It’s just for money, we chop it seriously and move on – side chick confesses


There was major moshene on Classic 105 on Friday morning, all courtesy of side chicks who called in saying why they target married men.

Maina delved into the topic of why side chick agree to date married men and many confessed that it’s all because he has money.

One woman called in saying “we never date broke married men, only the ones with money, why would I go for a broke man?”

Maina sought to know from single girls why they go for married men.

“So now this morning we want to know single girls, why do we entertain married men? There is nothing he is offering you apart from money. Do you  honestly think that a married man will leave his wife for you? When a married man tells you I love you do you believe him?”


This elicited all sorts of responses from single girls who called in with their experience.

A second woman echoed the thoughts of the first female caller saying it’s all about his money and how they chop it.

“The only remaining responsible men are the married ones, we want one who is ready made, we no longer want to grow with a single broke man”

A third woman set tongues wagging saying

“We don’t go to them, the married men come to us on their own, siwezi entertain kama ako broke, kama ako a broke married man, siwezi muentertain, hio pesa ndio nataka, even if he tells me I love you do you know how I respond? I says thanks!”

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“Married men should not fertilize your womb” single girls advised


On February 27th, Samidoh began to trend, all because he was exposed as having a child out of wedlock.

A video shared by the former Nairobi County Women rep aspirant Karen Nyamu showed the Mugithi maestro having good moments with child.
Nyamu wrote about the moment in a sweet note saying “A dad doesn’t tell you that he loves you, he shows”.
 samidohhildign son with karen
And on March 2nd, Samidoh released a note publicly apologising for what he said was setting a bad example, while admitting he was indeed the father to her son. He denied having left his wife of 11 years as videos released suggested he had done so.
Amid Samidohs row with his side chick, his wife got into an accident on March 1.
In the discussion about his apology on Classic 105, a woman called in blasting single girls for getting a married mans child.

She advised girls to ‘have fun’ with a married man but cautioned that “you have no business allowing a married man to fertilize your womb”.

6 brutal yet real signs you are his side chick in a relationship

She added that “a child is forever, you cannot get rid of that child once it comes. Just have fun with a married man if you must date one, but don’t get pregnant”.
Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with this woman, and are side chicks crossing the red line?

6 brutal yet real signs you are his side chick in a relationship



Back in 2020, Diana Marua revealed what it is like to be a side chick.

In an emotional youtube clip, Diana said,

“Once you are a side chick, there are dating rules; you can’t call him past these hours, you can’t call him on Father’s Day, over the weekend, on his wife’s birthday. And during the wife’s birthday, he would take her around the world and that made me feel bad. Sometimes I would feel I am not pretty enough to get a man of my own. Other times I felt good because I was always on road trips and you are getting money,” she added.

And recently we saw Kikuyu singer and his side chick Karen Nyamu entertain us with their affair details.

So here is how you know you are a side chick.

They dodge taking pics with you at any chance

He will tell you he doesn’t like getting his picture taken, or he says he has no looks or anything else that will get you stop trying to hit the shutter from going off.

Your so-called ‘special place’ is actually his hideout

Places that aren’t high profile for him is where you’ll spend ‘dates’ on a night out. You may even be forced to drive far to make sure no one spots you two together. So if you drive to say Machakos coz he says it’s a nice place, you a side chick sis.
Family and friend gatherings are out of the question

You are not on the same level as his wife. You will just lurk in his wifes FB page to see what the family is enjoying its time. The only people ou will meet are his pals ok sis?

Netflix and chill typa dates

To avoid being spotted, he will lovingly tell you to hang out at your place, that he is paying for or a rental apartment so that there are no interruptions, just the two of you boo,

Ngoja I call you back

Though this is a typical Kenyan thing, if he frequently interrupts your calls, you are his secret. He speaks in a hushed, low tone or end the discussion mid-convo. Siiiiz, you are a side chick.
Cancelling last minute way too many times

If your man consistently cancels on you at the last minute even though your plans were good to go, sis you are a side piece.  Wifi can’t wait like you.

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My husbands girlfriend has been silently cleaning our house



An un-meployed man made sure his wife came back to a clean house, and she never did ask how he manged to do that.

He didn’t want his wife to lift a finger after a hard day at the office, and so found an ingenious way to do the chores.

Maina and Kingangi storm off the studio after night long rape ordeal story

His wife narrated on social media just how she found out about his life.
This follows a question from a Twitter user who asked users whats the worst thing they have discovered about their relationship.

Nonki Sehume replied her shocking discovery. she says she can afford to laugh about the experience now but back then things were thick.

