‘I want a wife like Sarah Kabu,’ Maina Kageni reveals after visiting her retirement home

Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni is mesmerised by Sarah, the wife to Bonfire adventures CEO, Simon Kabu. Maina visited the Kabus’ retirement home in Ol Pejeta ranch in Nanyuki last week.

Sarah surprised her hubby with a 5 bedroom house worth Sh37 million during his birthday.

The mother of two revealed that she took a loan to buy the house, which was her hubby’s dream.

‘…I knew how badly you wanted to get a holiday home inside Ol Pejeta Conservancy but Corona happened. You dreamt to enjoy but you didn’t dare to achieve. Ladies I have told you many times to visit @dadabystanbicbank page uchanuliwe na women of substance on how to achieve your goals through #dadacan ask any teacher without loans you cannot achieve much like for this project only 30% of potential income will be going to loan repayment and nikimaliza mimi na retire hapa na who is who in Kenya,’ Sarah posted on social media.

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Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment
Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment

While being taken on a tour of the power couple’s house, Maina Kageni said he would love to marry such a caring and loving woman.

“Aki si unampenda. Si I get a woman to buy me a house like this. I need a wife like Sarah,” he said.

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Celebrities flood Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu with heartwarming birthday messages

Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu celebrated his birthday and his celebrity fans can’t keep calm.

In a post on his social media, Kabu thanked his fans who have touched or blessed his life.

“Today being my special Bornday Many many years ago.. i would like to thank and appreciate everyone who has touched or blessed my life. I will also take this Birthweek to bless others. There will be A lot of SURPRISES for this whole week 20th to 27th sept. Stay tuned on my Youtube channel THE KABUS FAMILY 🙏🙏.”

His wife, Sarah showered him with love and she wrote,

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST CEO….Today being @Simonkabu special Bornday Many many years ago.. he would like to thank and appreciate everyone who has touched or blessed his life. Its his time to reciprocate your kind gesture. There will be A lot of SURPRISES for this whole week 20th to 27th sept.”

The WaJesus family with Simon and Sarah Kabu

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Check out more birthday wishes;

Lilian Muli; Happy Birthday @kabusimon from the day I met you and @sarahkabu you have been nothing but ever gracious. I am honoured to know you and I wish you nothing but many more years of success, happiness and good health. May you live long and may your business @bonfireadventures continue to thrive as a market leader. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Eric Omondi: Please help me wish my boss and brother @kabusimon The HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY…

Kabi wa Jesus; What an amazing day to celebrate one of the most amazing people I’ve met. @kabusimon this man is a blessing not just to his family but to everyone who meets him.

The first time I went to @bonfireadventures and I heard everyone in the office just calling him symo and relating with him like he was also an employee yet he is the CEO really bumfuzzle me.

I went to his office very humbled (nikiwa nimeweka mikono hapa mbele) but he was so easy to talk to.

3 years later we are still very close friends I and my family have learnt alot from this man, you are a great man Simon.

The many times I have called you to ask for advice or even ask you before making some very major decisions in my life are countless. Thank you for always picking my calls.
You are truly a great man.

As you celebrate your birthday I pray for nothing but the best. Your willingness and desire to help people where you can is a true reflection that you have God in your life may God keep you.
May you never lack.
May favour always follow you.

Happy birthday sir @kabusimon

The WaJesus family with Simon and Sarah Kabu

Romantic since day one! Bonfire CEO Kabu on their first date

Bonfire boss Simon Kabu is one romantic man in Kenya.

From treating his wife Sarah Kabu with expensive holidays to buying her expensive gifts.

The Kabus is a story of grass to grace having started their company from scratch before turning it into a million-dollar empire.

In a recent post, Kabu shared a throwback photo of Sarah holding some flowers. He says he has been buying gifts for his wife since their first date.

He wrote;

“Mwanaume ni effort! During our 1st date with @sarahkabu way back in Jan 2008. I brought her flowers. On the background was my Unga Ltd pickup. 2nd date went to her house ( but with my friend Mike) and carried a Teddy bear. Every date I used to take her a gift from perfumes, chocolates, albums and many more. Some costing even less than 100ksh. There was an offer where you could call from 10pm to 6pam at 10bob. I bought her that line. 

