Do you see Pink or Grey? Twitter weighs in on sneaker debate


Remember the argument of the color of the dress sometime back?


In viral debates over the dress’ true colour, scientists explained why our brains see objects differently.

Joseph Rizzo, a professor and neuro-ophthalmologist at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, began by explaining that it’s the wavelengths of light reflected into the back of the eye that produce the sensation of colour. The light that reaches our eyes is affected by the material we’re looking at, the ambient light bouncing off the material and some subtle personal differences.
Although the actual color was eventually confirmed as blue and black, the image prompted many discussions, with users debating their opinions on the colour and how they perceived the dress in the photograph as a certain colour.

Now a shoe has popped up online and we are being asked to identify its color. (The shoe above)

So, some see pink and white; others see grey/green. Does this difference say anything significant about us?

explanation of shoe color

The viral debate generated some of the comments that you can read below:
People are arguing what color this shoe is and people are just trying to start up the dress conversation again and it’s annoying
What color is the damn shoe yall?
my 7 year old sister really thinks the shoe is grey and the laces are a blue/green color, i’m telling you it is pink and white
Welp, internet… it looks like we have another controversial debate… what color do you see on the shoe?
I said pink and white, others see gray and teal bc they’re wrong
I see grey and green color as do both my boys but they both can see a pinkish tint on the front of the shoe but say basically it’s grey. Which is odd because one of them is left handed. what color do you see?

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It is necessary to wear high heels to work – Japan minister

The Japanese Minister of Labour has caused sharp reaction after saying high heels are ‘necessary’ to wear to work.

Health Minister Takumi Nemoto responded on Wednesday to an online campaign gaining attention in Japan under the hashtag #KuToo, a play on the Japanese words for shoe, “kutsu”, and pain,”kutsuu”.

The petition, which has collected 21,000 online signatures and is still growing, was submitted on Monday to the health ministry by Yumi Ishikawa, a 32-year-old funeral parlour worker.


She said on Twitter in January she was required to wear 5-7 centimetre heels at work, causing her feet to hurt.

“It is socially accepted as something that falls with the realm of being occupationally necessary and appropriate,” Nemoto told a legislative committee on Wednesday.

The petition was submitted to the labour ministry on Tuesday.

The movement was launched by actress and freelance writer Yumi Ishikawa and quickly won support from thousands of people online.

Campaigners say wearing high heels is seen as near-obligatory when job hunting or working at many Japanese companies.

Some campaigners describe high heels as akin to modern foot-binding while others have urged a broader loosening of dress codes in the Japanese workplace, where business suits for men are ubiquitous.


Types of boots every Kenyan woman must have in her wardrobe

Boots are the most fashionable foot wears for ladies. They go perfectly well with almost all types of clothing, for all kinds of weather.

Here are six types of boots every lady must have on their shoe racks.


  1. Riding Boots: They are equestrian inspire kind of boots. You can rock them with that perfect skinny jeans
  2. Rain Boots: They are the most favorable boots for the rainy seasons. Them being waterproof, they keep your feet dry and comfortable during the rains.
  3. High Heel Boot:. These types of boots range from ankle boots to tall style boots. You can wear these with anything from skinny jeans to long/short dress.
  4. Faux-Fur Boots: These are the ideal boots for cold weather. They have warm faux fur lining and are perfect for chilly days.
  5. Hardware Boots: These are among the trending boots especially with the youngsters. Think buckles, zippers and metal embellishments.
  6. Chunky-Heel Boot: These are the opposite of the high heel boots that have stiletto heels. They have a wider block heel that makes them more stable. It is an everyday perfect wear.