Sharon Mundia thought she’d found her life partner at 2

Blogger Sharon Mundia has reflected on being 23 and not knowing what life would bring her. Sharon on Monday night in a QnA was asked if she had her life figured out at 23.

“Hi, Sharon. Did you have your life figured out  at 23?”

The blogger answered that 23 was too young to do some of the things she did but also confided about an unknown relationship she had had.

“I have the worst memory but by my math, I was 23 when I started blogging. So did I have my life figured out? Hell no!  I had no idea what I was doing with my career, the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with wasn’t in my life anymore, my closest friends weren’t in the country…I was basically winging it. I mean is there anyone who has their life figured out at 23, would love to meet them.”

In a QnA with fans back in 2021, Sharon was asked if she would like to marry again. She responded by saying she used to be excited about weddings but now (2021), she is no longer sure about marriage.

She spoke about overcoming divorce, saying support from friends family and reading books helped her.

“Whether you are going through divorce, separation or breakup, I think one of the best things you could have is support from friends and family. People who have your back and show up for you physically,” she said.

She added that,

“I also learnt through therapy about writing down my feelings, in form of a letter to myself. And in that letter, I remember saying, ‘It’s okay, I’ve got you, I know this is difficult but guess what, I’m not going anywhere. I am here, I love you.”

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Celebrity mums who have kept their babies under-wraps from social media Photos

Celebrity mothers grace our timelines and are making major moves in their careers and lives and we cant help but envy them.

However, they are reluctant and do not let us into their private lives especially when it concerns their children.

Some of them partially show us their babies faces while others cover their babies faces fully with emojis and in other instances heir babies are completely off the lime lives

Here are some of the amazing mummies who have kept their children off the social scenes.

1.Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu is one of the best celebrated actresses Kenya has ever produced. The mother of one and Juliani’s baby mama has stood out in Kenya’s growing movie industry winning a couple of awards.

She is among one of the the mothers that has kept her beautiful baby girl of the social radar.



2.Nancie Mwai

The Award-winning fashion blogger, Vlogger and influencer Nancie Mwai is also among the other Kenya celebrity who has kept her daughter Zosi off social networks.

She is probably 5-6 years now and we are just hopeful that one day we will get to see the apple of Nancie’s eye.


nancie mwai

Fun things to do with your mother for mother’s day!

3.Sarah Hassan

Celebrated Kenyan actress Sarah Hassan was set to deliver her baby earlier this year .

She has been silent from the social media and social scenes for a while and we think that she probably delivered her little angel. Well we hope that one of these days we will get to meet the baby.



5 early warning signs and symptoms of Diabetes

4.Janet Mbugua

The renowned TV personality is known for her stunning talent in the media world.

She is also known for keeping her family private from the netizens. The mother of one delivered a baby boy last year and but has been off the media scenes ever since.

Well, the baby is probably a few months old and we cant help but be over joyed for the blessings upon her family.


Kenyans ask Diana Marua to confirm pregnancy rumors

5.Sharon Mundia

The beautiful vlogger, blogger and TV presenter Sharon MUndia also known as ‘This is Ess’ has For the longest time now not had shared pictures of her beautiful daughter to the public.

The mother of one ‘Naila’ went ahead to emphasize that she would want to keep her private life private and that and with that said, we respect the her hoping that her child will be as beautiful as the mother.



6.Victoria Rubadiri

The beautiful calm and gorgeous TV anchor Victoria is one to admire. From her charismatic nature to her confidence.

The mother of one named ‘Neema’ has kept her child off social media since forever. We suspect that the child is probably a teenager but we can not confirm nor deny until we get to see her


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Dirty Thirty! Sharon Mundia’s 30th birthday plans revealed

Sharon Mundia aka This is ess is excited about her life’s new chapter. The bubbly you tuber is turning thirty in a few days and she is ecstatic about it.

Sharon Mundia

She took to her instagram account to make the announcement that she was stepping into the third floor.

