Jaguar’s vacation at an expensive 5 star hotel will make you stash away more money for the next holiday (Photos)

Mheshimiwa Jaguar, or if you like Charles Kanyi is on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand.

He has been in the Asian country for a day now. That is not the story, the surprising thing is how much mullah he has chucked for his stay at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

The five star hotel has a total of 726 guest rooms showcase unobstructed river views, luxury amenities and unparalleled service.

The presidential room goes for over 300 USD (Ksh 30,000) a night.

One of his followers on social media, @francisamonde beged Jaguar, “Boss, tafadhali nisaidie kuchanga 30,000/= ili niweze kulisha watoto 1,530 wasiojiweza, na Uji kila siku. Naezapatikana kwa nambari 0723921080. Asante sana na ubarikiwe.”

Jaguar shared two photos of his stay at the hotel. One showing a view from his room and one of him outside the hotel, showing their signage.

As usual Kenyans reacted to his extravagance.

dinnsdessy: Mheshimiwa Niko locked Bangkok uko wapi

jonnesbrian: Mheshimiwa looking dope

jey_kitole: Ilikua nkiishi huko b4.enjoy ya holiday bro

gmwangi13: Check out floating market

terrygitauh: Welkam here mheshimiwa summer is on climax….

005bodyguards: Ngai all the way from nyiri??????!!!!! Haya kam na mcheti uko ni mob

james_woulper: Kula bata tu mbora starehe iwe shwari mkurugenzi

sikukudavid_: Kuja na mthailand mmoja mheshimiwa.

Check out the photos.

Jaguar Bangkok Hotel1
Starehe MP Charles Njagua on holiday

Jaguar Bangkok Hotel1

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Fan Asks Jaguar How Many Kids He Has As He Celebrates Son’s Birthday. Meet The Baby Mama…(Photos)

It is a joy to celebrate milestones with your kid. And an even bigger one to celebrate a new year with them.

Over the weekend Jaguar celebrated his son, Jay’s birthday.

Proof That Jaguar Is The Best Daddy In The World

Jaguar took to social media and wrote.

“Happy birthday son…”

Kenyans as usual want to know everything about everyone.

Ruth Exodus asked, “Kwani how many kids do you have jaguar?”

Jaguars’ Right Hand Man Lugz Is Off The Market

This sparked an online debate. See the reactions.

Eliza Shiku: Anafaa atujibu hio na zile horrible songs zake

Enock Jay Kipkorir: Three kids..2 girls and a boy

Mercy Ngina: Ako na bibi wawili fanya hesabu sasa ya watoto…lol

Jossa Junior K: Songs na birthday zinaingilia wapi,, aki mahaterz si mko wengi..

Marilyn Wambugu wrote, “He is a responsible dad.”

Lizzsimaloi Ronnie: Another kenyan afraid of minding her own business.

Esther Gichumba Tandu: Happy birthday handsome. Jaguar I have a daughter, so we can be good in-laws🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

Wanjiru Kanyeki: Happy birthday baby J….I still remember that peaceful look you had the day you came to this world. You are all grown up now boy and very handsome am sure mum is proud to see you as dad is. May God protect you and grant you many more years Jay😍😍😍😍

Jaguar Opens Up About Wanting To Make His Mother Proud Before She Passed Away

Here is a photo of the birthday in which comedian Chipukeezy was the MC.


See How Mheshimiwa Jaguar Has Transformed His Closet From Jeans To Smart Casual

Honorable Jaguar is now the talk of the town with his new hit song ‘Ndoto’ which has left many people talking . Now that he is the newly elected member of parliament of Starehe Constituency, the kigeugeu hit maker is expected to balance his music and work flow for the Starehe residents who elected him into power.


Before getting into office, Jaguar has always been known for always putting on casual wear and blings and would put on suits once in a while when gracing different occasions.


Many wonder if he would keep up with the new smart casual dress code though, some love his normal jeans wear. His new look is so nice and stunning and in my opinion, he should maintain the suits look, maybe do the casual look once in a while.


People are now looking up to him to lead them well and his way of dressing has to be more official than casual.

Check out the photos:












Jaguar releases new song after being sworn in but Kenyans aren’t impressed

Just before he was sworn in on Thursday, Starehe Mp Jaguar too it to social media to tell his fans that he will be releasing a new song.

He noted that he would be dropping a new single #Ndoto for the millions who walked with him in his music and now the music is finally here.

