Nlicharazwa’I went fighting my husband’s side chick and she beat me up’ narrates wife

Women are known to react quickly to anger especially when other women known to Kenyans as mpango wa kando are involved in a relationship with their hubby’s.

A woman has found herself embarrassed after been thoroughly whipped by t the other woman after she decided to confront her ,things got even more worse after her hubby added to the beating after learning what her wife had done.


‘Always know that you have a true partner in me’ Diana Marua to Bahati

She wrote

“I went fighting my husband’s side chick and she beat me up,that was not the end,my husband came home and added to the beating.
I noticed he was always hiding his phone do I got the password logged in,saw the chat with one silly girl,I got her number, tracked her and went to fight her but she over powered me and beat me up.

I had to get somone to drive me home,I guess she called my husband and he came home from work and added his own slaps .I feel so useless ,i feel so pained

She goes on to add that she is thinking of using charm on her man to get back at him

“I want to hurt my husband do bad,If I see juju now I will use it on him .He made me feel small just because I was protecting what we have .How do I react when he gets back .Do i Pour hot water on him or hot oil.”

‘I suspect my man is dating his male best friend’ cries city woman

Here are some of the comments from readers advicing the woman on how to best handle her issue

_ucheyyibe_Pour him acid
obatoladawoduJust let go…he sure doesn’t want you.
timi_ejohMen will always cheat, serves u right.. Next time u won’t go near his phone. Just nurture what u have already
rhikswigs_Nop…. pour acid on him acid will work fast fast yeye🙂😌
vikky_ijTruth be told. No reasonable wife goes fighting side chicks this days. All you need do is work harder, safe enough to leave peacefully when it become totally unbearable.
idem_glow_organicsAnger doesn’t solve anything,think before you act,u better calm down before u do worse cuz the way ure talking clear say ur blood still dey boil.
churchgurl207You’re just a miserable woman..why would u go and fight he’s side chicks? That’s what I as a woman would never do..its your husband you’re supposed to fight mad woman..When my dad do cheats we don’t have issues with he’s side chicks rather we quarrel him till he gets the heats and change for a while..Miserable woman..oya pour hot oil on your husband out of foolishness…
faanah1Get pins ND place several pieces on his bed and the chair… Thank me later
j.u.b.a.b.yHoney it’s not by force u can’t force him to be with you. Heal be happy and gradually disconnect from him emotionally and mentally. U only leave once live for you

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Mpango wa kando: Woman shares her sad life as a side chick

Being a side chick is not easy. You never enjoy your holidays nor do you get to spend quality time with your man. He is a family man who always has to go back to his family, so as a side chick, you will always be left feeling lonely.

Well, a city woman has confessed that being a side chick is a hard job. According to this woman, she has been a side chick for quite a while but apart from the gifts and treats that come along, it’s not worth it.

Here’s her experience;

“I’ve been a side chick to several of my boyfriends. Strange enough, most of them I was in a monogamous relationship with. My first serious relationship was with Mr. T for whom I left my child’s father and boyfriend of 7 years. We dated for two years. Since we never lost contact, We never officially broke up. Years after we stopped a sexual relationship, he helped me get the job I’m currently at.

After him, I dated a guy who had a girlfriend for a couple of months, then while at work, I met a guy who was to get married soon, I called him Mr. H. Mr. H and I never really had a sexual relationship but he did everything for me. We still keep in touch as well.

So for all those times, I was doing okay as a side chick, I dated those guys in peace until I met Mr. N. He was different from the men I previously dated because unlike my previous men Mr. N was not in a happy relationship with his main woman. He was having issues with his wife, so I was his solace. I was okay with that.

Everything was going well until he had resolved his problems at home and he said he wanted to keep me as his girlfriend even though he was now happy at home. He even suggested he would make me his second wife. While we were in discussions of what we will do next, his wife somehow how found out and all hell broke loose.

The wife went berserk and attacked me verbally. We had verbal exchanges and often screaming matches on the phone. She was often threatening and it got so bad that I had to block him and stop talking to him. I haven’t spoken to him since. It could have ended badly because if I hadn’t handled everything like I did, the wife was threatening to beat me up with her friends.

I moved on from that drama and currently, I’m the only one in my relationship. I am in a serious relationship with my partner. When I look back at the people I dated, I realize that I was okay with being a side chick because I never wanted my exes to leave their spouses. I later realized that for the longest time I had commitment issues because during this time I had suitors that had potential to be partners. I think because I liked the single lifestyle, going out clubbing and partying all the time. And with a guy that’s married, he’s not available at certain times and that worked for me. Also, the vacations were great because the only places you would go out with him publicly is where no one knows you. Though with Mr. T our affair was very public even to this date, we comment on each other’s posts, tag and even call each other almost every other day.

The sad part about being a side chick is it’s very lonely. The men are never available when you need them. You celebrate all the special holidays either before or after the days have passed, you never even have a priority on the plans you have.”


Credits: Familymatters

Zari Stole Diamond From Me, He Never Even Took Care Of His Kids We Got Together – Burundi Beauty Queen Cries

The Diamond-Zari-Hamisa love triangle in becoming bigger by the second.

A former Miss Burundi and video queen has accused Zari Hassan of stealing Diamond from her and influencing him to abandon his two children they had together back in 2013.

