‘Sis, secure yourself first. You are the bag’ Huddah advises

We are living in a world where women would rather bring children into the world without fathers and be okay with it. In today’s era, most women would rather seduce a rich man, get impregnated by them in order to get financial support from the acclaimed baby daddy.

Thinking its the easiest way out of poverty, many women have opted for this type of arrangement, only for them to be left high and dry. Take the incidence of Bridget Achieng, Nairobi’s socialite who was dumped by her Nigerian boyfriend after she told him she was carrying her child. The man, threatened her with abortion or he would walk away from her life for good. Thinking that she could out smart a Nigerian man, by keeping the baby and ask for child support from the man, that’s where she failed the test.



The man disappeared on her in thin air. There was a point the socialite went to Nigeria and stayed for weeks in the search of her baby daddy for support in bringing up the baby, knowing how having a baby in this tough economic times isn’t easy but her efforts bore no fruits.

Angered and left with no choice, she flew back home to face the reality that she will be a single mother, fending for her baby without the help of her baby daddy.

‘Haven’t had my conjugal rights in 2 months’ – Huddah claims

Hence, why Huddah Monroe advises the ladies, that these days, getting a baby to secure the bag is utter nonsense. She asks, what if the first bag is empty? Will you go out to get 10 children with 10 different men just to get that coin without working for it? Later on, you have 10 children that you can barely take care of only because sweet words were whispered into your ears by these men. Women it’s time you open your eyes and shine them bright.


Huddah Monroes Instagram posts
Huddah Monroes Instagram posts

The petite lass goes on to say that, such reasons is why she is not ready to get kids without a fatherly figure in their lives. She adds and says that the society is messed if you think that bringing up children without a fatherly figure in their lives is a good deed. Ladies, it doesn’t matter whether your man is a cheat or not but your children need a fatherly figure present in the household.

IMG-8841Ladies, do not sell your selves short. As Huddah advises and I conquer with her as a man that y’all are the bag, secure yourselves first!

She writes, ” Sis, secure yourself first. You are the bag.”

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Me? Pregnant? Betty Kyallo sets the record straight

Top-ranked media personality Betty Kyallo has dismissed rumors that she’s pregnant.

Speaking to Word Is, she said, “Lol, pregnant! Aki mnapenda kupangia mtu maisha, you’ll scare my mum. No, I’m not. Maybe in a few years. For now, Ivanna (her daughter) can’t even stand another child getting my attention.”

Betty Kyallo daughter

Betty is seeing a new man, who she has always praised for pampering her and has never revealed who he is. She said she prefers keeping him away from the limelight and she’s not in a hurry to get married again.

”Tulisema 2019 tunawaficha. I want to enjoy time with him silently. It’s better and sweeter. I’m not in a hurry to get married again. For now, mbele iko sawa,” Kyallo said.

The mother of one has livened up K24 with her entertaining segment, where she hosts guests from the entertainment to the corporate world.

Talking about her new home, she said, “Working at K24 has been so refreshing. It was indeed the right choice, especially after being at KTN for eight years. I’ve made new friends, new amazing content and new audiences. I’m happy and completely settled. Pat on my back!

Last week, Betty Kyallo was the only Kenyan media personality who was invited for the Lion King premiere in South Africa. The red carpet event featured African-inspired outfits, and Betty Kyallo stunned in her Masai suit.

“It was such an exciting experience. I live for such special moments in life, and, therefore, I was ecstatic,” she said.

‘The premiere was so dreamy. And my attire completed the night. I wanted to look as Kenyan as possible. And the fact that I’m a Kenyan and the movie was shot in Kenya gave me mad, mad street cred at the premiere! The Disney crew were like, “Oh dear, you’re from Kenya? Fantastic!”

The CEO of lavish salon Flair by Betty shared the red carpet with top African celebs.

“I met Dr John Kani, who voices ‘Rafiki’ in the movie. It was amazing, listening to him and learning while we walked the red carpet,” she said.

Comparing how premieres are done in Kenya to South Africa, Betty said,

“South Africans take their events seriously. Like the red carpet felt like Hollywood. Well planned. Hundreds of photographers, video crews, great organisation. It was just so different and excellently done”.

She added;

“But the fact is that they take their showbiz more seriously than here. Celebs are celebs and they are crazy and out to compete and show they are the damn thing.”


Is single motherhood by choice in the current era?

The numbers of single mothers keep increasing every single day. This status can either be by choice or some unavoidable circumstances.

However, mothers of this era seem to be comfortable raising their kids as single parents.


Tokeo la picha la single mothers


These are some of the reasons;

Most of the single mothers tend to be avoiding their responsibilities as wives. In the current society, almost every woman is employed and makes money.