In the news song, Jaguar tells us how his dream of making it to be a politician comes true as he is now the Starehe Member of parliament.The dream started while he was still a kid and he told himself that one day he will be famous like Mohammed Ali. He worked hard and went through lots of hardships in life. He started by watching movies like Rambo and today his dreams have come to reality after being sworn in yesterday.

He wrote: As I Embark on my constitutional mandate to serve people of starehe, hope your dreams come to pass.

He also shared the video, watch it below:


Here are mixed reactions from KOT:

Mimz Kay..Jaguar ni commander uliza KAMANDA Wanao dhani wame take over wacha kwanza wanunue RANGE ROVER Juu nimewaacha na RANGE noma Naye refa ashasema game over💯%🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔝🔝 A good one on da Hon Jaguar keep them hits still coming while serving the pple.

evans desantos…Huyu afadhali aende politics aki haka katalanta kake ka mziki nakashuku

Bobo Shantivia..evans desantos Mimi pia Hutu tufeelings twako natushuku sijui utupeleke wapi🤔🤔🤔

derrick maina..Big up always a step ahead….Nice tune and inspiration song…..

Prince Bravo..True story. Your dreams are valid as long as your breathing

Charity Ojaamong..surely this song is awful

Chogi this a diss to prezzo


Wycliffe Mwenda..apo sawa brathe

Bor Brenda..Na si kujichocha! Big up msee, I mean Hon. Jags. Imetimika.

Luther king kenya..hapo sawa

KEVIN PROVOKE..wueh!! noma

saluti entertainment..Support 100%…. #INSPIRING!




Starehe MP Charles Jaguar Set To Release New Song ‘Ndoto’

After musician Charles Jaguar revealed his interest to vie for Starehe seat, speculation ran rife that Jaguar had quit music for good. Now it turns out that he will still be dropping songs while he serves his constituents.

Jaguar made forays as a recording artiste in 2004 when he recorded and released his first single ‘Utaweza Kweli’ under the Mandugu Digitali record label.

The singer was elected to parliament under Jubilee party on August 8th 2017 when he was still on top of his game, the reason why he finds it hard to quit music and focus on his new duties as an MP.

He is known for his popular songs like; kioo, kipepeo,  matapeli among others.


Jaguar assured his fans that he will still be releasing new songs even as he continues to serve as Starehe MP and indeed he kept his word. This after he announced the launch of his latest song dubbed ‘Ndoto’.

In his Facebook official page he wrote,

New Single Alert; #Ndoto

Its now close to two decades since I first set foot into a recording studio.
I thank God for this gift that has over the years been an inspiration to millions of listeners in my country and beyond.

I thank all those who’ve walked with me through my musical journey; My overwhelming fans, fellow musicians, producers, deejays, presenters, promoters, corporates. To assure you I will not quit on music.

As I take oath of office to serve Starehe Constituents, I will also be releasing a new single tomorrow for my East African fans and the Diaspora. Song titled #Ndoto Produced by Main Switch #stayinspired



PROUD SON! Meet Singer Jaguar’s Father Who Is Now SOBER After Struggling With Alcohol Addiction (PHOTOS)

Back in 2015, celebrated Kenyan rapper and political aspirant Jaguar opened up about his father’s alcohol addiction, an admission that came as a shock to many of his fans and the public.

Jaguar, real name Charles Njagua Kanyi is one of the most flamboyant and richest singers in the Kenyan entertainment industry and now, he’s just a vote away from becoming the Starehe Constituency MP, battling it out with activist Boniface Mwangi and businessman Steve Mbogo.

When he confessed about his father’s struggle with alcohol abuse (himself a reformed alcoholic) he made a decision to take him to a rehabilitation centre in Nyeri called Serenity Spring Center to get help.

At that time, Jaguar had been appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta as a director at National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA), and despite helping the public and the youth to fight alcoholism and drugs, he had to deal with his father’s issue.


“This is a family matter and I’m just looking out for my father. I was called by the local youth who are helping me fight alcoholism and they informed me that my father had gone back to excessive drinking,” revealed Jaguar from an interview back then.

The Matapeli hitmaker went on to add that after losing his mum, which was very heart-breaking for him, he could not sit down and watch his father waste  away in alcohol, prompting him to take action;

“I had to confiscate his car keys to save him from causing an accident. He can have them back when he stops drinking. I must look out for him because he is my only living parent.”