What were brought during the first date? How were you iingizwad box? Men how did you iingiza your mresh box?”

In 2017, Kabu brought Nairobi to a standstill when he gifted his wife with a brand new Range Rover, which had an inscribed special message “HBD Sarah”.

Kabu then spiced the gift pack with an Sh120,000 cake for his wife.

Kabu was a conductor before meeting his wife.

In a past interview, Sarah says that when she took Simon to meet her mother she didn’t know he was a conductor.

She related that Simon did a lot of odd jobs back in the day to make ends meet and among them was a conductor.

She narrated,

I never told them because at the time we went home for introductions I did not know, I found out later. my mum valued family a lot and by the time I was 30 she had started getting worried, she always advised me not to be so focused on finding a rich man. I told her I had found someone, she was very supportive because at the time I already had my own car and a decent house.

Simon and Sarah Kabu
Simon presenting his wife Sarah Kabu with a Range Rover on her birthday in 2017

‘I could not be where I am today, Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu and wife celebrates 11 years anniversary

Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures marked 11 years in marriage yesterday.

They held a posh party last night in one of the city hotels.

Together with their few celebrity friends, they had dinner together and also cut a cake to mark the anniversary.

In his message, Kabu expressed his love for his Sarah with a heartwarming message.

He described Sarah as his support system and appreciated her for walking with him all through thick and thin.

He wrote;

“Some words cannot be written, they sound better when said. It’s 11years.
It’s 11years of paradise with someone you love and cherish. Oh, by the way, this suit and shirt are the very same ones I wore 11 years ago. #thekabus.”

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He added

“It’s has been 11 years since that day today we said “I do” at the shores of Lake Naivasha.🎷🎺. I recall that day as if it’s yesterday @sarahkabu With your contagious smile, 😊your beauty and brain, you have continued being my Partner in all ways. We have had good times 🏊🏻‍♀️🏇🏄🏻‍♀️🚴‍♀️🎳 and downtime’s🎢🎢 as any other normal couple.
As we both agreed, we are focused on the “goal” and the “end” and we will do everything to make sure we achieve it.
We have travelled 💃⛴🛳✈️🚆🚝🚟🚁🎡🎢the world together and enjoyed life together.
Your humility supersedes every other trait. “

Kabu went ahead and paid his tribute to Sarah which he used to thank her for being by his side and for siring children ‘Anita and Austin’ for him.

“Happy anniversy my sweetheart, its been eleven years, remember those good old days. That day you agreed and said I do to me.

I know ups and downs are normal but we have grown together. Thanks for coming to celebrate wit

I could not have been where I am if it were not for you Sarah.

That is why I called some of my friends here to come and witness this. Some beautiful kids and brilliant like their mum.

I can do anything for you, if it were not for the corona pandemic that is happening this year. We could be somewhere but Covid happened. 11 years of good times. 99.99 percent good, the 0.1 is the normal things,” he said infront of his friends

Some of the friends who attended the anniversary were, Bahati and his wife Diana, The WaJesus Family, DJ Soxxy and wife, Comedian Jaymo Ule Msee among others.

Check out never seen photos from their wedding;

104992629_168538607973845_8333968307457721198_n 105557069_101819504892581_9125596181224919250_n 105938079_317979749220103_3760884756622828751_n 105940083_557535648246875_709588370888703242_n 105971721_150927116527776_7335284130258201075_n 106097653_189153572539990_1516665423504161549_n 106244567_3267840466602222_1788358548547660757_n 106510147_3196143363807477_3180015311379497709_n



From selling chang’aa and Mitumba, here are the hustles your favorite celebrity did before the money and fame

Being a celebrity comes with its fair share of troubles but all the public sees is the glamor and glitz that the media portrays.

Most celebrities have had to hustle hard before the fame and money caught up with them, so the next time you want to argue that they are lucky think twice because they have put in all the dirty work.

Below are some of the celebrities and the hustles they participated in

1. Diamond Platnumz

He is considered the most celebrated artiste in Tanzania not only for his good music but also for his energetic performances, but 11 years ago Dangote was just a young man working at Shell petrol station.

