirty talk.

The scandal caught many by surprise as the Dj has maintained a squeaky clean image over the years, although rumours had started popping up the last couple of months over his alleged philandering.

The demure response by the Dj to the allegations might point to the fact that they might be true. And if they are? What next for Size 8?

Interspersed within numerous messages of support for the entertainer on her Instagram page, are calls from fans for the mother of two to move on.

While that might sound smart and judicious, I would advocate for a different course of action, one that is highly controversial and unpalatable for many of you.

But hear me out…

Size 8 should stick with her man. My reasons are below:

-For her children. While Dj Mo might be an alleged philanderer, the man loves his children and tries to be involved in his kid’s lives. Kids do better in a two-parent home according to many studies.

-For her own sake-Moving on as a single mother of two is a tall task. Just ask Maureen Waititu and Betty Bayo. Many prospective husbands will frown on dating a woman who already has kids (baggage in crude language).

-Cheating is a nothing burger-In many African cultures, cheating wasn’t reason enough for a woman to leave her man. Why? The metric that was used for men then was simple?

Was he providing and protecting for his kith and kin? Yes. Was he meeting her s3xual needs? Yes. Was he physically abusing within measure? (this was the past, I will remind you) No. Then what was the problem?

Why DJ Mo will survive the cheating scandal that has rocked his marriage?

She should just tell the Dj to keep his magic stick wrapped and his alleged philandering on the down-low from now on.

-Money-The couple will make more money as the power-couple that they are at the moment than when they are apart. Her staying will cover him and keep the gravy train coming.

My reasons aside, Size 8 will ultimately have to make the choice of whether to stay or leave. And it will come down to the simple calculus-Can she live with this man in the same house as husband and wife anymore?

But what do I know?

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Size 8 speaks for the first time after Dj Mo’s cheating allegations emerged

The country came to a standstill ( I know I exaggerate) this week after allegations that Dj Mo had cheated on Size 8 came to the surface.

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

The couple who had already been facing a lot of marriage strife the past month over whether Dj Mo had strayed, had largely kept quiet about the recent news released by Edgar Obare.

But it seems that Size 8 has had time to re-calibrate. The singer finally released a statement on her Instagram page. Her message was par for the course as she went the spiritual route, not addressing the allegations that had rocked her marriage.

And who can blame her? Read her untruncated message below:

What has been said about my marriage has been said whether it is true or not I don’t know only God knows the whole truth and we cannot reverse what has been said. I’ve been angry and sad handling things physically but that stage is over for the bible says in Ephesians 6:12 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities rules of darkness mashetani And if any of us fight physically we are bound to fail coz the devil is the main enemy, not people. So no point of bitterness anger unforgiveness or fits of rage!!
To all women and men facing hard situations of all kinds in marriage, God is able to defend your homes let’s pray in the name of Jesus!!
LET THE MARRIAGE PRAYER MOVEMENT BEGIN FROM TODAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!! We meet live on my IG and Facebook on the 3rd day at 8 pm that is on Saturday for at least 30mins of praying together.

Look, I am the LORD, the God over every creature. Is anything too difficult for me!!! Jeremiah 32:27


@djmokenya @ladashabelle.wambo @muraya.jnr #themurayas #DineWithTheMurayas

For his part, Dj Mo posted a TBT video from the past showing the couple and their children enjoying quality time. The post is below:

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“Did you cheat on her?” Dj Mo responds to troubling accusation

Size 8 and DJ Mo are in possibly the worst period of their marriage. The Christian couple have been rocked by rumours that Dj Mo has been philandering around, something their latest show Dine withe the Muraya’s touched on this week.

In the episode, the couple’s spiritual parents have a sit-down with the couple so they could deal with their mounting issues.

During the episode, the Deejay gave his side of the story saying that all the cheating rumours had started after Size 8 unfollowed him on her Instagram page.

The man of God inquired whether he had actually cheated? Dj Mo said, “Sasa nitacheat aje? anajua. si umeskia amesemaa…Hakurudi home hio jioni. alienda kwa hotel na mbeshte zake na kesho yake akaniunfollow instagram. after that, blogs started writing stories that I had cheated and that’s why she unfollowed me.”

Adding,  “Alizima simu na hakuwa ana reply to my messages. Nilikuwa nafikiria nisiapologise na tuachane. Sijui kama tutaendelea na hii story. Mdomo kama hornbill ameshout hata sijui nitatokaje nje ya hii gate. Imecreate fracas mpaka kila mtu anajua nimecheat na nimefanya nini.”