Therefore it seems to be difficult for someone who is under some pay role to act as a housewife. This is because both the husband and wife are working and so the woman expects the husband to share the responsibilities which include house chores and finances. This has hence become hard for such educated women with such expectations to stay in their marriages.

‘Remember Eric Omondi,’ Kenyans warn Chipukeezy about his relationship

Financial differences. Most educated or rich women are not married as statistics state. In cases where the wife has more money than the husband then there are very low chances of that marriage to work.

This is because the man will feel inferior to his wife. A woman will only respect you as a man if you have more money than her or as a provider to the family.

Many at times they also tend to look at other successful single mothers. When it comes to celebrities especially, most of them are single and successful.

This in mind makes one have that mentality that they can also make it. This comparison has made many women walk out of their marriages.

To others, it comes as a result of role models. They may be looking up to someone they admire in life and go to the extent of copying the entire lifestyle.

Study: Men who binge watch TV may have problems fathering children


Women at times like to have some kind of freedom that they lack in marriages.

When in marriage you are usually under someone who happens to be your husband. He is supposed to approve everything that you do because he is the head of the family.

When single you make rules on your own. You can party any time you want, come to the house at any time, have all sorts of guests without any explanation.

This is one of the major reasons as to why women prefer to be single mothers. They have all the freedom and personal space to make their own decisions.

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‘If you want a wife avoid a single mother’s daughter’ Shouts Kenyan man

The morning debate was based on why schools, land lords and the society as whole treat single mothers like outcasts without considering how one got there.

Maina Kageni was dumbfounded to learn not only do schools refuse to admit kids from single families, but landlords also refuse to rent such women houses.

This is sickening is this happening in Kenya? How do you even tell a parent you cant admit their kid because they are from a single family?

Why are we punishing because of their parents past.

This has to end because I would never want my child to be victimized because I am not with their mother.

‘Total discrimination’ Maina Kageni on schools that don’t admit students from single parent families

Another caller adds

I am a single mother and I have a daughter in high school and she is always at top 10.

Once a child is born it does not matter whether they come from a complete family or not.

People should stop judging kids based on whether their parents are married or not.

Another parent adds

There is nothing wrong with single mothers and society should withdraw the judgement, there are few with pride and bad characters but it shouldn’t be assumed that it is all of them.

Another says

A child who is used to seeing his/her mother bring different men to home will not grow to be a good person.

Men if you want a good wife, then you should avoid single mom’s daughter.

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‘She Brings Me To Tears,’ Grace Msalame Reveals Unknown Facts About One Of Her Daughters

Grace Msalame is a great mother. The former TV girl and single mother of twins has revealed inspiring facts about her children and she’s a proud parent.

One of Grace Msalames twins is spiritual and every time she’s at a place of worship, she goes down on her knees just to speak with her maker.

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Grace Msalame may have just announced future baby plans in this revealing message

Yesterday, they attended Todd Dulaney concert at Citam, Karen. Todd is an American gospel musician and former baseball player. 

Grace Msalame in church with her daughters
Grace Msalame in church with her daughters

The excited mother shared photos of one her daughter on her knees deep in her faith and captioned:

“Train up a child in the way they should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it- Proverbs 22:6

My little Worshiper brings me to tears each time! because it started this young for me as well so to see God do this in her life is just one of the many things that show me how Faithful He is🙌🏾This is what matters most to me🙏🏾 Glory to God🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾All of it! Thank you so much for capturing this @hiram_photography.”

Grace Msalame's daughter on her knees deep in faith
Grace Msalame’s daughter on her knees deep in faith

In another post-Grace called upon parents to bring up their children in Godly ways and they will never regret it.

“Dear Parents your children are watching you! Show them God that is all I can say! Please show them God! I can’t explain the joy I have in my heart at this moment and the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit! I shall be crying for a while… last night was POWERFUL!!

Thank you, Jesus, Thank you!

Psalms 118:22- The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone!

Claim the verse above! Your children will become the cornerstone🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾”

Grace Msalame's daughter on her knees deep in faith
Grace Msalame’s daughter on her knees deep in faith


Recently, photos of a three-year-old baby girl identified as Praise went viral leaving Kenyans wowed.
Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu (the father of her twins) are co-parenting.

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Powerful photos of a three-year-old Kenyan baby girl on her knees praying

Check out comments from Kenyans after Grace Msalame’s daughter’s photos on her knees surfaced:

Leedyah Ndugire: God is truly raising a great generation. So inspiring!!

Meg Ritah: Amidst the storms of this generation God will raise Such souls that worship in spirit and truth,may His will be done in her life, it’s just amazing

Tez Odhiambo: Amen may the Lord remember this day, may he take her to places money can’t take, May this spirit of worship abide in her and with her.