Back in 2010 my ex husband was unemployed, I’ll come back from work to a clean house everyday, washing would be done, sometimes even supper was cooked. Came back early one day and found this lady cleaning, turns out she was my husband girlfriend, she has been doing this all along

‘I miscarried at 5 months’ Wendy Kemunto speaks out after rape ordeal by rugby players

Abdul Azeez.
Wow 😯, when I started reading your tweet, I was kinda happy for you but the end was read much slower like in a chocking state , did not expect that. So sorry 😐 about the traumatizing situation u been through. May the Almighty give u the strength to fully trust a lover again.

Olerato’s Mom❤️.
That man might have cheated but at least he was good at something, getting you a maid without having to waste any money. And that other woman damn she would have made a great sister-wife

Musawenkosi Mosia..
She knew her place and your hubby made sure you came back to a clean home and you didn’t have to lift a finger, you just rest nje after work. Husband of the decade award belongs to him


Ian Matukane..
Why did you go home early without alerting him!?


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‘His life is complicated, I make it better’ side chick confesses


There is a lot of truth to the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Though this isn’t always the case if you read on below.

A man, his side chick and the wife are in an open relationship, and loving it.

They are making things work out because the wife has given permission to the side chick to handle her man in tough times.

The mistress told Maina Kageni on Thursday that

‘anytime they have an argument, she asks me to come in and neutralize things’

Kenyan man confesses to sleeping with his boss’ wife for six years

She added

I have been a side chick for four years, and the man’s wife told me to take care of the man, and anytime she is not around anytime she needs her kids to be picked up she asks me to, anytime they have an argument I come in and neutralize things

This love triangle is so fascinating that Mwalimu Kingangi and Maina were left speechless.

There is no drama, heartache and scandals because as she explains ‘we are close’.

She figured that I came first in the man’s life before they got married, so when she realized I am still in her mans life she decided I would rather know there is only one person in his life. So we are very close and the man knows that. We actually have dinner together as a family, we even take the kids out together.

‘My wife found out about my affair yet she still serves me food while smiling so hard, I’m scared she might kill me’ City man confesses

Having more than one lover or significant other is perfectly fine, we should all do what makes us happy…. as long as you’re being honest and everyone is aware of everyone.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what has been your experience if any.

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‘We will see our children when we feel like it’ men tell side chicks


If you are a mpango wa kando stay in your lane ladies.

This was the message men asked Maina Kageni to pass on to Kenyan side chicks who feel they should be paid attention, just like wives.

Their message was

Please tell our ladies with whom we have children out there that we shall come into the lives of those children when the time is appropriate, don’t force the agenda,

That could be when they start schooling, that could even later in their life, don’t rush us.

Maina Kageni turned this into the morning conversation asking ladies if they were comfortable with the message.

Do you agree with them that men you have a child with and he is married with a family of his own, that his time is not your own, atakupimia masaa,

Do you understand where they are coming from ladies?

Several women called in responding with their own life stories with married men

One female caller shocked Maina when she said

It’s true, they will jipanga their time. Like for me nilipata ball and I never knew he was married, he came to see my child when he was two years and from then he comes when he feels like, he sees the child counted times, like four times in five years

And does he support his child financially?

No, maybe when he comes he says maybe nitalipa school fees, unamuwacha tuu, the first time when he say our child was when he was two years, you can’t force him, he will come when he feels like and say where is my daughter?

Another woman also concurred with her story

I have my man and he isn’t bothered being ther emotionally and financially, he has never seen our child. MMy baby is two years now, he has never seen her, he says when the time is appropriate, and when I was pregnant we were together, na kuzaa alikuwa, ehe,

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‘My wife sends money to other men but refused to bail me out while admitted in hospital’ Men narrate why they love their Mpango wa Kando’s to death

Mpango wa Kando’s are here to stay and that is the bitter truth that married women are putting up with.

Men have become more bold with their Mpango’s and hard as it may to believe, most men would rather spend on their mpango’s than on their  wives.

Here is why

“I have a wife and I met her when she was not working. When she got a job her true colors started popping.

She was busy splashing money on other men and relatives and when asked she would answer back by telling me that that is her money.

The craziest scandals, controversies and feuds female politicians have been involved in

I got fed up and decided to look for another woman because she used to use her money out there on her colleague.

The Mpesa transactions were there but what hurt me the most is that one day I was hospitalized and she refused to clear my bill saying that she don’t have money.”

He adds

“My second wife is who bailed me out, and right now my wife is jobless but I do not give a damn about what she goes through.”

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