She wrote;

“stepping into the week like 🤗🤗 I’m turning 30 in exactly 13 days and this is also how I feel about this next chapter!! So. Bloody. Excited! 🙌🏾”

Sharon has not had a smooth ride in her twenties, but for sure she has achieved a lot. Last year she landed a big job with Nation Media where she has her own talk show. The show is Dubbed ‘ living with ess’. A show about lifestyle and centered conversations that airs in the morning on weekends.

Sharon Mundia 1

Sharon Mundia is also a queen slayer. Her fashion sense is out of this world. The outspoken spoken young mum has made headlines severally but that has not brought her down. We definitely love and are inspired by this young lady, Sharon Mundia.


Celebrity couples who we wish were still married (List)

Most of Kenya’s celebrity divorce stories are sad especially when it comes to their financial life,however  divorce is inevitable .

We have celebrities whose break ups left us with a bitter taste in the mouth because according to us they were a ‘perfect match’ made in heaven.

Here is a list of 7 celebrity  couples who we still wish were together.

Revealed: Here is where Betty Kyallo got money to start her salon

  1. Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari

This comes as number our number one on the list. Well, they were the hottest celebrity couple that we all looked up too. No sooner had we fallen in love with them than they called it quits.

The stories on their break up are so many, with each blaming the other. Every day brings a new angle and different story in regards to their very sudden separation.

The two are still very influential personalities when it comes to journalism.

They have a daughter.

2.  Lonina Leteipan and Sharon Mundia

This falls as number two because just after Betty and Dennis, this was the fastest and saddest break-up.

Remember the guy who decided to hire a chopper and propose on Mt. Kenya? Yeah, Lonina is his name. So after all the hustle and a great wedding, six months down the line they were over and done with each other.

The biggest rumor being Sharon decided to have a threesome without him so he was like, ‘not today Satan, not ever!’ And that was the end of the power couple.

They have a daughter together.

I know, it all started all rosy and gold then a sudden slap on the face.

Woman left dead after her fridge caught fire and exploded in Mwanzo estate

3. Shaffie Weru and Debbie Asila

Image result for debbie asila and shaffie weru

The two are what we would call the mother and father of celebrity couples. They set the standards for everyone on this list when they proved we can both be celebrities and have a happily ever after(okay other than Nameless and Wahu of course).

I guess the nation spoke too soon, next thing we know Shaffie and Debbie have a daughter then we hear she has flown to the states and they are over.

Well, their sad story has never really come out, but we were all surprised when their break up was out to the public. Despite that, they did not have such a sad ending as they have an amazing daughter who stays with Debbie but Shaffie still plays the daddy role.

4. DNG and Yvette Nungari

Another very sudden separation. DNG was the man every lady thirsted to have. When Yvette won the race, many women were saddened.

Maybe the fact that he was on demand got to his head too fast and according to the rumors out there, he used to cheat a lot. Yvette could not take it anymore so she called it quits.

That was Yvette’s story, according to DNG, he called it quits saying he married a pretty woman with a cold heart and an even worse personality. Sounds weird because we would expect him to have known all about her personality before he decided she is the one.

‘Not every single lady who says HI to your man wants to lay with him’ Burale

5. JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia

JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia
JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia. photo credit:

Every time this story comes up, I see Tina Kaggia crying. She went through a hard time in a marriage that she claims was alcohol based. Tina has repeatedly said it to the public that JB Masanduku never handled his alcohol right.

This made Tina Kaggia fall into depression but from her last TV interview, she seems to be doing okay, taking one step at a time.

JB, on the other hand, found love elsewhere and he has been flaunting it on social media. We hope his new fling lasts longer.

They did not spend so much money on their wedding as compared to Dennis and Lonina’s love story as they just went to the AG and made things legal.

They have three children together.

6. J Blessing and Chantelle


This one is dramatic. The two got married and had a child who passed away. This gave both J Blessing and Chantelle sleepless nights and of course all sorts of emotions.

Next thing on the grapevines, J Blessing left allegedly because Tina cheated on him. J Blessing is a hot cake as from his current scandals. He is the dad on the block, the baby mama rumored to be Avril.