Well, 2 years down the line and Jaguar’s father is finally out of rehab completely sober, and the singer could not help but share the good news with his fans.

Jaguar shared photos of his dad, David Njagua, looking clean, fresh and sober, with a simple caption that read: “Father and Son.”

The last time he shared news of his father was back in August 2016 when he visited the old man in rehab. I guess things are looking up for the artiste who might be the next Starehe MP.






5 Reasons Why Jaguar Took The Blame For Killing Two Motorists

Yesterday, the day came to an end with a developing story that Jaguar’s car had been involved in an accident.



But away from that, eyewitness reports have it that a woman was actually the driver of the car that was involved in an accident -even though the car is Jaguar’s car was involved, he wasn’t driving it at the time.

That the raises the question of why Jaguar is taking responsibility for the accident. Because if indeed it is proved that he wasn’t the one driving the Range Rover when it got involved in the accident then he can be charged with obstruction of justice. But I am not a lawyer, I write gossip for a living.

We have however come up with 5 plausible reasons why Jaguar is taking responsibility for the accident. Check them out and let us know what you think:

a) He feels untouchable given his proximity to the Presidency

Jaguar and Uhuru

It could be that jaguar knows that because he and the president are close friends, he is “untouchable”. He might feel safe from pervasive investigations because he can call on his friend should the heat become too hot to handle.

b) He feels he will get leniency because he is a big star

Perhaps Jaguar feels confident in the knowledge that he is a big star so he can get a pass because the eye-witnesses will go slow on him or recant his testimony.

Jaguar J

c) The driver was under the influence

Perhaps he was worried the driver was under the influence. Or he suspected so and he wanted people to focus on him and his antics rather than him.

d) the driver didn’t have a driving license

Perhaps the driver didn’t have a valid driving license

e) He doesn’t want his relationship with the woman exposed

Perhaps Jaguar doesn’t want a spotlight shone on his relationship with this woman and so he is trying to obscure any relationship he has with the lass. Perhaps it is a business relationship or perhaps it is a more intimate relationship. Who knows.

2 Kenyans Die Painfully After Jaguar’s Ranger Rover Crushed Them, Eye Witnesses Claim Lady Driver Was BEHIND The Wheel (PHOTOS)

Celebrated local singer Charles Kanyi Njagua popularly known Jaguar is an unlucky man. Recently, a man was killed by mob justice at his rally in Ziwani area after he allegedly stole from someone. Jaguar came out to deny that the late was killed at his rally and barely a week, the Kigeugeu hitmaker had grabbed the headlines once again.

A day ago, Jaguar’s Range Rover sports, KCB 808J hit two motorists Joseph Maingi and Mugo Abdalla who died on the spot along the Makutano – Sagana highway.

Jaguar's Range Rover

Jaguar’s Range Rover

According to witnesses, the accident happened at 3:00 pm causing a snarl up. The Range Rover registered under Jaguar’s name was being driven by a lady and according to witnesses, he was from Sagana heading to Makutano while the two were who were riding on a motorbike were headed to Sagana. They were almost joining the highway when the car hit them.  The two young men fell on one side of the while the motorbike they were using was thrown on the opposite side.

Jaguar Kanyi

Sources claim that Jaguar, the owner of the car arrived at around 3.30pm on the same day (he stays in Athi River) and told onlookers at the accident scene that he was the one driving the vehicle, even though the eyewitnesses saw clearly that it was lady who was driving the car. The car was towed away and the lady plus Jaguar left for Sagana police station. But witnesses claim that later on, the story changed completely.

According to witnesses, parents to Mugo went to Sagana police station but they were denied the chance to see the vehicle that took away the life of their son and were told to be accompanied by the eye witnesses and this has raised eyebrows.

We tried to contact Jaguar for a comment but our calls went unanswered. He later addressed the issue on his social media pages and here is what he wrote;

“It is with grief that I share this post today. As it is now public, I was involved in a car accident. Sadly, lives were lost in the incident.

It isn’t any ones will to wake up and be involved in an accident such as this.

My heart felt condolences to the families and friends of those affected. I would like to assure all concerned that due process of the law is being followed to amicably resolve this.

I pray God grant strength to the families affected as we all go through this trying moment.
Lastly, lets avoid confrontational remarks in consideration to the pain it is causing the bereaved families.
Be well.”

But who is this lady who was behind the steering wheel?