Celebrities who show us how to rock maxi dresses effortlessly – Photos



Maxi dresses don’t show up to the party. They arrive. This is a statement from fashionistas that proves we should all wear this style.

Maxi dresses are so popular with many Kenyan women. From print to solid colors or shimmery, everyone notices a lady dressed in a maxi.

Maxi dresses can be worn in all sorts of occasions from weddings, to dinner, to vacations, and events such as Koroga.

Here are some of our celebs who show us how to wear maxi’s.

1. Neomi Ng’ang’a

The designer is wearing a floral maxi dresses which not only makes her look gorgeous, it adds class to her personality. This is a dress one should consider in your closet.



2. Sheila Mwanyiga

The renowned media personalty-cum-MC is not only beautiful she is also slaying this amazing look. This look is totally beautiful.


sheila mwanyigha

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3. Grace Msalame

The beautiful mother of twins is rocking an elegant maxi dress that could be worn to a dinner date with your partner. The dress is elegant and very trendy and all ladies should have one of these.

Grace Msalame


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4. Janet Mbugua

The renowned journalist and a mother of two is simply stunning in this floral sunny dress. She is definitely one to look out for as her fashion sense is definitely top notch.


image-2019-04-11 (1)


5. Anita Nderu

The talented Tv personality has amazing taste when it comes to fashion and this maxi dress is not an exception. The different shades of blue in this maxi dress is simply divine.



6. Catherine Kamau

The gorgeous actress is definitely giving ladies a run for their money with her fashion statement. This maxi dress is the IT factor as it displays curves giving it a classy touch to the blue glittered dress.

cate actress

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Vera Sidika Among Celebs Who Unveiled Their Parents To The Public

Vera Sidika is a public figure in Kenya known by both the young and old because of her voluptuous assets that have set the standards of slaying.

The socialite cum business woman has managed to keep her family out of the limelight which is a hard task given the kind of attention she commands wherever she goes.

Recently Vera Sidika decided to celebrate her father the man who bore her and who has remained a mystery to the social media fraternity who are more inquisitive than CID officers.


Although Vera is not the first celebrity to unveil her parents she is among the few who have unveiled their fathers with most celebrities unveiling and celebrating their mothers.

Mothers seem to have a soft heart in their children’s hearts as compared to fathers going by the unveilings so far.

Or maybe, the men are more camera shy, as compared to the women.

Anyhow, below are some celebrities who have unveiled their parents to the public

A list of the types of baby daddies in Kenya

Janet Mbugua

Janet who never seems to shy away from the limelight unveiled her mother to the social media family and isn’t she beautiful, like they say the apple does not fall far from the tree thus we now know where Janet got her good looks from.

Image result for janet mbuguas mum

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Sheila Mwanyiga

In the recent past Sheila has been introducing her mother more and more to the public, the two could actually be mistaken for sisters given the fact thats Mrs Mwanyigha has aged gracefully maintaining her youthfulness.

Sheila’s mother is a true definition of a strong and beautiful woman .

Image result for Sheila mwanyighas mum

Diamond Platnumz’ cute son proves that kids too can slay in Gucci

Diamond Platnumz

Tanzania’s most celebrated act, Diamond Platnumz is among the few men in the entertainment industry who don’t shy away from showing off their parents in public. Diamond’s mother has been in the limelight for sometime now and she seems to be enjoying the attention she is getting.

Image result for diamonds mum

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Here is Sheila Mwanyiga’s advice for NJAAANUARY

No one overspends more than Kenyans, especially during the festive season. From travelling upcountry to throwing endless parties Kenyans overspend without thinking about tomorrow.

As we all know, January aka Njaanuary is one of the toughest months and former radio queen Sheila Mwanyigha has decided to offer a piece of advice to her fellow Kenyans on how to survive in the next two weeks (Njaanuary).

Sheila Mwanyigha

Here are the five tips on how to survive Njaanuary by Sheila Mwanyigha.

1. Pay most of your January bills now

In January, you will still have school fees to pay and rent among other bills. And you will need to fuel your car or or keep aside bus fare to work.

How about you get a head start now? That way, come 2018, even if your bank account is empty, you will have your bases covered.

2. Skip the supermarket shopping, go to a wholesale shop instead

Preparing to cook up a feast? Don’t make your beeline to the supermarkets. Instead, look out for a nearby wholesale shop and buy the essentials.

You may have to get it in bulk, say 20 kg bag of rice (about Sh2000 depending on brand) instead of buying the 5 kg you need that will cost you Sh200 less.

The great thing is you will be left with enough foodstuff to last you through January and February even after cooking up a storm.

3. Hosting friends and family? Try potluck

If you have a large group of people coming over, identify three or four people who wouldn’t mind bringing over a dish.

You can get Jane, who makes fabulous cakes to bring one over. Dessert covered. Christine who makes wonderful samosas can bring some over.

Tea time covered. The trick is in asking nicely, especially if you had committed to hosting.

4. Forget the local grocery, go to the big markets

As convenient as it is to leave the grocery shopping to the last day, you will save a few coins by taking two hours of your weekend to scout the market.

Buy lots of the vegetables that don’t spoil easily in larger quantities. These are the carrots, beets, onions, garlic, peas etc.

Package them well and store as recommended.

Tip: Buy tomatoes and avocados of different ripeness scale.

5. Skip the butchery, go to the farmer

If you can get your chicken or goat for your Christmas feast from a farmer, your wallet will thank you.

The downside is having to do the actual slaughtering, but this is how I bond with my children. My 8-year-old daughter can slaughter chicken like a pro.