Just like that J Blessing and Chantelle were no more but they seem to be looking for love elsewhere so we can outrightly say, wako sawa!

‘He sent 2K once for upkeep yet he earns a whooping 600K!’ (Audio)

7. MC Jessy and Elizabeth Nyambura

Image result for mc jessy and wife

Last but not least is Mc Jessy. This is one is sad. They had an amazing wedding which was filled with laughter, love, friends and family.

MC Jessy started getting too cozy with Shixs Kapienga and boom! Elizabeth and Jessy are no more. Shixs is and has always been his one and only. The question is why did he waste 6 years of love with Elizabeth if he knew his fate was Shixs? I know so sad!

MC Jessy and Elizabeth have a son together.

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Body goals! These are the celebrities who work out and look hot!(photos)

People who work out are usually very intentional with it. They are either looking to lose weight or achieve specific fitness goals.

Let’s face it. December is here and if you haven’t worked on your body, will you really start this December? This is the month where there are all types of ceremonies and they all involve food.

These are some of the celebrities who make us wish we started working out earlier;

1. Talia Oyando

‘I didn’t over dose on viagra,hii mazoeano imezidi’ Willy paul shouts

2. Mandi Sarro

3. Savara and Victor Wanyama

4. Chiki Kuruka

5. Maureen Kunga

6. Sharon Mundia

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Single mom’s club! Kenya’s celebrity single moms who are thriving (photos)

Single parents are heroes in the society for being able to raise children or a child alone. The work can at times be overwhelming but they still soldier on, trying to provide the best for their children.

Here are some of the Kenyan single moms who are thriving,

1. Betty Kyallo

‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

2. Wilbroda

3. Mwende Macharia


4. Pierre Makena


5. BettyBayo


6. Sharon Mundia


7. Akothee

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Kenyan celebrity squads that will leave you jealous (photos)

It’s one thing to have favorite celebrities but it’s another thing when you find out they are friends. I have put together a list of surprising celebrity friendships who will  leave you wanting to be part of their squad.

1. Edith Kimani, Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro


2. Kagwe Mungai, Fena Gitu and Lenana Kariba

These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

3. Sheila Ndinda, Nancie Mwai and Mandi Sarro aka The girlfriend diaries


4. Naiboi, Nyashinski and Big pin


5. Joy Kendi and Cris Njoki

Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

6. Catherine Kamau, Neomi Nganga, Celestine Ndinda, Judy Nyawira and Faith Mary Nyaga.


7. Terryanne Chebet, Monica Kiragu, Shix Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua and Jacque Maribe

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Kenyan celebrities who swiftly moved on after parting with their husbands

Couples envision a happily ever after tying the knot with their better halves but marriage is not a bed of roses so sometimes divorce creeps in.

Below are some Kenyan celebrities whose relationships did not work out for one reason or another, but the have chosen to look at the brighter side of life and picked the pieces and swiftly moved on.

1. Betty Bayo

Betty, who was married to the famous pastor Kanyari, divorced the man of God after he was exposed for pretending to perform miracles yet he wasn’t.

The gospel artiste known for her hit’11th hour’ had distanced herself from her prophetic husband and she has now moved on despite the fact that the two have a daughter together.

Shock as 24-year-old man kills 3 kids, wife and mother-in-law and keeps the dead bodies for six days before being found out

2. Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro and her longtime husband Congolese preacher Eric Omba parted ways over infidelity allegations.

Sometimes back, they had a colorful wedding at PCEA Nairobi West and later on after 5 years, they renewed their wedding vows at Hilton Hotel, Nairobi.

She narrates how her pastor husband was busy chasing women instead of being busy winning souls

“I always knew he was cheating on me and friends would always come around with reports but i always shut them out. Idid not want outsiders, but God to sow me the truth . In fact, besides my family and one bishop, no one else knew the hell I was going through.”


3. Sharon Mundia

When her now ex bae Lonina proposed at Lake Michaelson at the slopes of Mt Kenya, we all envisioned a happily ever.

