‘My dad died and I wasn’t ready to leave Kenya’ Sheila Mwanyigha opens up about her 3 broken engagements

Sheila Mwanyigah, who is well into her 40s, has opened up on why she is not yet married nor have kids despite the fact that she is a beauty to behold.

Speaking in an interview with Milele FM, Mwanyigha the former Tusker Project Fame host revealed that she’s been in three failed proposals.

“I am not yet married, I’ve been engaged several times. About 3 times. The first, I didn’t think he was the right person for me. The 2nd time my dad died and I wasn’t ready to leave Kenya and relocate to Europe. It was 6 months before the wedding. The 3rd time I said no. You don’t marry a person you can live with, marry someone you can’t live without,” she revealed

“I had it all, fame, celebrity status, before everything came crumbling down’ Former TV host Eddy Kimani narrates


Mwanyigha added that

“I never want to settle. If you don’t love someone as much as they love you, you can’t marry that one person. You should marry someone you can’t live without,”

Gone too soon: Kenyan Man crushed to death by a trailer in Texas, USA

In a recent post, Sheila wrote a caption that has left us wondering how hard she has been judged especially by Kenyan trolls who mind other people’s business more than their own.


“In an age where we are judged by our appearance, stand worthy of being judged by your actions…👑👑👑#mondaymotivation”


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Fashion Alert!! Kenyan Women Slaying in Their 30s, 40s And 50s

Women in their 40’s and 50’s are giving girls a run for their money with their fashion. Gone are the days where their fashion was considered old school.

This list of older Kenyan women proves that age ain’t nothing but a number. Go through;

Margaret Kenyatta

The First Lady keeps it simple and descent and proves to ladies that life begins after 40, with her unique sense of fashion.

Margaret, always steps out in dresses or skirt suits, and at her age she has a beautiful  body and a beautiful smile to top it up, an added bonus is the short natural hair she rocks making her regal.



Aww!!Read Otile Browns message to his ex-bae Vera Sidika on her birthday weeks after their publicized breakup

Prisca Namwamba

Prisca Namwamba, wife to former MP for Budalangi Ababu Namwamba, is not shy when it comes to fashion and flaunting her beautiful body in flattering attire.

Be it in swimsuits, office wear or casual clothing  she simply looks amazing.


Cathy Kiuna 

“Mum” as she is fondly referred to by her fans and church members is a true definition that being in Christianity does not have to be boring when it comes to fashion.

Cathy, a pastor at Jubillee Christian Church (JCC) together with her husband has a great sense of fashion  and she seems to have a special place for beautiful heels which is every girls dream.The mother of 3 does not shy away from dressing well.




Idah Odinga

Wife to NASA leader Raila Odinga, Idah knows how to dress conservatively without looking “old”. The mother of four who is found of rocking African attires still has it when it comes to fashion and we applaud her for that.CahpvwYWAAEQKkj

‘I earn a six salary figure but I am looking for a sponsor’ Cries city woman

Julie Gichuru

Believe it or not Julie in her forties dresses better than some of us in our twenties. She knows how to dress for different occasions unlike the normal Kenyan girls who just pick stuff from the wardrobe.

While some of us are busy following youtube tutorials for make up lessons, hers is always on point regardless of whether she is at work or at home. She is a true definition of beauty with brains given that she is a mother of 5, an entrepreneur and a wife .


Sheila Mwanyigha

The talented media personality is ageing like fine wine, the curvaceous and beautiful Sheila always brings out her best foot forward in the fashion department.

Although no one knows her exact age it is argued she is in her late thirties or early forties, which she is embracing so well, she knows how to dress her body without over doing it and we love it.

With the current generation where people are dying to show off skin, Sheila dresses with the intention of letting team mafisi imagine what’s hidden under the beautiful figure hugging dresses.


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A list of female Kenyan celebrities in the hair and beauty industry

It is without a doubt that the hair and beauty industry in Kenya has grown tremendously.

Every slay queen can be seen buying these products.

The demand for more professional services is higher now than ever before.

