I Love Travelling

I love traveling! There’s this one time we really wanted to explore a town we’d never been to in our beautiful country Kenya. We ended up in Garissa. On the last night there, we partied so hard yet we had an early morning bus to Nairobi. Somewhere within the night, we lost one of our friends to some women who promised more fun 🙂 By morning he had not shown up at the hotel where we were putting up. We had to leave him behind! Thank goodness he had carried his bus ticket with him! Maybe it was actually his plan! Ha ha ha!

It makes me sad that dating has moved from the nice quiet cafés to the loud dimly lit clubs, yet the young generation has refused to listen that this is not how it’s meant to be.

I try to live my life cautiously, so disappointments have been rare and far between!

By the way, this is one of the best shoe brands I have worn in my life. They are Clark’s! 😉

#Kenya #NoToTribalism #WeAreOne #AskMyShoe

Ask My Shoes

Ha ha ha! Of all days you catch up with me today? Let me tell you something about these shoes. I had traveled to South Africa and had totally ran out of shopping money when I spotted this pair. Then suddenly I saw my boss coming down the stairs in the mall. I walked up to him and shamelessly borrow 100USD to buy the pair, and you guessed right I got it! Ha ha ha!

I recently got a son, and that is quite a highlight in my life right now.

I advise my fellow Kenyans to live their own lives and not to let the unscrupulous politicians influence them and tear them along tribal lines.

I love my country Kenya!

#Kenya #NoToTribalism #WeAreOne #AskMyShoe