But sadly things did not go as we would have loved as the couple parted ways, to the extent of the hubby deactivating all his social media platforms.

Sharon is moving on with her life as she recently started her own talk show on a local TV station.

Mbarikiwe! KBS Bus driver and conductor save a woman’s life after diverting bus to take her to the hospital

4. Betty Kyallo

When Betty said ‘I do’ to Dennis Okari her now ex husband, the invited guests wished them happiness and a long life together but it seems that was never to be.

Six months later the couple had broken up after holding a fancy invite only wedding ceremony that was held in Karen at the Marula Manor.

The couple have a daughter together and despite the fact that the relationship did not workout, something beautiful came out of it.

Image result for betty kyalo and dennis okari5. Lilian Muli

Her wedding day was like a day created out of a fairy tale. The media personality tied the knot in a colourful ceremony held at the Windsor hotel.

Years down the line, the couple broke up and Lilian finally talked publicly about moving on. She recently became a mother with her second-born with her bae Jared Nevaton.

6. Idah Wanyoike-Oliver

She was a darling to many for her acting role in the local show ‘Mother-in-law and when she walked down the aisle we looked for a happily ever after but sadly kitumbua kiliingia mchanga.

She married her now ex husband in 2013 in a colourful wedding but she later broke up with him and has found love in a foreign country.


In an earlier post, she had hinted that she wanted to trash her wedding dress, but later decided to sell it to make another woman feel  beautiful.

“I was going to trash my dress … go paintballing with it tomorrow but someone asked me to sell it instead. For a moment I refused but … I thought of how pretty I felt in it and how happy I was to find it. I would like to share that feeling with another special bride. So whoever calls and gets this gown … I can’t wait to meet and at least share a cup of coffee with you as I let go of one of the most expensive things I’ve ever worn. In fact, I think it is the most expensive. Lol … Wish you all the best.”

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Sharon Mundia a.k.a This Is Ess the fashionista extraordinaire (Photos)

Sharon Mundia a.k.a This Is Ess  apart from being a mum and an award winning fashion blogger also has an exquisite sense of fashion itself.

Be it a laid-back casual look or a fancy ensmble,she always looks good.

Furthermore, Sharon has landed a hosting gig with NTV where she’ll be hosting a lifestyle show called Living With Ess starting 30th July.



Sharon Mundia to host her own life style show on NTV dubbed Living With Ess

It will definitely be a treat for all her fans and followers.

All in all, here are some photos that prove what a great fashionista and influencer she is;








ess4 ess5

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Sharon Mundia to host her own life style show on NTV dubbed Living With Ess

Sharon Mundia is a respected fashion blogger in the Kenyan industry but she has decided to spread her wings by venturing into TV.
End of this month the beautiful blogger is expected to host her own show dubbed  Living With Ess.She took to her Instagram to announce the exciting news in the post below

“Can’t believe I’m about to say this but… Starting 30th of July, I’ll be hosting a morning Lifestyle show on @ntvkenya called Living With Ess!!! There is no emoji, no picture and no words that can bring to life the excitement I have for this next step in my life and career! It all still feels so surreal and my arms are bruised from all the times I’ve had to pinch myself these past few weeks! 😭

image-2018-07-22(1)(1)God, I see you working your magic. Thank you. 🙏🏾 And thank you @ntvkenya for believing in me! And of course thank YOU for choosing to be part of this journey – whether you joined 6 years ago when I started blogging or 6 days ago.❤️ Hope you’ll tune in to the show! Save the date. 30th July. 8AM sharp. Monday to Friday. Aaaaaahhhhh! My heart is so full it could burst. 🙏🏾✨#LivingWithEss”

