Woman Escapes Death In Gun Drama With Ex-Lover

 A female cashier who works at NHIF Nairobi and her two sons escaped death narrowly on Sunday morning when her jilted police officer lover shot at them several times at their house in Embakasi.

The jilted man, who works at JKIA, is said to have threatened to kill his lover of three years after the woman ended the relationship two months ago.

Francisca Mulinge said she survived death by a whisker, however her 21-year-old son Chrispus Makau was admitted with a fractured arm following the gun drama.

Makau suffered a fractured palm and wrist from a bullet that also grazed his right-hand fingers. Mulinge said the ex-lover had been threatening to kill her and also sent her abusive text messages.

On the fateful night, Otieno is said to have arrived at Mulinge’s house at around 7pm and asked about her whereabouts. He was informed by the househelp that Mulinge was not at home and he left with a promise to check on her later.

He returned to the house at around 12.30 am. He knocked on the door but Mulinge’s son, who was in the sitting room watching TV, declined to open it. At that point he started shooting into the sitting room and bedrooms through the windows. Mulinge and her two-year-old son survived the hail of bullets fired at them unhurt.

Yesterday, Mulinge denied allegations by Otieno that she had conned him out of Sh300,000, which he allegedly used to start a bar for her. She said she was not part of the business and she decided to kick Otieno out because of his unbecoming behavior.

David Otieno, 34, was arrested and  locked up at the Embakasi police station and will be charged in court for attempted murder and malicious damage to property.

– The Star

Woman Shoots Herself While Taking A Selfie

A woman is recovering in hospital, after accidentally shooting herself while taking a selfie.

The woman is believed to have found a 9mm handgun left by a security guard at the office where she works.

She then took a picture off herself, according to Interfax news agency, but pulled the gun’s trigger.

She was taken to Sklifosovsky hospital in Moscow where she is fighting for her life.

A police spokesman said the gun had been lying around in the office building for two weeks after the security guard went on holiday.


Man shoots wife after a night out

According to  report  aired on NTV, Buruburu Police are holding the owner of Latitude lounge  who is suspected to have  murdered his second wife in the wee hours on Friday morning.

Mr Erastus Odhiambo AKA ‘IDIOT’ as he was known as is suspected to have hit his 27-year-old wife, Linda Wanjiku’s head with a gun before kicking her severally  leading to her death at their house in  Buruburu Phase Five Extension.

Witnesses said Mr Odhiambo arrived home early Friday morning and found that his wife was not at home. He went out again only to return and find his wife was back.

That is when all hell broke loose. according to the deceased sister  They started quarrelling and then at  around 4:30 in the morning, then she decided to go to her parents house in Buruburu phase 2, but as she started her car Erastus caught up with them, opened the car door and pulled her out.

After pulling her, Mr. Erastus who is a licensed gun holder pulled out his gun, then hit her at the back of her head sending her tumbling down to the ground.

“He continued kicking her as she lay there despite pleas to let her go and at point she says she decided to call her brothers to help her.

According to the neighbours, they said  they heard a gunshot and when they came out, they found Linda lying unconscious on the ground.

Her sister was screaming before her father and brother arrived and tried to lift her into the car, but her husband kept on blocking them and asking them to leave her alone. Eventually neighbours were able to help them and they rushed her to hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Officers from the Buruburu  Police station picked  Mr Odhiambo from his house and took him  for questioning. He will be arraigned in court on Monday .