Using your phone while shopping makes you spend more – study reveals

Research shows that shoppers who chat, text, check emails or listening to music on their phones while browsing the shelves become easily distracted.

And the effect continues even if you put your phone away half-way through the shop, a study shows.

More than 230 volunteers were asked to complete a simulated shopping task – either not using their phone, using it only intermittently or using it constantly.

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They were handed a list and asked to compare the items which ended up in their basket in each of the three scenarios.

A couple shopping
A couple shopping

In most cases, heavy phone use led to a ‘considerable distraction’ and more unplanned purchases.

The only exception was when the phone was being used for a task related to the shopping, such as researching a product.

Dr Michael Sciandra, who led the research at Fairfield University in Connecticut, said: ‘Mobile phones are quickly becoming the principal distractor for many consumers, with 93 per cent admitting to using their phones while out shopping.

‘Almost half of all in-store mobile phone use is unrelated to the shopping task – and this is associated with more hedonistic unplanned purchases.’

Source: Daily Mail

8 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Shopping For Jeans

Shopping for jeans isn’t for the fainthearted…okay, it’s not that serious, but I’m sure you will agree with me that it can be a struggle.

Finding even just one great pair is an enormous challenge. You’ve really got to mentally (and, arguably, physically) prepare if you want to do it right and keep your sanity.

But whether you always bring a friend for second opinions or always insist on doing the quest solo, there are a ton of things going through your mind on that day. Here are some:


1. Wow, Being Hungry Has Paid Off
This happens when you can see actual results from a few healthy new lifestyle changes. You’ve been super disciplined with both food and exercise. You’re setting goals and hitting them. And it’s actually showing.

The proof is when you get to proudly zip up the jeans you’ve been eying for a couple of months. This feeling is quite simply the best, because it encourages you to keep going in whatever routine you’ve been doing.

2. Should I Really Pay For Jeans With Holes?
Is distressed denim still a thing? It always seems like a rip-off (pun 100 percent intended). But what’s a gal to do when everything else about the jeans is perfect but she doesn’t want generic-looking holes or tears in a new pair of pants?

If you’re cool enough to be wearing jeans with holes, you should be cool enough to have earned those holes yourself.

3. Everything In My Life Has Led Me To This Moment
We’ve all had this magical experience. The fit and length are perfect. Your butt is lifted and has somehow been going to the gym without you for six months. The jeans are even the exact shade of denim you want! These pants are gonna change your life. And then you look at the price tag…

4. Will I Still Attract Guys With These Boyfriend Jeans?
Picture Katie Holmes toting her daughter Suri around New York City. Yeah, picture her because she’s the only chick on the planet that looks hot in boyfriend jeans… but does that even matter? Just because a trend isn’t flattering doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for you. Life is long, and you deserve to wear what you want.


5. I Think I Need Some Purely Functional Pairs Too, Right?
Not all jeans are designed to make us look hot. Sometimes we need a pair we can throw on to volunteer at a charity event. What if we need to take a long road trip and still be able to breathe?

And other times, we want to eat with complete abandon. We need denim that’s sturdy-yet-forgiving on such days. Yes, the ones you might call your mom jeans fall in this category, too.

6. Whoa! Whose Ass Is That?
Now, this thought can lean positive or negative depending on tone. Jeans can make your ass unrecognizable in a good way. Or they can make your ass look like it belongs your long lost teacher whom you and all your friends called Droopy Butt. Don’t worry—in these cases we swear it’s not you, it’s the jeans! Unless your backside looks great, in which case, lookin’ good, girl, it’s all you!

7. What The Hell Is In Style Right Now?
Are skinny jeans still the main staple, or are boot cuts finally making a comeback? Haven’t you been seeing some wide-leg jeans, too?

Word on the street is bellbottoms are trying to sneak their way back in the mix. You want to buy what fits and what looks good on you, but you want to make somewhat of an effort to stay current.

8. The Jeans I Have Home Are Fine
This decision usually occurs when you see one too many hefty price tags for the jeans you actually like. This sentiment is also felt when every pair you try on just doesn’t seem to measure up to that magical pair you bought in 2011.


Online International Shopping

Online shopping is one of the best innovations that allow consumers to get access to items that would otherwise never have been unavailable to them. It has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and Kenyans are equally taken up the concept of shipping goods directly internationally. 85% of Kenyans are using electronic payment products like the mobile money, prepaid cards, according to a study by MasterCard. Which shows that Kenyans are embracing using cards instead of cash. There are some dos and donts if you are going to shop online, here are some tips you need to know about.

1. Is the website you are buying from legitimate
More often than not, buyers are lured by sales, so they tend to look for sites selling cheap designer items or phones, check if their are a legit shop. Look for the testimonials from other clients who have bought from the same website. Check online if it is a reliable website. You can avoid this phenomenon by shopping from well-known sites. If the deal is too good, think twice.

2. Take advantage of sales
Online shopping enables you to take advantage of sales continents away. If there is a black friday offer or a Cyber Monday offer buying the item online would be the perfect way to get an insane deal for those designer shoes you have been lusting after.

3. Receiving items via post office eases shipping
Some companies will offer to send your goods via post and this is a cheaper option especially for example if you are shipping from China to Kenya. It will be cheaper than transporting your shipping via DHL even tough it will take longer.

4. VAT
In Kenya for example, VAT is a huge deal for online shoppers because it is very high. Sometimes you will buy goods worth a small some of money and when and you end up paying double the value of your goods thanks to VAT. Take advantage of companies that ship items in bulk

5. Take advantage of companies that offer free shipping
If you are looking to buy items online on a budget, sometimes looking for websites that offer free shipping is a plus. Some will ship for free if your order has reached a certain amount. With free shipping at least you only need to worry about VAT.

6. Making Payment
Finding a store that accepts Paypal mode of payment is a convenient way to make sure your card is safe. Paypal will only affiliate itself with reputable websites, so you don’t have to worry about the place you are shopping from having direct access to your bank details.

Women shop more when they are ovulating, study

You may think that women do most of their shopping just after pay-day – but it seems it’s another time of the month that sends them to the tills.

A study of more than 500 women suggests that ladies like to buy more things when they are at their most fertile.

Researchers found that their test subjects, aged between 18 and 40, sought a wider variety of items when ovulating – an impulse that extended to their love-life.

Professor Kristina Durante, of Texas University, explained: ‘Just like a fisherman casting a wide net, ovulating women seek to cast a wide net into the dating pool and expand the number of potential suitors they have to choose from.

‘This desire for variety in men at ovulation triggers a variety-seeking mindset that carries over into desire for variety in products. Her study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, suggests a link between choices in women’s personal relationships and the marketplace for the first time.

Previous research had already shown ovulation can shift dating habits. Now her four experiments, including participants who were not pregnant or taking hormonal contraceptives, have found that women’s desire for more men also made them want to do more shopping.