The Burundian model identified as Honey Jesca wrote an open letter to Zari calling her out for what she did and saying that Karma is a b*tch with a very good memory.

Apparently, back in 2012 Zari and Honey Jesca were best friends when this happened.

Honey Jesca told Zari, “Umejitaidi mpaka umefanikiwa kuhack account yangu ambayo ilikuwa na followers 450K Saaa ulikuwa unaogopa nisikuumbuwe nataka niweke wazi ukweli woote wewe ni mganda na mimi ni mrundi halisi kujuwana mimi na wewe isiwe tabu.”

Here is what she detailed.

1. Mimi toka nilipo zaa na @diamondplatnumz toka mwaka 2013 mpaka leo hajawai hata kutowa shilingi100 ya kumnunuliya hata mtoto sukari ila nina mlea mtoto wangu bila kumtegemea mtu yoyote

2. Mimi nina miaka 24 ila wewe una miaka 46 na ukikataa nitapost photocopy ya passport yako ninayo

3. Wewe uliniporaga #diamond wakati ulikuwa unajuwa ni shemeji yako na mimi nikiwa kama your best friend ila tamaa zikakufanya unigieuke

She added. “Saaa leo nataka niweke ukweli woote kwa maana mimi ninakujuwa kuliko baba yako mzazi
Naomba watu woote mjuwe kuwa @zarithebosslady hana kitu chochote kila ni mwanamke aliyejaa tamaa saana akiendaga uganda anaenda sehem moja inaitwa kabaragara anakodisha magari ya kifahari alafu wana tengeneza bati lipo kama pleti number linaandikwa jina lake alafu anapiga nayo foto shoot.”

Honey Jesca posted a photo of the two children she bore for Diamond before the singer – now referred to as Simba wa Msolokombo – left.

The former beauty queen has branded the singer a dead beat dad.

“Abo ni batoto ma pacha nilizalaka na @diamondplatnumz toka 2013 mupaka leo tulikutanaga nae wakati alikuyaka kwetu burundi kwa ajili ya kuimba ndipo alipo nionaga na kumtuma kijana aitwae #mafya ila tokea hapo hajawai kunipatiya huduma yoyote mupaka leo nakama haamini nipo tayari tuende kupima DNA japokuwa kuko batu benye banazania miye natafuta kiki no no no but nipo serious kwa hill na ukweli haujifichi pls @diamondplatnumz nimelea toka mwanzo now nataka ukuye ubakamate na aba ba mapasa ubaleye nimechoka

After Diamond went live on radio and admitted he cheated on Zari, the star defended his infidelity by saying it is proof that he is not impotent.

He wrote on Instagram: “Chawa KATU hauliwi kwa DOLE GUMBA…… Leo kawa Baba WATATU yule walomuitaga MGUMBA….”🔥🔥.”

Fans, haters, disgusted peeps and trolls responded to the post.

aiysha58: Kweli kabisa baba Tee, na most of them wanawake wanatamani wazae na wewe, be carefully protect yr self @diamondplatnumz

pashua_shii: A man takes care of his family not shame them!!.grow up

evelynkibibi: 😂😂😂😂 kenya twamgonja kwa hamu aiseee to see if he fertile with Kenyan ladies💃💃💃💃

achitsal: He’s now rubbing it in zaris face too hard

safali_yetu15: We mond unajua zari ndiyo aliitambulisha dunia kuwa wewe nilijali hebu muheshimu basi👌hao wengine wameibuka tu

shadhilmkwinda787: We unazngua Fanya kaz achana na makiki You proud of cheating??? @diamondplatnumz andaa magoti South Africa ni mbali

godymasuvata: Kama mtoto watatu kapatikana nje ya ndoa unasema fresh.VP ukimwi zar atasema.fresh jilinde usiwe fis wakat ni Sumba zar pole take ndoa ndoano

fe9635: Kaka kwel ww n mwanaume ila ndugu kuwa makini wanawake watakupotezea mda hasa wakibongo angalia maisha yako pambana hapo ulipofika karibu unakaribia uctuangushe tunakupenda achana wajinga,zari ndio anakufaaa atakufikisha mbali sana kaka funguka uone,achana vdada vya bongo vitakuchuna tuuu,angalia maisha kwanza timiza malengo yako,uko mbali sana uckubali kurudi nyuma,maisha haya chezewiii.

tillysanga: Kama nimeona mwingine kajitokeza na mapacha anataka ule. Hapo waambie wapambane na hali zao

joy_nkungu: Haki dai ukuje kwetu Rwanda uchuke watoi wako mapacha na tuko tayari kwa DNA abatoto banakufanana haki jmn

mdundikokoko: We kaka utaishia pabaya, unampa jeuri hawara yako kumtukana mama watoto wako? Aliekutunzia heshima mda wote huo? Hufkiriii moyoni anajiskiaje? How could you be so selfish? Yote haya yatakutokea puani. TIME WILL TELL. Na umesharogwa wewe sio bure lakini yote umeyataka mwenyewe!!

irynroseirynrose: Shame on you Dangote! What is there to flaunt!? Dishonesty?? Really? Why humiliate a woman so publicly? You did not have to do that.