Hence, a number of our female celebs have ventured into the hair industry, be it hair care products or new hair brands. Even beauty parlours.

Some of the celebs who’ve ventured in the above include;

1. Amani

Gospel artiste Amani is the face of Diva Luxury Hair, which is a crotchet braid hair brand with quality hair extensions to the Kenya market.

She personally uses the brand products and her social media is awash with cute photos of her rocking the crotchet braids. She is known for her full and voluminous hairstyles.




Maisha Ndani Ya Yesu: See How Gospel singer Amani has transformed


2. Sheila Mwanyigha

She is the managing-director of Rembesha Kenya Limited, which is a directory and magazine for hair, product and service providers.

The magazine is published monthly and free copies are available in salons and beauty shops.

It connects suppliers and services providers, with clients and customers seeking quality hair and beauty services and products.

Through print, website and social media, Rembesha, has targeted audience reach of more than 150,000 women in Kenya.



3. Michelle Ntalami

She is the founder and CEO of Marini Naturals, a Kenyan organic hair-care line designed to celebrate women’s natural kinks and curls.

It’s Kenya’s first haircare product line designed for women of natural and afro-textured hair, made by the African woman, for the African woman.




In the Beauty industry, we have quite a number of notable celebs.

Tv personality Betty Kyalo who owns the ‘Posh Palace Hair Studio&Spa’.



Gospel musician Wahu owns ‘Afro Siri ‘ and last but not least, socialite Vera Sidika recently just opened the ‘Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour ‘.



Vera Sidika’s all white party for her beauty parlour launch is the talk of town (Photos)

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Top Kenyan female celebrities slaying after losing weight

Nutritionists continue to raise the alarm over rising cases of obesity in Kenya.

lifestyle choices have been cited as the reason among other factors.

That is one of the many reasons more and more local celebrities are hitting the gym to lose weight.

With all the weight loss comes a hot smoking body. Below are some of those new, hot, smashing bodies.

Talia Oyando

The sassy media personality has worked so hard to get the body she so proudly flaunts today.

She has also been sharing her workouts routines as a way of encouraging other women on what exercises they can incorporate into their weight loss journey.

‘Mimi nishai pack,’ Size 8 talks about life with DJ Mo after rocky patch

Kobi Kihara

This hot mama drops it like its hot when it comes to looking good. She owes no one an apology, although not as heavy to be considered over weight.  She has lost quite some weight and she is looking all hot for someone aged 35 years.

Sheila Mwanyigha

With a body to die for and curves any woman would wish for, Sheila has gone to show us that we should not be afraid of change. The graceful TV personality has lost quite some weight and her curvaceous body as well, but she is still looking beautiful for her age.

Neomi Nganga

The talented actress  known for her curvaceous body is very vocal when it comes to protecting plus size women. She recently opened a cloth line that caters for plus size women. Although she sells plus size clothing, she has lost a lot of weight and we must say she is looking good.


Famously known as ”First Lady Of Hip Hop”, Nazizi has done quite a good job in transforming her image. Her sense of fashion has changed from the usual baggy t-shirts to more figure showing dresses. One could have never imagined that behind those boring t-shirts lies such beauty. Team mafisi kuleni kwa macho

‘Alililiiiii harusi tunayo?’ screams overjoyed Maina Kageni fans after seeing this photo with mysterious woman

Maureen Kunga

The talented singer from music group Elani seems to have had some new year resolutions to lose weight and girl she is rocking it. The beautiful singer has managed to maintain her beautiful curves even with her tremendous weight loss. She is proof that one does not have to be skinny to be beautiful. She’s got beauty and brains. Kubarikiwa nayo.

In a recent instagram post, she shared how she has battled with being over weight for long.

Long. Truthful. Post.
“This is both a very scary thing to do and something that is giving me so much pride today. I achieved something I had never thought possible and I’m proud of myself for it. For years, my weight was a genuine cause of pain – something I never openly discussed, maybe because of fear of insult, maybe because it was truly something that I thought I would never be able to overcome. Maybe because I was truly embarrassed and ashamed to be so heavy. I tried and failed, used horrible “quick-result” methods of weight loss that never stuck. I broke myself down in my mind and could not see myself as anything other than a “fat girl”.”