Wambui Njoki: Wow… Beautiful photo…. Speaks more than words themselves.. How beautiful is it to see such a young soul hungry for Jesus…. Thumbs up mama Zara


‘I Served My Mother-in-law As A House Girl For 7 Years,’ Akothee Opens Up

Kenyan artiste Akothee never shies from sharing her past struggles in life. The songstress, who is a great example of grace to grass story has disclosed that she served her mother-in-law as a house help for seven years.


Akothee, who is known for her flashy lifestyle, revealed that she was doing all this while her ex-husband, the father of her three daughters was in school.

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Akothee’s view on women’s bargaining power lying between their brains and legs

 The mother of five also disclosed that despite fame and money, she can survive any situation and anywhere.

“Drop me anywhere I will survive, attitude is key, I severe my mother in law as a house girl for 7 years, for food accommodation & care while my ex husband was in school! I know she misses me but I thank her for everything,” she wrote.


Akothee has been through a lot and she recently revealed that preachers used her situation to preach back then when she was ashy and broke.

“Preachers used my family status as an example to preach in church! gave me all kinds of names because they heard the story from one side! No one wanted to associate with me! Rejection is poisonous, that’s why most people mistake my attitude towards life for arrogance. Mimi ni msabato, sijabeba kifunguu ya kanisa yenyu wewe enda church ongea na Mungu wako, hatakuuliza dhambi zangu . The world shaped me this way  don’t come to my wall expecting me to correct or raise your children for you? I was raised without internet but I still messed up, don’t hang your children’s behaviors on celebrities, we won’t stop living our lives just because of the name Role model! Unfollow anything that is not inspiring! The button is right on your finger ☝️if you can’t keep up unfollow pap, if you are addicted accept and embrace, if you are jealous get something better to do with your life we also have healthy competition!” read her post.

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Why I quit gospel music – Akothee

I Won’t Leave My Child Motherless Because I Want To Please Society! Cries Popular Radio Pesenter

Popular radio presenter, Annita Raey has penned down an emotional message outpouring her heart heart out regarding the single mother issue which has time and again been used as a source of weapon against women.
The Radio Jambo host a single mother of two is well known as a strong defender of single mothers and a powerful crusader against violence on women.
In her long post, she explains why she might never get married since she doesn’t think it is her cup of tea and that she is ready to face the societal hate and judgements directed towards women who have chosen to take care of their families on their own.
“I will not leave my kid motherless because I want to please society.” She says
Read her post below,
I refused to die for love, I refused to die for a man , I refused to be a statistic. I will not be a name on a cross because I was trying to work on us. I will not leave my kid motherless because I want to please society.
Who said that marriage is patience, who said that I should die working on a relationship. Raised by a society that teaches us not to talk about our marital problems, that teaches us that its between the both of you and a third or fourth party is a bad idea. You keep quiet and pray that it will fix itself, that you will learn to live with the beating, the cheating, the emotional distress, the depressions.
When you have no self esteem left, he has made you feel useless, no other man can love you, you hate your own body, you are not comfortable in your own skin.
Do you know what is means not to want to wake up in the morning , have you ever wished death, wanted to sleep time and not wake up in the morning ..have you ever questioned the existence of God and everything heavenly… wondered if being a woman was such a crime coz this felt like punishment ..Forget labour pains this hurts more, it kills you when you are alive it takes away your soul and leaves you void. You are dead alive.
After that you ask why we have single mums, you ask why we choose life over death, you ask why we chose to rise after being crushed to death, you ask why we choose our kids over a man, why we choose to be a story not a statistic, why we choose to be an inspiration .
She goes on to express her greatest value and motivation in life which is her two kids, whom she is ready to give up everything for since they are her pride.
I am a single mum of two kids, I have two different baby daddies, I am a testimony. I am so proud of who I have become…. Have you seen me and my babies, have you seen how happy I am.. Am glowing, am happy and content … I have fallen so many times, I have hit rock bottom and still managed to wake up. Look at me .. take a good look at me now, am alive and am living, I have no shame , I have no regrets, I have no remorse for leaving you, I feel no shame in in saying i have two kids .. I risk not finding love its okay they are love in unconditional… I risk never getting married, I am divorced marriage might not be my cup of tea.. I risk being shamed and blamed by society, its okay my pride is in my kids..
Am not scared of people who are intimidated by my power, by my will to live ,, by my will to raise my kids right… We step up to raise kids because some man out there decided he is not willing to be responsible enough, we raise kids alone because some man out there could not stay away from other women, we raise kids alone because some man out there will not stop beating women, we raise kids alone because mes some men out there have decide that dad is a title they don’t wanna have…
I am a single mum of two and that will always be my greatest title.

‘I have come to learn how much women go through’ shouts Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai has been trending for the past few weeks, after she was exposed for not paying a debt of Sh19.9 million given to her by a city shylock.

She took it to social media to explain the reason why she hadn’t paid the loan, while referring to the man she took the loan for (‘friend’ city businessman Ben Kangangi) a conman.

They have both been up and down on social media giving as a show as they confront each other.

Well she took a break from her drama with Kangangi and decide to celebrate all single mothers around.

Her woman crush Wednesday was  dedicated to single mothers and this is what she said.


“I have come to learn how much women go through especially single mothers. I want to encourage you all today because I know exactly how hard it is being just a woman. Society expects so much from us yet the same society is always trying to bring us down. Always maintain your head high and as I always emphasise #NothingBadInLifeIsPermanent. My WCW goes to all the women who try to put things together despite everything not working out. Sending positive energy your way.”

Her followers thought it was a remarkable thing and these are some of their comments.

Mwendejay: Sure. Nothing bad in this life lasts forever. Inspired

Kuis: Thanks for the encouragement….as a single mum I know how it feels but with our heads held high we forge forward.

Becks: I love what you are doing and I would request if you could make this give away a frequent thing seeing how many single mothers and fathers need to be appreciated. It would definitely be a noble course

Wangui: True and wise words God bless you

Shipoteto: Wow what a great message to u ladies who r trying everything to establish themselves, may all of u God grand u wisdom n knowledge to strive in life from your hard work.


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Is DJ Mo Listening? Here’s Maina Kageni’s confession about single mothers

Gospel Dj Mo has not been having an easy time, after he castigated single mums in his latest beef with columnist Njoki Chege.

This follows an article she penned where she commented about his marriage, something that did not sit well with the gospel Dj.

Dj Mo has since apologized for saying negative things about single mums, but the internet unfortunately never forgets.

‘I Hear She Is A Single Mum, She Couldn’t Keep A Man!’ DJ Mo Fires Back At Njoki Chege

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni today wanted to know why Kenyan men have a problem with single mothers. This stems from a problem in society where young and eligible Kenyan men fear hooking up women with kids.

Maina’s question was: Guys, what do you fear about women with children?

Maina was raised by a single mum, and fully understands the challenges that single mothers go through.

A man challenged Maina to say what he loves about single women and the outspoken presenter did not hold back.

He proudly shouted, ‘Here are these men, castigating women for being single mothers, who gave them those children? Ama they fell from the sky? Why will you not marry a woman with children?

‘Why do men fear women with children? The tragedy girls is you can be 23-years-old with two children and you’ll never get married. Seriously!!’

Maina even had a confrontation with Daddy wa Murioo aka Wakanai, Classic 105’s biggest fan.

Wakanai wanted to know; ‘Wewe mwenyewe saa hii coz your such a potential, bwana anaweza olewa, unaweza oa single mother?’

Maina wa Wangui was quick to shout, ‘ Yes I can’.

KOT react after Dj Mo discloses he pretended to be broke to test Size 8’s commitment to him

Girls, is this an issue for you? Leave your comments below.

Kenyan Single Mothers Reveal The Agony They Go Through Dealing With Unsupportive Dads (Audio)

There was a very interesting discussion today on Maina and King’ang’i in the morning, as the issue of men who abandon their children went on another level, with women revealing the hardships they go through as single mothers.

Maina asked the listeners a straight forward question about dead beat dads; “Should men who abandon their children when they are young deserve to part of their lives later on?”

Why would a man demand to be part of a child’s life much later when they are grown up yet he rejected him/her and disowned the mother when she was pregnant and has never cared how she makes ends met or if the kid is going to school or if they have basic needs?

This conversation sparked a lot of reactions from both men and women to the point where a married man revealed that he has more than 20 children outside wedlock and was not ashamed to admit that he does not bother about them.

Listen to the drama on the audio below.




#MITM Can Single Mothers Make Good Leaders?

The conversation on marital status and their relation to the suitability for senior jobs seems to be a never ending debate as, a male caller asserts that despite some single mothers being successful in their careers, they are failures in life.

The caller said that single mothers can therefore not hold powerful positions including the presidency as they do not have the guidance from a man.

An argument was made that US presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton will only get the job because she is a married woman and has a ‘base’ in Bill Clinton.

People had varied opinions on the matter, listen to the conversation here:

Are Single Women Unfit For Dating or Marriage?

Based on a recent article on one of the dailies, people have given very harsh comments about single mothers and the reasona why they are unfit to be dated.

According to the article, the rate of single parents has increased in Kenya and the highest number of single parents happen to be women.

Some of the comments given include, single mothers  are let overs, unwanted, and their success is  attributed to their ex husbands.

These women are run-marriageable, un-dateable, and they depend on men for money etc.

Some of the women say that they are single parents by choice, but for some it is because their men left.

It has also been said that it is easier for a single man with a child  to remarry but not a single mother

I think it is a little bit harsh for people to judge single mothers because it is hard enough to be a parent and it’s especially harder when you are raising a child alone with no help.

Here are some of the views: