5 Essential sneakers a man should have in his closet

If you do not have sneakers and are wondering where to get inspiration from, then this is your safe space, we got you covered with only the best.

Most of the times when we talk about men shoes, we only talk about the office shoes but we are making it different today.

Here are 5 Important sneakers men should have in their closets.

Converse chuck Taylor

When it comes to sneakers, converse should top the list.

From its comfortable feel to that flexible comfort, these are a must have in your closet.

The first converse shoes were made in 1908 as a baseball shoe which later evolved to be a fashion statement.



Adidas Stan Smiths

Back in the days, these are the shoes that went big especially on the Tennis court.

Aside from that these shoes are really stylish and classy.

At times wore with suits but when this happens, one has to be careful that when you wear a suit, it is essential to know that when this happens wear a T-shirt instead of an official shirt.

addidas stan smiths

6 classy shoes every lady should have in their closet – Photos

Nike Air-force 1

The emphasis should be that they should be pure white.

These shoes are bomb don’t you think?

The fist Air- force shoe came into the market in the 1980’s and have never left and i know they will be there for a long time.

The white is so clean you could actually just kiss it no?

nike airforce 1

Nike Cortez 

The shoes were in 1980 Olympics in Los Angels which was first tried and tested.

These shoes are were actually used on the running field.

They are multi purpose and aside from being worn by women, they could be worn by men too.

nike cortez

5 must have pairs of shoes every man should own

Jordan 1

These shoes were first designed in the 1980’s.

They continue to still be a trend setter in the fashion industry.



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Why you should keep the sachet from your shoe box

– Most people throw away those pesky silica gel sachets but they shouldn’t

– Woman asked Facebook what to do with them and was met with a lot of options

– Some answers included freshening a sweaty gym back and fixing a phone

Most people that find those pesky little silica gel sachets will throw them away – but it seems as though they have far more uses than first thought.

An Australian Facebook organisation group brainstormed a number of ways the sachets could be used around the home and within minutes, the thread was filled with all kinds of handy tips and tricks.

From freshening a sweaty gym back to fixing a damaged phone, here are the best ways to utilise them.

Defog a car dashboard

The purpose of the sachets is to keep things dry by drawing out moisture and there are many everyday items that could benefit from their use,

One of the most surprising tricks that came out of the wealth of knowledge in the group was using the sachets to defog a car dashboard.

‘Hubby keeps them on the dashboard in our older car to absorb some of the moisture near front windows,’ one woman said, with many agreeing.

She wasn’t the only person to suggest this, as many other people said they had success using the product this way.

Fix a damaged mobile phone

Many people said that it was these little packets that single-handedly saved their water damaged mobile phones.

‘Keep them, if you ever drop your phone in water they are good to draw moisture out,’ one person said.

The silica gel sachets can absorb 20 to 40 per cent of its own weight because the gel has tiny pores that draw in the moisture.

‘These saved my phone! I now keep them all in a zip lock bag just in case,’ another said.

Keep gym bag fresh

A variety of people said that they use the packets to withdraw any sweat that may have accumulated in their gym bag.

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Doing so will also help get rid of odour-creating bacteria, which moisture causes.

Bacteria needs a variety of things to grow, with moisture being one of them. The silica gel deprives the bacteria of the moisture they need, so they will become dormant rather than destroyed.
Stop clothes from going mouldy

One of the most basic of uses for the gel silica sachets is using them to keep clothes dry.

‘I use them when packing clothes away to stop mould and mildew,’ one mother said.

‘It worked perfectly for my daughter’s baby clothes that were stored in a garage that leaked in heavy rain.’

‘I’ve put them in little organza bags and hung them on my coat hangers – especially winter coats and other expensive items,’ said another.

Dry out wet swimwear

Sometimes when people are packing after time away at the beach they don’t have time to wring their swimwear out.

The good news is that if they can throw a packet or two of silica gel in a plastic bag with their swimmers the sachets will absorb the moisture.

The gel isn’t able to withdraw moisture forever though so people may have to use different packets after a few uses.
Protect photographs

When a photo is damaged by moisture it can be heart breaking if people don’t have any extra copies.

To prevent this, put your pictures in a zip-lock bag with silica gel packets inside.

‘Apparently they’re good to keep among your photos to help preserve them longer,’ one person said.

‘I don’t know if it’s really effective though. I’m too young, I’ll let you know in a couple decades.’

Where else can people use them?
– In a camera bag

– Tool boxes to avoid rust

– Keep them inside shoes when they’re not being worn to withdraw moisture

– Great to draw moisture out of hearing aids when not using overnight

– Throw them in where you keep your onions or potatoes to keep them fresh

What your shoes say about your personality

Creative Kenyans on Twitter are at it again. This time they are not trolling their Ugandan or Nigerian counterparts.

Well, Kenyans on Twitter have decided to reveal the hidden meanings behind the types of shoes we wear.  and here is a breakdown.

From high heels to flat shoes, here is a breakdown of what your favourite shoes mean

































Shoes That Should Never Miss In Any Woman’s Closet

Women love shopping but most of them tend to buy more clothes than they do shoes, granted shoes are abit expensive but every female closet must have atleast five pairs of really good shoes.

I am emphasising on this as the first thing someone will look at is your shoes plus they say alot about you. What would you like your shoes to say? Im pretty sure you want them to show how much you are alive and literally light up the room.