She adds

“I destroyed my own self esteem. But in 2016 I made the decision that I would stop punishing myself and I would give myself permission to take my weight-loss into my own hands and find something I can commit to. And here we are! 16kgs (and a few to go), and a whole lot of self esteem later, I am happy, and I am proud. The entire video explaining my journey to health is in the link in my bio. I would love it if you would watch it and we can compare notes and discuss our experiences. Then subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel(!!!!) and let’s find a sustainable way to health together! (Side Note: I was VERY shocked when I saw a TBT of the old picture on the internet. I immediately went to find that dress, wore it, and had to hold it taut behind me for it to look normal. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud of myself, and that green dress represents a lot for me now) 
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Nothing is for everybody. This was for me, and I would love to create a platform where we can all know that beauty is DEFINITELY not skin deep! It took me chasing a healthy lifestyle to truly learn that♥♥♥ And I would like to wish myself a happy birthday and pat myself on the back. Because I did a good thing for myself.”

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#WCW: Sheila Mwanyigah ageing like fine wine

Sheila Mwanyigha is a force to reckon with in the media industry for her professionalism when it comes to reaching out and entertaining her crowd.

The curvaceous TV presenter has been keeping us glued to our screens not only for her presentation power but also for her singing prowess with her smooth melodious voice.

Today, we celebrate her as our WCW for the main reason that she has dived in a field where most women only dream of and she is doing it perfectly with her show dubbed Sheila Lives Out loud.

Well here are photos of the beautiful Taita born media queen



Fashion tips curvy women can borrow from the beautiful Neomi Ng’ang’a





80-year-old granny shot dead in Murang’a alongside her fellow kidnappers



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Kobi Kihara joins prestigious New School in New York to study fashion

New York is the fashion capital of the world and that’s where our very own Kobi Kihara has jetted off to to make her mark.

The multi-talented former TV presenter cum- actress and model has announced she has decided to pursue fashion.


Kobi KIhara
Kobi Kihara

Photos of Allan Wanga’s daughter that prove she is a talented footballer

The bubbly personality took to her Instagram page to share the good news.

She wrote the caption below followed by a photo of her outside the school

“Today was a big day for me❤️❤️❤️ I’ve always wanted to get into fashion and I finally decided to do it, despite the fear & doubt… I leaped, I’m so glad I did y’all! I’ll be studying Fashion Business and Shoe Design in one of the best schools in the world @thenewschool #Parsons in New York and only God could have made it possible, we give him all the glory 🙌🏾 So here I am on my first day, will keep y’all updated on my journey 🌸💕🌸💕 #DreamComeTrue


The New School is a progressive university with its main campus in New York City. It is the only university to house a world-renowned design school, liberal arts college, performing arts college, and legendary graduate programs.

‘Look at this beautiful soul’ shouts Alicia Keys after watching video of Githurai girl

We wish her all the best as she starts this new journey.

Here are a few photos of Kobi that prove she has a great sense of fashion:

Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara




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How TV presenter Sheila Mwanyigha celebrated her birthday

Celebrated media personality Sheila Mwanyigha recently turned an year older, like fine wine the damsel is only getting more beautiful and aging gracefully.

The laid back damsel has managed to keep her age a secret leaving many guessing how old she might be.She was treated to a birthday lunch by her friends with a beautiful cake which we couldn’t help but salivate at.

Men likely to die from work related stress as compared to women

Sheila acknowledged her friends efforts with the caption:

There are people who come in to your life and elevate you! Thank you Esther, Jemimah, Linda and Roseanne for being so wonderful to me!
#aboutyesterday #birthdaylunch 🎂🎉🍽



Sheila Mwanyigha’s birthday did not go unnoticed by her friend Talia Oyando who decided to celebrate  her friend with a TBT photo of them  hanging out back in the day.

