Don’t Mess With Kenyans! This Woman Decided To Ask How Single People Survive. The Responses She Got Will Leave You In Stitches

It’s that time of the year where people who are married or are in relationships are better off than single ones. I’m talking about the cold season where cuddling comes in handy.

But how essential or important is it to be in a relationship and what benefits does it have over someone else who is not dating?

A certain lady took to Twitter to make a sensitive comment about people who single or mot dating, which happened to be a big mistake.


The female user under the name Miss Keen, trolled single men and women with this comment that caused an uproar on the social media platform;

How do single people survive? (Followed by a crying emoticon)

This did not go so well with Kenyans On Twitter who found the tweet disrespectful and unnecessary, with some wondering whether she has been dating all her life or whether she was born with a boyfriend.

This causes a backlash from other Kenyans, who decided to respond to the clap back, that had been retweeted 5.4K times. Check out how annoyed Kenyans On Twitter attacked the woman who decided to go in on single people.






Are Single People Enemy To Married Folk?

Today’s conversation was based on a caller who said that when one gets married, they should drop all their single friends.

He said that a married person should not hangout with single people because they will affect you in certain ways.

Mwalimu was in complete agreement with the man and said that “Once you’re married your thinking changes.”

It seems that single people are an enemy to married folk. Listen to what the listeners had to say: