‘My husband never cheated on me’ Size 8 finally addresses infidelity rumor

Size 8 has finally addressed the allegations that had been going round that her husband is cheating on her months ago leaving many in shock.

This is after several photos of DJ MO and his Cross Over co -host Grace Ekirapa started doing rounds online leaving many speculating that there was more than meets the eye.

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Speaking about it during an interview heard by Classic 105 Size 8 say those were nothing but rumors.

“Getting saved was a danger to my job as an artiste because my fans were not used to my gospel songs

I locked myself up in the house for at least two weeks because i thought i was the queen of sin.”

Size 8

DJ Mo has been a very supportive man – from what we see on social media – in their marriage, and despite all that, rumors have been circulating that he might just have been cheating on Size 8.

“It’s not true. my husband has never stepped out of our marriage. those are just rumors from people.”

So much has been going on in Size 8’s life, not only the rumors but also losing her unborn child.

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It has not been an easy journey and in her new song, ‘Nitembe Na Wewe’ she confesses that it is her prayer this new year.

“My everyday prayer is to walk with God at all times whether i have or not. My heart’s desire is you oh Lord.”

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Size 8 And Dj Mo Cozy Up As They Enjoy Holiday In Qatar

DJ Mo and Size 8 sure do need a holiday.

The TV host and VJ was last seen in the public eye for having being accused of soliciting money to play music and feature him on interviews at the popular sunday show, Cross Over 101.

DJ Mo and Size 8/ Instagram

So they took to social media their vaccay plan and they were heading to Doha, Qatar.

Hey Doha here we come ready to spread the gospel. The Murayas size8reborn and djmokenya will be at Strato hotel along old airport road on the 9th of this March yani this Friday. We start at 4pm tell a friend to tell a friend. I must say am happy tuko na wahukagwi pia yeeeeepppyyy not forgetting mcpricekenya

Maybe not so much of a holiday than a ministry but you can not fly out to just work and no play. Their social media has given us a glimpse of what is going on in their holiday life in Doha as they have met fans there.

Size 8 was the one posting photos of their ministry work while Dj Mo gave us the fun side of Doha.

Here are pictures:







Kibandaski Of All Places! Check Out Where DJ Mo Took Size 8 For Breakfast (Video)

The Murayas are a happy family. They were blessed with their bundle of joy, Ladasha Belle, who has made the family even happier. She checked into the Muraya household in 2015.

Both of them are Christians and its natural for their daughter to embrace Christianity while still a child and previously she was seen sharing a stage with her mother on the show she airs called Pambio Live.

A video has emerged of showing how DJ Mo who hosts TV show Cross Over 101 took his wife for breakfast at a very general public place which is not their standards anyway and they both seemed to enjoy themselves.

DJ Mo stated that they were going for a church meeting and his wife took a long time applying makeup and apparently they both had no breakfast. Since Size 8 was hungry, they had to look for a place to eat and the only place DJ Mo saw was a ‘kibanda’ or a kiosk where they ordered tea and chapo.


Check out the video below:

Here are comments from fans:


Charoh: Mo u r full of udigital if u had to take such a great woman to’mtaro ya sewage’ size 8 ur very humble ..kama ni mm l would have failed the test walai ..kwanza ya vyombo

Rehinnas: Kibandaski. …. now that is Romance

Njeri: Uko ni githurai kwa 15k AMA….size8 ucjali uko Na Jaguar XE

Nancy: Hiyo ni so romantic

Ann: Good thing ulikula tu vizuri bila maringo.cheers to that

Collins: Kwa mama mwangi corner hotel

Rufina: Hapo ndipo kudos lovebirds

Faith: Do for others what you want to be done unto theee

Djeuphorique: Halo uliweza bro iyo kibanda ulikua dopeeeeee


Size 8 And DJ Mo Celebrate Their 4th Anniversary Jotting Down Special Messages To Each Other

Size 8 and DJ Mo have been categorized as a power couple ever since they confirmed that they are actually an item a few years back. But many were not sure if they were actually married or it was more like a come we stay situation, but they made it clear they did the traditional wedding.

DJ Mo and size 8

Well, the Muraya’s are celebrating four years in marriage and they couldn’t hide their joy as they took to social media to pour their hearts to each.

Size 8 wrote, Wow wow swity I can’t believe it’s been FOUR years now. What a beautiful story God was writing. The ups the down the laughter the joy the tears the wins the looses all the memories i hold so dear. I love you swity and the time we ‘ve shared together. 😍😍😍😍😍💗💞………. What a journey we are in together cannot wait to see everything else unfold. God thank you for this miracle.”


DJ Mo was not one to be left behind as he too had nothing but sweet words for Size 8 as he also revealed how things have not been easy.

Siamini…#TheMurayas -Today is our 4th Year Marriage Anniversary.

In fairy tales and na movie za Hollywood, people marry and live happily ever ever after. In real life marriage is far from that. As I write this, I am torn between laughing, wailing or saying, if I made it this far, there is a God.
While my Marriage to Linet @size8reborn wa Mo has not been a walk in the park tuko na plus kibao. We have been through ups and downs, many lows and highs but we are still here.


There are times I have driven so far away trying to get away from my wife’s craziness only to feel her irreplaceable presence during the drive and long to find her at my destination.
My wife cooks the best food I have ever tasted na najua mara mob, if I was her trying to cook for a husband like me, ningekuwa nisha weka ratrat 😞 coz I know I have driven her up all sorts of walls (Jericho notwithstanding 😃) but her wisdom, love, patience and commitment to our marital journey is unwavering. (hapo nayo nimelia kiasi).”

Dj Mo And Size Celebrate Their Daughter’s First Birthday In Style (Photos)

Gospel singer Size 8 and her loving husband DJ Mo are among the most blessed couple. The two have openly shared their journey as a couple even from way back before Size 8 got saved. Dj Mo is the one who actually guided his wife into salvation and walking her through it hand in hand.


The two did a traditional wedding secretively and many realised it afterwards when they announced it. Then they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl called Ladasha, whom they have constantly shared her growth and milestones on social media. Ladasha even has her own Instagram account with more than 90K followers. Some of us have been on instagram on years and we barely have 1k followers, shame.

Size 8 and Dj Mo

Anyway, Ladasha is no longer a baby as she is finally one year old. Her parents were super excited about it considering the first birthday is always so special.

Size 8 was even jotted a special message for her daughter that read, “Wow my princess @ladashabelle is one year old today. Waaaaaa time has flown by so quickly. Mammy @ladashabelle you are a miracle sent by God. You came to our lifes and brought so much joy i never thot was. Mama i love you God loves you and as we celebrate your day today here at Girrafe Ark Game Lodge nyeri may God be glorified for he is the one who did it for us to have you.”

The party was held at Girrafe Ark Game Lodge in Nyeri which saw their family and friends come together to celebrate the milestone.

Check out photos from the birthday below;