“Happy Birthday Shak love you mama x Had to TBT this also that mouth thing was a thing… Love youuuuu happy birthday” Wrote Talia

Talia Oyando and Sheila Mwanyigha back in the day
Talia Oyando and Sheila Mwanyigha back in the day

 Sheilas response to her boo was even more hilarious.

“😹😹😹❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜 love you sana StarGurl⭐️⭐️ what giggles and drama we have seen! 😹🎉🎉😈😈”


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Awinja quits her presenter job to handle private matters

A few days after celebrating the birthday of her son Mosi celebrated actress and radio presenter Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja has quit her day job.

The damsel announced this decision on her Instagram pages explaining to her followers that she will be back on air once she sorts ‘her stuff’ which she was not willing to divulge.

“I’m sorry to say that May was my last month with Qwetu Radio, it was one of the hardest decision to make but unfortunately I have to leave to go attend to other things, but I promise once i’m through you will definitely hear me back on air, but first I want to take this opportunity to thank one Man Vincent Ateya for believing in me and giving me a chance on Radio, it was my first time and I Loved it!” her statement read in part.


The above announcement that left many wondering maybe she had gotten a new job or if she is quitting radio completely.

We can only be left guessing. Awinja has been a presenter with Qwetu Radio  and also an actress with a local show Papa Shirandula which brought her to the lime light .Among other personalities who left their media jobs to handle personal interests include Janet Mbugua who left her job at Citizen TV.

Awinja of Papa Shirandula unveils her son’s face on his birthday

Janet left at a time where many considered the prime of her career but she is doing well all the same.Others who quit their media carers include Kalyeke Mumo who left her job at Kiss 100 where she hosted Rush Hour with her co host Shaffie Weru.

Janet Mbugua

NTV also went through a double loss after Sheila Mwanyigha left the station to venture into her own thing. She took that leap of faith and ventured into untapped waters and things are looking up for them.

‘Nothing but love for you always’ Awinja celebrates brothers birthday

Left: Sheila Mwanyigha and Kobi Kihara



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Sheila Mwanyigha, Victor Wanyama Among Tweeps who Attended #KOT5Aside (photos)

Media personality Sheila Mwanyigha and Tottenham midfielder Victor Wanyama were among Kenyans on twitter who turned up for the #KOT5Aside football tournament held at Ligi Ndogo grounds on Friday between 12pm and 6pm.

Wanyama who is in the country following Premier League season break arrived at the venue around 4.40pm accompanied by media personality Shaffie Weru and Roya Entertainment CEO Juma Maulindi.  Wanyama said he was pleased to have joined other tweeps in the tournament and congratulated Theeka Theeka FC for emerging victorious”

The tournament was organized by Alex Kyalo alias @SirAlexas on twitter and sought to bring together all Kenyans on twitter to have fun through playing football.

“We just wanted to have fun, exchange banter, make new friends, I didn’t expect the turn out and support to be this huge when I first talked about the tournament, but I am glad tweeps came out and we enjoyed ourselves”

Sheila Mwanyigha Hits The Gym After Being Body Shamed

“Of course I would love to host another 5 aside, its fun so we are looking forward to the next edition and hopefully we can have more ladies team” he said

Check out the photos;









Sheila Mwanyigha Talks Love And Marriage! And Especially Why Relationships Are A No, No, Right Now

Sheila Mwanyigha has redefined ambition and the go-getter attitude for many young girls who want to chase a career in media.

The silver screen beauty is currently owning the digital space with her inspirational vlog on Youtube called Sheila Lives Out Loud

In a recent interview with Parents Magazine, Sheila opened up about her private life.

The magazine reports that “Sheila is a romantic and hopes to get married someday. She is quick to add that marriage should not be the only measure of success for a woman.”

“My mum always tells me that marriage is God’s plan and He brings someone when one is ready and that being married is not synonymous with happiness,” she offers, adding that she would also love to have children, “I have a niece and she is the love of my life. I would love to have my own someday, maybe twin boys.”

sheila-mwanygha-latestSheila says that she does not feel any pressure that her age may limit her possibility of having children, tactfully evading the question that has remained a mystery for years; just how old is she?

