Slay queens normally ask him for a car gift – Sarah Kabu about husband

Sarah Kabu had a fascinating conversation with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo last week.

One of the revelations that came from the interview was that her husband, Simon Kabu, was a constant target for gold-digging slay queens.

Truthfully I don’t blame them, this economy will have you doing things one might not be proud of!

‘Not a good example’ Sarah Kabu criticizes Manu Chandaria for cheap wedding 

The power couple married in 2009 and are blessed with two adorable children. Simon was still a matatu conductor during their courtship period.

The wealthy founder of Bonfire Adventures advised young girls and women to respect the institution of marriage.

Simon Kabu with Sarah Kabu
Simon Kabu with Sarah Kabu

Sarah told Massawe that some thirsty women have gone as far as stalking and seducing her husband on social media platforms.

She revealed to Massawe that she had stumbled on loads of messages from slay queens who openly expressed their love.

“During the New Year’s, I was going through his Instagram account, I was going through his inbox and a slay queen inboxes him, ‘Happy new year Simon Kabu, this year my goal is to go out with you, please make it happen.’ I did not respond. We get those DMs almost on a daily basis. The only thing I do is I visit their profile,” she said.

Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment
Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment

And what elicited all this mad love and attention from other women? It was occasioned when her husband surprised her with a brand new luxury car on her 39th birthday.

“We receive a lot of messages in his Instagram account we both have logins to each other’s account, of course we did not know it was such a big deal when we read the messages. Whenever a slay queen sees him they ask for a car gift from him and it is so sad. I heard they were asking how we make love so that they try out with him,” she added.

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Sarah Kabu – I never knew Simon was a conductor when he met my mum

Sarah Kabu was a guest on Radio Jambo yesterday and was interviewed by Massawe Jappani. One of the most interesting topics she talked about was her relationship with her husband and business-partner Simon Kabu.

She told a shocked Massawe that when she took Simon to meet her mother she didn’t know he was a conductor. She related that Simon did a lot of odd jobs back in the day to make ends meet and among them was a conductor. She narrated,

I never told them because at the time we went home for introductions I did not know, I found out later. my mum valued family a lot and by the time I was 30 she had started getting worried, she always advised me not to be so focused on finding a rich man. I told her I had found someone, she was very supportive because at the time I already had my own car and a decent house.

Simon in the past
Simon Kabu in the past

She explained that at the time Simon Kabu was driving the company car and did not know that Sarah had her own car. When Simon found out he was very impressed.

During our first date he wanted to drop me home with the company car but I told him I had mine. He was not intimidated like other guys I had dated before and I was impressed. We started dating and the rest is history.

Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment
Simon and Sarah Kabu enjoying a romantic moment

On what might have made Simon take their relationship to the next level Sarah said,

Maybe he saw a bright future because I was independent, he was hardworking but it seemed like his blessing had at that time not been unlocked. He might have felt I was the right person to help unlock them.

Simon and Sarah Kabu eating out
The couple

The duo has gone ahead to establish the top tour and travel company ‘Bonfire Adventures.’

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I am not pregnant! – Anerlisa Muigai denies twins rumours

Anerlisa Muigai has dropped a bombshell on her fans. The Keroche heiress has been in the news the past two months after Ben Pol proposed to her on the beach.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa

Another thing that had people talking about her was rumours that she was pregnant, something she did not deny. But now, she has come out to refute those rumours telling her followers in an Instagram question and answer session that she wasn’t.

Anerlisa not pregnant
Anerlisa not pregnant

This new information goes against the news that was first revealed by Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu after he congratulated her for being pregnant. Anerlisa, however, maintained she had no idea why she was being congratulated.

The news was broken when Simon, his wife, Sarah Kabu, Anerlisa, and her fiancé, Ben Pol met on holiday. That wasn’t the only indication that Anerlisa might be having a bun in the oven, she herself hinted at this fact.

Anerlisa speaking about twins
The heiress speaking about ‘twins’

She, later on, wrote in one of her Instastories that she wanted the ‘twins’ to look just like Ben Pol. What could that mean? Unlike Anerlisa who is not pregnant, gospel singer Kambua shocked many on Friday after she posted an image of her baby bump.

Kambua pregnant
Kambua pregnant

Her pregnancy comes 7 years after she got married to her husband, Jackson Mathu. The news has even prompted some other overzealous fans to tell another gospel musician, Joyce Omondi that she should also join the bandwagon.

Joyce Omondi
Joyce Omondi with her hubby Waihiga Mwaura

The last 2 years has seen many female celebs get children like; Avril, Lillian Muli, Lulu Hassan, Kashy, Janet Mbugua, Mwanaisha Chidzuga, Diana Marua and Bridget Shighadi.

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