I Won’t Leave My Child Motherless Because I Want To Please Society! Cries Popular Radio Pesenter

Popular radio presenter, Annita Raey has penned down an emotional message outpouring her heart heart out regarding the single mother issue which has time and again been used as a source of weapon against women.
The Radio Jambo host a single mother of two is well known as a strong defender of single mothers and a powerful crusader against violence on women.
In her long post, she explains why she might never get married since she doesn’t think it is her cup of tea and that she is ready to face the societal hate and judgements directed towards women who have chosen to take care of their families on their own.
“I will not leave my kid motherless because I want to please society.” She says
Read her post below,
I refused to die for love, I refused to die for a man , I refused to be a statistic. I will not be a name on a cross because I was trying to work on us. I will not leave my kid motherless because I want to please society.
Who said that marriage is patience, who said that I should die working on a relationship. Raised by a society that teaches us not to talk about our marital problems, that teaches us that its between the both of you and a third or fourth party is a bad idea. You keep quiet and pray that it will fix itself, that you will learn to live with the beating, the cheating, the emotional distress, the depressions.
When you have no self esteem left, he has made you feel useless, no other man can love you, you hate your own body, you are not comfortable in your own skin.
Do you know what is means not to want to wake up in the morning , have you ever wished death, wanted to sleep time and not wake up in the morning ..have you ever questioned the existence of God and everything heavenly… wondered if being a woman was such a crime coz this felt like punishment ..Forget labour pains this hurts more, it kills you when you are alive it takes away your soul and leaves you void. You are dead alive.
After that you ask why we have single mums, you ask why we choose life over death, you ask why we chose to rise after being crushed to death, you ask why we choose our kids over a man, why we choose to be a story not a statistic, why we choose to be an inspiration .
She goes on to express her greatest value and motivation in life which is her two kids, whom she is ready to give up everything for since they are her pride.
I am a single mum of two kids, I have two different baby daddies, I am a testimony. I am so proud of who I have become…. Have you seen me and my babies, have you seen how happy I am.. Am glowing, am happy and content … I have fallen so many times, I have hit rock bottom and still managed to wake up. Look at me .. take a good look at me now, am alive and am living, I have no shame , I have no regrets, I have no remorse for leaving you, I feel no shame in in saying i have two kids .. I risk not finding love its okay they are love in unconditional… I risk never getting married, I am divorced marriage might not be my cup of tea.. I risk being shamed and blamed by society, its okay my pride is in my kids..
Am not scared of people who are intimidated by my power, by my will to live ,, by my will to raise my kids right… We step up to raise kids because some man out there decided he is not willing to be responsible enough, we raise kids alone because some man out there could not stay away from other women, we raise kids alone because some man out there will not stop beating women, we raise kids alone because mes some men out there have decide that dad is a title they don’t wanna have…
I am a single mum of two and that will always be my greatest title.

Should Single Women LOWER Their Standards In Order To Find Husbands? Kenyan Men Speak Out (AUDIO)

Ladies, would you lower your expectations to secure a relationship and have a man in your life?

Well on our morning conversation today with Larry Asego, that was the main topic, regarding single women who complain they can’t find good men, yet they have set very high standards and expectations for the men they want in their lives.

According to crazy Monday; “When it comes to choosing a boyfriend, these girls seem to have quite a high regard of themselves, such that the urban areas is teeming with disgruntled women who cannot find a partner.”

single woman

The male writer went on to add; “As a woman looking for a soul mate, if you want to place your premium next to the stratosphere, you can only have yourself to blame if your love life is as hopeless as a dirty coop.”

Larry Asego wanted to know if this is actually a problem when it comes to single women not having or finding a man who they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Some Kenyan men called and gave their views on this topic, saying that women who wait on perfect men will never get married, as others claimed that women need to lower their standards because a man may get better with time.

Listen to the full conversation below.


‘Stop Showing Off Your Cleavage,’ KTN’s Yvonne Okwara Gives Her CANDID Advice To Single Women On How To Attract a GOOD Men

KTN news anchor Yvonne Okawara recently decided to give her two cents on why some women are single and why they should stop saying that there are no longer good men to date.

The celebrated TV girl is married to Andrew Matole, after they exchanged vows at a private wedding back in December 2014.

According to Okwara, most single ladies she’s met always say that “Good Men are hard to find” something she totally disagrees with, because to her, “Good Men aren’t hard to find, they are just hard to entice and win over.”


The stunning journalist then went on to expound why she felt that good men are still there, saying that it’s just hard to entice them or get their attention because they don’t get attracted by cosmetics looks.

Yvonne Okwara went on to reveal that men don’t pursue women based on things like showing off cleavage, or winding one’s behind aka twerking;

Trust me, Good Men aren’t hard to find, it is just hard to get their attention. The thing is….Good Men are not easily enticed and don’t respond to all these cosmetic looks that women throw.Dont get me wrong here….
Such men notice such things, but they dont make decisions to pursue a woman based on such things. So…
– wearing some tight clothes
-Showing off your Cleavage
-Winding your Behind
-Posting drama on facebook
May get you the attention of an Ordinary Man, but they won’t land you a Man of Substance.


The celebrated and down to earth news presenter then went on to give ladies a list of things that will attract the attention of a good man, which has nothing to do with the physical appearance or looks;

To attract the attention of a “Good Man”, you will have to work harder than that. How about showing off…
-your Character instead of your Cleavage
-your Brains instead of your “Behind” and
-your love for God instead of your love for Clothes.

To finish off her dose of truth to single ladies, Yvonne Okwara finished her post by telling women to be more strategic than just beautiful and looking pretty; “To get the attention of a Good Man, be more STRATEGIC than BEAUTIFULL!”

There you have it, single ladies, maybe now you can go out there and try and attract a good man instead of whining the way there aren’t any nice men left to date anymore. Good luck!

LONELY HEARTS! 5 Reasons Why Some Ladies Didn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day came and went, and lovers all over the world celebrated each other in one way or the other.

It’s obvious that this day is mostly made for those who are in relationships or are married, with most of the women having more of the fun since the day is somewhat considered a lady’s day.

Most of those women who celebrated this lover’s day were either taken out for candlelit dinners, received flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, shoes – all those cliche things – and for the lucky ones, some even received brand new cars.

Valentine's Day

But the truth of the matter is that not everyone enjoyed this day or had fun. For them, this was just a normal day where they went about their typical routines, then headed back home.

Love Behind Bars: This Is How Women Prisoners Spent Their Valentine’s Day

For those who didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, this may be because of their own personal reasons, and I cannot claim to know each one. How about we delve into some of the reasons that might have led some ladies not to celebrate this romantic day.

1. They Are Single
This is most definitely one of the obvious reasons why a lady could have decided to skip celebrating Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a better half, then it would not sense unless you’re buying yourself flowers. For some single ladies, they decide to celebrate the day by appreciating family or close friends.

2. Valentines Day Is Not That Important
For some couples, this day doesn’t signify anything and at the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating love and your better half every day of the year. After all, who said that if your man or woman doesn’t treat you or buy you something special on Valentine’s, they don’t love you. Other ladies get presents every weekend…

sad-black-woman (1)

3. They Got Dumped The Day Before/Same Day
Yes, there are some guys or ladies who actually dump their better halves on Valentine’s Day and instead of celebrating love, you start nursing heartbreak. For some people, it’s not planned and issues just crop up towards at that time, while for some, they might have had a few options and it happens they decided to go for the other one instead of you.

LOVER OF LOVE! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Would Kiss a Guy On The First Date & Reveals Her Ideal Man (Video)

4. The Guy Went Missing/Quiet
When a man has more than one woman, most of the time he will pull a quick one on the side chick because he has to be with his main lady or wife. Some mistresses aka “clandes” usually know that this man will not be around and maybe the only consolation they get is him sending some cash.