“Several years back, a regional publication assumed my age incorrectly after an interview and published it. Thereafter, I decided to gauge myself according to the work, experience and my purpose in life as opposed to the chronological accumulation of numbers,” she says adamantly.

She is currently single but not for lack of prospects,

“Relationships are rough. I decided to take a break last year after a relationship I had such high hopes for didn’t work out.”

Source – Parents Magazine

Is Super Hot Sheila Mwanyigha aka Nikki Getting Back To The MUSIC Scene? Find Out Here

Celebrated media personality Sheila Mwanyigha is not just a beauty to behold but also a multi-talented woman, who’s used her intelligence and go-getter spirit to make it in the local showbiz and entertainment scene.

The former NTV radio presenter and TV Queen was known for her soothing and loving R&B songs back in the day, going by her stage name as Nikki, and to date, she still has her stunning and elegant looks.


Sheila Mwanyigha quit her job at NTV about a year ago and decided to embark on her own projects, which includes her popular monthly magazine, Rembesha Kenya – Kenya’s first digital & print magazine, which displays the best of products and services in the local hair and beauty industry.

Other than that, the former Tusker Project Fame host also started a YouTube channel, Sheila Lives Out Loud, a new chat show where Kenyans share their motivating and inspiring life stories, achievements, and testimonies.

Out But Not Down! After Being Fired From NTV, Sheila Mwanyigha Moves On By Doing This (Video)

If you remember well, Sheila’s love songs were the biggest in the local music scene, like; Mapenzi Tele, Niwe Wako Milele, and it looks like she wants to get back in the spotlight, musically that is.

Niwe Wako Milele was one of the biggest songs back in 2008, which captured the hearts of many fans and now, Sheila Mwanyigha has revealed that she got inspiration to write another song, the same way she jotted Niwe Wako.

I wrote a huge chunk of Niwe Wako Milele by the ocean, and I think I just wrote something special again

If Nikki is about to make a music comeback after a very long hiatus, I can bet that she will give us the best song ever, but for now, we will just have to wait and see.


Check out some of the comments she got after revealing that she might release a new song soon.

cctnewske Looking forward. We trust you!
dahirmngr3 I want to be in the video pliiiiz .u rock Sheila
shikumwaniki Still one of my favorite songs
martomwangi Another one!! *insert DJ Khaleed’s voice”
luize_nawal Niwe wako milele is my all time fav throw back tune
kaberia_john Tupe mazuri tena,it’s been sooo long sheila.
irene_w_n I still have the video on my phone. Thee song is still freshly a gem in a soul. Sigh! Don’t you let your mellow voice fade off the airwaves it gives me much life and energy. SHEILA live out Loud!!!!!!!

Check Out These Photos Of Sheila Mwanyigha’s Youthful And Stunning Mother

Check Out Local Celebrities Who Have Regained Their sexy Back After Weight Loss

Imagine dragging an overweight body up the stairs, tough right? That is one of the many reasons more and more local celebrities are losing weight. Most of our local celebrities carry a little extra weight thanks to their crazy schedules that dont allow them time to workout.

With all the weight loss comes a hot smoking body. Below are some of those new, hot, smashing bodies.

Kobi Kihara

This hot mama drops it like its hot when it comes to looking good. She owes no one an apology, although not as heavy to be considered over weight.  She has lost quite some weight and she is looking all hot for someone aged 35years .



Sheila Mwanyigha

With a body to die for and curves any woman would wish for, Sheila has gone to show us that we should not be afraid of change. The graceful TV personality has lost quite some weight and her curvaceous body as well, but she is still looking beautiful for her age.


9ba73311a486ad2346c9a7dec5f0002a_M sheila2

Neomi Nganga

The talented actress  known for her curvaceous body is very vocal when it comes to protecting plus size women. She recently opened a cloth line that caters for plus size women. Although she sells plus size clothing, she has lost a lot of weight and we must say she is looking good.



