‘Thank you for giving me the gift of our son’ Husband of Kenyan woman found dead in Netherlands mourns

Daniel Erhardt husband to a Kenyan woman found dead in Netherlands has said that despite everything going on he misses his wife.

Mercy Wanjiku known to her friends and fans as Shiquio Muthui was found dead and her body inside a ditch outside her house.

A few meters away, her husband and six-month-old son lay asleep,Daniel took to his Facebook page to mourn his wife and thank her for the gift of a son.

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I lost you now 2 weeks ago there is not one day without deep pain but I am good so far .

I respected it and I remember my wife as great as she was.

And she was great small but the first woman I ever looked up to ,From my first visit to Kenya I fell totally in love with her.

We went to buy food stood at a butcher and she ordered the meat and spoke in her own language I stayed there understanding nothing and looking around like a tourist.

The late Mercy enjoying sometime with her son on her birthday.

Photos of Kenyan woman found dead in Netherlands

From one to the next second her voice changed and a dragon came out of her .

It went a while in a big discussion I could see slowly how the butcher get scared, I could read it in his eyes.

We came out of the shop she was still on 🔥 I asked what happened there inside  was impressed.

She told me that the butcher wanted 50 cent more for the meat because she was with a kamau (white person with money).

Daniel Erhardt with his son

I was impressed about this passion this fire and energy she gave me a great blessing and that is our small boy which I will raise to a great man.

I also will kindly ask her friends to send me as much as possible about her I have to show my boy how great his mother was.

RIP my loved angel”

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Mystery deepens as a Kenyan woman found dead in Nertherlands is cremated against her family’s wishes

The family of a Kenyan woman who died in Netherlands is still in agony after her husband cremated her even after they warned him  against it.

The family of Mercy Wanjiku Muthui who died on January 12 demanded that her body be brought home but Mercy’s husband would hear none of it.

She was cremated and the family is distressed, suspecting foul play. Her widower says she committed suicide by drowning.

Wanjiku was 32 years old. Her moniker was Shiquio Muthui, the name she used in two music reality shows, Tusker Project Fame and Coke Studio Africa.

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Mercy’s husband Daniel Erhardt

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She also recorded a popular Christmas song, Mary, did you know?

Wanjiku’s body was found lying in a ditch outside her house in the Spijkenisse, the Netherlands a few metres away while her husband and six-month-old son lay asleep.

This information has been brought to light by Wanjiku’s husband Daniel Erhardt, who spoke exclusively to the Star yesterday from the his home in the western Netherlands province of South Holland.

He had been arrested, questioned and released.

The late Mercy Muthui

“Like the preliminary forensic report says, there is no sign of a struggle and there was a lot of water in her body.

The final report is not yet finished, some tests will take a bit more time, My lawyer said it can take up to three months,” Erhardt said.

The toxicology report is supposed to be released in a month.

Wanjiku’s family in Nairobi is suspicious and wants further investigation into her sudden death. Too late.

Bilha’s sister told the Star that

“We sent our friend to view the body at the mortuary and take pictures for us. Those pictures indicate her left eye was injured and she had a patch on her left eye,”

According to Bilha, on January 12, 2019, they were notified of her death through a call from the Foreign ministry. They were told her German husband Daniel Erhardt had told police Wanjiku had committed suicide by drowning herself into a ditch.

“We read from the newspaper that she was found in a ditch,” Bilha said.

The late Mercy

According to the preliminary forensic report in the Star’s possession, “There is accumulation of clear fluid in the chest cavities (together approximately 130ml).

There was an end of the lungs in the chest … There was a vague red skin on the right cheek with slight subcutaneous redness on the cut.

There were no punctiform [point/puncture/dot] hemorrhages in the conjunctiva of the eyelids or elsewhere. With larynx and tongue bone were intact.”

The cremation has angered Wanjiku’s family. Bilha said, “He [Erhardt] was here during our dad’s burial and he knows how we do things.”

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The widower defended the cremation, saying the cost of preserving the body and transportation costs to take it home for burial were astronomical.

“The focus now is on taking care of my six-month-old son,” he said, adding if the family wants her ashes, “they have my number.”

The baby is in the custody of the Netherlands Children’s Department.

Police arrested Erhardt over the suspicious circumstances surrounding Wanjiku’s death, but released him.

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