Why DJ Mo will survive the cheating scandal that has rocked his marriage?

While he might have been upset about how his wife was behaving, Pastor Chege advised the Dj to relax and to sort out their issues telling him that no marriage is perfect.

While Dj Mo might have tried to come off as the innocent party in the whole issue, the latest expose’ by Edgar Obare has tarnished that image.

Maybe, Size 8 had already seen the smoke well before the public had seen the fires and he thought he could do some damage control with the episode.

But Margaret Wanyama came along…

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Why DJ Mo will survive the cheating scandal that has rocked his marriage?

Dj Mo is a man under siege. The man who has been married to Size 8 for 7 years is facing probably the rockiest patch in his marriage.

This is because of the allegations that emerged yesterday on Edgar Obare’s Instagram page. You see, the Dj was exposed by a lady claiming to be called Margaret Wanyama.

The lady claimed that she and the Dj had been having a s3xual affair over the years. She even presented evidence in the form of intimate photos of the Dj and also some of their intimate chats. The couple haven’t yet commented on the allegations from Margaret.

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

The mother of one’s expose’ was the talk of the town among Kenyans yesterday night with many wondering what would happen to their marriage and Dj Mo himself?

His marriage

I think this one is on its death-bed. There had already been a couple of scares the past month. First off was the rumour that he was cheating. Then came the other rumour that Size 8 had moved out of their matrimonial home due to the cheating.

Even this past week things seemed to be going all the way south with Size 8 and the Dj having a confrontation on their Dine with the Muraya’s show.

In the latest episode, one can see that the gospel singer is at her wits end with her husband while Dj Mo who wants to work things out seems to be tired and wanting an end to the cheating scandal. The episode is below:

So on this one, my guess is simple. They might break up but I do have a slight inclination that they might stay together. Why? Because divorce is highly-frowned upon among the Christian community and it would hurt their shared interests.

In fact, I think they will go to counseling and try to work on their issues. A chastened Dj Mo will issue an apology to her and Kenyans and life will go on.

His career

That will not suffer. As we have seen in the gospel industry before with many male celebs who had been caught in a scandal-they apologise to their fans and move on as if nothing happened.

Don’t forget a major tenet of Christianity is forgiveness, one that the apology will most likely feature.

Also, Kenyans have short memories. A new and better scandal will come about that will engulf this one and soon Dj Mo will have the shine on him like it never left.


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Marriage gani!? Size 8 asks as she and DJ Mo have fiery confrontation

Size 8 and Dj Mo’s marriage situation is up in the air. Are they squabbling at the moment of are their recent issues all being acted out to drum up support for their reality show, “Dine with the Muraya’s”.

The rumours have got so bad that it was even claimed that Dj Mo was cheating on the mother of his two kids, something that he has severally denied.

It was even claimed that she had moved out of their matrimonial home as a result and had been living at a local hotel.

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

Through this all, they keep shooting their popular show and their most recent might shed some light on the state of their marriage.

In a pre-recorded show, which is set to air on Dine with the Murayas, the altercation between the two is seen in better detail. It started with Size 8 being in the company of her friend and pastor, Joan Chege before Mo appeared much to the chagrin of his wife.

“Huyu [her husband] anado nini hapa? (what is this one doing here?),” she asked. Her deejay husband responded by telling her that he was there because he wanted their marriage to be OK.

But Size 8 was having none of it, asking him which marriage he was actually referring to. “Marriage gani?” she answered back.

She then went on to tell Mo what he had done wrong, “Hakunibembeleza na hukuapologise. aliniachanisha akaenda na mimi nikamuunfollow [instagram]’.

Dj Mo meanwhile spoke about his current situation telling his spiritual father pastor Chris,

“Iimecreate fracas mpaka kila mtu anajua nimecheat na nimefanya nini. Whatever! Kakinuka wacha kanuke.”

Size 8 was clearly upset and while Pastor Joan tried to calm her down, she said that she didn’t care what people said about her.

“Sijali chenye watu wanaconclude. waseme venye wanataka. right now i don’t care what they think about size 8. right now there’s no size 8 on this table.”

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DJ Mo speaks after viral video of him and Size 8 fighting emerged

Last week I wrote an article warning about the potential trouble brewing in the marriage of Dj Mo and Size 8 due to the couple allowing the public into their personal affairs. The article is below:

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

And it seems than no sooner had I written it than a viral clip of the two dropped that raised more questions than answers.

