Unmarried Woman Frustrated Over Baby Dedication

A woman in Mombasa has expressed her disappointment after a church refused to dedicate her one and a half year old son. According to Nairobi News the woman who is identified as Shiko said she was notified by the church at the last minute that her son will not be able to participate in the symbolic ceremony.

Apparently she has been a member of the church for more than 4 years and attending the required classes.


Baby dedication and infant baptism is scriptural according to the holy book, however not all churches practice this tradition. Baby dedications happen in protestant churches where they don’t believe in infant baptism. Dedication of children is done in the presence of parents and congregation.

Shiko said she received a call from the pastors wife asking her why she is single and where the baby’s father was. She further explained that her baby’s father worked in Sudan but she is hopeful that one day they’ll re-unite and get married.

The church continued insisting on having a one on one conversation with the baby’s father when he returns from Sudan.

‘All i wanted was to have my baby dedicated’

The church told her it was wrong for her to get pregnant yet she was a member in majority of the church groups, and should have been a role model to young girls in the church to teach them about morality.

Shiko was furious and needed to take out her anger and frustration. She took to her social media and posted her angry comments, however her mum told her to pull it down.