Famously known as”First Lady Of Hip Hop”, Nazizi has done quite a good job in transforming her image. Her sense of fashion has changed from the usual baggy t-shirts to more figure showing dresses. One could have never imagined that behind those boring t-shirts lies such beauty. Team mafisi kuleni kwa macho


Maureen Kunga

The talented singer from music group Elani seems to have had some new year resolutions to lose weight and girl she is rocking it. The beautiful singer has managed to maintain her beautiful curves even with her tremendous weight loss. She is proof that one does not have to be skinny to be beautiful. She’s got beauty and brains. Kubarikiwa nayo.


Anerlisa Mungai

Daughter to Keroche Industries CEO has stopped haters in their tracks by proving that being heavy weight doesn’t run in the genes. The beautiful Anerlisa has gone ahead to lose a lot of weight and is currently looking so hot that her haters and bullies have nothing to say. She seems proud of her achievements going by the fact that she has been keeping fans updated about her weightloss journey.


Check Out These Photos Of Sheila Mwanyigha’s Youthful And Stunning Mother

Sheila Mwanyigah is a celebrated media personality who has worked in radio, and serves as a TV host, plus she’s also a singer/songwriter. She’s not someone new in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Her vast experience has seen her work with many mainstream media houses that have propelled her into stardom. Sheila’s bubbly personality and youthful looks has always amazed many leaving us questioning and wondering what she does to ensure she doesn’t age. How old is she?

mwanyigah 4


Little did we know that she got the genes and the looks from her mum, who was once a police officer. You can tell from the uncanny resemblance in the photos below.

Sheila, who found her voice again in the media world, is the Managing Director of Rembesha Kenya and has her own youtube channel ”Sheila Lives Out Loud ‘ where she brings different people to speak about their lives.

Her critics though are always on her neck, and cannot stop asking why she’s not dating or when she’s getting married.

Sheila’s mum has mastered the art of staying young and has passed on the secret to her daughter.

During the mothers day celebration just like other celebrities, Sheila took time to appreciate her mum on social media, with a caption followed by a beautiful picture;

Thank you for everything you have done. Through the good and the bad, you will always be Mum. #LoveYouMany❤️#happymothersday


Rembesha girls


CURVES FOR DAYS! 7 Of The Most Stunning And Beautiful Curvy Female Celebrities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

When it comes to professional modeling, a beautiful woman has always been associated with being slender or having a petite figure, but not anymore.

Over the years, plus size models have become bolder and are now equally appreciated and celebrated like their slim supermodel counterparts and even clothing and cosmetics brands are using plus size women to market their products.

In Kenya, some female celebrities who have lost immense weight in the last couple of years include; Mwalimu Rachel, Kobi Kihara, Bishop Allan Kiuna and wife Kathy Kiuna, Nazizi among others.


But gone are the days when women would shy off from the public because of their sexy curves. Lately more ladies are flaunting their plus-size bodies in beautiful outfits and even clothing companies are now making outfits for such types of bodies.

KEEPING IT SEXY! 7 Kenyan Celebrity Bachelorettes Above 30 Who Still Look Stunning And Attractive

How about we take a look at stunning Kenyan female celebrities who are never afraid to flaunt their curvy bodies. Check them out below.

1. Caroline Mutoko
Though she rarely takes full photos, the celebrated media personality is a curvy woman who dresses well for her body, and other than that, she is beautiful and flawless for her age.


2. Grace Msalame
The TV personality has always been a sight to behold and after giving birth to twins, her curves became more visible. She is the brand ambassador for Vivo Activewear which makes clothes for plus size women.


3. Neomi Nganga
She is a celebrated actress and plus-size model who is known for showing off her curves and has severally confessed that she loves her body just the way it is. She also works out once in a while to stay healthy.


4. Catherine Kamau
The former Mother-In-Law actress is never shy to show off her curvy body in figure-hugging outfits. Though she was once a slender lady, she has embraced her figure over the years and is a mother of one.


5. Vera Sidika
The Kenyan socialite and video vixen is best known for her curvy body all around Africa and is never shy to flaunt it. The bootylicious celebrity, however, revealed that she regrets enlarging her breasts and advised women not to do it.