The video shows the couple who have been blessed with two kids in a heated exchange at a hotel. The video which was obtained by is below;

In the video, one can see that Size 8 is upset with her husband and tries to walk away from him. “…chenye unaniambia, ebu kwanza nkt…” she tells the Crossover101 presenter.

Dj Mo tries to make her stay as he pulls her back to the table forcing her to sit down while trying to calm her. “Kaa hapa,” he says.

But Size 8 isn’t having any of it as she declares that he should leave her be. “Sikai chini. wachana na mimi!”

Was the clip all for a show, clout or a real video of the two having a marriage tiff?’s Grace Kerongo called Dj Mo.

In the exclusive interview, Dj Mo at first told her that he didn’t have a comment about the video. When prodded further Dj Mo explaimed that he and his wife were in a good place. “Mimi niko sawa na bibi! (I’m at a good place with my wife)”.

My thoughts?

While Mo might say that things are great between he and his wife, I have my doubts. My advise would be a re-iteration of what I had said in the past-stop sharing every detail of your married lives.

In fact, they should take a break from social media, while they work on your marriage.

But what do I know?

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The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

DJ Mo and Size 8 have been in the news a lot lately. Although the two were already A-class celebs the press surrounding them has increased 10-fold in 2020.

The reason for that is their new show “Dine with Muraya’s” their half-hour NTV show that showcases the nitty-gritty detail of their lives. Some of the scandalous things that have aired on the show are in some of the articles below:

“Mkono mtupu haulambwi!” Size 8 tells DJ Mo as couples marriage drama continues

My money is ours while yours is for your family! DJ Mo complains to Size 8

‘She is clingy and nagging,’ DJ Mo accuses Size 8 of making marriage boring

I don’t want a divorce! Size 8 gives reason for her constant nagging

The show which airs on NTV every Monday at 10 pm, has been hugely successful among Kenyans with many praising its raw nature.

The two who have been married for seven years and been blessed with two children have let the public into the skeletons in their marriage closet-from bedroom affairs to doing business as a couple.

It has also made the Muraya’s a lot of money especially in these times of Covid-19 where many wallets have shrunk mightily.

Those benefits aside, I see have a nagging feeling that the show which was supposed to promote positive and real examples of marriage in the modern African context will do harm to its own stars.

You see, while the Muraya’s might be candid about sharing their deep and personal issues with their Kenyans, they can’t control for what the public will inevitably think.

If public opinion can shape a country’s direction, what could it do to a 7-year marriage? A lot is what I think. The nuance that is involved between two people in a marriage cannot be quite expressed through a 3 month show much less a 20-minute episode.

I might be wrong but I think the old phrase from the sages, “Do not air your dirty linen in public” is apropos for this article.

Most successful marriages keep an air of mystery as to the on-goings between them, especially the scandalous topics. And if/when they talk about them it is after a long time has past and the couple has been able to heal and deal with those issues.

These marriages succeed because the couple is able to deal with their issues away from prying eyes/nosy people. A healthy marriage is a united front, from the public-critics and fans alike.

For me, DJ Mo and Size 8 are endangering their already successful marriage as long as they continue airing their issues in public.

I hope my predictions are wrong for a couple that I hold in high esteem.

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I threw him out with his clothes – Size 8 reveals about husband

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo decided to take their every squabble and marriage issue into the public domain, following the likes of Bahati and Diana Marua.

The two gospel celebs have shown every crevice, crack and joy in their marriage the past year on their show, “Dine with the Muraya’s”.

While some might like the tea that is served on weekly basis I still think that it is something that has more possible drawbacks than benefits.

‘Fake news is hilarious,’ Joyce Maina responds to allegations that she is dating DJ Mo

 The couple’s most recent episode served more tea with Size 8 revealing that she had once thrown out her husband during their marriage.

‘There is a time I threw Dj Mo and all his things out. It took the pastors intervention for me to open the door. Marriage is a union that constantly needs God’s grace. The years we have been together (7) I would even call the ancestors, every time I caught him doing something I would cause drama. even going through his phone is not worth it.”

And what did the Dj have to say? His advice was simple, a reiteration of an earlier statement he has said in the past,

“Marry your best friend and be ready for anything. We are not perfect. The problems people go through is what we are going through as well.”

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Ati mother of 2! DJ Mo goes gaga for Size 8 as she dons lacy bikini (photo)

Gospel entertainer DJ Mo and Size 8 are the celebrity couple who don’t mind sharing every intimate detail in their life. The two have increased their exposure to the public in a way that even Bahati and Diana Marua would be envious of.