Here are congratulatory messages from her fans

theektapatelCongratulations Esi! Hard work really does pay off 🔥🔥

zuri.learns.swahiliCongrats @this_is_ess , we’ve been watching you for a while. We are fans all the way from Maryland USA 🤗🤗

mercy_waithira💛💛💛💛chroniclesoftejCongratulations 🎉💕

vicky_prettaFrom glory to glory😍😍😍😍

Pierra Makena celebrates daughter as she turns 2 and nanny as she turns 22 with this sweet message

moniqueshabbyCongratulations mama
mercy_kibiraCongratulations!Well deserved 😍
msadoncanCongratulations Sharon
jeyd254yeeeeaaay!! congratulation Sharon!!!
i_am_kilelYou have a beautiful soul, you’re charming both inside and outside,go Sharon @this_is_ess
kemiobareAwww congratulations @this_is_ess super proud of you

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Daring celebrities who bared it all with revealing pregnancy photoshoots

Pregnancy photo shoots are the latest trends among expectant women. Some are conservative some are all baring leaving nothing to imagination of the public.

Photo shoots were unheard of back in the day but with modernization, caution has been thrown to the wind as more and more celebrities opt to shoot their pregnancy journey with  pre-planned baby shoots at the location of their choice.

Even though some of the photos shoots have left tongues wagging, this has not deterred mothers to be from enjoying their journey after all “Kelele ya chura haizui ng’ombe kunywa maji.”

Below are some celebrities who have taken beautiful pregnancy photo shoots.


The actress broke the Internet with her photo shoot which we must admit is beautiful. She is now a mother to a handsome son named Mosi who recently turned 1

Awinja quits her presenter job to handle private matters

2.Sharon Mundia

The fashion blogger took the bold step of taking a photoshoot to help women embrace the changes that come with pregnancy and to just enjoy the beauty of carrying a human being.

Sharon who runs This Is Ess , has already gone back to her pre-pregnancy weight and my oh my, she looks amazing.


Zari who is a mother of five  does not shy away when it comes to showering her loved ones with love thus the bold step of sharing her photo shoot with the public. Even in her pregnant state she was still beautiful and slaying.

7 type of neighbors you are likely to meet in Nairobi’s flats and estates


5.Nana Owiti


‘Given a chance, I’d put my wife in my pocket,’ confesses paranoid husband

6.Hamisa Mobetto


7.Maureen Waititu


8.Lilian Muli


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Celebrity Birth Stories: Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess reveals giving birth is not easy

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess is a happy woman. The sexy mother of one, who parted ways with her baby daddy Lonina Leteipan a few months after giving birth, has been raising her daughter, Naila single-handedly.

Lonina and is said to have parted ways with his baby mama after she was allegedly caught cheating.

According to a story that first appeared on Kahawa Tungu, Sharon Mundia “was caught in her matrimonial bed having a serious threesome with Patricia Kihoro and decorated musician Fena Gitu.”

The story went viral and Sharon Mundia and the mentioned women later came out to dispel the claims.


She went ahead to share Winston Churchill’s quote which read;


Well, Sharon Mundia’s daughter has turned a year old and the excited mother took to social media to thank God for the special gift.

This is Ess

She also talked about her experience after giving birth.

This is Ess first shared this photo

Thisi s Ess

Then wrote:

“This time last year, I had just given birth to Naila. My body was sore and fatigued and I was terrified at the thought that this delicate, little being was now fully in my care. That first night in hospital was baptism by fire because at some point it was just me and her and I couldn’t believe that the nurses and my family thought I knew what I was doing. I had no clue how many more sleepless nights, sore nipples, unexplainable outbursts and snail-clutching moments lay ahead. I think if somebody had told me that giving birth was just the beginning of my body, mind, and spirit being tested and stretched to its limits, I‘d have Googled ‘How to put a newborn back inside after giving birth.’

But I also had no idea how much deeper my love for her would grow. You guys. I can’t explain the joy I’ve experienced from seeing her do the little things we take for granted. Like sitting up, crawling, cooing or walking for the first time. I’m so proud of the person that she’s growing into curious yet reserved, chatty (in the way a one-year-old with basically no vocabulary would be) yet observant

