“I used to pay Ksh 500 as rent” Silprosa narrates humble beginnings

Auntie Boss actress Sandra Dacha a.k.a Silprosa has made it big in the entertainment industry. The mother of one has become the image of success for many aspiring thespians since she got her big break on the show.

Auntie Boss actress Silprosa shows off cute son on his 6th birthday

But some might not realise that the big-boned actress is the real definition of grass to grace as her rise from the bottom to the top of the pile has been both stupendous and a triumph of a woman over her environment.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa
Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

Dacha who is ever-smiling shared one of the memories she had about her past, showing how far she has come from. The woman also shared an image that showed the forlorn shack she used to live in.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa in the past
Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa in the past

Sharing on her journey Dacha penned,

From a matope house that i used to pay 100bob per month,to a mabati house that i used to pay 200bob per month to this👇 si hapa sasa nilikuwa mdosi excess😂🤣😂🤣 the year was 2012. I had now moved to a “mawe” house. rent was 500 per month😋 god you are wonderful! you are marvelous! you you you my god😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i lack proper words to describe you my lord😭 yahweh uhimidiwe🙏 never give up in life. Jitume. mimi bado sijafika popote,ndio nazidi kusonga🙏 bado najituma🙏#mystory.’

The lady has become a hero for many women who admire her outspoken nature especially as relates to dealing with bullies online who attack her for her size and figure.

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Aunty Boss actress Silprosa shows off cute son on his 6th birthday

Aunty Boss actress Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa has been grabbing the headlines in the month of June. Silprosa paraded her thunder thighs and curvy figure in June as she celebrated her dirty 30.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

And it seems that the actress isn’t done exciting her impressionable fans. Yesterday, Sandra thrilled many when she celebrated her baby boy to her fans and followers.

Kween Tings! Auntie Boss’ Silprosa is 30 and never felt better

Like any normal mum, she went all out to please her sweet child and bought him the best of cakes for his celebration. Her fans praised Sandra’s mothering skills and noted how handsome her six-year-old champ was.

Silprosa's son, Jeawel
Silprosa’s son, Jeawel

She did so on her Instagram page with her caption reading;

07/07/2014 This boy completes me😘The boy after my own heart😘 Oooooh my baby😘 oooh my hun😘ooooh my sugar 😘 oooh my plum😘oooooh my kabisa😘 ooooh my EVERYTHING ♥️ NAKUPENDA sana mpenzi wangu😘 Fam kindly help me wish my baby a good one🙏HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeawel😘
📷 @cleanpixel

Silprosa's son, Jeawel

Many Kenyans were delighted with her caption and messages came in hard and fast. Some are below:

jaspermurume Happy birthday to the man

kenyan_bandiit 💯💯😍 happy birthday

kimothoangela Happy birthday prince❤️to many more

sherry_bridget Happy birthday boy

pockykalim Aww happy blast birthday to him🔥

eunicenyanaro Happy birthday handsome

yvonneshanneyz Happy birthday😍😍😍😍 to him

carolin_muthoni He’s so cute 😍 Happy birthday to him 🎂🎉🎈

mel_oyuke Happy birthday Jeawel

The thespian divulged in the past that she had split up with the father of her son because of his pettiness, saying “Because I bought a fridge that’s bigger than his”.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

The mother of one stated that apart from her potential man not being the jealous type, she won’t settle down with a broke dude.

“The second quality I look for in a man is someone who’s fiscally fit, I also want a man who fully focusses on me. Someone who asks about my ambition and aspirations. Sitaki mtuu amezubaa tu.”

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Full-bodied Silprosa leaves little to the imagination as she poses in sultry photos

The body positivity movement is one that has become more mainstream over the years and seems it will get more wind under it as a side-effect of the Black Lives Matter movement.

While some may have their opinions about its merits and demerits, there are some like Auntie Boss star Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa who has embraced the movement fully.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

The full-figured actress decided to flaunt her figure unapologetically to her over 130k Instagram followers.  Silprosa gave ger fans a lesson on how to love their bodies while using scintillating photos she took on her 30th birthday.

Former Auntie boss actress Nyce Wanjeri speaks out on marriage

The month of June has been one of fearless expression for Siprosa as she showcased different outfits with the one major tie-in being her big curvy body and thunder thighs, that she showed off proudly.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

Showing that being body-shamed can only happen when the victims accepts the attacks instead of ignoring them as Silprosa impressively did with her critics.

However, most of her fans were quick to congratulate her with many expressing their delight at the chutzpah she was expressing with the numerous photo-shoots.

Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa

Silprosa reminds me of American rapper Lizzo who has become the focal point of the current body positivity movement happening in America.

Lizzo posing

Lizzo posing
Lizzo posing

Lizzo just like Silprosa has made society confront their definitions of what beauty is supposed to be, advancing a conversation that has been taking place since obesity became one of the biggest killers worldwide.

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