Here is a list of the types of shoes that you should have:

1. Classic pumps – These shoes can work for any situation from work, party, night out, dinner, black tie event etc. You can pair them with jeans, tights, jeggings, little black dress, gown name it. It’s the ultimate saviour.

heels black
Black pumps – Photo/redcarra

2. Flats/ Ballet shoes – When you are tired of walking in heels or those days that you want to take a stroll with friends or maybe you have errands to run these are the best shoes for the job. Besides they are comfortable and can be worn with official clothes, casual, weddings etc

Flats ballet
Flat shoes – Photo/Playbuzz

3. Sneakers – For that laid back look when you are going for a picnic, to hang out with the girls etc. Sneakers can also be worn with dresses for that fresh tomboy look. Actress Mila Kunis has rocked them on the red carpet with a gown.

Sneakers- Photo/divinecaroline

4. Wedges –  These shoes are not only comfortable but can act well in situations where you don’t want to wear heels. They are also practical for an everyday look.

Wedges – Photo/womanandwedges

5. Sandals – These are a pair of essentials that you must have in your closet. They come in handy when the weather is hot, when you are going to the coast, swimming, garden parties, barbecues etc.

sandals embellished
Sandals – Photo/taosmountainoutfitters

6. Boots –  They come in handy especially now during the cold July/August season. You can also wear them with jeans for a casual look, with a dress, tights , skirts etc depending on the look that you are going for.

Boots- Photo/studentvillage

Here’s How To Make Your Shoes Look Swanky

Women love buying shoes for no reason at all and they end up having many pairs that they don’t wear. Instead of having loads of shoes that you can’t wear maybe because they look to plain and boring, don’t throw them out yet I have a solution for you.

The solution is to make your old shoes look new, better, swanky and just maybe you can resell them for a better price. Did I mention that this tutorials are for nearly all types of shoes? because it is.

All you need is studs, glue, glitter, fabric, lace, string, spray paint, tape, ropes, Pins, earrings, beads and anything you may want. Before you brush me off, just take a moment and read through this article and see what the  above mentioned things have to do with revamping old shoes.

Flats – A pair of old or plain flats can get a new lease of life simply by adding a piece of jewellery on it. If the shoe is made of fabric you can use a broach to give it a new look or you can also use stick on earrings for the same purpose for shoes made out of leather or suede.

ballet shoes

 Heels – You can use glue and glitter, studs or beads to create a new look for the shoe. Apply the glue then spread the glitter around an area of the shoe that you prefer say the bottom of the heel or at the tip- toe. You can also poke holes all round and use a coloured string all round. You can also use bling to make your shoe look more appealing. Adding a bracelet or necklace will give it a much needed effect.

heels s

Heels g



heels j
Heel beads

Rubber shoes – Depending on what look you want, you can use studs,strings, glitter , crayon, permanent markers etc to revamp a plain pair of sneakers/ rubber shoes. For plain shoes you can use permanent coloured markers to change the way they look. You ma also use glue and glitters, or studs to give it a new life.

Rubbers Converse

Sandals – From fabrics, studs, to jewelry  making sandals funky has never been so easy.

sandal fabric


What Does Your Shoe Say About You?

Your shoes tell alot about you , so when you’re picking out your outfit it’s best to check out what your shoe will say, this is according to trend watchers.

A person’s footwear can transform their personality. For instance, a stylish pair of sandals in ladylike heels reportedly shows that you have classic tastes. Wearing flat shoes or sandals all the time shows that you are grounded, down-to-earth and laidback too.

A pair of serious shoes in jet black or deep brown with mid heels can show that you are the boss whereas high heeled boots can make the wearer look very powerful and smart.

The interesting aspect of this study lies in the fact that you can wear different shoes and change your entire personality. You can have fun with footwear and even improve your mood for the day.

For instance, bright sandals, wild patterns, details like straps, bows, tassles, buckles can make a person look extroverted and sexy. Pretty stilletos immediately add length to the legs and changes a woman’s silhouette.

When you wear flat footwear, you immediately look relaxed and comfortable. A pair of gorgeous floral pumps can make you seem instantly sweet and feminine.

Choose your footwear wisely.


Tricks on how to be comfortable in high heels

Many women love to wear heels but some end up walking like they have needles pricking them.

The trick to wearing heels is to first get a pair that fits well and is comfortable for you.

Otherwise wearing ill-fitting heels will no only make you uncomfortable but might end up giving you health problems.

Here are a few tricks to wearing heels.

1. Take a few steps in your new heels. Its better to get a double sole heel as its more comfortable.

High-Heels (1)
Double sole heels – Image from pdxqcenter.org

2. Walk around with them but remember to suck in your stomach a little each step, you’ll notice your abs tense up and release.

3. Maintain your balance, this should work no mattering how high your heels are so long as you keep your belly to the spine.

Image – socialanxietysupport.com

4. Practice this exercise a few times by walking short distances and with time it will be comfortable and easy to manoeuvre around.

5. Remember to take slow steps to avoid tripping yourself over, plus it will ease your strut.

Take slow steps – image fromTelegraph


6. The higher the heels, the smaller the steps. Don’t bend your knees! Walk heel-to-toe. Put your heel to the ground first and let your toes follow smoothly.

7. You may also add a shoe pad , inner sole or smiley feet inside your heels to make them more comfortable.

shoe pad
Shoe pad -Image fromaliexpress.com