Naila has brought such light, clarity, joy, and love into my life and today my little lady turned one. ONE! Thank you, God. The woman that I am today is so different from the woman on that first night in that hospital bed, all thanks to the journey that has been motherhood. A journey that is full of contradictions and learning moments. And to think it’s only our first year together. In some ways, it feels as if a new layer of me was also born on that night – a layer that I’ve only begun to explore.
I’m so excited for the future and grateful for the family and friends that have showered Naila with love since day one. Thank you, God, for blessing me with one of the purest forms of love. Happy birthday my little bambino! 💋”


“You just have to learn how to trust again” Sharon Mundia gives relationship advice

Celebrity you tuber and fashion blogger, Sharon Mundia, popularly known as This Is Ess, has yet again proved she is a jack of all trades after she stunned her followers with her wise advice to people who are either facing struggles in their relationships, or are trying to dust themselves off and get into new adventures.

On her latest Vlog, Sharon and her colleague, Susan Wong focused on talking about depression and relationships as they had fun showcasing how they do their makeups.

As Susan Wong was taking her viewers through her makeup routine, she happened to mention that she was getting ready for a ‘little date’ later on and that sparked the relationship conversation where she needed advice on how to not be too cautious when you are in a new relationship.

“Meanwhile, I am trying to get my eyes right since I am going on a little date later. So my question is how do you prevent yourself from being too cautious, like it’s something new it’s something really good and it’s going really well but I just want to be the one that f**ks it up?  Wong asked.

The question seemed to have woken up Sharon’s inner relationship counselor skills as she articulately spoke her heart out about it.

“I think even though it is great to be vulnerable and to let yourself be seen, you’ve got to do it where or when people who are worthy of that are concerned. You can’t just deal with necessarily everyone and expect that it’s always gonna work out , you could but you may end up having someone taking advantage of you or not guarding your heart and that sacred space you brought them into.”She advised before adding that people need to learn how to trust their guts and go with their instincts as well as learn to trust again.

The proud mother of baby Naila had crazy 2017 and most of it was based on her marriage, which abruptly came to an end.

It was rumoured that she was the cause of her marriage ending so fast.
It was reported that the cause of the marriage ending was because of infidelity. But she denied all the claims, and the cause of their split is still not known.
What are your thoughts on Sharon’s relationship advice?

This Is Ess Finally Reveals The REAL Inspiration Behind Her Blogging

Gorgeous style influencer Sharon Mundia AKA This Is Ess took to Instagram to reveal the real inspiration behind her storytelling career. Hers has been a stellar career, marked with highs and lows — as with any other career — but what has stood out is her bubbly persona that never dips.

Unlike many local fashion bloggers who just do it for fun, Sharon’s journey has a purpose. She went to South Africa to study literature, literally. After finishing campus, she started a daunting
journey which has worked out so well for her. She has become a go-to blogger for many local and international brands that have seen as one of the most influential spaces in the local blogging space.

Her fans were treated to a surprise.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a home library that looked something like this bookstore (Between The Lines at Village Market). As a kid, my dad would always make sure our house was stocked with books & magazines and during every school holiday, he’d insist on us reading,” she revealed.

The mother of one seems to be doing just fine, despite recent rumors surrounding her marriage. Instead, she has chosen to share a great vibe with her fans. She is reflective of her interesting past and present.

Sharon Mundia 2

“It didn’t matter whether it was a National Geographic magazine, a Greek mythology coffee table book or a Goosebumps novel; he just wanted to see our heads buried deep in a book, transported into a new world. That’s where my love for books & storytelling stemmed from and why bookstores have a special place in my heart! What are you currently reading? I’m halfway through Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.

Also, my prayers are with all the 2017 KCPE candidates sitting their exams this week! Xx”

Sharon Mundia’s Husband Spotted Partying Hard With Hot Babe Over The Weekend (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Lonina Leteipan, the estranged husband of Sharon Mundia, aka This is Ess, seems to have moved on so quickly after they parted ways. The hunk father of one was spotted on Friday night getting a lap dance from a female friend at Space Lounge on Ngong Road.

“Si yule ni bwana ya This is Ess? Yaani waliwachana? Enyewe ndoa ni ngumu,” a top media personality was heard telling his friends.