Part of his work was refilling the Reserve tank from the fuel tanks.


2. Simon Kabu

He is his own boss but before rising to being the man he is today, Kabu worked as a Motorbike Salesman something he did diligently for years.

Today he is Chairman and CEO of the African leading tours and travel agent Bonfire adventures.

Bonfire Adventures boss Kabu Simon with his wife and kids

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3. Otile Brown

Looking at him today, one would never imagine that the artiste whose good looks gives women sleepless nights once sold changaa.

After his mum passed away when he was only 12, Otile resorted to selling Changaa to make ends meet.

On him selling the traditional brew he says

“My mom died when I was about to turn 13. I don’t like talking about it but I don’t shy away from speaking about it because I know it could motivate someone. Sometimes when I would get caught, the officers would frog march me past the school compound where other children would see me. It was embarrassing didn’t like doing it but I had to survive,” 

otile ft

‘I didn’t like doing it but I had to survive’ Otile Brown on selling chang’aa

4. Akothee

The self proclaimed President of mother-in-laws knows too well what it is to hustle, despite the fact that she can now afford to fly first class back then she was struggling.

Akothee was a taxi driver something she diligently did before lady luck smiled on her, she says

“My children went to bahari parents which was a high standard school even though I had nothing, (niliishi maisha ya kubahatisha, pata leo kesho zero) 😂😂😂😂, so even if you see me throw big birthday bashes today , it’s something that has been in my heart , to give my kids the best , that I dint receive, I will climb the highest mountains just for my kids not to go through what I went through .”


Today she is a proud of a thriving tour and travel company ‘Akothee Safari’s among other ventures.

5. Gloria Muliro

The ‘Sitolia’ hit maker was a house girl before her star shone, she is now a celebrated gospel artiste who has made a name for herself.

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6. Terryanne Chebet

She is among the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya but not many know that before fame she used to sell second hand clothes.

“Most people don’t know but my first business was selling Mitumba clothes in Kitale …I guess the hustle never stops! “

Today she is the proud CEO of  Fanaka TV and she also owns a company that sells organic hair and body products dubbed ‘Keraya Organics’.


7. Willy Paul

The gospel artiste whose controversy is become a norm in the music scene once worked a s house boy.

This is after  and duped him that he would help him after losing his father only for the good Samaritan to turn out to be his worst nightmare.

“I was turned into a houseboy. I suffered so much but I never talk about it Read more:

I do not even know how to talk about what went down I would have narrated it but I do not know how to do so .”

willy paul

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‘I already miss you so badly’ Sarah Kabu of Bonfire adventures mourns her mum as she is laid to rest

Simon and his wife Sarah, the  owners of Bonfire adventures, finally laid their mum to rest in a quiet ceremony attended by family and friends in Embu County.

Simon took to his social media to thank those who came through for them as they laid their mum to rest in the caption below.

“Thanks so much to family and friends who joined us to give our mum a good send off. Till we meet again….. RIPMUM 

The Kabu’s had initially announced the demise of their mum’s passing through a post on instagram where Simon Kabu narrated how supportive his mother in law had been even back then when he was still struggling.

He wrote

“Today I just want to celebrate this beautiful woman who raised my wife to be like the proverbs 31 woman… aka “mutumia ngatha”. My wife is just a replica of her… kind, honest, intelligent hardworking go-getter. I Will never forget the day I went with my family to ask her for her daughter’s hand in marriage. I was just a hustler without much to offer for dowry as it is a tradition. She just told me not to worry much but give what I have , however little i had …what she was more interested in was to see her daughter settle in her own home and raise a family in peace love and unity… Mali tutafute pamoja.


FARE THE WELL MAMA no more pain and suffering. I had promised you ukipona we will go to Israel pamoja to see where the Jesus you love so much was born but now I believe you are dancing with Jesus and the Angels in heaven. Mum i will be forever indebted unto you 

In a sad and touching post, Sarah Kabu mourned her mother stating that she still could not believe she is gone .

“How do I say goodbye to you my friend… I loved you so much. I already miss you so badly for the 1 week you have been away… You had become my 3rd baby whom I loved to spoil… I can’t believe you are gone forever.”

Here are photos of the burial ceremony








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