Kenyan men confess the outrages reasons they refuse to date single a mum

Do Kenyan men avoid single Kenyan mum’s like the plaque? Yes they do, based on an online thread by men stating why they would avoid single mum’s at all cost.

The perspectives of avoiding single mums were shared on Classic 105, with many telling Maina Kageni that they unapologetically refuse to date single mum.

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The reasons behind their decision vary. Read a sample below:

  1. Single mums come with alot of drama:
    if her first man was unable to handle her coz she is conniving, manipulative, how will I handle her? argued one man
  2. Some men don’t want to share their partner with anyone else, even her kids: She comes with two children, then I pay their school fees and those buggers insist on calling me by my name and not dad? Never 
  3.  Some men view single moms as less than a quality catch:
    when you are looking for a new car you look at mileage, date of manufacture, you can’t start with two zero, gear box imeisha, the bolts are finished said one man 
  4.  Some men don’t want the responsibility of raising another person’s child:
    sometimes the husband or former might have even died, a demon woman that just sleeps wit men, they are called circubus, a woman whose job is to sleep with men and suck the life out of them, many of them have lost upto three husbands, and then they die, if you find a woman with two children ask where the man is and especially if you find out the man is dead, ask yourself why, you better know, if he died you need alot of spiritual intervention before moving with that women 


Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think about these men’s reasons for choosing not to date single Kenyan mums?

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Is there a problem with parenting today asks Maina Kageni

“Male teens need a dad to be the anchor that stabilizes their youth as they are pulled in every direction.” was the resounding theme on Classic 105, as hosts Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi debated the topic of absentee dads.

This follows a third video shared online of a Kenyan boy spilling all sorts of vitriol. No, we will not share the clip here, search for it online using the hashtag #consolata.

The idea that there may be a parenting issue in Kenya was discussed on Classic 105.


Mwalimu sought to know from listeners, who the father figure is, in households where single mums are raising male teens.

He also gave his take saying

‘They were chased away by the women, and alot of men want to come back in their lives but the doors are ‘locked’.


He added

most men were chased away and are not allow to see their children

Mwalimu went on to suggest that women are sacrificing their families for careers, something that Maina quickly responded to

so should ladies sacrifice more? Where are the fathers of these children? You know your boy is 11 or 12 and doesn’t it worry you that he is growing up without a mentor?

Where are you guys, why are you blaming single mothers, where are the fathers to these boys?


Mwalimu noted that the best way to resolve teen problems is

They (fathers) need to be recalled, you know that’s a very critical age for boys between 11- 16 years

Where do you think the problem lies? Drop your comments below.

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