As time passed by and the DJ on the decks spun fire, Lonina’s ‘partner’ took to the floor to showcase her dancing skills and she could be seen grinding on his genitals while he enjoyed his shisha seated on one of many comfy seats.

In short, she was giving him a lap dance. Lonina seemed to be enjoying the ‘special treat’, and to make sure the hot city babe did not stop, he wrapped his left hand around her waist.

The young lovebirds had more fun compared to their counterparts, who were seated next to them. And clearly, Lonina didn’t give a damn about what people had to say.

Towards the wee hours of the morning, Lonina and his mistress started kissing and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. They later left the club and who knows where they went off to.

Lonina Leteipan (right) with a friend

Well, according to sources, the once-upon-a-time power couple parted ways after Sharon Mundia was caught in a threesome with her friends, media personality Patricia Kihoro and local singer Fena Gitu. But the mother of one has since denied this.


This is Ess went ahead to share Winston Churchill’s quote which read;


The rumourmill was rife with information that Sharon Mundia and Lonina’s marriage was on the rocks. Neither has come out to deny or confirm the whispers.

Also read;

Watasema Watachoka! Patricia Kihoro Responds To Her Sexual Links To Sharon Mundia’s Marriage Break Up 

Here is the photo:

Lonina Leteipan

Check out the video

‘I Feel Good Where I’m At,’ Sharon Mundia Confesses After Twitter Speculation About Her Marriage

In May 2015, popular blogger Sharon Mundia and Lonina Leteipan broke the Internet with their expensive engagement that entailed flying to Mt. Kenya where Lonina went on his knees to ask for her hand in marriage.

She said yes!

Their love story continued. And in November 2016, the two tied the knot in an all-white invites-only wedding that was held in Watamu.It was one of the most expensive weddings this town has ever seen, literally!

Word on the street now has it that the fairy tale is no more. Mundia has not been mentioning her husband in her Vlogs, as she previously would and fans have been asking where her bae is at.

The two were last seen sharing photos together in December even before their daughter Aria Nailantei Leteipan was born.

Since then, the husband has deleted his social media account and gone M.I.A. Mundi, on the other hand, has never talked about him, even on her recent Vlog on her childbirth experience. Sounds abnormal right? She didn’t even mention the other parent.

She has been sharing inspirational and heartbreak quotes on social media, her recent being one in which she talks about how good she feels where she is at.

“It took me the whole day to work up the courage to post this but you know what? I had a baby 5 months ago and for the first time in ages, I’m taking care of my body & mind and eating right. And I feel good about where I’m at. 💪🏾 So, here’s a picture of me in my pretty epic bathroom  about to hit the pool. 🏊🏾‍♀️”

Our very own Uncle Chim Tuna reached out to Sharon Mundia to give her a right of reply on whether it is true that she and her husband are no more: She blue ticked us and our calls went unanswered.


And yes, it’s only her and her loving daughter in the picture now:

“The past few days have been some of the most chilled, relaxing days I’ve had in months. I’ve taken afternoon naps on beach beds with my daughter, eaten to my fill (and beyond), slept in, taken afternoon dips in the pool and just all round enjoyed life.”She wrote

And she vows to make an unconditional relationship to herself

“Right now can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself, just at the height you are, the weight you are, with the intelligence that you have and your current burden of pain, can you enter into an unconditional relationship with that?” She quoted Pema Chodron

Before their wedding, they had canceled an earlier date they had set for this particular union, and Mpasho went further to get an exclusive of all the juice.

Sharon Mundia Opens Up About Labour And Delivering Her Bundle Of Joy

Sharon Mundia who is commonly known as This Is Ess has decided to share a lot with people about her experiences as a mother and now she has opened up about her labour and delivery story that will leave one scared or even in tears.

This Is Ess gave birth a couple of months back to her cute daughter, Aria Nailantei Leteipan and went into a hiatus, leaving many wondering what happened.

Well she made her comeback explaining why she was MIA, and what has prompted her to return to social media.

The sexy lass is now using her platform to educate and inform fans about motherhood and other issues using her blog and youtube channel.


Sharon Mundia

This Is Ess posted a picture on her instagram page captioning:

“On May 08, 2017, in the wee hours of the morning, I gave birth to my daughter, Aria Nailantei Leteipan. It was difficult and exhausting but beautiful too. In today’s video, I share my labour and delivery story.”


Many expectant and first time moms go through a phase of fear and uncertainty especially with the impending birth process. Well, this is something Sharon was also confronted with.

“My story starts off with me always being scared about giving birth. The whole idea about it was just terrifying like, a being coming out of your vagina. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I still feel like there are easier ways for our body to just eject this thing. So, right from the onset I just knew I would choose the least painful option which from what I heard and read was an epidural. I talked about it with my obstetrician and basically it turns out that was not the option. The hospital I wanted to give birth at was like we don’t know about epidural and that’s the point I decided to suck it up and go for Lamaze classes where they give breathing classes so I could prepare myself for what is about to happen. Slowly I started to come to terms with my reality.” She said.

Sharon Mundia

Some of the things that one should look out for when you are going into labour according to This Is Ess:

1. Contractions

At first, they are supposed to come in every twenty minutes and last fifteen seconds and after a while they progress to every five minutes and last like forty five seconds and eventually they are like every two three minutes and the contraction will last a minute.

2. Mucus Plug

It comes out on your underwear and should be pinkish or redish. It could happen like two weeks before you are due to deliver or hours before and so she decided to go the bathroom to check if she was into labour.

Sharon went further to narrate how she went to the hospital when she was in labour.

Here are some reactions from fans:

am i the only one crying when the baby’s first cry is playing in the background? 🙂
This labor and delivery story has put me off giving birth for another 200 years. Worst pain 😳😩
Sharon, this is your best video yet- hands down! Thanks for sharing! ❤️❤️ One more thing, there’s clearly an improvement in the content you share – taking the one-year break worked in your favor! Thank you Sharon!
Am currently 30weeks pregnant and this video has given me a boss mama attitude. I can do this as scared as I am. Thanks dear
I had my baby last night and all I can say is God is God… because I don’t know and don’t understand how I did not die from the pain…it’s not pain that a human being should feel… it’s not even pain, but an out of body experience…..I applaud you Sharon, you are a boss mama…



Sharon Mundia Steps Out With Her Daughter For The First Time (Photos)

Fashion blogger This Is Ess has decided to step out with her daughter for the time though her husband already revealed the face of the baby sometime back.


Sharon has decided to share her time working and traveling with her daughter despite the challenges that come with baby sitting and working at the same time making it difficult to balance the two, but the blogger seems to be comfortable with the decision of traveling with her cute little baby.

It is rare for mothers to travel or go to work while their children are still young because of fear that their kids will not be taken good care of when they are out to work and that is why they prefer staying home until they feel that the baby can start schooling or can be taken care of.

Sharon Mundia

The stunning pictures of Sharon and her daughter tell that they are really having fun, and it seems that Sharon can’t wait to show her off to the world.

On her instagram page she posted a photo with the baby captioning the picture with these words:

Sharon Mundia

“Got to travel with my daughter for the first time last week and even though it was a little tough traveling and working at the same time, I’m so glad I got to share several firsts with her. First dip in a pool, first time by the ocean, first stamp on her passport… Can’t wait to show her the world. 💕”

Check out reactions from fans:

Sawgee: Soooooooo beautiful!!!!💖💖💖 You are such an inspiration and you make the world so gorgeous!!! Keep at it! 😘😘😘

Emmugure: Best decision of your life to travel with her from such a tender age. She’ll be a pro traveller. literally

Kemmy: So lovely Sharon….I am a traveller and I have promisedmyself that once I have kids I will keep travelling with them from a tender age….so you have inspired me more!!!

Eve: Good job mama. I enjoy traveling with my four year old too, her first passport stamp was at 10months old to Turkey.

Wakisha: Wow that’s such a good idea to get her passport filling up sooner than she thinks! Aaawww one day baby Aria will be so grateful to mummy!😍 And now I am too, that’s such a good tip 😊😊