5. Long Distance Relationships
If you are dating a man who works in another country, there’s nothing much you can do on Valentine’s Day, other than act like it’s a normal day for you. Of course, the man will video call or something of the sort, and wish you a good one, but his presence (or lack of) makes a big difference. But hey, at least you have a man.




8 Questions Every Single Woman Should Ask Herself

There are so many songs, anthems and books in the world that empower single women to live the best lives they can while building careers and managing love lives. And while each one helps push single women forward, we still have the task of uplifting ourselves to be sure we are living our best lives while on what seems to be a constant mission to find love. Single women do so much to keep everything and everyone around them afloat, but one thing we fail to do is take time to evaluate who we are, where we’re going in life, and how we truly feel about our relationship status. Every now and then we should ask ourselves a series of questions and answer them honestly to be sure that we’re headed in a prosperous direction. Here are a few questions every single woman should ask herself.

1. Am I Genuinely Happy By Myself
Asking this is imperative because many women believe that having a mate will somehow solve their problems, make them happy and provide them with a productive life. If you’re not happy with who you are flying solo, chances are you won’t be happy with someone else. Find happiness within yourself and don’t rely on others to bring it to you.

2. Why am I still single?
We hear answers for this question from others, but we don’t ask ourselves. Honestly, answering this will allow us to evaluate the person we are, the relationships we have encountered and what we did while in these relationships. While many of us would like to think that we are the perfect catch for anyone, the harsh reality is we’re not. We should take some time to really ask and think about why we are single without giving ourselves the cliche answers. You know all of them: “I’m not ready to be in a relationship,” “I can have somebody, I just don’t want a relationship right now,” or my personal favorite, “There aren’t any good men out there anymore!” While these answers may have some truth to them, there are other answers to this question deeply rooted in our hearts that we need to be honest about.

3. Am I taking full advantage of my single life
Many times we’re so focused on getting married that we miss out on the beauty of being single. When we’re single, that’s the time to focus on who we are as spiritual beings. Not only that, but we should build our careers, travel, serve in our purpose, get to know who we truly are and create a balance for ourselves until the time comes for us to be married…if it comes. If and when the time comes for you to be married you’ll wish you had taken full advantage of the time you have now to do the things listed and so much more.

4. What kind of relationships do I need and deserve
Sometimes we settle for less in love because we believe there aren’t any good men to have stable and productive relationships with. This isn’t true. Why do we do this? We don’t realize our self-worth and the value of being single. Ladies, if you’re settling for less in your relationships, stop immediately! See the beauty in who you are as a single woman, establish reasonable standards and wait for the relationship you need to help make you an even better woman than you already are.

5. What have i learned from each relationship?
Whether we realize it or not, each relationship we encounter comes about to teach us lessons that make us better people for life, not just for another love affair. If you have not learned anything from your past loves or you’re not learning from your current ones, you’re not trying to. Take some time and think about how this person is making you better or worse. People come and go for a reason. Each time they do you should take away something valuable from them. If you haven’t, then you’ve wasted your time (and their time too).

6. Am I single because of me
Many don’t want to ask this question because it could bring out the ugly truth. What is that truth? That you may not be a good person to be in a long-term relationship with. And while nobody is perfect, some people are harder to love than others because of how they treat the people around them.

7. Am I ready to be someone’s wife
A lot of women are eager to jump the broom but often fail to realize the many responsibilities and expectations that come with marriage. A woman’s needs are often put on the back burner to ensure that her household is taken care of, and she must make some sacrifices to ensure that. Ladies, is this something you’re prepared to do?

8. Am I confident enough to be whom I am without getting married
This question brings to light the possibility that you may not get married. Answering this can be difficult, but it’s a question that must be answered truthfully. If you answer no, then take some time and ask yourself why. What will it take to get to a place of peace? Even if you answer yes, you may want to evaluate your reasons and do what you need to in order to maintain that confidence.