Bahati with Diana Marua

The two have increased their exposure so much so that every minuscule detail is revealed by the couple (and I am not complaining, it means more tea for you and me!)

What’s the latest from the couple? Size 8 has been under attack from trolls online that are telling her to dress decently, yes even while on vacation.

Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo
Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

And DJ Mo is not having any more of the nonsense and decided to come out in support of the mother of his 2 kids. The Crossover 101 host praised his singer wife as she had worn a breathtaking, lacy bikini that was off-white and it showed off her curvaceous her body was.

“Mkono mtupu haulambwi!” Size 8 tells DJ Mo as couples marriage drama continues

DJ Mo waxed lyrical about how pretty she looked in the ensemble and let his fans know all that belonged to him. His caption read;

Huyu ni wa Topa and she can’t swim na kitenge 😂. Unaweza sana babe 😍😍😍 @size8reborn

Size 8 in bikini
Size 8 in bikini

This past month, both Maureen Waititu and Mammito have all come under criticism for wearing bikini’s as they were enjoying sometime in the sun.

Maureen Waititu on the beach

One wonders what these critics want these women to do? Should they drape themselves in carpets when they are vacationing or should they never ever go out for a swim? Just asking…

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“Mkono mtupu haulambwi!” Size 8 tells DJ Mo as couples marriage drama continues

DJ Mo and Size 8’s relationship looks like it is constantly under siege-that is if you look at their reality TV show. The couple seem to be having more squabbles ever since they started their new show.

And it will not stop anytime soon as evidenced by Size 8’s recent comment about how the father of her 2 children to either treat her right or give up the union.

Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo
Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

In their recent episode of Dine with the Murayas, the gospel artist confronted her husband for failing to match up to her female friends’ standards; some have two house helps, others are treated to some chocolate every evening they come home but in her case, it is as dry as the Sahara.

But he was having none of that and retorted quickly with a warning to her, “Unaweza wajoin uende uhame na ukae nao. Kila wiki unafanya booking kwa kila mmoja wao.”

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo

But the singer still had the bit in her teeth and said as much saying that a woman should be spoilt by her husband and DJ Mo was nowhere close to that. “Juzi kwa chama, kina Beki walinunua Rangerover Sport mypa wacha hii yetu mzee.”

My money is ours while yours is for your family! DJ Mo complains to Size 8

And do you think DJ Mo submitted to his wife’s will? Nope. The two clearly love the back and forth and the Crossover host responded by giving his wife an anecdote of how his friend is treated by his wife.

“You see my friend Mike, when he gets home, the first thing, his wife offers him a glass of juice. My friend Jose, when he comes back to work in the evening, his wife massages his feet with warm water.”

Size 8 with DJ Mo

But that still wasn’t good enough for Size with the light-skinned singer retorting that that type of treatment isn’t reserved for husbands who come home empty-handed. “My husband, mkono mtupu haulambwi! Give and it shall come back to you.”

And what did each want from the other? Mo wanted his wife to welcome him home every evening with a glass of juice and kneel when she serves him dinner.

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo

Size 8 wanted her husband to serenade her with charming words, have a 6-pack and wait for it….buy her a Range Rover Sport.

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My money is ours while yours is for your family! DJ Mo complains to Size 8

Size 8 and DJ Mo’s relationship issues seem to have increased in manifold fashion since their reality show begun a few months ago.

The couple seems to be having more and more issues as the days go by. Or maybe it’s because they are so petty and that is seen in their new dramas.

Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo
Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

Recently during the airing of their show, Dj Mo complained about the place of a home provider and complaining about it only lowers the rank of a man in the family.

During their weekly TV show, DJ Mo was heard complaining:

“In this house, my money is ours. But pesa yako (Size 8), ni ya familia yako. Size 8 akitaka makeup, mara kanywele, hakuna avocado, hakuna nini…pesa yote ni yangu. Do you feel that is an issue? Unafeel kama nimekuonea…do you understand where I was coming from?”
Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo
Size 8 didn’t take her husband’s criticism lying down and immediately retorted telling him that he can only complain about that to God otherwise, he needs to plan himself as the man of the house.

“Si unajiitanga Topadetop DJ Mo, kuwa topa ata kwa nyumba. Fanya kila kitu. Si unajiweza, mbona unacomplain?”