6. Pierra Makena
The celebrated deejay is not only beautiful but is one of the curvy female celebrities in Kenya. The mother of one is, however, trying to shed off the baby fat but she still looks fabulous either way.


7. Sheila Mwanyigha
The former radio and TV presenter has always been a curvy woman and at some point, she tried to lose weight but it didn’t work out, and has learned to embrace her curves. She still looks incredible for her age.





KEEPING IT SEXY! 7 Kenyan Celebrity Bachelorettes Above 30 Who Still Look Stunning And Attractive

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers all over the world, but not everyone has a partner or lover to share the day with, thus, for them it’s just another normal day.

In Kenya, most married celebrities or those who are dating will find something special to do for their better halves like going out for dinner, buying flowers, or just making the time out to go for a romantic holiday.

But not all Kenyan celebrities are in relationships or married, so the possibility of them celebrating Valentines is pretty slim, and maybe if they do, they would do it with close friends and family.

NOT COOL! Ladies, Don’t Do These 5 Annoying Things Just To Get a Man To Treat You On Valentine’s Day

For women, being single can be disadvantageous when everyone else is celebrating love with their better halves, but that will only affect you, if you make it a big deal, after all, love should be celebrated every day.


In Kenya, we have several female celebrities who are single and very content with their relationship status. It gets even better when they are above 30 and still looks hot and elegant.

So, I decided to make a list of some Kenyan female celebrities who have been able to stay gracious and stunning even after hitting the big 30, and are very comfortable to be bachelorettes.

1. Sheila Mwanyigha
She is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, having been in the industry for more than a decade. Even after leaving mainstream media, the sassy lady is still going strong and even started her own YouTube channel. The singer, TV host, and former radio host has never been married and has no children, and in a recent interview, she revealed that relationships are hard.


2. Cynthia Nyamai
The former KTN news anchor quit the Kenyan media industry to focus on her own career, starting her own PR firm and so far, it has taken her to great places. Though she’s now single, the beautiful businesswoman was once married to David Makuyu, but went through a bitter divorce after she accused him infidelity and violence. Nyamai has moved on but has never introduced another man since then.


4. Terryanne Chebet
She used to work at Citizen TV until she was laid off a while back, and is currently focusing on her cosmetics business. Terryanne is a single mother, with one gorgeous daughter, who will turn 11 years sometime in April this year. The beautiful media personality is not married but was once in a relationship with her baby daddy and she continues to look lovely.


5. Caroline Mutoko
Former radio queen and one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, Caroline Mutoko is an iron lady who is not only outstanding but also very witty. The incredible public figure has never introduced an official man in her life but is a proud mother of the cutest baby girl, Theodora Nduku, who she adopted back in 2011. Caroline Mutoko has a youthful look and you would never guess her age.

Caroline Mutoko



6. Grace Msalame
The media personality is known for her curvy body that always turns heads, and even after giving birth to twins, she has maintained her sexy figure. Grace Msalame was dating her baby daddy, twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband – but things didn’t work out, though hey still co-parent.


7. Kobi Kihara
Another very fashionable and lovable media personality who has been on our screens for a while, Kobi is not just appealing but also a very bubbly and smart, fun-filled person. She is yet to reveal the man in her life but as far as we are concerned, she’s still in the singles club, representing bachelorettes across Kenya I do have to say, she looks exquisite for a 35-year-old.

kobi kihara2

8. Lilian Muli
She was married to Moses Kanene at a white wedding back in 2009, but sadly, they divorced in 2016 and now she’s back to the singles club and seems to be loving it. Lilian Muli is a mother of one and still looks like a 20 something-year-old yet she’s in her mid-thirties and still strutting her stuff.



Out But Not Down! After Being Fired From NTV, Sheila Mwanyigha Moves On By Doing This (Video)

Former Nation FM radio presenter Sheila Mwanyigha is no doubt one of the most beautiful and sexy media personalities, who’s been around for more than a decade.

