Expensive footwear worn by your favorite pastor

An Instagram account revealing the outrageous cost of several international pastors shoes has upset many.

We all know our pastors live lavish lives, but do you know most of their outfits cost a whole lot?

The instagram account found under the account name @PreacherNSneakers has caused a frenzy.

For instance this particular American preacher wears shoes worth half a million shillings. Check the shoe below:


While many may not be concerned, others are asking hard questions and you can read the comments below;

Considering he lives in a 1.8m house, and bought his wife a Lamborghini, the shoes are the least of his indiscretions.

well lookey here. pastor took one members entire year of tithes money and put it into a pair of all red sneakers. 🕺🏼impressive.
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thebereanmillennial’s ..
Gotta be frugal when he just asked his congregation last week for 250,000 for church repairs

moistweave’s ..
Those better be dyed with the blood of Christ for that price tag

Another outrageous post has been reposted from Pastor Mike Todd rocking the ultra exclusive, European release Off White Jordan 1.

Here is a screenshot of the Sh300,000 shoes


Is society being too harsh on these pastors for living the lives they show us on social media?