‘She is clingy and nagging,’ DJ Mo accuses Size 8 of making marriage boring

She then went on to castigate her husband for airing such dirty linen in public considering they had invited Evelyne Wanjiru and her hubby.

“Ai Mo, enyewe babe haukuwangi serious hii ndio kesi umeita kina Evelyne wakuje wasolve, story haiko ni revenge tu unajaribu kufanya?”

Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo
Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

Although reality shows that show people’s marriages might be good for their wallets, I believe that they inevitably cause more damage than good in the long run for those relationships. But what do I know?

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Size 8 shares empowering message as she turns 33


Size 8 turned 33-years-old on Tuesday August 4. And to say happy birthday to herself,  the Gospel singer posted a photo to her 2M Instagram followers with a message admitting how tough life has been, but God has seen her through.

Today is my 33rd Birthday wow look at Jesus!!! Yani guys allow me to testify. Mimi ni Dame wa ksouth and I’ve seen God lift me from one level to another and the journey has not been smooth but the GRACE OF GOD HAS HELD ME!! DEPRESSION SICKNESS DEATH ETC NEVER PUT ME DOWN MY GOD HAS BEEN MY DEFENCE!!! Am so overwhelmed by Gods amazing Grace in my life!! Guys all I am is the doing of my God in Christ Jesus!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!
Cheers to new BEGINNINGS!!! New Year!! New levels!!! New seasons!!!!

Akothee unfollwed Zari after ‘re-evaluating friendship’

Size 8 has definitely had a rough 2019, that includes a tough pregnancy that almost killed her. However since deliverying her baby boy, she has been staying positive about her life and more.

Size 8 turns 33 August 4th

Size 8 revealed her excitement for her birthday at the beginning of the month

8 THE NUMBER OF NEW BEGINNINGS!! Am size 8 born on the 8 month 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
It’s the month of August and yeeeeeeepppppyyyy this is the month I was born. HALLELUJAH am turning 33 years in 3 days i cant believe it!!! Yani nani kama Yesu!! God has been too faithful uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii!!!! Death where is you sting Jesus Christ never allowed me to die I am alive and all your attempts to silence me have failed!!! Am so greatful to God my Father in Christ Jesus!!! Am not saying my life is perfect kwanza kuna tuvitu tuna ni chokesha but you cant compare to the many things God has done for me!!! I never died in the emergency room the many times I’ve been rushed in uuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii 33years in 3 days!!! God my Jehovah who be like you!!! MY FAITHFUL GOD MY DEFENDER!!


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I don’t want a divorce! Size 8 gives reason for her constant nagging

Ever since Size 8 and DJ Mo started featuring on their own reality TV show, the couple seem to be having more and more issues.

Funny thing is that the issues tend to be one-sided emerging mostly from Size 8 who feels that her nagging might mess up her marriage with the father of her two kids.

I never wore panties before I got saved! Size 8 reveals

She made the revelation on their NTV show saying that the reason she acted that way was that she didn’t want their marriage destroyed over a lack of communication.

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo

“I have a good reason as to why I am always calling him. I admit I am wrong and I have done all those things he has accused me of, but please ask him to understand me,” the musician told a pastor who had visited them.

This is after DJ Mo had complained that he rarely gets peace as his wife is always checking up on him. She said that her intentions should not be misinterpreted as her not trusting the man in her life who has complained that he feels like their marriage was becoming too difficult as the mistrust grew by the day.

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo

“If there is one thing I do not want for me or my kids, it is a divorce,” Size 8 pointed out. While Size 8 might think that she is right in what she is doing she should watch out.

The Bible which she and her Christian husband claim to follow speaks about the stress a nagging woman can have on her husband. Proverbs 21:9 reads, “Better to live on the corner of a roof, than to share a house with a nagging wife.”


Size 8 with DJ Mo
The gospel singer with DJ Mo

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‘She is clingy and nagging,’ DJ Mo accuses Size 8 of making marriage boring

Celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo have been opening up about their marriage on their reality TV show ‘Dine With The Muarayas’ on NTV. Recently, DJ Mo complained that Size 8 has been nagging thus making marriage become work and boring


 Mo complained that Size 8 is insecure for always calling him even when he is in meetings


Size 8 defended herself saying that she is just a concerned wife.



Size 8 and DJ Mo have been married for years and are blessed with two kids. DJ Mo once complained that Size 8 wears  unattractive t-shirts in the house that affects his desire for her, forcing him to burn the items.