Sheila also doubles up as a singer and songwriter who was famously known by her stage name, Nikki, in her heydays, with one of her hit songs, ‘Mapenzi Tele’ rocking the airwaves.

She left Nation Media Group, about nine months ago after staff changes were announced.

Sheila had worked for Nation Media Group for 11 years where she was not only a radio host but also did radio and TV production as well as hosting NTV’s the morning show with Kobi Kihara.

The former Tusker Project Fame host decided to start her own business ventures that included opening a salon and beauty parlor and now, she has started her own YouTube channel.

In the new channel, the sassy lass hosts a show dubbed, Sheila Lives Out Loud, where she will be discussing issues affecting women, how to grow business wise and much more, aimed at encouraging and inspiring women from all walks of life.

Well, she shared her first official video with her fans about growth and mentorship, and this is how it went down.

Old Is Gold! Sheila Mwanyigha’s Mother Is Too Stunning For Her Age!

Sheila Mwanyigha is no doubt one of the hottest celebrities in the Kenyan media industry.

Although she is no longer on radio and TV after quitting her position as a radio presenter and TV host at Nation Media Group, she’s still one of our favorite media personalities.

The sassy singer’s still got her game going years down the line since her singing days as Nikki and especially after she cut weight at the end of last year, looking sexy and younger!

The former Tusker Project Fame host recently took to her Instagram to share a beautiful photo with her mother, who I must say looks stunning for her age, with this moving caption;

There’s no day off for mums. There’s no day the job is done. There’s no day the kids can go figure it out on their own. There’s no day the kids stop being their babies.

Though Sheila Mwanyigha likes keeping her private life under wraps, she has never hesitated to share photos of her parents once in a while, and from the pic, it’s clear that her mother is ageing gracefully.

Check out the gorgeous photo below!


10 Most Eligible Bachelorettes In Kenya

These 10 women are smart, attractive, unmarried with great careers to boost. They have been rated as some of the most eligible bachelorettes in Kenya.

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1. Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara is a photographer, producer and TV presenter of NTVs AM Live. The bubbly personality is yet to walk down the aisle and has been rated as one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Nairobi.

2. Angela Angwenyi
Angwenyi is a senior radio presenter at Nation fm. She is also a media strategist and consultant, moderator and corporate MC.


3. Terryanne Chebet
Terryanne is a senior anchor on Citizen TV, founder of Keyara Organics, personal branding speaker, moderator and MC. She is an entrepreneur interested in tech, a writer and a proud mother.
Terryanne Chebet

4. Sheila Mwanyigha
Sheila Mwanyigha the beautiful singer, TV and Radio Presenter and has been in the limelight for quite a long time. From her singing days as Nikki to her really popular mid-morning radio show, the beautiful lady never seems to age and although no one really knows her real age, she still looks stunning.

5. Kalekye Mumo
Kenyan radio queen Kalekye Mumo is one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Kenya. The Kiss fm breakfast show host is very talented and has also branched into acting, music and business.

6. Carol Odero
Carol Odero is an award-winning lifestyle and fashion journalist and former editor of Drum magazine. She is currently one of the panelists on Citizen TVs fashion watch and a fashion columnist for the Nation newspaper.
carol odero

7. Victoria Rubadiri
She tops the list of one of the most attractive news anchors in Kenya. The reporter and primetime news anchor for NTV’s Weekend Edition also produces and hosts the segment Women and Power. The mother of one is passionate about mentoring youth.

8.Anne Kiguta
This Citizen TV presenter also tops the list of most eligible bachelorettes in Kenya. The soft-spoken anchor and group digital manager at royal media services is a mother to one baby girl. She began her career pretty early in life at age 18. She is passionate about working with women and girls.

9. Nailantei Kenga
She is the head of Marketing True Love,Drum, Home & Living Magazines.

10. Grace Msalame
The gorgeous Grace Msalame is a former tv presenter. She has quite a number of roles under her belt, she is a mother to twin girls, motivational writer, MC, Brand ambassador to clothing store Vivo and a senior executive for Bamba Tv.
Grace Msalame