Why Size 8 doesn’t like DJ Mo hugging other women

I never wore panties before I got saved! Size 8 reveals

As far as scandalous things go, Size 8 has said her fair share of things in the media. The mother of two isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind even it might be shocking and inappropriate to some.

An example of this trait of hers was when she revealed that her husband DJ Mo wasn’t servicing her s3xual needs a few months ago. This statement while off the cuff and controversial for some was par for the course and is a part of who she is and that is one of the reasons I love the gospel singer-She is REAL.

Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo
Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

And that realness will not stop there as the singer recently dropped another interesting tidbit about her personal life. In a question and answer session with a certain radio station, Size 8 disclosed that she had never ever worn underwear before she got saved.

‘Bien will soon be singing for Jesus,’ Size 8 details convincing reasons why

The mother of two had been asked if she ever walked commando in town and she did not shy away from saying yes. “Yes, I would walk around with no panties those days before I got saved,” she said.

She also addressed rumours that she and Dj Mo have been having marriage issues stating that their marriage is very good. “Life in my marriage is very sweet. In fact, it is all fun. Enjoyment,” she said.

Size 8 with DJ Mo
Size 8 with DJ Mo

Unlike Betty Kyallo who calls her exes while drunk, the singer explained that her ego wouldn’t allow her to call lovers who have ever parted ways. “I have never been drunk to the extent of calling my ex. My pride would not have allowed me. My ego was as big as KICC,” she added.

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Size 8 comes clean on reports that her marriage to DJ Mo is in trouble

The effects of increased exposure to the public are a double-edged sword. Just ask musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua.

The pro has been that the couple is making a lot of money as a result of the reality shows that they have been featured on. The con has been that their relationship has been featured negatively most of the time with speculation rife about on-goings among the couple.

Bahati with Diana Marua kissing
Bahati with Diana Marua kissing

That same issue seems to be facing fellow celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo. The two have recently launched their own reality TV show, while Size 8 herself has another show of her own on Switch TV.

I almost died so many times – Size 8 narrates about her pregnancy journey

This increased exposure while having a great impact on her cheque book has also opened her up to increased rumors from the gallery.

Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

Size 8 was recently interviewed on radio were she addressed claims that she and her husband MO were having issues in their marriage, dismissing them as baseless.

She went on to state that all is well and that they are happy. “Ni kuzuri zaidi yaani ni kujienjoy tu. Enjoyment,” said Mama Wambo.

The radio hosts had claimed that they had received information from some quarters that all wasn’t well between the couple.

“Wanasema kwamba wewe na hubby mko tu pale for the camera lakini behind the scenes ni kubaya mbaya,” one of the radio presenters had asked.

DJ Mo with Size 8
DJ Mo with Size 8

The couple is normally candid about the issues in their marriage. A few months ago Size 8 went viral after she complained that her husband was s3xually starving her.

“Babe tumekaa three weeks hatujahave se3 kwa hii nyumba fault ni yako nikikupigia simu sijui uko na maboyz sijui unafanya nini na maboys,” complained Size 8.

I think that the couple looks good on screen and I admit that that might be great acting on their part. My bullsh*t meter tells me that they are a healthy couple with all the ups and downs that come with a normal marriage.

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I almost died so many times – Size 8 narrates about her pregnancy journey

As days pass by, the more we get to understand how tough and arduous gospel singer Size 8’s pregnancy journey was while getting her second child, Muraya Junior.

The almost always smiling Size 8 explained how her 7-month old was a miracle and a constant reminder not to give up on God no matter the circumstance.

Size 8 smiling

She said this while showing off her son’s bedroom that had been transformed into an awesome space by a team from Little cribs.

“Aki huyu mtoto ako blessed. Hii room inakaa amazing. Mimi bado siamini. His Journey was not easy, we almost lost him. I almost died so many times, my pressures were high and nikiingia hii room sai am just seeing how God is faithful… this is my best place in the house, hako katoto kamepitia sana… Naflash back akiwa ICU and then amaadaktari wamemzunguka and that was 3am in the morning and when I see this its wow!”

Size 8 holding her baby boy

She added,

“Its been a journey I thought my boy @muraya.jnr would never make it out of the ICU @rfh_healthcare surrounded by doctors. I almost gave up on God now see God look how beauty His room is. NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD!!!!”

DJ Mo removes impediment preventing him from “servicing” Size 8 regularly

Muraya Junior was born at 34 weeks in late 2019 following an emergency C-section. The couple revealed that after the caesarian-section the baby was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where he was kept for a few weeks before being allowed to go home.

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